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Datone Jones Ready To Face Kaepernick and the Read Option

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Datone Jones Ready To Face Kaepernick and the Read Option

Over at the day-job, we talked to the Packers' first round pick about his training, how he's getting ready for training camp and, yes, how to stop the read option.


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jmac34's picture

I am excited to see this guy in action during training camp and the preseason

jrunde10's picture

49ers don't have Crabtree in Week 1 either. I can't wait to see how the Packers defense responds in this game.

Bearmeat's picture

Could not be more excited about this guy! But does anyone else think that Harbaugh's going to have a rope-a-dope ready for Dom on week 1? No read/option and dropback passing? Or just plain old smashmouth football?

Evan's picture

Here's hoping. I like the Packers chances in either of those types of contents much better.

Idiot Fan's picture

Better than the read option, yes. I'm still not sure we're great at playing the smash-mouth teams. I hope both of our lines developed a 'tude in the offseason.

JakeK's picture

@ Evan

You like their chances? ... Why?

Elaborate. ... I mean, anything that you can truly substantiate would be appreciated.

Evan's picture

Hey buddy! I'd love to!

I like their chances "much better" against a more traditional offense (you left that part out, by accident, I'm sure) than the read option.

I can't really substantiate it since it's more of an opinion than a FACT, but the basis for that feeling is primarily rooted in the Packers playoff performance last season against the 49ers. The defense really struggled in that game (do you remember that game? It was ugly. They gave up 323 rushing yards to the 49ers. Talk about an ugly FACT.) A lot of those yards (181 yards, actually, an even uglier FACT) were from the QB. So, I don't think it's any stretch to say the Packers defense really struggled to contain the read/option and a mobile QB.

So, for that reason, I think the Packers would fare better against a more traditional (drop back pass or smash-mouth) offense. I'd love to know what you think, though.

If you don't mind, I'd like to go back to our previous unresolved discussion for a second. Now, you are the man with the FACTS. There is no denying that. So, with your inability to provide me with any, I have to assume you've changed your mind and agree with my assessment that the 2012 Packers offense really didn't miss Jennings at all. I think that's excellent and really shows maturity on your part. It's not easy to admit you're wrong. I'm proud of you, Jake.

Good chat - sorry that got a little long. I just love talking Packers with you. But, please, don't hesitate to ask me for anything else. I'm all about gaining and imparting knowledge. I mean, I don't have all the forum experience that you have, but I'm trying.

Stroh's picture

Thank God for Jake... Without him we would never have known that the forums are where the real info is. I mean now we can quite reading the real articles that have facts and go straight to the horses mouth for the insider stuff! We would have never know w/o Jack!

UP-Packer's picture

There's no evidence from anywhere that the Pack will be any better at smash-mouth football in 2013 as they were in 2012. Datone Jones plays at about 280#. Can he even maintain that weight in the NFL? Hate to think that TT has just drafted another rotational DLineman (in the 1st). The Pack already have enough. They need a starter who can dominate on all 3 downs.

ohenry78's picture

A lineman can't be dominant now at 280? Since when? Dwight Freeney was never above 280 in his career; he did well for himself.

Cow42's picture

Freeney was never a 3/4 defensive end.

jmac34's picture

correct Justin Smith would probably be the comparison I would go with justin smith as 3/4 d lineman who plays around jones' weight

nick perry's picture

Well Crabtree is out, Manningham and Williams are on PUP list, at least to start training camp. Their number one draft choice from last year didn't even catch a ball, and was so scrawny that he's spent last year and off season in the weight room. If I had to guess, I would say the Packers are going to get a huge dose of the read option and good old fashioned smash mouth football. I mean they rolled up 579 yards, why wouldn't we see that again. I also thinks he goes right after Perry, just like last season to see if he is any better. Last season he made Perry play coverage right away and it looked like Perry was still a D-Lineman, I mean it was his first game. We'll see right away if Perry and Jones will make a difference against the RO.

Stroh's picture

I heard Baltimore basically used a 5 man front to contain the RO in the SB. Presumably 3 DL and 2 OLB on the LOS. Packers can roll out Pickett, Raji, and another run stuffer, and both Matthews and Perry will be fine too. Not sure what Balt did schematically w/ that alignment but the coaches will figure it out and utilize it.

I think your right about SF trying to play smash mouth and run right at us again. The RO, at least at the college level leaves the DE unblocked as the read. Maybe the Packers can use Matthews/Perry to attack the QB/RB exchange. Whatever happens its gonna come down to the Packers matching SF physically. I love that we'll be tested in the opening game. It will either serve notice that the Packers will be a dominant team again or serve as a motivator for the Packers.

Cow42's picture

Or remind everyone how far apart the two teams are in regards to their rosters.

Stroh's picture

What a surpise, the 9ers fan is out again.

PackerBacker's picture

I would think that the better grouping would be the more athletic Raji / Neal / Jones grouping. A couple guys with quickness in the middle who can pursue the QB.

Stroh's picture

That might be the case as long as they are single blocked. If they have to take on double teams, not so much.

al's picture

that's y they pic \ked him

PresidentRaygun's picture

They pickled him?

Glorious80s's picture

Odd that the D would have trouble defending against mobile qbs since they practice against one of the best each week.

Stroh's picture

Rodgers is mobile, Kaepernick, Wilson and RG3 are more running QB's, at least for now. Rodgers also doesn't run in practice, he stays in the pocket, that's what he makes his living at. I don't think the read option will last too long. The NFL DC's will get a handle on the read option and when another one gets hurt like RG3, they'll quit running. IMO, your going to see teams send LB right at the QB in the read option and if the QB carries out a fake the LB has free reign to hit him. That'll start to put an end to the read option. 3 years from now it'll be like the wildcat offense, nearly extinct.

nick perry's picture

I hope your right about that Stroh. I've heard both, here to stay, gone in a year or two. I tend to agree with you where it's like the Wildcat and gone in a year or two. Gunther Cunningham said it best where as teams are just going to knock the crap out of these guys. Unless teams have a surplus of QB's, I can't imagine them putting them in harms way time and again. Just one good shot is all it takes.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Can't view it on my phone or PC... yay.

I bleed Green More's picture

Let the games begin.

spiderpack's picture

Nagler? Aaron Nagler are you there?

Nagler, calling Nagler?!?

We, I anyway, would like to see you post a brilliant, thoughtful Packers Post like you used to do for us all once per week. least once per year.

Well, thanks for pulling this onto CheesheadTV.

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