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Cory's Corner: Sign Jared Cook

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Cory's Corner: Sign Jared Cook

The Packers should’ve never let Jared Cook leave in 2016. 

He made the toe-tapping playoff catch in Dallas that kept the Packers’ season alive. He was liked by Aaron Rodgers and proved that he was a valuable asset by the end of the season.

 Now it’s time for Cook to have a second act in Green Bay. 

Cook is a free agent and is coming off a Pro Bowl season. He put up career highs in yards (896) and touchdowns (6) and also had the best catch rate (67 percent), which was also the best of his 10-year career. 

He did all of those things while playing for the pathetic Raiders. Oakland scored the fifth-least points in the league as it went 4-12. Yet Cook was responsible for 31 percent of the team’s receiving touchdowns last year and led the team in targets. The Raiders may have been punched out last season, but obviously Cook wasn’t. He had four games with over 100 yards receiving and had five games with five or more receptions. 

I’ve always said that the one offensive skill position that is ultra valuable on an NFL team is tight end. Good, dynamic tight ends create mismatches. Linebackers cannot stick with tight ends and corners aren’t big enough to body them up. That’s exactly what Cook is. He averaged 13.2 yards a reception, which was third among tight ends that caught at least 40 balls last year. 

The only questionable aspect about Cook is that he turns 32 in April. Jimmy Graham turns 33 in November. If the Packers bring Cook in, that would be two elder statesmen at the same position. But Cook has a bit more tread on his tires. Cook didn’t consistently start in the NFL until he was 26 and he started 30 games in the last two years — the highest two-year mark of his career. 

In the last few days, plenty of people have been screaming that the Packers should trade for Antonio Brown. Granted, Brown is the best slot receiver in the league, but his locker room antics combined with a potential power struggle with current No. 1 wideout Davante Adams isn’t worth it. According to Spotrac, Cook’s market value is $7.1 million a year. I would be more than happy to give Cook a two-year $14.2 million deal rather than trading for Brown who has cap hits of $22.1 million in 2019, $18.3 million in 2020 and $19.5 in 2021. 

The Packers have plenty of holes coming off a disappointing 6-9-1 season. The right side of the offensive line looked pathetic last year, the pass rush was completely non-existent and the safety position with Morgan Burnett gone looked overmatched. 

Adding Cook doesn’t solve a lot of problems, but it’s a move where you don’t have to fret about the locker room cohesiveness and you’re getting a guy who is still producing. And the move would force general manager Brian Gutekunst to focus all of his attention on defense in the draft. He has two first round picks which he can fortify two positions in the front seven. 

Cook has played with the Packers before. He was successful and he was a great fit. Now it’s time for the Packers to do what they should’ve done in 2016 — not let Cook leave Lambeau Field. 



Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He recently earned his Masters degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter: @Coryjennerjohn

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The TKstinator's picture

Did you mean that Graham has a little LESS tread on his tires? Or more wear on them?
Do you think GB will bring back Graham AND sign Cook? I really have my doubts.
I’d say GB should still bring in a young prospect at the position, regardless of the Graham/Cook situation.

Defense: last year KC led the league in sacks with 52, GB tied for 5th with 44. Chicago, with the immortal Khalil Mack, had 50.
When KC needed to rush Brady they failed miserably.
I admit I’m pretty dumb, but I’m not so dumb as to say pass rush doesn’t matter. It most certainly does. Hell yes I’d like to see GB’s pass rush improve, but MAYBE the situation is not as dire as we think.

GB has plenty of holes. I’m fine with GB adding as many good players as they can get, regardless of where they line up.

Cory Jennerjohn's picture


You’re right. That was a quagmire of weird. Thanks.

The TKstinator's picture


dobber's picture

Jehovah good day, TK!

The TKstinator's picture

I watched all the seasons of Breaking Bad and heard Saul’s name countless times, but it wasn’t until I watched his spinoff where he explained that his made up name was supposed to sound like “it’s all good, man” that I realized it wasn’t just a name. Weird, huh?

holmesmd's picture

Slippin Jimmy;)) LoL

Coldworld's picture

I agree. If the Packers are keeping Graham, I see little to no prospect of Cook returning from a cap perspective.

Moreover, from a team improvement perspective I feel it would be irresponsible to build the TE position around two players confortably into their 30s.

Finally, Cook managed under 400 yards with the Packers. Despite that one catch, he really did very little in terms of scoring. That he did well in a different offense is not disputed, but it also begs the question what would Graham have done in that offense?

I wish we had kept Cook. It didn’t happen. I think Cook was probably lucky to get out in terms of his use and resulting value as a FA. Let’s face it, the TE role in GB became an increasing mess.

Assuming we have Graham, we need to keep Tonyan and look for a blocking TE type (Lewis is an option if he can still play) and a younger TE with potential to be a rounded TE for the future alongside Tonyan whom we need to use. That last type may be the draft route acquisition. There are some blocking types that could be cheap FAs if Lewis is done or wants out.

More than anything else, we need to use whomsoever is on the roster intelligently. This means not only play designs appropriate to the TE skill set generally, but also to the players we have. That means stopping trying to plan as if every TE was the athletic freak that Finley was.

To me it’s another manifestation of design based upon asking every player to win by being better than the opposing players every time. I don’t know when MM fell into that trap, but if one thinks about it, in the salary cap era particularly, that’s simply not going to work in the NFL.

Cook is a horse that has bolted. Time to be looking forward not back and at the underlying issues that caused multiple failings by competent players, including, in reality, Cook.

OskarFromMKE's picture

We had all those sacks because we blitz at such a high rate leaving our secondary out to dry often. The difference between our sack total and the bears is the bears did that with primarily 4 rushers and we needed 6 to get pressure. I didn’t watch too much of KC’s D closely but drafting Ford sure seems to have helped their pass rush

PeteK's picture

30 came from the front

Old School's picture

The Bears have guys in the secondary who can cover.

Dzehren's picture

GB should be eyeing Free agents S Adrian Amos, CB Bryce Callahan and OLB Aaron Lynch. Younger players with 3-4 experience who would be reasonably priced from a good defense

The TKstinator's picture

Do you KNOW that “4 rushers vs 6 rushers” thing according to some source, or does it just seem like that is the case?
Theoretically I absolutely agree that generating pressure without sending extra bodies is a positive, I’m just not sure about the validity of the 4 vs 6 claim.

Coldworld's picture

The Bears were consistently able to get pressure without blitzing. We were not. Watch tape and you will see. Fackrell got over 10 sacks but had amazingly few pressures. Matthews, Perry and Gilbert are well documented. That leaves Clark and Daniels. Daniels had a down year for sacks and was injured mid-late season. That left Clark.

Based upon the above, it’s pretty clear to me that we posed very little consistent threat out of base, even if I had not seen the games to confirm that. Thank the stars for Clark, but its hard to argue that Pettine didn’t have to scheme to get pressure.

stockholder's picture

Bridges have been burned. Cook has been nuked. You can't keep paying 10 mil. here, then there. Won't Daniels and Clark require more? The packers do have holes. The packers would do better to bring in Collins, a LB, and Wilkersons replacement.

jannes bjornson's picture

Don't think Daniels gets a third contract. Gutekunst will look for a DT in this draft. Having three high picks, it would be wise to secure one out of the three rated TEs. If the guy they want goes above #12 they can move down a slot or two and get Hockenson or wait for Fant/Smith at #30. Edge and OT are still high needs. Safety needs to be a FA and pick #2.

jannes bjornson's picture

Don't believe they will extend Daniels on a third contract, Gutekunst will draft a DT mid-round. It would be wise to select one of the top rated TEs in the first or second rd. If there is a run on Edge players take Hockenson with the #12 or trade down a couple spots. Edge and OT still the top needs.
Sign a safety as a free agent and draft one in the second rd.

GeorgiaCheesehead's picture

If we can get him, I am all in! As for the # sacks etc, stats do not tell the entire picture. We need play-maker's who can get it done when it counts. We do have some talent and good young prospects. We are not that far off. IMO we need.

2 OLB's - 1 FA, 1 draft
2 Safeties - 1 FA, 1 draft
1 TE - 1 FA or draft
2 OL (RG/RT) - 1 FA, 1 draft

This can be done with the amount of CAP space we have and the # of draft picks we have , yes we need to hit home runs on all & remain healthy throughout the year to be in the mix. GO PACK GO!!

Coldworld's picture

We need starters or near starter quality at those positions you appear to mean. That’s pretty far off in my book. Of those positions, TE would appear to be the least urgent.

stockholder's picture

Looking at your list tells me Gute was a failure in his last draft. So Lets' fix his mistakes. He took Burks on a trade up. No edge or Te. @12 I'm taking White for you. We just solved Ryan and moving CM3 inside. Resign Cm3. Give Perry one last chance.( Any FA is going to cost 12mil anyways.) And nobody is dead nuts on a edge being the answer early. @30 A lot of people are suggesting Jackson be moved to Safety. We Draft Adderley.( Have T. Williams. ) The second safety is Marquis Blair SS @76. (Thomas and Collins will expect a windfall.) Gute is gun shy now after Graham. @44 Risner is solid. @112 Scharping is solid. This fixes the No show from WA. And Bell is Gone. Gute's mistake fixed and so is the OL. Last is #108 Jace SternBerger. Because Tonyan and Graham are not solution. We have to resign Wilkerson because you think we don't need a DL. We just used No cap space. But did resign are own for less then this year.

jannes bjornson's picture

Don't think White will get past Denver or the Bungles. He is the real deal if he's there grab him. Polite or Sweat @ #12 otherwise. Either Matthews or Perry is jettisoned, depends on the medicals. Adderley @ #30 may be high. Trade down to another #2 and he fits, Thompson and Abram are protected into the mid 20s.

stockholder's picture

I really would trade the #30 pick. But it depends who's [email protected] Cap is higher with a first rd. Plus you can get the option year on a second. Abrams - Tight Hips. Out of control on tackling. Thompson better run 4.45. or I'm passing. Adderley's film is too good. Still he's climbing. Lindstrom is climbing like Alexander last year too. I prefer a OL to a safety this high. But I did Adderley instead of a Free Agent , Jackson or T. Brown. And what about Breeland? I believe he can be moved around like Hyde too.

sam1's picture

Too me get Cook, get rid of cement shoes Graham! Graham unless a revival, which I doubt, has hit the wall and done!

LambeauPlain's picture

Graham was the Packers 2nd leading receiver playing with a broken thumb in MMs stubborn perimeter passing game.

ML will find ways to use JGs talents in productive ways.

PeteK's picture

He does love the two TE look, but maybe he can teach paddy cake Graham how to block.

Coldworld's picture

Cook doesn’t inspire me as a blocker either. Not many top TEs do currently, but let’s not fool ourselves.

Rossonero's picture

Depends on his asking price. Coming off a Pro Bowl year, it'll probably be too rich for us unless Graham gets cut. I wouldn't do anything beyond a 2 year deal given his age.

jannes bjornson's picture

See if Oakland puts the Transition tag on him.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

TE transition tag # was $8.4M last year. I guess they don't, but IDK. One year deal for an older guy on a team that's probably not going to win in 2019? I guess they have three first round picks and a QB.

LambeauPlain's picture

As head scratching as it was by the stuffed owl TT to let Cook walk out the door with barely a "good bye", I think that train has left the station.

TT let Cook sign a deal in Oakland that paid him $5.3 mil per yr for two years with his 2017 salary guaranteed. Now he will command that amount or more for ONE SEASON.

Meanwhile TT signs the malcontent M. Bennett for $7 mil a year for 3 years and a huge signing bonus who was on the downside of his career as he moved from team to team to team.

I have not yet given up on Graham. He will be determined to improve his production and under ML, I am confident he will. His first year in Seattle was followed by a much more productive 2nd season.

And even with MMs stubborn insistence on a perimeter passing game, Jimmy was still the #2 receiver for the Pack.

Paying $10 Mil to rectify a past TT mistake is a luxury for a team needing Edge rushers, O lineman, S and a younger TE to be groomed for the future.

Keep Jimmy, Tonyan, maybe even bring back Lewis for camp, draft a TE and cut Kendricks.

Tundraboy's picture

"Paying $10 Mil to rectify a past TT mistake is a luxury for a team needing Edge rushers, O lineman, S and a younger TE to be groomed for the future.

Isn't that the truth. Same can be said for several others.

Coldworld's picture

But if Lewis isn’t able or willing to play, bring in a blocking TE who can block and catch if only as a secondary attribute. We can sign in FA potentially.

dobber's picture

"As head scratching as it was by the stuffed owl TT to let Cook walk out the door with barely a "good bye", I think that train has left the station."

Well stated. The Packers are better off finding the next Jared Cook (or Travis Kelce or...or...), not digging up the current one.

Coldworld's picture

We have to start looking to develop at TE. Hopefully we will now have a better environment for TEs to grow. Stop chasing cast offs that cost a lot of money and represent only a short term quick fix at best.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Cook had a career year with the Raiders but I don't want to see him back in GB. GB keeps signing TEs who are declining rather than ascending. If they sign a TE I'd much rather see them sign Maxx Williams. Get a young TE who can block and catch or draft and develop one.

Bert's picture

Totally agree Jon. We really need focus on the future by roster building based on talent, age and price.

Lare's picture

I agree. The reason they're having to look at signing over 30 TE's every year is because they never draft any younger ones to groom in the offense like other successful teams do.

Draft a good TE that fits LaFleur's scheme, save the salary cap space, improve the offense.

Ezra's Hotdog's picture

They did draft Richard Rodgers in the 3rd. round in 2014 After 4 years of grooming the Packers decided to move on. Another swing and miss.

Lare's picture

That was a TT move. Ted was convinced they could teach Rodgers how to be fast.

Lphill's picture

Stay away from Antonio Brown , I would like Cook back but with Graham still here I doubt it , going to need a stud tight end for the future let’s get one in the draft.

OskarFromMKE's picture

Draft Hock!!!!

PeteK's picture

Yes, Young man can do it all, love his blocking ability and hustle. Draft boards have him going between 16- 22. I would move down or up for him.

PeteK's picture


nostradanus's picture!

The Packers had thrown enough money down the Tight End rabbit hole!

Now it’s time to do it the right way, draft one high and let him and Tonyan learn behind Graham for a year.

That is all.....

The TKstinator's picture

Go Pack!

GBPDAN1's picture

Agreed, let's sign him

Since '61's picture

1st, don't touch Antonio Brown.
2nd chuck Graham.
3rd sign Cook, unless his price is too high. He is more athletic and faster than Graham.
4th keep Tonyan
5th draft a TE early.
Also, OL and Edge within the first 2 rounds.

Bottom line get better players. Thanks, Since '61

Packer Dave's picture

An APC article had an interesting idea in maybe pursuing Osemele from OAK. I'd rather the pack invest in the OL in FA to free up the draft board a bit. If they do the above a pass rusher, TE and safety could be first 3 picks.

It would be interesting to see an article on a hypothetical big board.

PeteK's picture

Can't get rid of Graham and sign Cook because it would kill our cap. I'll be honest, besides Allen , I don't love the edge rushers in this draft because they fit better in 4-3 as DE's. I would sign a vet OLB and S and draft an OLB later,Burns, Winovich maybe. I really like Hockenson and Risner and to a lesser extent Adderley. They're the type of smash mouth hustling players that we need on our team.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Why? GB might be able to sign Cook almost entirely out of the cap savings from cutting Graham. $5.33M - I suppose Cook's first-year cap hit might be $6M or so, but it certainly wouldn't kill our cap.

PeteK's picture

Yes, but we just increase or cap hit for next year.I would rather spend it on a S and OLB.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Perfectly true. Cook's cap in 2020 probably would be $8.5M or $9M.

What's Graham's cap hit in 2020? Isn't it more than $9M? Yes, yes it is. $11.66M - $8.5M/$9M probably would pay Maxx Williams' cap hit (or Nick Boyle if Baltimore releases him instead).

So Graham, Tonyan and draft pick. Versus
Cook, Williams, Tonyan and perhaps draft pick.

Graham vs. Cook doesn't seem like that hard a decision to me. And I am barely tipping a toe into our cap space.

Coldworld's picture

Stop chasing ghosts. Let’s move forward. No big FA spending at TE. Draft a prospect on the second day and pick up a blocker or resign Lewis if he is still up to it. I think Tonyan has potential.

Packer Fan's picture

Here is my recommendations:
1. Dump Cobb and Perry to free cap space. Especially Perry as his cap hit is bad and gets worse each year.
2. Sign good FA OLB, Then a FA OLB vet for depth (could be Matthews) and draft Edge high.
3. TE: I am ok with signing Cook, keeping Graham for one more year, and draft a TE in round two or three. Keep Tanyon(SP?)
4. OL: Sign FA guard. Guy from Oakland if he gets cut. Then one more OL for depth. Draft OL in round three or four. Madison will never play.
5. Safety: Sign a highend FA vet. Then draft a safety in rounds 4 - 6. Keep Williams as second safety. He will play better his second year playing that position. Consider moving Jackson.
6. WR: Pick up a FA like Beasley (if he gets cut) or Tampa guy. Cobb is too old and expensive. Then draft Andy Isabella. Brown and Scantling have enough potential and one should make a good jump in second year.
7. Other FA signings: Keep Breeland and Wilkerson. Wilkerson will be cheap. For DL a mid to late round draft pick.
8. Draft: Consider trading pick 30 for more 2nd and 3rd round picks.
I believe BG has enough money to do all this. Perhaps not all highend FA's, but enough to fill with good guys.

MarkinMadison's picture

I think Cook could be really productive in Green Bay next year. I don't see him taking a low-ball offer though, and I have to agree that he makes less sense given his age than I would like. But if the Packers miss on a TE in the draft, and he is still out there looking for a deal, yeah, I'd make that deal.

Point Packer's picture

Another great late era Ted Thompson move. What's even funnier is how the GB homer sports media proclaimed that Ted had pulled a great "coup" in letting Cook go to Oakland and get nut-ball Marty Bennett and Lance Kendricks. That worked out well.

jannes bjornson's picture

Epic Fail via the russell low ball school of negotiating.

Old School's picture

Thompson had us in the championship game 4 times in 10 years and successfully transitioned the team post-Favre. Apparently, that doesn't count for much to you.

Cook. A perpetual tease. Some people just can't help growing wood at a big guy who can run.

holmesmd's picture

That’s a bit harsh Old School. Rodgers loves Cook and Cook wanted to be in GB. He was injured for almost half the season. When they were able to get it going, Cook was very good. Rodgers was pissed when they didn’t even try to bring him back. Don’t trash Cook because of a team screw up. Cook is better than anyone the Packers have right now at TE. That’s a fact. If he can be brought back, he should be. He’s got plenty left in the tank IMO

Old School's picture

You are the first person I have ever heard that thinks Jared Cook is better than Jimmy Graham. In fact, before Graham arrived in Green Bay a year ago he was a "future HOFer". Nobody has ever said that about Cook.

Over their careers, Graham has been more productive in fewer games. Cook had a marginally more productive 2018 where he was targeted 10% more often than Graham.

Cook had a career year last year. Graham had a career worst year. And there still wasn't much difference in productivity.

Go to Vegas and spend some money on whether Cook will have a more productive 2019. I, personally, think that's a pretty shaky bet.

Coldworld's picture

Thompson was a great GM, it fell apart later when, by all accounts, he began grooming his cap negotiator as his successor. Succession is a different skill an he clearly royally messed that one aspect up leading to the consequences we are now debating. Unfortunately that is fresh in people’s minds and tarnishes how he is perceived. With time perspective will return.

This was suposec to be a response to Old School’s post on TT but somehow got slotted above it. Apologies.

Old School's picture

Thompson had us in the championship game 4 times in 10 years and successfully transitioned the team post-Favre. Apparently, that doesn't count for much to you.

Cook. A perpetual tease. Some people just can't help growing wood at a big guy who can run.

Dzehren's picture

Drafting Hockenson , Irv Smith or Noah Fant is a much better plan. This is the best TE draft in years. I’d even draft a second TE in the later rounds. Keep Graham this year and release him next year.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Nothing wrong with doing both.

CAG123's picture

They’re keeping Graham so why would Cook need to be signed? Then we’ll have 2 TEs past 30 getting paid what at least 8 million for multiple seasons. No thanks. The Cook ship has sailed and the Packers need to move forward and that should include finding their own TE of the future not looking for a pair of 32 year olds to revive it. Stop being prisoners of the moment besides the big catch against Dallas Cook didn’t do squat he missed 6 games, went over 80 yards only twice in 10 games, caught ONE TD, and managed only 377 yards what he did in an offense in Oakland lacking any real receiving threats outside of Cooper who was trending down is irrelevant. I’d rather see them sign Jesse James.

jannes bjornson's picture

I would draft two TEs from this class. One with a high pick and another in the #5-6 round. If you're counting on Tonyan to be bad ass around the line of scrimmage and hold point, he's not that guy. Lewis didn't sound too enthusiastic about the way he was used in 2018. They will need a blocking type guy to help out the run game.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I believe the Packers lost this opportunity. Sometimes you dont get second chances, but go ahead and try.

Just draft TJ Hockenson and we will ALL be happy campers.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Baltimore is likely to cut one of Maxx Williams or Nick Boyle (after drafting Hurst and Andrews last year). Both can block, though Williams might have more receiving ability, and neither should break the bank.

Minniman's picture

Williams had good hands as a Golden Gopher and it's his best asset. He's a shade on the slow side (4.78 40) and had knee surgery in 2016 for a mystery ailment that has slowed him a further step. If Baltimore (who traded up in the second to get him) cut him then it will be because they haven't seen a full recovery.

Both he and Mo Wilkerson will/would need serious medical and trainer scrutiny before bringing them in.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Thanks for the info. Williams (and Boyle) are very good blockers. We could use a blocking TE. Tonyan was willing, but he is a converted WR and his blocking is going to take time, assuming he makes the team.

Minniman's picture

Happy to contribute something back to you for once!

Williams was a draft crush of mine a couple of years ago, hence I keep tabs on him out of curiosity.

True, he's a good blocking tight end but I suppose I ask the question if o-line and slot receiver upgrades might not be closer to the preferred answer........ although reportedly MLF likes his 2 TE sets, so maybe the position needs to be reinvigorated....... Williams is certainly going to catch what's thrown to him, its just a question of if he can either get separation to catch it or get into position to block anyone but blitz rushers?

holmesmd's picture

You can’t go wrong with Fant or Hock. In the first 3 rounds. I’m not sure the position is a priority this year but both guys are too good to pass up IMO.

Minniman's picture

From my limited perspective I totally agree with you, and as others have already posted, it would allow the Packers to get out from under Jimmy Graham's contract with his (hopefully) seasoned successor.

Just imagining if the Packers do draft "the Hock:" and MLF unleashes consistent 2 TE sets (with imaginative schemes), then this could very well be the year that Jimmy Graham repays the investment.

...... If Jimmy G is retained, and turns up to training camp about 10 pounds lighter then I think "game on" (I thought that he was a few pounds heavy this year for not really being a blocking TE).

Ryan B Dub's picture

Fix the offensive line or none of this matters.

WinUSA's picture

I hope the idiot who let Cook now working for Cleveland!,,,,,,,,,,,,

Minniman's picture

From memory it wasn't all one sided.

Reportedly Cook's Manager was stalling the Packers as well as asking for more money than Bennett was eventually paid, hence the Packers elected to go with Bennett (who came off a reasonable year in NE).

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

As much as I would like a good young TE in the draft I believe Tonyan is better than most realize with a big upside as his experience at TE increases. With Graham and Tonyan the Pack are not destitute at TE as most here seem to think...and yes I have made it clear I am not a huge fan of Graham but do wonder how he might fare in LF's offense. I do agree there is a need for a blocking TE. Some have mentioned Spriggs which is intriguing as he is supposed to be a good athlete but believe he would need to lose some of the weight he put on the past few years.

Because of the above and LF's offensive scheme I would take a talented and super twitchy slot receiver over any TE high in the draft.

I am one of those who firmly believe a pass rusher or even two in the first round are the Pack's biggest need. However, if Kyler Murray is setting there at either #12 or #30 and if Gute believes Kyler can effectively play slot receiver as that hyper twitchy receiver, occassional RB out of the backfield, and Special Teams such as KO and Punt returner, combined with having a good future as QB backing up Rodgers in LF's offense Murray would be hands down my first choice. Murray would be like no player the Pack has ever drafted before if used creatively. I was the first on here to state this over a month or so ago and my opinion has not changed. Murray is a more talented football player than New Orlean's Hill and is a game changer any time he touches the ball. I think he could play multiple positions for the Pack while he backs up Rodgers for a few years. As a first round pick the Packers would have a 5th year option. With the other first round selection I would pick a pass rusher.

There is simply no way you pass up Murray if available and Gute believes he can play some of the aforementioned positions. He could address multiple positions with one draft choice and better yet he would be the MAN at QB as Rodgers closes in on 40.

Johnblood27's picture

Murray will get broken more often than Cobb doing what you suggest.

He is too small to play QB in the NFL.

He is best suited with a hunk of leather on one hand or a stick of wood in his hands.

Minniman's picture

Did you mean Kyler Murray, KTSOOY?

If you did then the only flaw in the Kyler Murray paragraph is whether he wants to play a gadget player in the NFL. He could well go back to Baseball if he doresn't like what he sees.

For the record, I love the idea of a 2 QB set. I also think that the backup QB should be the kick holder. There's no substitute for game time, and there's a whole seam of opportunity there that hasn't been tapped.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Thanks! Yes, Kyler!

I hope there are multiple GM's in the draft who think like Johnblood27.

How many GM's over the years constantly make mistakes because they think someone is too small or short? How about players like Russell Wilson in Seattle or Drew Brees with New Orleans, or Fran Tarkenton, or Doug Flutie? How about an Aaron Donald, a Scott Wells, Alan Page, or a Mike Singletary, Mike Daniel's to name a few. Plus, none of those players IMO have the athletic ability of Murray. Now I would not draft Murray high unless Gute truly believed he could be a star QB, particularly in LF's offense. He wouldn't be just a gadget player but would be put in position to be an immediate impact for the team in multiple positions as he gains QB experience behind Rodgers.

Hawg Hanner's picture

If we could sign Cook cut Graham

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