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Cory's Corner: Stop Worrying About WR

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Cory's Corner: Stop Worrying About WR

With Randall Cobb visiting the Cowboys and Jordy Nelson checking out the Seahawks, many people are getting afraid. 

They are scared that the Packers’ wide receiver isn’t capable. They are frightened that the position will be Davante Adams leading a bunch of question marks. They are terrified that a slot receiver isn’t currently on the roster. 

I’m here to tell you can all stop fretting. This receiving is completely capable. Geronimo Allison is coming back and he will be a very good pair to Adams. And as far as the slot goes, Marquez Valdes-Scantling played 307 snaps out of the slot. He showed a lot of promise last year and Equanimeous St. Brown is turning into a Swiss Army Knife that can be used for anything. 

With Cobb likely leaving and Nelson not coming back, it makes sense for people to worry.

But it’s empty. 

Let’s not forget that Aaron Rodgers is still under center. As long as he’s slinging it with ample time to survey the secondary he can carve teams up. And as long as he spots the open man, this offense will still hum. Too many times last year, he bypassed open receivers in hopes of the bigger play. 

It has been one of the cliché phrases in all of sports, but as long as Rodgers “takes what the defense gives him” things will be just fine. He has shown an uncanny ability to throw receivers open and he can do that with a top five wideout, a sophomore trio and a guy who has started eight career games. 

Not to mention, let’s not forget that Adams can also play the slot. I think he’s a special player. There isn’t much that he cannot do on the field and if the matchups say that he should play the slot, that’s where he should be playing. 

People are getting too hung up on positions. The NFL game has turned into a lot of moving parts, all in the name of versatility. The Packers don’t want this or that, they want athletic guys that can be moved around. 

The Green Bay receiving corps is just fine. The Packers could still draft receiver in next month’s draft but that would be for depth. I don’t see them taking a dynamic wideout early that would be perched atop the depth chart.

If anything, I would be more concerned about the running back position. I think Aaron Jones is a fantastic player, but at 5-foot-9 and 208 pounds, that doesn’t instill a lot of long-term confidence. 

This group of receivers is largely unproven. It’s time to give them a chance. 


Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He recently earned his Masters degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter: @Coryjennerjohn

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dhusting's picture

Hopefully Pack drafts a TE in early of the Iowa guys would be nice in 1st round but the Alabama or UCLA guys after 1st round would work

Donster's picture

I agree with you Cory. Packers need to add depth to the RB position before WR. Hopefully J'Mon Moore steps it up this coming OTA's and training camp and Kumerow continues to improve. Rodgers is happy with Kumerow, and unless he regresses this summer, or gets injured, he will see the field more. And there is Allen Lazard who was signed to the PS late last season. He has the size and good hands to make the 53 man roster. I would rather see Gute grab a RB and an offensive lineman or two rather than WR.

Old School's picture

I think we're fine at WR as long as Adams remains healthy. Without him we don't have a straw that stirs the drink.

Since '61's picture

A Reggie Jackson reference!!! If only we had a Thurman Munson and a Billy Martin, then we could have a Green Bay version of the Bronx Zoo. We could call it the Titletown Playground. Oh wait, we already have that.
Thanks, Since '61

4thand10's picture

You don’t pay a slot receiver Adams type money. They didn’t pay Adams to play slot. Cobb’s contract was killing this team.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Not sure I agree!

As the author states you move him around for match-up advantages. Just like Matthews during the day would move around on defense for match-up advantages. Should the younger WR's keep showing upside potential and if the Pack believe having Adams in there provides them more fire power I am all for it. It is about getting your best players on the field and finding mismatches.

4thand10's picture

I get it. I do. And it sounds good, but I just feel they need a solution to take pressure off Adams and make defenses play the whole field.Nothing screams awesome receiver out of any of the late round picks from last year. Maybe some sparse moments, but nothing out of any of them screamed Donald Driver. I wouldn’t be concerned with it if we had an Ezikel Elliot, or Sequan Barkley or a Bell...but we don’t . Now that the D is almost average, I’d like to see Rodgers get some weapons at some point.

hobowilly's picture

4th/ about 2nd or 3rd in 10, which is what you had too often under MM--hate to keep bashing the guy, but i disagree with you on last years' late WR finds in the draft. Who knows MVS could evolve into Adams 2.0, St Brown came on but perhaps the NFL is too big for Moore--MLF will give all their due to be a fine supporting cast to Devonte. IHMO, i'm already advancing MLF towards greater creativity with his charges as they stand, game planning looking for mismatches etc. than his predecessor and MM had 13 yrs to make it work with AR. He never really used Janis while he was here and Moore was invisible. Now either the player didn't learn and run the right or good routes or the coaches didn't know how to yield their talent. Lastly, i have the utmost respect for Gutey even in his second year and expect his team to have an A grade draft! I'm excited about how they go about their business!

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture


Rak47's picture

What I keep hearing from the LaFluer repeatedly is "we want to run the ball more'" nothing about passing more or kicking more, but RUN the ball more. To do that you need RB's and two is not enough for a team like GB even last year when they ran less than any team in the league. When your mother tells you to go to the store and get a lemon it would behoove you to not come back with a lime.

4thand10's picture

I agree that another good RB is needed as well.

ejr450's picture

Cory, I think this is the best article you’ve written here. I frequently find myself disagreeing with you, but I’m 100% on board with your premise today.

R-E-L-A-X. It’s gonna be ok. Jordy is 5 years removed from dominance and Cobb never replicated his big year. We loved ‘em then, but now it’s time for MVS, EQ, and G-Mo to show out. It’s a young man’s game and the Packers have faith in these guys.

Now, about TE...

ShanghaiKid's picture

I seem to remember a time a few years ago when everyone thought we were fine. Jordy was uncoverable, had a great slot WR in Cobb, and a promising young player that everyone anticipated would make the proverbial second year jump.

WR is absolutely a worry. If Adams misses extended time this team is going to look worse than 2015. I’m not saying bring Jordy/Cobb back. But a veteran WR would be a welcome addition to a young/unproven group.

ejr450's picture

Shanghai - I don’t disagree with your premise and words of caution. But, in the “can’t pay everyone” point of view, in my opinion the $ spent on a vet WR wouldn’t be all that valuable over/above what the young guys could do. I’m hoping that G-Mo is that vet that stabilizes things.

Rak47's picture

So who exactly are you gonna bring in to fill Davante shoes if he goes down? Unless you bring in Beckham, or Hopkins it won't make a bit of difference. You're not gonna add some random wr in case Adams goes down and if he does keep balling without missing a beat. And if you think you're gonna draft one who beats out all the other talented wr's on this roster as a rookie while gaining Rodgers trust well then good luck with that.

ShanghaiKid's picture

I suppose you would have preferred they bring in Bell or trade for Zeke or Gurley Rak.

fastmoving's picture

Same Thing with me, dont know if I ever agreed with you Cory since you are writing here. If it was the case I dont remember.
But this is a really good post all the way. Right on the Money.
WR is the least need we have, so we should draft every other position before. Even QB..... because thats the position that hold back the WR group last year.

hobowilly's picture

Amen 450! RELax is right as CM3 boards a plane for LAX....too bad, i thought the Clayminator could still reek havoc for Pettine-shoot, we're really making some wholesale changes. Lastly, you know GB is gonna draft a WR and a RB know that, right??! I say a very good O-lineman and a dynamic ILB is hopefully in store for our beloved Packers! And....if the mgmt team feels there's another CM3 impact player in the draft, let's have him: I have faith that GB can select a star (perennial all-pro) BPA in April !!!! I can't wait to hear Mike Mayock say, that's a great pick for Green Bay, they not only got the player they coveted but one they needed!

Nick Perry's picture

"I can't wait to hear Mike Mayock say, that's a great pick for Green Bay, they not only got the player they coveted but one they needed!"

Hmmmm… I don't think you'll be hearing Mike Maylock commenting on any Packers pick anytime soon hobowilly… At least until he's done playing GM for the Raiders.

But hey...I love the enthusiasm!

Coldworld's picture

Definitely on board with the WR aspect. I would expect some late round competition but we have largely rolled the dice at WR for good or ill. Personally I think we are on the good side, and with luck, could be clearly so.

As to RB, I agree Jones needs support. I just don’t see it coming from a high pick and I think Williams will benefit from using RBs in the passing game. A high pick would need to play. We want Jones on the field as much as possible without grinding him down. Williams did pretty well when Jones was not available. More likely a later pick or even two I think.

With the news being reported suggesting the Packers are hard up for available cap space, it seems that depth across the roster will have to come from the draft unless we cut or trade to bring in a player, creating further depth needs.

There are other positions that need depth or competitive options more than WR. I believe that the draft will be used to address that driven by BPA and that there will be more reshaping based upon how it falls, including possible trades.

jannes bjornson's picture

Which one of the RBs hit 1000 yards last season? The need for a Blue chip RB is there as well as upgrading the talent at the WR spot with a guy in the second or third round. The TE talent cannot be ignored with the juniors coming into this draft you have to bag one or two of the TEs.
The O line still needs an OT from this deep draft class and a guard wouldn't hurt either. No confidence in Spriggs. Patrick has limited range and Taylor is an average guy. I would still get a DT from this class and a CB.

4thand10's picture

I wouldn’t mess with this draft order at all, it looking pretty good

Round 1, Pick 12 (12th overall)
Round 1, Pick 30 (30th overall) – from New Orleans
Round 2, Pick 12 (44th overall)
Round 3, Pick 12 (76th overall)
Round 4, Pick 12 (108th overall)
Round 4, Pick 16 (112th overall) – from Washington
Round 5, Pick 12 (140th overall)
Round 6, Pick 12 (172nd overall)
Round 6, Pick 22 (182nd overall) – from Seattle
Round 7, Pick 12 (204th overall)

Nick Perry's picture

I tend to agree... The ONLY move I might make or listen to is from Washington to move up from 15 to 12 to get in front of Miami. The Packers get #15 and the Redskins 3rd rounder #77...

That would give the Packers #15, #30, #44, #76, #77 in just the first 3 rounds. The Packers have quite a few players hitting Free Agency next season with maybe 2 worth keeping around (Clark & Martinez). An extra 3rd or top (almost) 75 pick might be worth it depending what happened the first 11 picks.

But like you said...looking pretty good if they just stay put..

Handsback's picture

Lots of potential talent in Green Bay's receivers...but it's just that potential. A rookie TE makes a lot of sense, but if a talented WR falls to them, they will probably take him and figure trading one of their 2nd year guys away during the roster cuts.

RCPackerFan's picture

While I mostly agree that we are fine at the position I still want them to add to the position.

We have Adams who IMO is a top 5 WR in the league.
Then we have Allison with whom Rodgers trusts a lot. Unfortunately he suffered a core injury last year and wasn't able to keep playing.
After Allison we have the trio of 2nd year players. I really love what MVS and EQ showed us last year. I think Moore might improve the most out of the bunch going into year 2. If all 3 can take a step our offense will go from good to extremely dangerous.
After the trio we have Kumerow. He was becoming one of the best WR's last year until he got hurt and had to miss most of the season. But he emerged late as well.

So right now we have Adams, Allison, MVS, EQ, Moore, Kumerow who all have the highest chance of making the 53.
The one trait all of them have is size. The shortest one is Adams and he is 6'1. Allison and Moore are 6'3, MVS and Kumerow are 6'4". EQ is 6'5. They are tall.

After that group of WR's 2 guys to watch are Trevor Davis and Allen Lazard. Lazard is an intriguing guy. He is 6'5, weighs 227 lbs. He ran a 4.55 40.
He might be a guy that could possibly add 10 lbs or so and become a hybrid WR/TE.

I do think they will add a WR at some point in the draft. It would be nice to add a quicker/shiftier type that could return kicks/punts as well.

fthisJack's picture

i believe they will take a slot receiver in first 4 rounds. need a quick twitch guy with speed. Isabella comes to mind.

RCPackerFan's picture

I agree.

Isabella is definitely a guy on the radar.

Deebo Samuel is a guy that could help as a KR.
Parris Campbell is similar that he could be a KR.

Handsback's picture

It was my understanding that Lazard would be pushed into the TE category by the Green Bay coaches. The Packers lack experience in their WR corp and depth in their TE group. Maybe the depth will be addressed in the draft, and the 2nd year leap will happen to MVS, EQ, and Moore.

FLPackfan's picture

I just feel Davis has had plenty of chances and has never showed anything in the pass catching game. I would be completely fine with him being cut today. I also think Moore will get it this year, first because he took responsibility for his performance, and second because it looks like he is working to correct his issues and improve his footwork. New WR coach and lots of potential in the group, it should be fun to watch.

jannes bjornson's picture

I thoght Davis was cut.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

The NFL is a passing league. What held us back last season was the receiving corps, plus RG. Since GB appears to be in win-right-now mode, get a polished route runner. The draftniks tell me that Deebo fits that bill.

porupack's picture

…<plus the RG>

A lot of what I saw, it was less a problem of WRs, and more a problem of protection, and which soon produced a more erratic version of a Aaron Rodgers, tendency to panic, not seeing open receivers, and throwing the ball away.

I am with Cory on this one. Get better Oline talent, TE blocking, and see what our current stock of WRs can do before adding WRs. The sophmores will have a year 2 offseason and expected jump.

marpag1's picture

Looks like it's pretty much just you and me, TGR. If the Packers see value in a receiver at 12 or 30, I'm totally OK with them pulling the trigger. As things stand, it's a horse race between Green Bay and Chicago to see who has the worst WR corps in the NFC North. And I don't think I saw anything from last year that justifies the tired cliche "as long as ARod is slinging the football..."

jannes bjornson's picture

TGR, What about Samuel's injury history? Some are moving away from this selection.

Lare's picture

Yes, the NFL is a passing league, the question is if the Packers are still going to be predominantly a passing team.

If not, they need to add talent to the key positions in their scheme.

Nick Perry's picture

Good point Lare… My hope is this Packers offense looks a lot like the 2016 Atlanta Falcons offense. That was an explosive offense who ran the ball a lot but Matt Ryan still had an MVP season.

I like the idea of adding an O-Lineman, WR, and TE in say the first 4 rounds. I WANT one of the Iowa TE's and I think they have to draft a RB before the end of the 4th too, maybe 5th. I guess I keep going back to the $134 million dollar contract they paid Rodgers. That's a crap load of money to pay a QB to handoff the football.

No matter what...I'm STOKED about what this offense could look like under MLF...ESPECIALLY with a defense like the Packers are putting together.

sam1's picture

There is still hope possible for Trevor Davis, maybe.

Guam's picture

Agree with Cory on this point - WR is not a position of need. TGR is correct that this is a passing league, but step one of a passing game is giving the QB time to throw. We need O-line help far more than we need WR help. We have two very good O-linemen in Bakh and Linsley, one good linemen who struggles to stay on the field (Bulaga), and two very average guys (Taylor and Turner) at guard and depth questions everywhere. Draft some O-line help.

If we don't spend some draft capital on the O-line and the injury bug bites, we won't have a passing or running game.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I'd be okay if the extra receiving threat was a TE or a scat back. In my post above, I should have made it clear that I feel the offense could be elite (top 3 or 4 and scoring > 30 pts/game with a receiver/OL improvement. Defense held us back as well, of course.

We'll see how the draft falls.

marpag1's picture

On the subject of TEs, I won't be surprised if Hockenson is gone before the Packers are on the clock at #12, and I won't be surprised if Fant is off the board before #30. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised of some teams might value Fant above Hockenson, because Fant runs better, is more explosive and might appeal more to teams looking for a move TE.

It wouldn't even blow my mind if a third TE went in D1, but then you are looking at questionable value. The Packers might be a little bit screwed if one of these guys does not fall to a place where the Packers are comfortable taking him.

jannes bjornson's picture

M1, the essential hierarchy still makes sense to be a winning team: Blue chips at QB,OT, CB.and Pass rusher. I still believe Gutekunst gets an OT in the first round to groom as the RT if Bulaga goes down and is capable of playing LT if Bhaktiari misses some time. He knows as well as anybody not seeing double, Spriggs cannot handle the assignment. He bagged Turner as a Guard fill-in backup RT. Now he can cover the biggest threat to our flanks if either starter goes down. Does he value a FS in this draft as a one pick? Go in the second round for a safety or move down from #30 to a high two pick bag another three. TE At the #44. RB or Wr in round three.

marpag1's picture

I guess I won't disagree with that. My point above is that IF the Packers are looking to land a TE. it's not a given that either of the top two will be available to them without reaching or trading up. I'd be happy with Hock at 12 or Fant at 30, but that might not be possible in either case. Even the third TE might be gone before the Pack is up at #44 in D2.

I wouldn't be unhappy if the Packers go for a top notch tackle. They need to get Bulaga's replacement, and I would think they will try to work an extension for Bakhtiari.

One of the arguments for Hockenson is that he is a terrific blocker, and that could help a lot if we have more weak play at RT or an injury to Bakh.

jannes bjornson's picture

I agree on Hockenson @ 12 if he falls, but I think he goes before that pick.
FAnt will be gone in the 20s. An OT covers the bases and preps him for next year when Bulaga is done. . Bhaktiari's health will determine his third contract. He played through a lot of dings this year. Its just a confirmation that the Spriggs deal has run its course. Just thinking Sternberger at the #44 or Josh Oliver in the third rd. if the Iowa boys are picked up. Maybe Irv Smith is around by #44, but I prefer taller TEs.

hobowilly's picture

typically would agree with this assessment. Remember GB has a thing for Hawkeyes....and why not? Daniels, Hyde and the Whale! I've been thinking by about 22/24, both TE's will be gone. Hock is the chosen one, but Fant also 1st round quality. If Fant falls to 30, and GB still has the pick, i will be very frustrated if they don't snag Mr. Fant. Let's not forget, PLEASE, let's factor in the coaching as well.

porupack's picture

Agree with this article. No need for WRs.

2 first rounders on TE and OG will make the rest of the offense peak efficiency and synergy.
A 1st round TE gets that extra receiver on the field if there are lingering concerns about the sophomore WRs.
An offense at peak with those 2 holes filled with 1st round talent can get the offense to elite, and that elite offense can get the pack back to the top 4. An elite TE does more than an elite WR to our current roster, by the multi-use receiver and blocker, and the deceptions a TE can provide.

A couple fortuitous picks on D in rounds 2-5 would be nice if it produced starters, but mostly we would expect depth players from those picks. We need two strong starters on Offense at TE and OG from the draft.

hobowilly's picture

PP! Don't forget, i believe JG, Hendrickson and our mercedes benz are still in play....there's yet another guy, Tonyan. Something has got to give, but (yet again) i give credit to Gutey: getting the mercedes back in the garage based on what MLF wanted (i'm guessing) for his blocking prowess. Tools for AR while his play remains at a high level, that's what it should be about! My worry is the new WR coach, who has no NFL coaching experience....hopefully with his energy and relationship he can garner with his charges (including AR) can make GB a top 10 offensive unit!!

dobber's picture

Absolutely (and Cory says something like this): think pass-catchers more than position groups. They are thin on proven pass-catchers in general. It would be foolish to say that they can rely on Jones and four relatively unproven 2nd-year WR (mid-later round and UDFA) to be all they need (on top of Adams and Graham) to excel in 2019.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

I do see Jones catching more passes out of the backfield this year. I do wonder if the Pack is considering Fant strongly as a TE but also where he can go out wide occassionally as a WR. I see him being able to do both with his size and speed in the 40, which is what is so attractive about him. Give defenses nightmares trying to defend him in the hurry up offense. Because of this I see a real value in Fant as he could address two positions when needed taking advantages of mismatches. The question is whether the Pack is considering him with their first pick (at #12 or dropping back a few selections), or if they are completely going in another direction. Hock? Defense?

egbertsouse's picture

No need to worry about WR because MLF is going to run his modern passing offense that will scheme everyone open, even if they are just average players. At least that is what I kept reading when he was hired a couple months ago. Of course, all that talk quieted after his mentor, Sean McVay, laid a big egg in the Super Bowl.

RCPackerFan's picture

To be fair. Kyle Shanahan is more of LaFleurs mentor then McVay.

oldpointer's picture

All the talk about Rodgers needing more seasoned or better receivers and/or a better O-line to be successful is fine and somewhat relevant but I watched Rodgers struggle with accuracy all last season. Could be protection or rookie WR woes related but I gotta wonder how much thirteen screws in the shoulder impacted his ability to throw the ball. Rodgers wasn't the same QB last year. Between the accuracy issues and the inordinate number of throwaways, something was amiss. I gotta wonder if we'll ever see the old Rodgers again.

FLPackfan's picture

I didn't think he should have been given the big contract last year with out showing that he could play post collarbone break. That was the only move Gute made that I really had an issue with. But with that said I think it was a combination of the collarbone rehab, the knee, and timing issues with the young guys. I think the collarbone will be 100% this year, as will the knee, and they can fix all the timing and confidence stuff by playing Aaron for more than 9 preseason snaps. Even those games are faster than practice and will have some plays that may require WRs to break off the route and come back to the QB.

jannes bjornson's picture

Nothing wrong with his arm if you attend the games you can see that he's O.K. The Wrs were greenhorns and missed reads all day. With Allison out and Cobb regressing it was a snafu. McCarthy's system fed off talented Wrs being brought into the circus. Ted didn't do much of anything after Adams was picked. He Hit on Lindsley and Clark. Reload and recover.

hobowilly's picture

great, great saw that too???! Listen, being a greatly talented/physically gifted athlete is one thing but AR's football moxey can also be measured! He is a leader, can see things many others can't and he's an exceptional and respectful teammate!

White92's picture

Will the obsession with Jordy Nelson stop after he is 2 teams removed from the Packers?


Skip greenBayless's picture

Great article Cory. Agree with you on this. I've been saying what you just said for a while now. Not worried at all about the receivers. You are worried more about the running backs and that makes sense if we plan on running more (I still don't believe it) but my main worry is the quarterback specifically Aaron Rodgers. How he played last year was darn right scary. Was that a trend headed in a direction we don't want to consider or even fathom or was it an aberration? If he plays like last year or even worse it won't matter how good or bad our receivers are.

On another note I wonder how John Blood is doing. I hope he's better once they release him from the hospital.


Samson's picture

AR in season 2018:
62.3% for 4442 yds. for 25 TDs & 2 ints. -- Rating 97.6 --- Note: these are facts, not opinions.

Those same numbers in season 2019 along with a more potent run game and improved "D" may very well have AR up for his 3rd MVP.

NitschkeFan's picture

From a recent article in the Athletic, Rodgers 2008-2014, Comp %~66%, yds/att 8.3

From 2015 onward, Comp 63%, Yds/att 7.1

I have no doubt that injuries (1st one collar then the other collar, a knee injury) have contributed to his decreased efficiency.

I really think that if he is healthy that he can play at his previously outstanding level in 2019, but until he does, we must all have some doubt/anxiety that he has begun the permenant age and injury related decline that happens to every athlete at some point.

On a completely unrelated note, reports are that the Packers are at $13 million in cap space not the $5 million that was rumoured yesterday

ILPackerBacker's picture

Literally could not be more wrong!
Few are worried that Cobb is gone, most are worried is coming back.

Montana's picture

Dash......I too share some of your concerns regarding Rodgers. Injury probably was a factor and the relationship with MM and play calling too could have played a role in Rodgers play. WR depth I believe is minor to the passing Ills, our predictability of pass over run was as big a factor as Rodgers having a pedestrian year. I looked up the run/pass ratios from last year and find the teams who made the playoffs had run/pass ratios only 10 points apart except for KC and the Eagles......

Skip greenBayless's picture

Thank you Montana. I wish everyone here was as respectful as you are Montana. Well I hope it was injury and some of the other factors you mentioned as the reason for his regression. If it's old age we are in potential trouble very quickly. I say potential because the Packers can overcome Rodgers turning into Fred Sanford overnight if they do the right thing and promote Boyle to no. 2 and focus on getting him ready to be a starter this season. I don't know you very well Montana but in case you don't know I am rather high on Boyle. Nice exchange. I wish all were this nice.


Montana's picture

Well Dash I can imagine the exchanges you refer too. Thanks for the kind words, after all it's just a game right?

Someone on this site, sorry I can't remember their username, said something interesting and I paraphrase: that it is Rodger's team.... more or less dismissing the coaches and our new HC? Now I can appreciate Rodger's impact and importance to this team just as far as it remains a team united. To be honest Dash I found myself boycotting the last two seasons due to the NFL and the kneeling business right or wrong and now this off-season find myself back to the NFL.

So I am rather uninformed on Boyle but competition is healthy at all positions IMHO. Frankly I believe if possible, all player contracts should be weighted and rewarded by performance. I remember Favre's waning years and Rodgers assent quite well. I'm not sure Rodgers is at that decline state yet but he's a great attribute like Favre was for Rodgers and within five years we will need a let's have at minimum a reliable backup. I'll have to bone up on Boyle, I'm surprised I don't know much about him since I watch a fair amount of college ball especially the bowl games. Nice exchange, hope to keep it going.......

Skip greenBayless's picture

Montana, the main reason it appears I'm involved in lots of exchanges is not because I'm one of the smartest people here regarding the Packers, it's actually because I let it slip out a while back that I was a supporter of President Trump. Now the fact you were against these anti-police thug players like Martellius Bennett gives me hope that you might be only the 2nd person here that supports him too. Don't say it though, keep it to yourself if you are. It's literally me against 50 left wing liberal nutjobs with TDS on a daily basis. This is what I have to go thru here. I can see why Kirk left and Taryn semi-retired. These people are so filled with hate that whatever you say they try to destroy you at whatever cost. Their goal is banishment for having a different opinion. Just wanted to warn you so if you associate with me or even give me a compliment you WILL be attacked.

Now as for football and Boyle, he's been a secret from the beginning. Had some rough starts dealing with coaching changes in college. Don't let the stats fool you. I advise you to watch some of his preseason games particularly against Tennessee I believe. Andy Herman said in his interview something to the extent that if he didn't know who anybody was in training camp (Rodgers was also in the group) that he would think that Tim Boyle was the starter of the qb's. He was that impressive to him and I love that he said that. I saw it from the second I saw him. I know greatness when I see it and Boyle has greatness in him.

Look forward to future exchanges.


Montana's picture


My parents raised me to be polite right up until they hit you in the mouth. I won't forget you and others' here welcomed me yesterday and I appreciate the kindness.

I don't shy away when confronted. I didn't expect politics to rear up my first day as I unwittingly took this to be a football forum. It's sad that politics has to encroach into literally every piece of Americana these days. Is it wrong to wish for a few hours of football exempt from the political arena? And why is it that having a different opinion these days comes with a full course of ridicule?

I am an independent voter just to set the record straight. I am not a supporter of either party for a plethora of reasons. I don't feel compelled to define those reasons on a sports site and find it disheartening that after one day, I am writing about issues outside of the Packers. I am neither a Trump supporter or a hater but I did vote for Trump. Objectivity is dead.

So ironically I'm writing about political issues rather than the Packers. Thanks for welcoming me Dash, I look forward to chatting with you going forward. I'll close this by saying ad hominem will not injure those who enter a room as a guest willingly and with honest intent.......

Skip greenBayless's picture

Hey Montana. Glad to have another MAGA person aboard. It's why you got attacked yesterday and accused by Samson. That's what happens here. This is some of the tactics they use to try to get you to leave. But no worries, they'll leave you alone for the most part. It's me they are after for banishment. The left here won't stop until they get me out of here. All this because I support the President, Ted Thompson and I sometimes have different opinions on the Packers. Crazy I know.


Montana's picture

So this is for the dislike here to which I say you are a coward. You thumbs down Dash's comment in the shadows apparently afraid to offer an honest rebuttal to his post. Do you come by this cowardice honestly, afraid somehow you cannot offer a rebuttal of merit to prop up your ill contempt? Come out of the shadows......

Samson's picture

Montana --- Looks like another Dash pseudo ID. -- How sad.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Talk about perfect timing in regards to what I just said. You see Montana? Look at Samson? He's the perfect example of what I am talking about. Now Larry Pennell and Lare will come along shortly. This is what life is like when you don't agree with these people. They accuse you of all sort of crazy stuff to keep their cognitive dissonance in check.


Montana's picture

Hey Sampson my mom told me if you can't say something nice about someone then just keep your thoughts to yourself, I've found that to be good advice.

I don't know you Sampson but I am Montana and this is not a Dash pseudo. I am a new member to Cheesehead TV who came here to enjoy conversation about the Packers. I find it interesting that you advance judgement on someone before even trying to get to know them. Dash welcomed me yesterday as did a few others on this site which normally is customary and polite.....and I thank Dash and the rest of those folks for that welcome.

I have no grudges or preconceived notions about anyone here, I simple came here to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow Packer fans.

JohnnyLogan's picture

Disagree with Cory and hope I'm wrong. Our receivers after Adams are ok but all have trouble getting open. Every team has a couple of receivers that they're excited about but are unproven. That's what we have. Compare this group to Jordy, Cobb, Driver, Jennings, and Jones. Not. Even. Close. I have high hope for Kumerow in the slot, I think he has the most ability to get open. Wouldn't count on the draft for a breakout receiver either. I would have liked Gute to go after Brown or Crowder, two proven quality slot guys. He didn't do that. Rodgers wasn't good last year, but his receivers didn't help much either. This is a weak group.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Compare this group to Jordy, Cobb, Driver, Jennings, and Jones.

To be fair....has there ever been in the history of the GBP another WR group that could match that group? I do not believe so! The talent when they were all together was an anomaly and not likely to happen again for quite sometime. Additionally, guys like Jordy, Driver, and Jones took 3 to 4 years before they started their breakout careers. Those 3 rookie WR's are going into year 2 now. Will be fun to watch their growth from last year.

Montana's picture

Great points Knock..... doubtful we'll see a receiving corps to rival that.

JohnnyLogan's picture

I agree Knock that was a special group but I don't see the same upside in these young guys. Don't believe there's a Jordy, Jennings or Cobb in the bunch. Hard to predict of course, but Jordy and Jennings were 2nd round picks, I don't remember what Cobb was, but high. There was high capital invested for a reason. What we saw with this group last year wasn't as encouraging to me obviously as to most others around here. But as I said, hope I'm wrong.

jannes bjornson's picture

You see pretty clearly, Johnny.

GBforce's picture

Packers are dancing with the devil again. Unless they get pass protection and pass defense with a pass rush. We are no better than last year. Need time to throw to newbies who need to figure out the route and improvise a broken play. Need to cover and play man and shorten the field and create turnovers with a pass rush speeding up the throws. You only get 3 sec to cover or it's over. How much better are we ? yes we did get some free agent help. Is it enough ?

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

I have not looked at the mock drafts since prior to the Combine until today. Holy Hannah have the predictions changed. In particular I looked at Bucky Brooks draft because I think he is pretty knowledgeable. Was shocked he had Fant going to the Pack at #12. Saw other mock drafts with Fant to the Pack. These guys have been reading my comments obviously the past several weeks about Fant. Blatant plagiarism! :)

Additionally, Brooks had WR Brown at 30 coming tho the Pack. WOW! Both first rounders to the offense. Guess with FA moves that is what everyone is anticipating. Would imagine an OT would have to happen by Round 3 in a scenario like the aforementioned.

Of concern was Oliver falling to the Vikings at #18. That would definitely bother me if this played out. Oliver will be a very good player. Anyone recall the undersized John Randle causing holy hell with the Packers and Favre? Remember him putting Favre's jersey #4 on the blocking dummies, or the TV commercial with the Favre jersey on the chicken with Randle chasing it?

Adorabelle's picture

There is obviously still reason for concern hence the need for this article. After Adams they are all just potentially good. In his 4 games before he was hurt, Mr. Allision was at a pace for over 1100 yards and 8 touchdowns. But do the Packers of Green Bay really believe he is that for this team? A one year deal would seem to show they want him to prove it. After that it is all a bunch of youngsters and fan favorite Mr. Kumerow. There is hope there, but certainly not a finished work.

vkpolidora's picture

Let's have some patients with the young WR group who Gutz just picked. It is a position that takes time to learn at the pro level. I see O-line as the biggest team need: guards & tackles and depth. (the G picked last year still not ready to play and may never play).
Run or pass, we all know it starts up front where age and injury are increasingly an issue. Plus changing to the zone blocking scheme requires the big boys to run; more wear and tear.
Build from the inside out. O and D linemen! Teams that go deep into the playoffs rotate D linemen so can still bring pressure and not rely on DB's to cover indefinitely.
AR has missed games the last two years due to injury and he's said he's not adjusting his style, so new HC says run the ball more (zone blocking = Packer sweep), AR now has time and space to throw in play action.
I'd like to see Gutz in the draft address offensive line; G &T, ILB, D-line, Safety and TE but not in the first round.
Finally, J. Graham was great and I was a huge fan - two teams ago. (See J. Nelson) Cut or trade him. Did both of AR's int's bounce of his hands or just the one in the end zone? Graham's contact will be an albatross next year. And can we bring in a veteran QB who can win a few games if AR goes down again? Kizer is still a #3.
- AR, you took the monster deal, well deserved but because of that you will be playing with younger teammates, show some mentorship and maturity. Stop pointing and blaming.
Ok folks tear that up!

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