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Cory's Corner: The Packers Can't Get Comfortable

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Cory's Corner: The Packers Can't Get Comfortable

Joe Philbin is a nice guy, but the Packers cannot make him their next head coach. 

Many people are surmising that if Philbin is able to declaw the Bears and win the final two games, he should be given the big boy office. 

That would be completely wrong. If anything, this would be the best time for the Packers organization to get out of its comfort zone. Make a hire from outside the Green Bay Packers family. It’s great to make a comfort-based hire; bring in someone that understands what you did before and seamlessly transition into a new job.

The Packers just had a bad divorce. Aaron Rodgers has pleaded that his relationship with Mike McCarthy wasn’t broken but something was obviously amiss or else Rodgers wouldn’t bother bringing it up. And after the Falcons win, it appears that the discord wasn’t based on play-calling but on personnel groupings. 

If Jason Spriggs can somehow keep Rodgers’ jersey clean, Philbin will crush Chicago’s hearts, win two straight and own the season series against the NFL’s biggest surprise this season. 

But Philbin still won’t deserve the head-coaching job. Philbin certainly is a breath of fresh air. Who would’ve thought that a simple screen pass could’ve been just what the doctor ordered? 

"My favorite sequence was a screen that followed a screen," Rodgers said on the back-to-back screens in the middle of the third quarter vs. Atlanta.

Philbin shouldn’t be the head coach, but if things continue on this upward trajectory, he is proving that he belongs to stay as the offensive coordinator. Bring in someone like John Harbaugh to reset the broken and lazy culture.

And the reason is simple. If Philbin’s interim tag is removed, how long will it be before players get comfortable and start walking all over him? The buzzword this entire season has been accountability. How does McCarthy demand accountability from his staff and how does Rodgers demand accountability from himself and the rest of the team? 

Those are questions that the new head coach must answer. He must have a plan to keep Rodgers’ creative juices flowing while maintaining a team concept. Nobody is bigger than the team, and yes, that includes the guy Green Bay is giving $54 million in guaranteed money. 

Mark Murphy and Brian Gutekunst must get this hire right. Is it exciting that the Packers are somehow alive in the flabby second tier of the NFC? Sure, but it’s strange because with so many holes on both sides of the ball, it’s really tough to see this team winning a playoff game. 

When Philbin was the offensive coordinator from 2007-2011, the Packers were ranked in the Top 5 in the NFL in points scored in four seasons. The Packers are on pace to score 387 points this year, which would be the lowest total during his offensive coordinator years. 

Philbin was a step in the right direction for now, but unfortunately he’s just a stopgap. Giving him the head-coaching job would be lazy.

The Packers’ franchise is at a crossroads right now. It’s never fun to be uncomfortable, but for the long-term health of the team, Murphy and Gutekunst must make a hire that puts the locker room a little bit on edge. 


Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He is also nearing completion of a master's degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter @Coryjennerjohn

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Packers0808's picture

So many experts out there!

Since '61's picture

The Packers have been too comfortable for too long depending on Rodgers to carry them in spite of numerous weaknesses on the roster.

Years of poor drafts have left the Packers with no depth at OL, WR and TE on a pass first team in a pass happy league??!!?? Defense first focused drafts have failed miserably with a few exceptions like Clark, Alexander and King(oft injured). No OLBs, no Safeties and one decent ILB.

Pettine could be an effective DC but he needs players.
Rodgers is an HOF QB who needs an OL, WRs(besides Adams), A TE and a BarKley type RB to take some of the load off of him.

Gute has a big job ahead and he needs to select the right HC. Rodgers days of carrying this team alone are over except for the occasional big play and/or rally that he can still pull off. Thanks, Since '61

nostradanus's picture

Good points as usual

Since '61's picture

Appreciate it Nostradanus. Thanks, Since '61

Bure9620's picture

Agree somewhat, but Lowry has been solid and Fackrell is looking much better this year, its more injuries.

GVPacker's picture

Kenny Clarke was a rare recent blue chip defensive draft pick by Ted Thompson! Your post peals like a church bell Since '61!

fastmoving's picture

There is no way to know what would be the best because nobody knows the future and how things will work out. Cory may have a strong opinion, like he always has, but that mean next to nothing of course.

Could be even just the right thing to keep Philbin. Who knows.

Besides that, AR is not easy to handle, we all know that, and we dont know how he get along with a guy like Jim H. . In my opinion he was never any kind of good, a Rex Ryan like guy, talks loud and way to much and flames out fast.

And for AR, besides the big, magical run (and the regular season afterwards) he did not carry the team on his shoulders a lot, especially not in the play offs . At least not more than he should, if he is 20 % of the SC. Don´t know if there is any way he can have better WRs. Maybe a dependable TE. Look what Brees is doin with less and even Brady and Mahomes

D.D. Driver's picture

If Paul Chryst has taught me anything it is sometimes the boring, "safe" coach is absolutely the right hire.

Since '61's picture

fast-moving - I agree that we don't know what may or may not happen with our next HC and that AR may be difficult to handle.

However to say AR did not carry the team after 2011 is not accurate at all.
2012, 13, 14, 15 and 16 the Packers are probably between a 4-6 win team without Aaron Rodgers. That was clearly proven in 2013 and again in 2017.

He carried this team into the playoffs virtually alone in 2014 and 2016. In 2014 he did it on one leg. As for the playoffs themselves Rodgers in one of only 15 QBs in NFL history to have 9 or more playoff wins. But more important than his wins is the fact that in his 7 playoff defeats the Packers defense allowed 36.2 points per game. Even your heroes Brady and Brees never had to overcome such dreadful performances in either their playoff victories or defeats. Brees has better skill players than Rodgers has this season as does Brady and Mahomes. As for Mahomes he has won nothing yet, not even a playoff game never mind an SB or a league MVP. Rodgers has never had a TE close to Gronk. Have you watched the Chiefs OL this season? You may have noticed that they can actually block. As for Brees his team went 7-9 for 3 seasons in a row.

No QB wins or loses by himself but Rodgers has not had much to work with since the 2014 season. Not only has Brady had better skill players than Rodgers for most of that time but he has had a better defense as well.

The biggest difference is that the Pats don't beat themselves as the Packers often do. And the Packers often beat themselves on special teams, bad defense and/or stupid penalties. Almost none of which are Rodgers fault. He just overcomes all the failures each season until this year. Also, not his fault that the Packers paid him all that money, they could have stayed with his existing contract. Thanks, Since '61

Pierre's picture

Brady has played with more no name and different receivers over the seasons far more than Rodgers with so much more success in winning Super Bowls that there is really no comparison between those two. Some Packer fans just continue to list an endless array of excuses for why Rodgers has played so poor and had far less success in the playoffs than Brady...but it all comes down to Rodgers just being over rated and way over paid as an NFL QB.
This season alone Rodgers has guided the Packers to a similar record as Huntley, a terrible QB, had last season with the Packers. Rodgers has a losing record on the road as a can’t be an elite QB and have that as part of your legacy. Once again, he’s only a QB legend in his own mind and of those who just cannot give an objective evaluation of Rodgers nor admit that he’s the primary reason for the Packers poor playoff record and lack of SB appearances.

4thand10's picture

This isn’t on Rodgers....there is nothing we didn’t know from the beginning of the season. No WRs past Adams, Graham was a gamble...and yet we all knew he was not an in-line blocker and a slower but taller Jordy Nelson...only he does not catch as well as Jordy. We all said if he is the old Graham...we can get by. But if he’s lost a step...we’re screwed. Well...he’s lost a step. We all knew Cobb is a frequently injured slot receiver...not a deep threat. Philbin did good when he was here, he turned around a pretty sad Miami team. Philbin is the interim, but I wouldn’t mind keeping him while they are searching. What has Harboagh done in Baltimore lately? SanFran 2013? thanks.

fastmoving's picture

I don´t know since 61. First of all, the other QB are not my Heros (way to old to have Heros anymore) at all, I just see what they do with a way lesser supporting cast. You are right, Brady has Gronk, who by the way its not a really fast guy, but what else did he got before or after Moss? He made a lot of guys look better, who did not much before NW or afterwards. And who are nothing special at all (size, speed) and just slot guys. Amendola, Branch, Walker, Edelmann. Same thing with the other QBs. I dont now if its the system, the HC or whatever. But probably a combination of every factor and more.

AR had a good season in 2014, especially if you look at the leg. But he should have that kind of impact if you are the team and gets paid 20% of all. Besides that, even the D was the problem most of the years, he had a ok line and a good RB with Lacy. So its not like he did it all alone. Same thing for the playoffs, In the first half in Seattle he did not much with all the chances he got form the D. not bad, but not much more like every other QB would do.

The 2016 start (between the 2015-2016 season he had at least 11 games where he was hard to watch, not even a top 20 QB, Cory by the way (in a Corys corner post) want him trade as long as we get anything for him, got a lot of Thums up at the time but not mine of course) was not so great either, in the end he turned it around and had a good run (maybe the best after the SB), but with one of the biggest stars at the most important position in all of sports, that should be expected.

As for the play off wins, if you see what he did outside of "the run" its not so special at all. So we may be here on completely different sides, but for me he did not so much in the playoffs, especially if he wants to be the GOAT. And I just don`t see the rest of the team so weak like you do. For me he had good teams on O and weaker ones on D of course, but all the other QBs/winning teams had no way better overall personal. Where has Brady and Brees better teams in the past and now? Sorry I just cant see it. And even Mahomes has one good (but small) WR, an dependable TE (slow) and an electrical RB/WR who is not there anymore. But he also had to overcome one of the worst Ds and not much outside these O stars…….

CAG123's picture

Did this guy said Brees has less talent? Man I’m sick of the Brees hype for as talented as he his the guy could NEVER carry a team the way Rodgers has are we forgetting that he had 3 straight 7-9 seasons? Are we forgetting that it took a couple of good draft picks and a change of offensive scheme by a HC that was willing to EVOLVE to make Brees great again? Do people not know that of Brees 4 5,000 yard seasons the Saints only made the playoffs for one of them? Brees has two stud RBs, a top 5 receiver, had a prime Graham, a prime Darren Sproles, an underrated Marquis Colston, he’s had Brandon Cooks the guy has had weapons and probably one of the most important pieces a HC that was willing to change his offensive approach. When Brees took a 3 year hiatus Rodgers was dragging his team to the playoffs and he has his first full season struggling since 2008. Let’s cut the nonsense please.

dobber's picture

Let's be fair, though: Drew Brees is a first-ballot HOF QB. I don't think there will be any question of that.

" are we forgetting that he had 3 straight 7-9 seasons?"

I hope we aren't saying the same kinds of things about ARod and the Packers after next season. If we are, we might be looking at Brees very differently...or ARod very differently.

CAG123's picture

Oh yeah don’t get me wrong Brees is great I’m just tired of folks acting like he hasn’t missed the playoffs 5-6 times or that he can carry a relatively untalented roster like Rodgers can even in 2015 a “down” year for Rodgers who threw for 3800 yards and 31 TDs was still good enough for a wildcard spot and a playoff win meanwhile Brees in 08,12 and 16 threw for over 5000 yards each season and 34, 43 and 37 TDs yet they missed the playoffs and finished either 7-9 or 8-8. Brees was revived through a good 2017 draft class and a change in how they do their offense it’s time they start putting some pieces around Rodgers as well.

fastmoving's picture

look what he did even with the non playoff teams. look at the stats and look at his size. so you can see his heart.
he may be never win an MVP but can be the GOAT and own all records in a year or 2.

so he is way more overlooked than all the other QBs, but you point out the stats how good he really is……

but one thing is for sure, AR has had more than enough talent around him 90% of his time, compared to the other great QBs. But of course you have to find some reasons why AR comes short. Even there no stats to back it up. But I know thats the way how they do it these days……….

CAG123's picture

Man what are you talking about? It’s not about his stats or size it’s about his inability to carry a team and how people constantly bring up Brees as if it didn’t take a couple of good draft classes for him to start making the playoffs again. Also what exactly did he do with the nonplayoff teams? Nothing besides stuff his stat sheet and lose.

Guam's picture

I tend to agree with Cory that a fresh start is needed. However I don't agree that a new HC should be saddled with the existing OC and DC - that is not a fresh start and more importantly not a way to attract a top tier new HC. What talented HC will want to come to GB knowing he can't pick his own staff?

I like what Pettine has done and Philbin has certainly proven in the past that he can be a good OC, but a new HC needs to pick his own staff. If he chooses to keep either Pettine or Philbin, fine, but he needs to have the choice.

Nick Perry's picture

Your damn right! Whoever is the next Packers HC has to be given the full authority to hire his OWN coaching staff. If Murphy thinks he'll attract a decent top notch HC for what's left of Rodgers career, you'd better believe he'll want to hire his OWN coaching staff. Honestly I don't believe Murphy would or could be that stupid. Then again he sat silent for YEARS while Thompson ran this franchise into the ground.

fastmoving's picture

The Packers are not ran into the ground by any means!!!

nostradanus's picture

The Packers have a talent problem, a new coach will bring a new culture and that is fine, but make no mistake the Packers are re-building and it is most likely a two year fix at minimum. A prime example of how this happened is the Packers drafting Vince Beigel and the Bears taking Eddie Jackson a few picks later. Eddie would look pretty good in green and gold and Vince, um he has left the building.
A new coach, new culture great, as long as the Packers brass hits it big on the hire, if not it could cripple the team for a decade

*too many fat contracts with underperforming or aging players

*too many missed draft choices

*too many unfortunate injuries

Gute Ball Murphy have a BIG job ahead


Guam's picture

Agreed Nostradanus. A new HC is a good start but Gute has a great deal of work to do in the talent department. Too many TT misses have sapped this team of talent, experience and depth. 10 draft choices this year will help as well as a successful free agent season, but we will have an awfully young team next year and I suspect you are right when you say we are two years away. Sigh...…..

Since '61's picture

Absolutely correct Nostradanus. This team could bring back Lombardi but even he couldn't succeed with the current roster. With an exceptional draft and some good FA signings we could return to the playoffs next season but it will likely take at least 2 seasons to reach an SB level team from where we are now, regardless of who the HC is. Poor drafts from 2012 - 2015 have just killed this team. Thanks, Since '61

J0hn Denver's Gavel's picture

It's a 2 year fix IF we can aquire some major talent and the talent gels into a cohesive unit. Odds are against a quick 2 year fix when you look at how "bare the cupboards are." (thanks, Vic)

blacke00's picture

I don't agree. If Joe Philbin develops a relationship with the player and they start winning....who cares we're winning!
Change for change sake is not the smartest approach.
Pettine is such an upgrade over Capers that we can't afford to start over on defense.
And yes we all know that TT over the past few years has left this team hurting. But there is a nucleus here and if the Packer Brass play their cards right reloading this team can ne done.

Johnblood27's picture

so McCarthy should have stayed and been given more talent?

TT is the criminal in all this mess?

share the blame, there is plenty to go around.

if the vision is all pro at every position, welcome to fantasyland.

if the vision is all pros at each position group, welcome to playoffs every year and modern foot-basket ball that has become the nfl.

reality demands a couple of things perspective-wise.
1- consider the talent spread across the league and who has been able to hoard how much. that is your target for winning a sub. not some.pie in the sky every position an all pro perspective.

this is where the GM rules

2 - look at the rapidly changing evolution of the nfl. look 2 years out, not at the present. this can be difficult, however to be ready to compete in the future, sometimes you need to define that future.

this is where the next coach rules with agreement with the gm on what the scheme will.demand from the roster.

GM + coach with a future vision and workable.schemes on both sides of the ball = success.

let's see how it plays out

flackcatcher's picture

This is going to be tricky eye of the needle time for Gute, no matter which direction the team goes in. First he has deal with the time limited Packers president Mark Murphy. Then he has to make his case to the executive committee and explain why whoever he picks will be a good fit with how he is rebuilding the team. This is a group of people, who have seen and experienced the massive success of this organization both off and on the football field, and will want to see that continue in very short order. I suspect there will be very little tolerance for failure at this point. Gute is also on a short term contract as GM which will at some level effect his decision. Hard choices, tough decisions ahead for all.

flackcatcher's picture

Following up. Football wise, I think it's a coin flip at this point. Bringing in a new HC means a major change in how the Packers do things. The danger in that is the new HC and Gute could clash over draft philosophy and player development, with the HC having the advantage of new and longer term contract. Retaining Philbin or promoting Pettine gives Gute the comfort level of dealing with a known quality in both the draft and the all in important area of player development. Either way poses major risks for IAMGUTE.

fastmoving's picture

whats not time limited in this universe?????????

flackcatcher's picture

Too True!!!!

CAG123's picture

There are a few moves the Packers could make that would help them right the ship as far as players are concerned.
1. If Josh Allen is available draft him none of those DE/OLB tweeners like Ferrel or Sweat after Datone Jones and Nick Perry they don’t need anymore of those
2. Hit the Jets up about a possible trade for Jamal Adams give them the later first round pick for him and maybe a 4th to sweeten the deal this would give then an ascending player and a leader without them ONCE AGAIN having to rely on instant rookie success
3. Sign Earl Thomas he was the top rated safety before going down with an injury and still has something left in the tank and can bring great veteran leadership to this secondary
4. Bring back Clay I’ve mentioned before about the success of great pass rushers that are used on passing downs and have had their snaps reduced he’d be a better reserve than Gilbert.
5. Draft Hakeem Butler we’ve all mentioned the size of the Packers receivers but it’s really more height than actual build and Butler brings both at 6-6 225 he’s a big target that will bring a little physicality to the WR group and does not go down easily this guy is getting gang tackled in the second level he should be available in like the 3rd maybe even fourth round.
These are just a few moves I think the Packers could make that would help get this team in the right direction let me know what you guys think.

Colin_C's picture

1. I agree about staying away from Ferrell, but keep in mind we could be looking at a new DC next year who runs a 4-3. I think Sweat can fit in either scheme. Allen would be a great pick as well, though I do have some concerns about his ability to defend the run. Still, he's a heck of a player, and should be able to play in almost any scheme.
2. I'd love that trade, but I'd be stunned in they'd trade him for just a 1st and 4th. I'd expect giving up at least a 1st and 2nd, depending on where we pick.
3. I would like Thomas as well, but he's going to want a lot more money than he's worth. Plus, he's nearly 30, and coming off a season ending injury. It'll be a numbers game with him.
4. Agreed, albeit on a MUCH cheaper contract.
5. I actually really like this WR class so far. Kelvin Harmon and DK Metcalf are my two favorites of the group right now, but they probably will go in the top 64. Butler would a be a steal in the 4th. What I really want though is a TE early. If he declares, TJ Hockenson is someone we should seriously consider in the 2nd/3rd round.

I think the 3 most important roster moves this offseason will be bolstering the Oline, adding an impact pass rusher, and giving the offense another dominant passing weapon.

stockholder's picture

Try these: Williams, Oliver, Simmons ,Lawrence- Simmons would be my pick. In case of the DTs gone: Gary. ** Sweat (More than 1 Mock Projection ). And he could replace Mathews or Perry.

Colin_C's picture

Agreed on Simmons. Outside of Oliver, he's my favorite DT this draft.

stockholder's picture

First - They have had the players. The problem has been injuries. Age, And Arron Rodgers. Think what the packers would have had if they kept Dix, and Randall at safety. (And Given Pettine their best.) By the book!! The packers don't want to pay any player. that is not a fan favorite. The veterans don't want rookies when it makes them weaker in contract negotiations. So they play the market value game. The chain reaction has left the packers short handed. 1.Draft: Allen will be Gone. And the tweeters are what any club would draft for the 3-4-4. Perry may be bad now. But he got his contract on Rushing the QB. Raji couldn't do the job and Jones couldn't either. Wilkerson got hurt. Regardless this is a revolving door that must be fixed. Two: I wouldn't trade For anyone after Randall. The cost is to high. Three: I would sign Thomas. And I would sign any veteran free safety. ( before drafting one. ) Sign Breeland. Four: CM3 is a keeper. 5. Draft Wilkersons replacement. The new Defensive Line must be one of rotation. The stronger the push in the middle. The better. I believe the packers should take a NT/DT with their first pick. It will give them depth, Rotation along the line. A Future if Clark or Daniels goes down.

CAG123's picture

Huh? Randall wasn’t a trade he was drafted by the Pack and then traded but Adams and Randall are in two different stratosphere’s as far as personalities go Adams has embraced a fiery leadership role that would mesh well with the young corners and a vet like Earl Thomas. Also if they had kept both HHCD and Randall who is the far superior athlete (he played baseball as well) he would definitely be the FS and that would make HaHa the SS and he would have to (gulp) help in run support and since this isn’t the 2015 physical version that would end up being a total disaster. And I think Gute has shown he’s more willing to open up the checkbook than old Ted was and is willing to make in season signings to help areas of need.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

"The packers don't want to pay any player. that is not a fan favorite." Give an example. This might be worth a discussion.

"The veterans don't want rookies when it makes them weaker in contract negotiations. So they play the market value game." I don't know what this means.

stockholder's picture

We use character Assination first. Just look who left and did better. Hyde, Hayward, I'm going to add Lang, Sitton, Nelson, Cook,James Jones.

CAG123's picture

So you’re just going to add players just for the sake of it? Because Nelson, Sitton, Lang and Jones did not get better Sitton was cut by the Bears, Nelson hasn’t done squat in Oakland, Jones did nothing special in Oakland and was also cut by them and the Giants and Lang is doing fine in Detroit.

CheesyTex's picture

Move I'd really like to see: New Strength and Conditioning Coach.

I know all teams have injuries, but year after year the Packers have way too many.

flackcatcher's picture

This is league wide problem, that has only gotten worse with the very short training camps and almost no contact prior to pre season. Bigger faster players playing at speeds that unless one sees on the football field, it hard to believe it's really happening. TV can not convey the impact or the size of these men on the field. What is needed in my view is a return to the old OTA training camp scheme, that would expose players who are not ready and cut down on injuries before the regular season started. Also, the owner and players would need to agree to new rules on PS and roster spots taking pressure off teams when players got injured. Means a slightly larger active roster and a expanded PS so teams could get those players up to speed. Do I see that happening, no. The owners would have to give up some control, and admit player health is a priority. Players would have take more time in TC, and we all know the veteran players hate that, and PS players would have to take a lesser amount of salary with the expanded rosters, and we all know the NFLPA like the owners is all about the short term. (Nuts)

CheesyTex's picture

Thanks, flack. I really like your take.

I saw a change at college level make a big difference and was thinking maybe, just maybe, it might work at pro level too.

HoLeCrap's picture

I concur. Time to reset with a new football mind, new ideas at the helm. IMHO there is a lot of Deadwood players enjoying the comforts of safety.
Zimmer wasted zero time canning kicker, entire o line and now o coordinator. Why, he understands you play to win for today not next year

dobber's picture

Zimmer's also 6-6-1 and languishing under a sputtering offense with a team expected to be among the league's elite. At this stage, he might be closer to getting canned than winning an SB.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"Who would’ve thought that a simple screen pass could’ve been just what the doctor ordered?"

I'm guessing this is tongue in cheek. Since almost everyone said it at some point or another. Almost everyone except McCarthy that is. We saw more slants, more trips formations too. If they keep doing this stuff they can force the defense into zone and do the deep stuff they really want with improved effectiveness.

On the Philbin topic. The Packers number 1 problem over the past 3 years is that they have not favored what is effective over what is ineffective. So many examples on the roster, the playbook, the coaching staff to count. To say Philbin should not be considered whether he is effective or not is just the same nonsense. He shouldn't get handed the job, but if he wins out then he should be added to the pool of candidates. The Packers need to start reward ing success and eliminating failure. Not considering Philbin IF he's a success is an awful precident, and we should think hard before advocating for it.

Samson's picture

"Philbin shouldn’t be the head coach"
He really isn't now even -- He's the interim HC. He's a fill in until 12/31/18. -- Someone had to do it. --- Look for Gute to dismiss the entire coaching staff on 12/31/18.

A fresh start with a new HC and his selected coaching staff ... is the only course of action.

CAG123's picture

It would be foolish to let go of Pettine

jeremyjjbrown's picture

It would be foolish to dismiss the entire staff. The new HC should get to choose any of the current staff he wants. The rest can be dismissed later.

dobber's picture

I think you're right: they hire the HC before they move on from the assistants, but I don't think they deny assistants the opportunity to move on if they get other opportunities.

J0hn Denver's Gavel's picture

Can't a team block certain assistant coaches from interviewing with other teams? I've heard it mentioned before but I don't know the rules behind it. The assistant interview process is as unknown to me as to what an NFL catch is to a referee.

Samson's picture

Fans have no idea the abilities of any coach. --- To say Pettine is a 'keeper' is unknown by you or anyone who posts here. --- I'll put my trust in Gute & the next HC. Professional insiders somehow have a better grasp of reality. -- Fans are just reacting to media opinion (in too many cases).

CAG123's picture

Media opinion? It’s no opinion the improvement of this def in its first year under Pettine. It’s no opinion the pressure he’s been able to produce with absolutely no respectable edge rusher on the roster. It’s not opinion that this defense that has a complete void at safety is still 7th against the pass. These are facts. Pettine came in and improved a def that still has plenty of holes it would be foolish for him to get fired for actually doing his job. He was part of the hiring process so it’s not like Pettine isn’t one of his guys.

Samson's picture

The Pack is 5-7-1. Oh, that's right .... their record is all about AR & the offense. --- Please, try reality.

CAG123's picture

What does Rodgers have to do with anything I said? We’re talking about Pettine you know the DC try staying on topic.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"Fans have no idea the abilities of any coach."

OK then. I look forward to no more comments from you on the coaching staff.

Samson's picture

I've only ever commented on MM. --- He's gone..... if you haven't been paying attention.

4thand10's picture

Spoken like a true Viking fan. Pettine did awesome with the Jets, Even Cleavland was turning things around. Yes theywere losing , but they were losing to good teams by like 2 -3 points...they weren’t getting blown out and the play was better than what the record showed. The D has improved this year...even with a skeleton crew for DL that we have. Given what he’s had to work with he has done pretty good.

Colin_C's picture

He's a fill in until 02/03/19 :-)

CAG123's picture

All that does is let the Packers resort back to the level of comfortability that kept Capers around too long, TT around too long and MM around too long they need to get out of that comfort zone it’s time for a culture change. The Packers have been complacent for way too long and now look the Bears, Rams, Saints, Cowboys etc have all caught up or moved past them. What exactly will they consider success? If he drops this game in a hard fought battle but wins 3 out of 4? What if he wins the next 4 but gets blown out in the first round? You still think they should consider him then?

fastmoving's picture

What does culture change mean??? And what is it?? The same thing like accountability?
Just voodoo words, everyone wants to win. That´s the only thing that counts and nobody does it consistently in a NFL (NE is an anomaly and you will find it ever again). Its all about parity and that´s what makes the NFL to interesting.

The Cowboys for instance did nothing since the 90s and were about to fire the HC 5 weeks ago and now you think they have a wining culture or something?? come on, men. There is a good chance your funny list may be the bottom of the NFL 2 years from now. what ever the culture is they have…..

CAG123's picture

Did I use the words winning culture? I don’t believe I did the teams I listed didn’t just remain complacent the Packers did and as of right now they are all better than the Packers because they changed the way they did things one way or another rather that be player acquisition or play calling even the Hawks didn’t allow players and coaches to hang around too long they cleaned house and are right back to competing. Culture change doesn’t just refer to winning the Seahawks have done that and still changed before things got too bad the Packers culture of COMPLACENCY (since I have to spell it out for you) kept ineffective pieces around too long Capers, TT, and MM and now it’s all catching up to them.

egbertsouse's picture

If they hire Mini-Mike it is time to dump Alfred E. Murphy and rebuild this organization from top to bottom.

GVPacker's picture

Yea you're right Mark Murphy is a dead ringer for Alfred E Newman Holy Sheet LMOAO!!!!

J0hn Denver's Gavel's picture

I've met him, he's a really nice guy but Mark Murphy should be long gone from this team and the ridiculous power structure he put into place should be absolved.

Lare's picture

I don't know enough at this point to say Philbin would be a good or bad Head Coach in Green Bay. My biggest concern with him is that there would be a lot of pressure on him to not make any changes, stay with the status quo. Same special teams & position coaches, same scheme, same strength & conditioning program, same staff. And I don't think that's what would be best for the team at this point.

If Philbin is interviewed he needs to explain who will be brought in to give this team a fresh start. I don't mind him keeping Pettine, but Pettine should be allowed to have some say in the defensive position coaches. Not just have those decisions made for him like McCarthy did. He also needs to bring in a new OC with some new ideas. Just reworking McCarthy's old plays isn't going to cut it.

Bottom line, Murphy & Gutekunst shouldn't try to force round pegs into square holes. Get the best HC they can get to run this team, and let the HC get the best OC & DC he can get. Then, let the OC & DC help bring in the best assistants they can get. And bring in the best training and strength & conditioning staff that money can buy.

Yes this may hurt the Packers being Super Bowl contenders next year, but if the right decisions are made and everyone does their jobs there's no reason why this team can't be turned around by 2020.

stockholder's picture

1. You can't make everyone happy. 2. The HC still may come from MMs staff by default. 3. A lot of new HCs keep many staff members, from the the guy their replacing. 4. Look for TT to still be looking over the shoulder of the person they Hire. 5. They know what went wrong with MM. Look for them to attack that problem first. 6. This team won't turn around anytime soon. 7. Finding the perfect HC isn't always by choice. 8. Judge this team on their record. Not their Hopes. 9. Plan on the new coach to be a yes man. 10. Whats better for Arron Rodgers, may not be whats best for the team.

12guage's picture

From all appearances Philbin seems to be well liked and respected among the player's and the assistant coaches alike. ..Kampen spoke highly of him as not only a coach, but also as a man. You can see he gets emotional when he talks sometimes about the team.
I really like the man and if the team wins out and does it decisively. ...then he deserves strong consideration to be the next head coach of the Packers.
I believe it's gonna happen

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