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Cory's Corner: Packers Must Reshape Receiving Corps

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Cory's Corner: Packers Must Reshape Receiving Corps

Ding-dong the witch is dead. The Packers have now missed the playoffs in back-to-back seasons for the first time since 2005-2006. Those two seasons are interesting because that was Mike Sherman’s final season as head coach and Mike McCarthy’s first season. 

What looked like a crown jewel back in July has quickly turned into a sparkling heap of garbage. Aaron Rodgers, still hailed by many as the best passer in the game, tallied his fourth game under a 60 percent completion rate this season. That’s the most since 2015 when he racked up six.

Many also still think that Rodgers is invincible. He looked atrocious at Soldier Field as the Bears put the Packers’ flimsy season to rest with a 24-17 win. Rodgers was 5-for-10 on third down on Sunday but absorbed two sacks on third down as well. 

Rodgers, who has been known for his precision, couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. Whether it was 10 yards past a receiver on a deep ball or at the feet of a receiver short, Rodgers cannot dial it in right now. 

Rodgers claims that it’s the “details” as the reason why he cannot get on the same page with his wideouts. Yet Rodgers has the courage to campaign for his buddy Randall Cobb. 

“When Randall is healthy, I think our offense has been different,” said Rodgers in his 2018 postgame mumble. “Because we have a true slot guy that can make plays in the slot consistently. Having a slot guy like that guy who can legitimately get open time after time, he’s what we need.”

Just stop Aaron. You gave up those unalienable rights when you signed a contract worth an average of $33.5 million a year. If you didn’t sign that contract, maybe the Packers would be more inclined to listen to you, because they would still be courting you.

Well, after a dreadful season, the Packers definitely aren’t going to listen. And why should they? Cobb is now in concussion protocol and has been the offensive version of Nick Perry. And we all know how Perry’s extension is treating the Packers. Cobb hasn’t started a full 16 games since 2015 and his best asset is being a safety valve to Rodgers when things go sideways. 

The Packers offense must do two things: 1. Bolster the offensive line and 2. Reshape the receiving corps. Green Bay has some interesting rookie wideouts, but a veteran is needed to stabilize the offense and keep Rodgers engaged. And the one guy that could make a big splash is restricted free agent Josh Gordon. 

New England took a chance on the troubled receiver and Gordon now has over 700 receiving yards. 

I don’t think Rodgers is washed up or done by any means. However, I don’t think Rodgers can be Superman nearly as often and being sacked over 400 times in a career has an affect. Rodgers cannot keep holding on to the ball and taking sacks or else his career is going to end a whole lot shorter. 

Rodgers still thinks that he is above managing a game and throwing the ball underneath to the open man — even when that man can move the sticks. This is the dilemma for Green Bay’s next head coach. He cannot continue to allow this or else the Packers will continue to spin their wheels.

The Packers tried to give Rodgers talent at pass catcher with Jimmy Graham in the offseason. It’s time to take another swing with Gordon. 


Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He recently earned his Masters degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter: @Coryjennerjohn

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The TKstinator's picture

Is Josh G known as a great route runner? A fastidious student of the game? If not, I cannot imagine him being successful with 12 in GB.

I likewise cannot BELIEVE that a good, productive slot receiver is that difficult to find (or replace). Under 6 feet tall, no need for blazing 40 time, shifty, good hands, can instinctively and decisively make the right breaks according to how the D plays him?

Tell me that the pass happy colleges don’t put out a gazillion guys like that every year. And they don’t command $10 million dollar contracts, either.

dobber's picture

"Under 6 feet tall, no need for blazing 40 time, shifty, good hands, can instinctively and decisively make the right breaks according to how the D plays him?"

If you switch that last part to "can instinctively and decisively pick the non-jelly-filled donuts from the rack at Meijer", I'm waiting for a call.

Bearmeat's picture

What do you have against Jelly-filled donuts? I mean, I disagree, but that's ok.

Now, if you slam Bavarian Cream filled donuts??

You're dead to me, Fredo.

dobber's picture

What if I just take the cannoli?

Bearmeat's picture

Take my cannoli and you'll be swimming with the fishes. Don't you see that I'm making you an offer you can't refuse?

ricky's picture

Its "sleeps with the fishes", actually. Its an old Sicilian message. And hopefully you'll know this is business, not personal.

The TKstinator's picture

As long as you leave the guns, you can take the cannoli.

Johnblood27's picture

It was the eclair all along...

The TKstinator's picture

Northwestern WI gets a mention!!

Gort's picture

Oh, Claire?

Nick Perry's picture

"Green Bay has some interesting rookie wideouts, but a veteran is needed to stabilize the offense and keep Rodgers engaged."

I think this is 100% on the money. The Packers have Davante Adams and.....

Now MVS and St. Brown might very well turn into good or even great WR's. BUT the Packers NEED help NOW at the position and with the right OC or HC I believe this offense could be great again with the right offensive mind. I like Josh Gordon, always have BUT is he a good fit in GB. If McDaniel was hired and didn't want Gordon to follow I'd think that's pretty telling. I haven't really looked at available FA yet. Hopefully there's enough out there who can help the Packers.

The Packers MUST fix the O-Line. Cory's right, Rodgers can't continue to take this kind of beating. Obviously some sacks are solely on Rodgers because he holds the ball forever, but the right side of the O-Line must be fixed.

They also have to make the next hire the right hire. They can't screw this up. The "Power Structure" in GB has me concerned a bit. Will a Josh McDaniels or another of the "Top" canadates take the Packers HC job with more than more cook in the kitchen? I keep hearing that's actually working against GB but I guess we'll know soon enough.

My first choice is McDaniel. I think he would have the respect of Rodgers walking in the door. Same with Vic Fangio or John Harbough. I'd love to see either of them in GB but ONLY with an offensive mind like Kingsbury. I know he just signed at USC but would or does he want to coach in the NFL? If not then someone along those same lines WITH a Fangio or Harbough might be perfect.


Lare's picture

I agree NP. First and foremost the Packers have to fix the OL. If you're going to invest that much money on a QB its silly to ignore the OL. The Packers came into this season hoping that Taylor, McCray and Bulaga could hold up and learned that they can't. While they may be good backups, they certainly aren't starters that can be relied on.

I also agree that they need at least one more reliable veteran pass catcher. I think they hoped that Graham, Cobb & Allison would stay healthy and be productive but that wasn't the case. It'll also help if the next HC/OC develops an offensive scheme that doesn't rely 98% on WR's making adjustments during the play based on what the DB's do. That type of scheme is terribly hard for rookies to be effective in.

As to the next HC, I just hope it is someone with a good football mind and the respect of the locker room. To me it's more important that they're able to identify good coordinators, assistant coaches and strength/conditioning staff than it is that they are either offensive or defensive minded.

dobber's picture

I regret that I have but one like to give to this comment.

sonomaca's picture

Rodgers loves Allison, and MVS/EQ won’t be rookies next year, which means Rodgers might actually target them. So, with Devante that’s four. Add in Kumerow, and sign or draft a slot, and sign Jordy Nelson if he’s cut.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I wonder what Taylors offseason was like because he's regressed a lot. I was very happy with his play and then about a year after he gets his extension he plays poorly.

Bearmeat's picture

We were all saying the same thing about Linsley after 2016. I'd leave Taylor be. He'll get it back I'd guess. Sometimes, down years happen.

flackcatcher's picture

With a couple of exceptions this entire unit was ravaged by injury, so much so that they only had three OL healthy to begin this season. IAMGUTE had a hard choice to make, either spend draft choices or FA pickup on the OL or DB group. It was one or the other, he could not spend what little Cap space he had on both. He choose the DB unit, and hoped the OL could get though this year. A hard choice, but in my view the right one,

chugwater's picture

If they were all young, I’d say yes let’s get a veteran. But Adams is more than enough to be the role model they need and share with them the tricks of the trade.

Gordon has been good for half a year on a team that specializes in salvaging wayward players. Expecting that magic to happen in GB is risky.

Focus on the O line.

marpag1's picture

"My first choice is McDaniel. I think he would have the respect of Rodgers walking in the door."

Personally, I wonder if he would have the respect of ANYONE when he walks in the door, and this is mostly because of the convenient way he walked OUT the door at Indy when he pulled the ol' switcheroo and made the organization look like donkeys. Yes, teams would hire Stalin or Genghis Khan if they thought he had a recipe for championships, and there's no doubt in my mind that someone will give McDaniel a shot. But I'm guessing that EVERY organization and even a lot of players will remember the Indy fiasco, and McD is going to have to earn a lot of his respect from scratch.

Razer's picture

...Personally, I wonder if he would have the respect of ANYONE when he walks in the door, and this is mostly because of the convenient way he walked OUT the door at Indy...

I'll add the mess that he left in Denver on his first go around. He has reached his level of competence as OC with the Pats and Brady. He would send this franchise into the deep freeze sooner than the current window.

BeyKlaw's picture

"My first choice is McDaniel."

No, no no!

- 11-17 record as head coach with Denver. Fired in second season of 4 year contract.
- 2-14 record as offensive coordinator with St. Louis. Let go after 1 season.
- Backed out of Indy job on day of announcement (even after hiring staff) to stay with New England.
- His long-term agent terminated his representation of him
- Hired the same videographer twice (in New England and Denver) who was caught taping opponents' practices for both teams.
- Reputation of being a less-then-standup individual by former players and associates

Doesn't sound like Packer people to me.

Bearmeat's picture


I usually agree with you, but in this case, I couldn't disagree more. I think 2019 is when we can expect our young WRs to blossom. There's lots of promise and athletic ability. And we've seen them succeed more than just occasionally in an offensive system that is at least 5 years outdated. No. I don't want to spend any/little cap $$ on WR this year. I want the WRs to look like this: Davante, EQ, MVS, GMo, Kumerow, Moore.

My wish list in order:

2. FS (Jackson and Tramon?)
3. SS (other Jackson and mid-tier FA?)
4. RT (Spriggs/JAG Free Agent and mid-round pick?)
5. TE (High pick)
6. RG (Madison and draft pick?)
7. A real returner (not Davis)

Then depth. Everywhere, depth. With a more young player friendly offensive system, those 7 transactions - and they wouldn't necessarily have to be those exact moves of course - would go a LONG way to fixing this roster.

And I have less than zero interest in McDaniels, who was awful in Denver, bailed on Indy, is from the BB coaching tree (yuck), and is a general AHole.

My coaching wish list: Fitzgerald, Harbaugh (John), Reilley... Kingsbury at OC. And Pettine gets to stay and completely form his own staff.

dobber's picture

I still think it's optimistic to expect more than one of ESB, MVS or Moore to become quality NFL players. The law of averages is against it...not that the Packers can't catch lightning in a barrel with them. If one turns into a quality NFL starter and another becomes a contributor, that's doing pretty well. I think it's far more likely that one or two turns into role players who we think of as players that can be improved on.

Bearmeat's picture

Right. But if we get a TE and with Jones, 1 solid contributor and 1 role player out of that group will be enough. Let's not forget that GMO was doing really well until he got hurt.

4zone's picture

I'd take KC's OC before NE's.

dobber's picture

Bienemy is only in his first year calling the plays there. I think he's been a position coach for a while, though. I don't know how much stock to put in his performance, yet. He might be in a situation where following Nagy's blueprint makes it nearly impossible to fail.

Big Moe's picture

Face it, until his mental game returns to form, ARod is nowhere near GOAT, this season was an absolute joke, unfortunately....So two first round picks?

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

The one thing that I have liked most about our new GM is that he hasn't been afraid to clean house. I hope it continues. I don't want to see Cobb back on a veterans minimum deal, that ship has sailed. Draft a TE high, sign a mid level number 2 wide receiver, play MVS as a 3 and I think things would be better in a hurry.

The one thing that makes me nervous about our new GM is he left a lot of positions pretty bare this year,Oline included. Byron Bell was awful, Bell/McCray and Spriggs is a recipe for disaster. I like to use my Lane Taylor metric to judge the Oline, if he's the number 5 lineman on the field were doing OK. If he's not, we're not doing to hot. He's been the 3rd best lineman for most of the year, that's not going to work.

The only way Bulaga can return is if a high pick is going to be used on his replacement, and that player is drafted to play right tackle, no swing tackle or backup guard or any other position. The lack of depth needs to be addressed with multiple picks or FAs. And that would have to be at a reduced rate. Once he goes down, the rookie stays in and that's it. I like the guy, hes the anti Nick Perry and will duct tape himself together to play. But duct tape doesn't fix everything.

CheesyTex's picture


Packers had reasonably good pass protection during McC years WHEN HEALTHY, but never a strong running game -- only complementary to the passing game. Just unable to convert on third and short with a power run.

Now the line is in shambles. It was strikingly clear in the Bears game watching #12 harassed and pounded while Trubisky stayed clean with time to pick his targets.

Rebuilding OL is a must. In my opinion that starts with moving away from McC's "athletic" O lineman profile and more in the direction of road grader/mauler profile.

The TKstinator's picture

If duct tape and WD-40 can’t fix it, call a pro. That’s my metric for home repairs.

dobber's picture

Some said that Jenny's a pro. That's why her number was on the wall.

badaxed's picture

Great for taking Chrome off a hub cap. LOL

Gort's picture

How do I get in touch with her?

Donster's picture

There is one hell of a lot to fix on this team. I agree offensive line, a seasoned veteran at WR, a seasoned TE that isn't 30+ years old. Still without outside pass rushers, so no pressure on QB's, so the back end, though improved, can't be expected to cover indefinitely.

Dump Cobb, just because he can't stay healthy. I know he does have a chemistry with Rodgers, but if he is not on the field, what good does it do? Maybe Kumerow can fill the slot position.

At least two high quality offensive linemen. But that is going to be tough to achieve. Especially at the tackle position. One vet and one high draft pick will suffice. They have to move on from Spriggs.

They need to bring in an experience RB. Jones is good, but they were saving him for later in the season and he got injured AGAIN. So that to me proves he can't be an every down guy who can last an entire season. He brings a lot to the table, but another threat like him along with Williams will help.

Say buh bye to Nick Perry. Enough is enough. TT screwed the pooch by giving him the big contract after one good season out of four. Guy can't stay on the field, and then isn't worth his salary.

CMIII needs to go, or sign him for cheap and put him inside. He can't get to the QB anymore, and or put pressure on him. Age has caught up to him. The speed is no longer there.

They have a good d-line. That is a positive going into next season. But year after year we can't get to the QB. Or at least flush him out of the pocket consistently. Gute must address this! Make it one of the two priorities. That and o-line. If the o-line can hold up, and Rodgers doesn't have to take off all the time, that alone will help Rodgers cure his ills.

And the biggie, the new head coach and his staff. One that can force Rodgers to play the way they coach him. He says he wants to be coached. But I think he says that because that is what people want to hear. A tough HC along with a good QB coach would be a big step in the right direction to fix his bad habits.

dobber's picture

I disagree with your last paragraph. I don't think they want an HC (or OC if a defensive HC is chosen) that will bend ARod to his will. I suspect we've already seen how that works. I think they need a kindred spirit who builds synergy with of those new-agey partnerships that we keep hearing about. They don't need to crush his ego or challenge it. They need to challenge HIM and find a way to do it within the construct of the team.

Rebecca's picture

I like the way you think. A knew head coach young enough to be current but mature enough to command respect.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I don't know if honest and frank conversation and treating the player coach relationship as a partnership is "new agey". I think Rodgers needs someone who is flexible, honest but tough enough to hold him to it. Mac was honest but horribly rigid. Some Tom Coughlin style coach is unlikely to get a better result from Rodgers IMO.

dobber's picture

I think if they bring in a fresh new HC (or OC), and the opportunity is there to actually help build the offense rather than just install it, that might be just what it takes to snap #12 out of it.

badaxed's picture

Why not make Rodgers the head coach. He is going to do what he wants anyway. That is unless a "figurehead" head coach is hired who bends the ole knee joint to his highness.
Look for Rodgers to eventually be put in a sack from holding the ball to long. His footwork is atrocious. He bypasses the easy first down for the "Bomb". I do not see him changing unless the packers "DO" get a head coach that will reign Rodgers in or sit his prima dona rear end on the bench.'s picture

They will never live down the Taysom Hill miscalculation or the Khalil Mack miss. Difference makers are EVERYTHING's picture

And I must add DeronJames and Leighton Vander esch It is all on the GM

Colin_C's picture

I know, right? We should have drafted Alexander, James, AND Vander Esch last year. Gute really botched that one. And don't even get me started on not retaining a 3rd string QB/special teams player. Sheesh...

CheesyTex's picture

Re offensive line fix: At what point does Campen become accountable?

Razer's picture

I agree that our Oline is not good but I doubt that any respectable coach could fashion a quality line out of the leftovers given to James Campen. These are low round and UDFA's that make up the line. When Byron Bell is your best option at RG then you know the cupboard is bare. Linsley and Bakhtiari are the only guys worth mentioning and they were 4th and 5th rounders.

dobber's picture

I think the entire offensive coaching staff will be given pink slips, but if there's one assistant who might be retained, it would be Campen.

Al: you're an OL junkie. What do you think?

Gort's picture

UFDA is a good description of the O-line.

RCPackerFan's picture

I still think there is something wrong with Rodgers. Like an undisclosed injury or something. He has missed so many throws this year. I'd just like to know why.

Some of it is inexperience where the Receiver is running the route wrong. But Rodgers still is missing wide open WR's. These are throws he rarely missed before.

While they can go out and get a veteran WR, I think the greatest impact will be felt from the trio of rookies. Going into their 2nd year they should be much improved. While they may not be perfect, they should be improved which should help Rodgers.

Also a new scheme should help. Something that has more misdirection. We see other teams have receivers wide open making easy throws for QB's. A scheme that does that for GB will be big!

Lare's picture

Don't underestimate the affect a good offensive scheme can have on a QB. When asked about what Aaron Rodgers could do in the NE offensive scheme, Tom Brady said "He'd throw for 7,000 yards every year."

RCPackerFan's picture

Exactly right.

Doing more misdirection and creating new looks will be really good for the offense.
Also simply taking what defenses give them would be a huge bonus.

I'd love to know how many dump offs Rodgers had available where he threw the ball away or took a sack on.

Bert's picture

Given the same system and same receivers that Brady has worked with, AR would either throw for 7,000 yards "every year" or be whining about his receivers being crap 'every year".

dobber's picture

"Also a new scheme should help. Something that has more misdirection. We see other teams have receivers wide open making easy throws for QB's. A scheme that does that for GB will be big!"

Frankly, a new scheme--one that he hasn't played in for his entire pro career--might be exactly what he needs and will force him to go back to the fine details. It will challenge him and the mental aspects of his game to get the terminology, the sets, the reads, the audibles, all those things down and right. It might show him that he has something to learn, yet.

RCPackerFan's picture

I do agree that a new scheme could be what he needs. He needs to be challenged.

Also perhaps the new coach will put an emphasis on using the RB's as an actual option for a receiver. I'm not saying they have to be used as the top target but look at how New England, Carolina, New Orleans, Chicago and many other teams use their RB's in the passing game. They are actual weapons.

Aaron Jones has that ability. Hell Ty Montgomery was made for that but they refused to use him that way. Williams is really good catching the ball. If they were to retain Cobb he could be used in special ways.

nostradanus's picture

Slot men are a dime a dozen, however if Cobb were to take a major pay cut I could see them bringing him on a team friendly, incentive laden contract. There is talent on this team but the Pack is two years away from contending (if the re-build goes well and they get the right coach)

The Packers are in prime position with some of the long term vets to re-structure their deals to team friendly contracts or show them the door. This way the Packers can save face and show that they are still wanted but only at the right price. This will send the right message, thank you for your service but this is a performance based business!

O. Line - draft two, re-structure Bulaga to team friendly deal, build a wall around #12

RB - Jones is too fragile to be a workhorse - draft a mid-round RB

TE - Graham for one more year - get a TE high in draft

WR - Draft a slot/return guy with lightning in his feet, resign Cobb cheap

OLB - Take the best edge guy possible #1, resign Mathews cheap, cut Perry

ILB - Need one who can run like the wind, mid-round in draft

DL - Re-sign Mo Wilkerson to a bargain deal or draft one. As this year showed, you need the Phat-boyz in the D line.

CB - Re-sign Breeland, re-structure Tramon to team friendly deal

Safety - Take a ballhawk high 2-3 round, sign a veteran, a good veteran Safety can be had for a reasonable price in todays NFL.

Kicker - Re-structure Crosby to a team friendly deal, bring in a young camp kicker to compete.

Sign an innovative and offensive minded coach who is willing to keep Pettine on as DC and lay down the law with #12

That is all...

Razer's picture

Nostradanus - you are on fire. All great recommendations, including the often overlooked RB depth.

As for our new head coach, I do not want us fishing for a hotshot offensive guy. I want a strong HC who will pick and manage his coaches. Enough of the HC who is buried in the playcalling sheet while the rest of the team is a mistake riddled calamity. Give me a Tom Couglin style of coach any day.

nostradanus's picture

Thank you Razor, good points indeed!

Packer Fan's picture

I agree. You are as good as predicting as your name! There still is talent on this team to keep and you highlighted the right ones. And you identified the right free agents to get. Great job of laying out the needs. Hope BG reads your post.

JimR_in_SoCal's picture

Nice list, Dan. If a QB the Packers really like is there when we pick on day 1 or 2, I’d be fine with Gute making the pick.

flackcatcher's picture

Not much to add here other this rebuild will be a two year project minimum. Even with a great draft and FA pickups, this still will be a team with little depth and some holes in core player positions. The Packers have shown that they can play at a playoff level if they are healthy under McCarthy. Player development is critical. Health is a crap shoot in professional football, so teams, as we see this year have to be lucky to avoid the 'injury god'. As the rest, it all depends on GM Gute evaluation of the talent of this years team. No pressure there......

Christopher Gennaro's picture

Agree with everything, well stated. Just think at safety we may just have in Jackson. People keep saying keep him at cb, but he has an eye for the ball, let him roam at fs and see what happens.

Gort's picture

I agree with the list, but that is a tall order and not easily done in a single draft. Long term effective drafting is the key. Yeah, I know TT is gone, but it is going to take a while for the Packers to restock the talent. It is not just lack of talented starters the backups we have are simply aweful. The Packers depth is in the kiddie pool.

HankScorpio's picture

Years and years of concentrating on fixing the defense have left the Packers offense a shell of its former self. This up coming off season must be one where they pay more attention to offense than defense.

I'd like to see at least 3 vets brought in and 3 of the 4 day 1-2 picks on offense, including a big swing at fixing their OL.

jww061356's picture

Hire Vic Fangio and bring back Alex Van Pelt as OC.

dobber's picture

I hear Linus van Pelt is available. He might be just as good.

packerbackerjim's picture

And Lucy can hold for Crosby!

dobber's picture


JimR_in_SoCal's picture

And what if Aaron drops Danica for Lucy? Will his game improve or go further off the rails? ;^)

Razer's picture

I like Vic Fangio but I don't see what he brings beyond our very own Mike Pettine. Give our current DC the talent that Chicago has on defense and people would have been screaming for him to replace MM. The Packers don't need to fish in the NFC North pond for the next guy.

HankScorpio's picture

Vic Fangio makes my "Do NOT interview" list.

stockholder's picture

Rodgers problem is upstairs. It's holding onto the ball to long. It's worry no one has his back. It's worry no one can catch the ball. Every QB has to deal with drops. But a veteran like Cobb has run out of excuses. A veteran like Allison is to slow. MVs looks like he can't stay on his feet. Graham has had his share of problems. Rodgers must get these Wrs believing in him. It starts by feeding the guy the ball. He made Adams forget his drops. He must work with the Rookies. He's thrown them under the bus. The rookies have what this team needs. Gordon isn't going to be any different then Cobb. Gute had his chance last yer to sign veterans. He choose to draft. It's time Arron chooses another rookie or two, to make them a favorite target.

zoellner25's picture

Aaron, STFU and throw a completed pass already

mrtundra's picture

Everything begins with the O Line. We need to fix the right side of our O Line, now! We need an OLB, a TE, and a QB. We need to go into FA for a Safety, or two, who wants to play the position. I like where our WRs stand now. Cobb will be gone, most likely, and MVS or ESB can fill his spot, nicely. We need to find ARod's replacement soon. I don't think Kizer nor Boyle are it.

Lphill's picture

yes Rodgers has missed throws while running for his life with a makeshift O line and rookie receivers on the field, why didn't Gute bring in any receiver help , why was Jared Cook not retained, so many bad moves to mention plus how great would TJ Watt have been for the Packers , but everyone wants to blame Rodgers , I guess Rodgers let Micha Hyde and Casey Hayward walk and maybe Cullen Jenkins too , but its all Rodgers fault.

LambeauPlain's picture

For all the accolades Campen has been given the last few years, I would have to say his brand has been badly tarnished the last two years. And it probably is not due to him.

MM made him "Run Game Coordinator" this year...and the run game was one of the flickering bright spots on the O.

But MM rarely used it. Philbin has, and should continue because the O line is much better at run vs pass blocking. In pass pro, the Packers are terrible...especially at the G positions.

Did anyone believe after the preseason, that the O line group kept on the 53 was top shelf? Bahkt and Linsley are outstanding. But everyone knew Bulaga is injury prone and about done. Who did Gute keep as backups at T? A 2nd round bust and journeymen.

Murphy put MM on his Triumvirate....did Gute not know MM was going all pass pass pass this year? Or was MM telling Murphy's Politburo he was going to run as much as he passed this year? Because Gute kept an awful group of pass protectors for his line. Guys who sucked in the preseason in pass pro made the 53!

At G...all journeymen. I mean sign #12 to a blockbuster deal and surround him with only 2 dependable blockers?

I like Gute on the whole, but his decisions on the O line looked bad in August...and it looks terrible now.

He has A LOT of work to do. Maybe MM mislead him and Murphy...but he choose wrong and I believe the O line is a major reason for another wrecked season.

Some say the WR group needs rebuilding. The O line needs it so much more. It is a MESS.

Lare's picture

Since 2010, the offensive linemen drafted by the Packers have been;

2010- Bulaga (1) & Newhouse (5)

2011- Sherrod (1) & Schlauderaff (6)

2012- Datko (7)

2013- Bakhtiari (4) & Tretter (4)

2014- Linsley (5)

2015- None

2016- Spriggs (2)

2017- Amichia (6)

2018- Madison (5)

The Packers did get a few decent OL from those drafts, but there are also a few whiffs. Every draft we see multiple teams target OL in the 1st & 2nd rounds, I think that's a good strategy for the Packers in 2019. It'll also help to get a new OL coach in, Campen is here because he was a McCarthy crony.

flackcatcher's picture

The current management structure is a mess. Fans were warned early on by Bob Harlan, and sad to say, his prediction has been born out this season. What to do. Well, the executive committee (the 40 odd members) is the real power in Packerland, and they will have to act before the draft in order to clear up the 'silos'. Remember, Murphy is done as Packer president as his contract ends in early 2019. Gute's contract ends in 2020, so there is more at stake than just picking the next head coach. While there is much on the field work to be done, the executive committee should move quickly after the season ends and either endorse their choice of Gute as GM, or move on and let the new Packer president make the selections of GM and HC to move the rebuild forward.

Packers0808's picture

I think Campen has earned a shot of head coach if the Packers go internally. He has done a lot with line well over the years! And he is offensive minded. Did you see where Mike Daniels after the lost to Chicago said " I just threw up"?

Razer's picture

Campen - a name that I hadn't considered before for head coach but well worth the look. He has done a great job of cobbling together O-lines for over a decade with only one player above the 3rd round. Considering what he has done with the table scraps thrown by TT, he should be able to get the talent on this team to the Super Bowl by next season.

4zone's picture

We are so talent and experience depleted it's gonna take two years to get back to the top again.

4zone's picture

We need RG, RT, TE, WR, OLB, FS, SS, RB. and a viable backup at LT. No way we get everything we need in one off season.

Lare's picture

Don't forget kicker, Crosby lost a few games for the Packers this season.

JohnnyLogan's picture

Everyone seems to be dancing around the issue of Gute. Yes, TT left him lots of holes, but one full season in I don't see he's made this team much better. His draft, at least as far as this year, aside from everyone all gaga over the fact he landed a 1st rounder, was weak. Alexander and a 1st, good. I'd still have preferred Derwin James who will likely be Rookie of the Year. After that, Jackson? who knows?... Burks? may turn out but helped not at all this year. The 3 receivers, a dime a dozen, plenty of rookie WR's around the league who were better. Gute did dive into FA but it was mostly fail. Aside from Breeland he didn't do much to improve the team as it struggled. He could have had Gordon for a 5th and let him go to NE. Gordon might have made a difference, he's a legitimate NFL receiver -- our rookies aren't yet. And most egregious, and I keep harping on this, he let Mack go to the Bears when he could have Trumped their offer by tossing in a 3rd rounder. Mack has made a huge difference for the Bears, the biggest reason they won the division. This nonsense that the Raiders preferred the Bears two first rounders doesn't take into account that they also gave up a 3rd -- but got back a 2nd. We could have had Mack by adding the 3rd and not taking back the 2nd. The salary was obviously not an issue or he wouldn't have offered the two 1sts. Players like Mack rarely become available -- an All-Pro, young, in his prime, monster at our position of greatest need, and Gute let him go to our biggest rival. Huge huge error. The new power structure of the Pack may have been to blame, he may have wanted to up the offer and McCarthy and Murphy said no. Who knows? Our offense stinks and our D is only partially saved by a decent DC. Gute may not be as much to blame as McCarthy, Murphy, TT, or Rodgers... but he's in the picture.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Excellent comments JohnnyLogan. One of the best I read on here. Can't say I disagree with much of what you said. People love Gutey because people love to spend other people's money. Gutey has been a man of action but as you pointed out, the results so far leave much to be desired. If Gutey and Murphy f up the next head coach hire, have a bad to average draft, overspend on more useless free agents like Graham and the worst of all.... If Aaron Rodgers continues his downward spiral, we could be in the NFC North cellar for years. YEARS!! Do I have faith they'll get all this right in the next couple months? No effin way. I suggest everyone put on their Packer hard hats, grab an ice cold Schlitz or PBR, light up a cigarette and get ready for lots of losing and heartache.

jimtalkbox's picture

I think the OL is a bigger concern than the WR's. Considering that Minnesota (twice) and Chicago (twice) make up a quarter of our season, we HAVE to fix the right side of the OL. NOW.

At WR, I think the developmental depth is probably fine but we really have to consider adding someone to be a true #2 receiver to complement Davante. Maybe MVS, ESB or Kumerow develops into that guy? The thing is this doesn't happen overnight.

I'd really like to see the next HC or OC really play to the receiving core's strengths in 2019.

Bert's picture

I really don't want to see Cobb back. It makes no sense to complain about injuries year-after-year then bring guys back who are injured year-after-year. My advice to Gute: Don't eat up roster spots with guys who are annually missing multiple games with injuries.

Lare's picture

"Don't eat up roster spots with guys who are annually missing multiple games with injuries."

Not to mention huge amounts of salary cap dollars.

flackcatcher's picture

Accountability and availability. Too many core players on the sideline cripples what coaches can due. Single biggest problem for the Packers. ( even overshadows QB1 problems)

AgrippaLII's picture

You want to improve the offense then it's got to start with the Offensive Line. Draft some big guys with a nasty streak. Don't wait until the last three rounds to do it!

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