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Cory's Corner: Rodgers and McCarthy Are Missing Fun

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Cory's Corner: Rodgers and McCarthy Are Missing Fun

A head coach and its quarterback must be in synch.

The reason the Patriots are going to their eighth Super Bowl in 17 years is because Tom Brady and Bill Belichick truly respect each other. Is it a perfect working environment all the time? Probably not, judging by Brady’s outbursts during games, but they always make it work.

Aaron Rodgers took another snipe at his head coach on Thursday questioning why the 13-year quarterback wasn’t really involved with the decision to bring back quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt.

“Well, my quarterback coach didn’t get retained,” said Rodgers on the Golic & Wingo radio show. “I thought that was an interesting change, really without consulting me. There’s a close connection between quarterback and quarterback coach, and that was an interesting decision.”

Van Pelt was thought to have left on his own to pursue potential offensive coordinator jobs, but judging by the vinegar tone from Rodgers, it sounds like something else may have happened.

The thing that strikes me is that this wasn’t an isolated incident. Rodgers has taken plenty of shots at McCarthy. Rodgers was upset when Tom Clements was stripped of the play-calling duties after McCarthy had originally given them up.

“I think we’ve all got to go back and the urgency’s got to pick up, the focus has got to pick up,” said Rodgers, clearly taking a shot at McCarthy’s preparation as the head coach following a 22-point loss to the Titans in 2016.

The difference between Brady and Belichick isn’t that they are perfect, it’s that they at least had the sense to keep it muffled from the public. Rodgers clearly doesn’t care about his passive-aggressive snipes at his coach or else something would have been done about it.

How much longer can Rodgers keep taking shots at McCarthy in public? And why wasn’t this put to rest a long time ago?

The other 52 guys on that team see how much Rodgers respects McCarthy by the language he uses with the media. Imagine what he says when the cameras aren’t rolling and the pens aren’t scribbling?

The problem is, both of these guys have tremendous egos. McCarthy thinks of himself as a quarterback savant with his quarterback school but other than Brett Favre and Rodgers, who else has graduated with flying colors from said school? And in terms of Rodgers, he is as a very guarded human being. He doesn’t let a lot of people into his circle, let alone his family, and because of that, earning his trust on the football field has become very tough to achieve.

Both guys need to put aside their egos and stop the bickering. It has to end if they want to have a successful product. And maybe Joe Philbin is the answer. Let Rodgers have a taste of the good old times when the Packers scored an average of 28 points a game by letting Philbin be the offensive coordinator again.

The rest of the team needs this pair to work well together. With McCarthy calling the plays, they need to form a cohesive unit for nearly 70 offensive plays a game. The defensive line and linebackers can play amazing, but it won’t matter if the quarterback and coach can’t see eye to eye.

The Packers are at a crossroads right now. McCarthy got a larger voice in the front office and in turn he should allow Rodgers to have a larger voice with in-game decisions.

Rodgers feels like he is the smartest guy in the room and that’s why he feels like he has the hall pass to criticize. But leadership isn’t destroying someone else, it’s recognizing someone else’s faults and offering an answer in private. Airing dirty laundry only highlights a communication breakdown and doesn’t speak to an answer.

McCarthy owes it to the team to chat with Rodgers. Ask him what is bothering him and what he likes. Go ahead and even ask about certain quarterbacking drills or what he’d like to see included in practice in an effort to bridge a line of communication. Because that’s what’s needed here: just some plain old talking. No phones and no media.

Remember, that 1997 Sports Illustrated cover with Brett Favre and Mike Holmgren at Kroll’s West? I don’t see that laughter with McCarthy and Rodgers. It’s gotten too serious. They need to somehow make it fun again. 


Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He recently earned his Masters degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter: @Coryjennerjohn

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The TKstinator's picture

Hmmmm, ok.
But: isn’t the chopped sleeve hoodie guy a defense minded coach? And thus prone to less interaction with that 6th round QB who turned out to be a little better than expected?
Gotta admit, I don’t love Rodgers’ sniping, but I have no doubt they are totally calculated, not just heat of the moment outbursts. So I wonder what responses he gets that we aren’t privy to.

dobber's picture

I didn't know that the Packers were a buddy sit-com a la Jack Klugman and Tony Randall....

flackcatcher's picture

Betcha most of the folks reading this are going huh?....... (great show, the first real buddy comedy 0:)

The TKstinator's picture

That is certainly an Odd Couple of responses to my post.


dobber's picture

True...I don't know how it struck me at that point...

Rossonero's picture

I also remember reading in early January that van Pelt had already told the Packers at the beginning of the season that he wanted to try something new and opted out. Someone needs to explain to Rodgers the full situation.

As for mentioning the so-called "QB School," thank you Cory. What a joke! What QBs has McCarthy produced to turn into trade bait? None! Zero. Zip. Nada. And yet every year we hear about this vaunted development program. Give it a rest, Mike.

marpag1's picture

Hold up, now. Some dude actually just wrote, "other than [Hall of Famers and historically, all-time great QBs] Brett Favre and Rodgers, who else has graduated with flying colors from said school..." and you are you are praising this??

This 'they have an ego problem' crap is pablum... especially given the fact that the entire internet was flooded less than one month ago with sky-is-falling stories about the horrible relationship between Brady, Belichick and Kraft, and how it would surely result in a breakup of the Evil Triumvirate.

Hey, maybe it will. But probably, those stories were just as dumb as this one.

Rossonero's picture

No -- I'm not happy at the lack of QB development, but I am happy for Cory calling it out for what it is: a phony school that is nothing more than an empty shell, teetering on the brink of McCarthy getting canned 11 months from now.

I don't want those things to happen, but rather than hearing this nonsense about the "QB School," I'd rather they produce QBs rather than talk about it. Actions speak louder than words. If they're gonna develop QBs, then do it already. Talk is cheap.

dobber's picture

I think we need to recognize this situation for what it is: a great player who fell into a system or framework that has allowed him to be great. MM still designed the framework, but that doesn't mean it fits every other QB. We'll remember Matt Flynn, also, as a guy who fit in just the right ways to be better than he really was.

Chuck Farley's picture

Wrong, Huntley is ready for div Kia now

JDK52's picture

Winning fixes everything.

These guys will have fun once we're back to eating W's again! Let's not forget this offseason is uncharted territory for AR and MM. Everyboy's a little more angsty than usual.

Chuck Farley's picture

Rogers is embarrassed a qb coach who has a star under him would leave. Maybe said coach sees shoulder issues galore and wants out.. in reality he is saying in on Rogers and going for the big payday as many packers have done lately under tight was ted.

4thand1's picture

Alex Van Pelt must have been the best pre season QB coach. Did he get the blame for not having Hundley ready for real action last season? Nobody has fun when losing and the Packers have some gut wrenching losses over the last few years. After the loss to Atlanta, Capers should have been gone, that's when someone needed a fire side chat.

holmesmd's picture

It was time for Capers to go but using the ATL game as the launch point isn’t fair IMO. They had guys from the stands playing CB due to injury. Lol. They were decimated by injury. The offense crapped the bed in that game. It’s tough to scheme when your defensive players are 3rd & 4th string.

Nick Perry's picture

And yet the strength and conditioning coaches are all still there. Groins, Quads, Hamstrings, or any muscle a player could possibly injure has been when it comes to the Packers the last several years.

dobber's picture

They're very thorough...

EdsLaces's picture

Exactly. People are yelling yelling bqhsa! Best quads hammys shoulders available !

stockholder's picture

QB with the #14 Pick. The reading of the tea leaves must not be ignored.

dobber's picture

It won't happen.

I'll put $5 against your stock on that bet.

Tundraboy's picture

I think Rodgers is frustrated, and still pissed about Cook leaving.

John Kirk's picture

He's upset he doesn't get to SBs and with every decision he believes isn't in line with that end. Hadn't seen this quote from Aaron until today... This comes via the AP:

"It's ridiculous. We've been to one. This is his eighth in 17 years," marveled Rodgers. "It's kind of standard operating procedure around there."

Now, when a poster points out this fact it creates angry reaction. Aaron is eminently aware of our orgs failings. Are you upset with him pointing this out? If so, why be upset when a poster does so. It's an issue Aaron acknowledged by juxtaposing the Packers appearances with the Patriots. He then said it's standard operating procedure around there. Pretty clear he also meant that it's not in Green Bay. You don't think he'd love to play for an org like that?

Aaron wants to be playing in these games but he's stuck in an org that does silly and strange things he doesn't agree with. Aaron is a QB and not a HC or FO member but we all know he's leaps and bounds brighter than his HC and wants to win way more than the FO does. Oh, and to be means SBs not division titles.

marpag1's picture

You're full of it.

The quote you reference is the only section of the story that talks about Brady and the Patriots.... 23 of the story's 784 words. As the author himself makes perfectly clear, Rodgers is MARVELING - see that word? - marveling that any player or organization could be to 8 superbowls in 17 years. He's absolutely NOT expecting that this would or could be standard operating procedure almost anywhere else. There is absolutely nothing in these 23 words which clearly implies that Rodgers thinks GB is "an org that does silly and strange things he doesn't agree with."

Those are your ideas, not the story's.

BTW, when did Tundraboy give even the slightest indication that he was upset? You seem to imagine a lot of things that aren't actually there.

John Kirk's picture

If a criminal was being interrogated regarding a shop lifting crime and spoke for 30 minutes on it and then said... I killed someone...would you give less weight to the 2 seconds and 3 words because it was just a minute portion of what he said? It appears to me you like to dismiss what doesn't fit your agenda. Two days ago Aaron gave an interview to Wingo and Golic that lasted 12 minutes. Are you suggesting that every individual comment has no value because he didn't speak for all 12 minutes on one comment? You don't seem to understand how interviews work.

As to Tundraboy? I never indicated Tundraboy was angry. If you're speaking to Aaron being upset, I think you need to reread what he wrote. I don't get why you would type such a thing.

marpag1's picture

No one is confused because you bury the issue in some nonsensical story about interrogating a criminal. The AP story you quoted does not say what you claim it says.... not in 2 seconds, not in 3 words, not at all. I do not "dismiss what doesn't fit my agenda." I dismiss what is not there.

John Kirk's picture

The quote was cut and pasted from Arnie Stapleton's AP piece. It's there. You seem to have missed where he said we'd only been there once. Of course he's going to marvel at a team that's been there 8 times vs. his one. No coincidence he threw out the 17 years bit, as he hasn't started that many yet. He wants to catch up.

The silly bit comes from a direct quote from Aaron on a wet ball drill he only participated in as a favor to his coaches. How nice he did the coaches a favor. The strange comment comes from an interview he gave two days ago. These words from Rodgers comes from 3 different media encounters.

Do you follow the Packers very closely? You seem to be upset about issues you are creating on your own. Again, Aaron Rodgers is the source of all 3 quotes. I'm not making things up you just don't seem to understand how these are all connected back to 12.

marpag1's picture

Sorry, bro. I don't argue with delusions. Whatever it is that you mean to say about your wet balls and silly bits isn't my concern. Stapleton's article clearly does not say that Rodgers is miffed with GB management. or that he "doesn't agree" with what the FO does, or that he thinks they do "silly and strange things".

Get over it.

John Kirk's picture

I didn't say Arnie's piece did. You're the one who doesn't understand where these quotes came from.

WKUPackFan's picture

@marpag1 - That is John Kirk's typical MO. He makes some outrageous, unsupported conclusion then, when challenged, goes on a lengthy rant about "facts" that don't exist, makes assumptions about the feelings of people he doesn't personally know, and interjects stories that are also not factual about irrelevant issues.

Oh, and he usually throws in a reference to his extensive media experience, as if: 1) That is actually true (we've never been graced with any information about where this media experience was gained); and 2) His alleged media experience gives him psychic powers to know the inner feelings of AR, McCarthy, Murphy, etc.

marpag1's picture

Yeah, I know. There are always a few dim fellows who want to be the "Jehovah's Witnesses" of the message board. They think, "The fact that I am persecuted proves that I have the truth." But sometimes people are persecuted just because they're stupid.

dobber's picture

"They think, "The fact that I am persecuted proves that I have the truth." But sometimes people are persecuted just because they're stupid."

OK...I'm not going to inject myself into this discussion, but I laughed out loud when I read this part because we ALL know people like this in our personal lives.

John Kirk's picture


jh9's picture

Will Aaron Rodgers sign a contract extension or won’t he? That is the question.

I agree with John. I have seen and read too much over the years about Aaron Rodgers frustration with Mike McCarthy and the organization’s inability to field a team strong enough to get to another Super Bowl to believe he will sign an extension.

For a player with his talent, the Packers organization has failed him. For many years I have expressed on this website my belief that 2010 was a fluke. No one knew the talent Rodgers had until he blew Atlanta away in the playoffs that year. It was Rodgers unexpected blossoming during that playoff run that won the Lombardi Trophy. No one expected the Packers to win it all that year, and they did because of Rodgers.

Giddy with unexpected success, the Packers organization felt every year since that the Packers would magically reach the Super Bowl. No one blamed Mike McCarthy and his staff for not having the Packers prepared in 2011 when the Giants destroyed us. Hardly anyone blamed Mike McCarthy and the coaching staff when Colin Kaepernick embarrassed us in 2012 and 2013. And only a few blamed Mike McCarthy in 2014 when the Packers wasted a 16-0 halftime lead and lost to Seattle.

If anyone was minding the Packers store, wholesale changes in the coaching staff should have been made then. Instead, we stumbled through playoff loses in 2015 and 2016 and didn’t even make the playoffs in 2017.

I know many Packers fans think comments like mine and John’s are heresy. But those same fans will be rocking in a corner and sucking their thumb when Aaron Rodgers leaves. They will ask, “How could this happen now?” And the answer is, it happened many years ago.

John Kirk's picture

Great stuff, jh9.

The end line was poignant. It did happen many years ago...

Vision. Without vision the people perish. (and special talents at QB get wasted)

HankScorpio's picture

"For a player with his talent, the Packers organization has failed him."

And he has failed them from time to time, as well. Since he's been a starter, the Packers have lost one playoff game where his QB rating exceeded his career playoff average. In that one loss, if was his OT fumble returned for a TD that provided the losing margin. 3 of the other 6 losses would have been wins had the Packers scored 24 in regulation, one of which would have put the Packers in the SB. While he is far from the biggest reason the Packers have not had more post-season success during his time as the QB, he ain't exactly squeaky clean when it comes to playoff defeats. Even in the SB run you credit to Rodgers exclusively, he was BAD in the NFC CG vs Chicago. If not for a strong defensive effort that day, they lose.

Sure the expectations are high when it comes to Rodgers. He's set those expectations by his play and accepted them as part of the contract that pays him more than anyone else (by far). And while he's certainly not alone in failing to meet expectations in the playoff losses, he's played less than his best football in those legacy-building playoff moments (his words).

jh9's picture

I never said Aaron Rodgers was flawless. No player (no person) is that. What I am saying is that he is the most indispensable player on the team and without him, the Packers are the Browns.

Mark Murphy needed to be more objective and critical of both Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy earlier. Since the Packers don’t have an “owner,” it’s Murphy’s job to be the CEO. A good CEO must always remain vigilant and guard against complacency. I’m contending he didn’t do that.

Another major factor in causing organization complacency is the local media. The Packers have a very compliant press corps. Everyone is afraid to ask tough questions. If the Packers were in a big city, I guarantee Ted Thompson wouldn’t be allowed to hide in his office all season so questions like why he has done such a poor job of drafting defensive players can’t be asked. And at press conferences, Mike McCarthy couldn’t get away with explaining a loss with insipid phrases like “having better pad level” or “we have to play faster.”

Although not without fault, it could be argued that Aaron Rodgers is the most gifted quarterback to play in the NFL. For all the physical gifts like arm strength, accuracy, movement in the pocket and the mental ability to anticipate an open receiver, reading defenses, knowing when the opposing team doesn’t have eleven men or the ability to get a free shot when a defense makes a mistake, no one has done all those things better than him.

He is a generational quarterback. And if the Packers had done a better job of surrounding him with better coaches and players, we would have more Lombardi Trophies in our trophy case now because of him than just one.

HankScorpio's picture

We'll have to agree to disagree on how pathetic the Packers are outside of Rodgers. Since he is on the team, it's just idle speculation anyways.

All I know for sure it that I watched Nick Foles QB the Eagles to a SB win with exactly zero forced punts from his defense. This after torching the "fearsome" Viking defense in the NFC CG. If Foles can do it, surely Rodgers can as well.

Samson's picture

Of course you're right.
I've posted many, many times here & elsewhere how the Pack were all about AR. -- Both TT & MM were being carried by the play of an All-World QB. -- However, the many homers here & elsewhere have never accepted that FACT. --- Season 2017 proved beyond any doubt that both TT & MM were masquerading as professionals. -- TT's finally gone. --- Next step - send MM to the unemployment line.

Coldworld's picture

BB and Brady always get along at least in public? Really? Only a week or so ago we were reading about trainergate.

This is rubbish. They have had numerous squabbles despite a uniquely locked down organizational approach to the media. They are just winning, which papers over the cracks because both know that without each other neither would be anywhere near as likely to prolong their dominance.

kevgk's picture

This is just typical offseason hysteria that I would hope CheeseheadTV authors and commenters would be able to ignore. This is the same looking for fire where there is no smoke that led people here to come up with wild conspiracies like Russ Ball is going to pull the strings with TT in secret, and Mark Murphy is going to become the next Jerry, and Aaron Rodgers is sick of the whole thing and trying to get out. These are such bold implications drawn from a tiny little perspective heavily filtered through the media that tries to hype things up for clicks.
McCarthy and Rodgers have petty squables? Really? Nobody on this site even knows them personally! Rodgers is upset at some conspiracy to evict AVP? Jeez maybe AVP was just being held accountable for hundley's performance! If Rodgers didn't get consulted as were his own words, maybe he didn't know the entire situation? (AVP even said he wanted to pursue other opportunities and got passed up on a coordinator job. Duh he'd want to leave.)
These implications are being drawn from 3 quotes over a 3 year span, one of which didn't even mention MM.
Take what people say for face value and take this facebook level gossip elsewhere.

kevgk's picture

Sorry to rant, but I made an account just for this post. This may be one of the best offseasons in Packers history! MM got fed up with poor coaching and brought in established high quality coordinators! Rodgers was coming off a possible MVP campaign and may finally have a defense! TT finally accepted his future and stepped down! Murphy is finally stepping in and won't let another decade of TT jamming undrafted rookies into Caper's bizarre scheme! We got a new young GM with a high draft position and a ton of picks, who's first public comment was about the FREE AGENCY!
All of this, and how do packers fans respond? Nothing but silly gossip and complaining about Murphy micromanaging, Ball and TT "pulling the strings from the shadows", and Rodgers and MM having "petty squables"! Embarrassing!

dobber's picture

"Sorry to rant, but I made an account just for this post."

Yay! More posters!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I largely agree, Kevg/new poster. Still, it strikes me as odd that since AR is supposedly close to his QB coach, said QB coach never mentioned that he planned to seek other opportunities and/or might not be back by his own choice.

There are some dots out there on other matters, but I don't think there is quite enough there to really connect those dots. AR not knowing that AVP was leaving sounds odd to me, and the explanation less than convincing. In the end I don't care whether AVP left or was fired, and I don't blame the FO for not consulting with AR.

John Kirk's picture

"hysteria"? Welcome to the site as a poster. It's great you unleashed your passion.

I happen to disagree with you. This article took my points and thoughts and weaved them into this piece.

Undoubtedly, talk like this upsets you. Why? What exactly are you saying is gossip? The things detailed in this article are factual. You appear to be downplaying/minimizing these events to mean nothing. That's worse or as bad than overblowing them which I don't think this piece did. It's ironic you're angry over a strong fact/opinion piece yet you felt so upset by it that you felt compelled to offer an equally strong opinion dismissive of the facts.

I wasn't big on Brady Belichick being brought into this but it's pretty obvious Aaron doesn't think much of some things his HC does. There are so many instances.

My interpretation of your line of thinking goes like this...since, we don't know MM or 12, personally, we have no ability to determine how much 12 respects his HC. So, when there's actual evidence he doesn't you dismiss it under we don't know them. Ironic that you don't know them but choose to dismiss evidence that backs an opinion while your opinion offers none and is backed by no evidence. What this smacks of is an agenda based argument. Concluding there's a rift or a lack of respect from 12 is evidence based not agenda based although that's the claim from those with an agenda. It's just fake news or click bait when it doesn't fit the agenda. Follow the evidence. The conclusions here point that way not the way your agenda begs.

56 Packfan's picture

I saw AR get interviewed recently where he read scouting reports on him. One mentioned that Jeff Tedford's QB's never make it big in the NFL (Kyle Boller, etc.). Well, as Vic Ketchman always said, "It's the players, not the plays." So McCarthy "develops" Favre and Rodgers. Part of that is that they can actually play the game. Hundley, Tolzien, etc. can sort of play, but not really well. QB gurus McCarthy and Tedford can get players better. But they cannot make someone who has no talent into a Hall of Famers.

DD's picture

Good points 56packfan. But then why did they keep Hundley that long? Any improvement? Home games with zero points? MM is an anchor on Rodgers!!

kevgk's picture

People give McCarthy way too much heat over the backup qb situation throughout his career. If he is dedicating time developing the undrafted and late draft players, then he has that much less time to prepare the team to play with Rodgers, who we are frankly not winning a super bowl without. That is what the QB coach is for. I'm sure he was a lot more involved with Rodgers specifically because he was the next franchise QB.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Absolutely correct, Kevgk. But I can think less of MM for tolerating bad coaching for much too long and for making bad hires in the first place. Hiring good coaches and firing under-performing coaches is a good-sized part of the duties of a head coach. You give pluses to MM for firing Capers, Slocum and AVP and I give him minuses for taking far too long to fire them, and for hiring them in the first place. AVP was born in Pittsburgh and was the QB for the U of Pittsburgh, and that is fine, but I am tired of seeing the Pittsburgh connection.

Too many posters evaluate MM as if he were an offensive coordinator. If the offense is good, MM is good. But MM is the Head Coach.

worztik's picture

With or without AROD (preferably with) a #14 pick, or higher, won’t be had for a while, hopefully!!! If there’s a highly rated QB available there we should pounce!!! If we’re smart, we’ll trade up and get our next GREAT QB this year, based on initial evaluations of the QBs entering this year’s draft. I am not of the school that says it takes time to “develop” a starting, game changer. I’d take Wentz in a heartbeat... Goff, too!!! If Josh Allen (or?) is there... we have our next QB for a while. If he doesn’t pan out, we may still have time in the next couple of drafts to trade up for another but, this year is the perfect opportunity to “go for it”!!! I’m not moving on from Rodgers... yet!!! BPA is a nice way to go if you have no needs, however, how many teams have NO NEEDS? We need a rush DE or OLB, surely, but we, also, need a #1 CB and a backup QB!!! Drafting a CB or OLB/DE is not necessarily BPA either but, a need!!! So, let’s get a really good QB prospect at #1 this year and draft wisely the entire draft!!! We could do worse and end up with another Justin Harrell... just sayin’... ;-€)

dobber's picture

11 days 'til pitchers and catchers report...just sayin' (retreats to TK-proof bunker)...

worztik's picture

Go Brew Crew!!!!!

dobber's picture

Ball playin' ! ;)

worztik's picture

Dob... what is a TK proof bunker? I know yer disin’ me but, I’d like to know in what way!!! ;-)

dobber's picture

I'm just having fun with that running joke. Only a sidelong poke at you. Seemed like a natural place to put that ("just sayin' ") noting that it brings the TK's out. No offense intended...

worztik's picture

None taken!!! However, as I’m a “rookie” at this... what is TK... I’m really NOT too bright...

dobber's picture


worztik's picture

Team Killer???

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I've no idea. The first time I saw TKstinator's username, it brought to mind my garbage disposal unit. (That is true, but I'm just kidding around!)

worztik's picture

Easy livin’...

worztik's picture

Bear Pokin’...

worztik's picture

Manic feelin’...

cheesehead1's picture

While Aaron can win some games by himself, until we finally return a top Defense to the field we’re not going very far. Injuries are no excuse IMO, every team has them, some more than others. Philly lost their number 1 QB and is in the SB. Defense still wins...Much pressure on Mike Pettine to turn the D around, but I have confidence he can get the job done, time will tell. Go Pack.

DD's picture

Totally agree with you cheesehead1. Haven't been a good defense since 2010. No defense, bad news!!

DD's picture

Problem with Packers still exist, MM. MM should look in the mirror if he can find one big enough. Example: kept six current offensive coaches, released five. MM still calling plays? No schemes, predictable, easy to read by opposing defenses. Think he can watch film, as he always says, and improve on his offensive genius. I suggest he go to Bill Belihicks summer school for coaches.

dobber's picture

And how have the BB protege's fared as head coaches?

dobber's picture

Ooops...failed apostrophe usage 101.

John Kirk's picture

I don't think that means much. Unless Belichick specifically came out and stumped for one of his assistants or coordinators to be a HC, it's no reflection on him. His job is to find guys who help him win not develop HCs for other teams.

MMs tree is Philbin and McAdoo. I don't think much of McCarthy, for many reasons, but the failings of Philbin and McAdoo as HCs isn't one of them.

4thand1's picture

Belicheat would not have won a SB without Tom Brady.

dobber's picture

Who knows? It's all parallel universe history...

dobber's picture

I get your point, sure. It's not a HCs job to train other HCs, it's to win ballgames. Still, we have this expectation that good HCs will naturally breed another generation of good HCs...and it hasn't been true in his case. Perhaps that's been the secret to his success: he finds those guys who are gifted assistants but who aren't going to upset the apple cart, otherwise. He finds very good assistants, though.

Besides, it's not often I get to use the 'sad trombone' sound effect in relation to the Patriots. Maybe I'll get to use it later this evening...

croatpackfan's picture

So, Cory, you suggest that bosses should always ask the subordinates whom they can, and who can not be released or, in this case, let go. No matter how much Aaron Rodgers is important to Packers, he is just a player. He is a top player and will be top-paid.

But it is not up to him to determine who will be his coach, and who does not. If he is not satisfied, let pay him some of his salary to hire a personal trainer for his own satisfaction.

No one is bigger than a team. NOBODY!

GMPB's picture

You know I'm a life long Packer fan and ever since Rogers has been "The QB" he doesn't seem to have any fun out on the field and neither does the team, even when things are going right for them. He need to take the stick outta his arse and loosen up an have some fun!

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