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Cory's Corner: Packers Must Get Better At OL

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Cory's Corner: Packers Must Get Better At OL

There’s one thing aside from Jake Kumerow that hangs over this team. 

And on Thursday we all got to see it.

The Packers offensive line didn’t do much to make people forget about last year’s season-ending injury to Aaron Rodgers.

And speaking of Rodgers, he had five dropbacks and was under pressure twice. The offensive line allowed 14 hurries and two sacks. What’s concerning is three hurries were Kyle Murphy’s fault and one was Corey Linsley’s responsibility.

Offensive line consistency has been an issue for the Packers for awhile now. I find that odd because this will be Rodgers’ 11thseason as a starter and the only person that he has felt truly confident in has been left tackle David Bakhtiari. 

Which begs the question, will this season be more of the same? How many hits can Rodgers take before he suffers another collarbone or concussion injury? The Packers found out how vital Rodgers is to Green Bay’s success last year and they are still content in protecting Rodgers with duct tape and Elmer’s glue.

And Bakhtiari already suffered an ankle sprain on Family Night of all things. The narrative about the 2018 Packers offense has been how Davante Adams and Jimmy Graham are going to make it fun as they fly up and down the field.

But none of that is going to matter if Rodgers is continually taken off his spot. I realize that Rodgers does very well when he’s throwing on the run, but he shouldn’t have to do it nearly half the time.

Bryan Bulaga’s right knee “feels great” after recovering quickly from an ACL tear last year but even though he is coming back only 10 months after tearing his knee, he has had multiple knee injuries in his career. Bulaga missed all of 2013 after tearing his ACL in the preseason.

Bakhtiari and Bulaga are the bookend offensive linemen that are not only supposed to lead this group, but they are supposed to block the best passer in the game.

The Packers knew that they were stretched pretty thin at offensive line, yet they waited until the fifth round to draft an offensive lineman. Yet, Cole Madison still hasn’t shown up to camp for personal reasons.

The Packers have too many guys at offensive line and not enough difference makers. Guys like Justin McCray, Lucas Patrick, Jason Spriggs and Byron Bell. The guy that was drafted highest from that group was Spriggs and he doesn’t look like he can or should make this team.

I realize that offensive line isn’t a glamorous or sexy position but the equation changes when you have to protect a guy like Rodgers. Maybe Marcedes Lewis will be asked to use his punishing blocking ability to help out whenever he can. If the Packers do that, they will be running a lot of two tight end sets because Graham is going to be on the field plenty.

Rodgers turns 35 this season and he’s in the process of another contract negotiation. Yet, Green Bay hasn’t insured its top investment. Instead of talking about opt-out clauses and a percent of the salary cap, Rodgers needs to address firming up his offensive line.



Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He is also nearing completion of a master's degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter @Coryjennerjohn

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Cubbygold's picture

Evans is still available and he was respectable last season. I'd feel a lot better with a veteran backup

davy jones's picture

Agreed that veteran depth is necessary, but OT seems a bigger issue to me than guard. It seems a given that Bulaga will miss time at some point. NFLTR lists the 50 best FA's still available and of the 50, 2 --yes 2--are OL and both guards. Richie Incognito is #10 on the list--and he's an asshole. Not to mention he's 35. #11 on list is Alex Boone who's only slightly younger than Incognito. There is not 1 OT on the list. We have to hope for someone to get cut who is an uptick over Spriggs and Murphy. Signing a Vet G probably means Pankey or Patrick lose out on a roster spot. Signing a T means only that Spriggs might get displaced which I think we could all live with.

Nick Perry's picture

I'm actually watching the game now but Cory was dead on about the first series Rodgers was on the field. The first thing I noticed about that series was the O-Line was anything but stout with their protection. I know "Quality" big men don't grow on trees but the Packers definitely need to try and get a OT during cuts for depth.

Murphy isn't a LT. He is probably best as a guard or RT in a pinch. The same thing is true for Bell except he's ONLY a guard. Spriggs should be the back-up LT as crazy as that might sound but he does have much better feet than Murphy.

There's still much to do for Gutekunst. I love what he's done so far but the difference for the Packers might be what he does the next 2 or 3 weeks.

Coldworld's picture

They are testing players out. It is preseason after all. One thing I thought I saw is that Spriggs did better on the left and Murphy on the right. I am not too worried at guard. We have depth there. Bell is a guard not a tackle and is a vet.

There are few tackles of note out there at this point and even less left tackles. Evans faded down the stretch. Hopefully we will see some of the young linemen develop at guard over the next couple of games as the team starts to be more consistent in where they line up. These players should get a lot of playing time.

My worry is not OL assuming returns to health but the lousy showing by OLBs not named Gilbert. Frankly, the only plays by the young players in this group have come from the seventh round pick, who we know is raw. At this point someone needs to step up as the 4th OLB so we can rotate. Fackrell seems incapable and, former Badger or not, VB has shown next to no strength or penetration either.

stockholder's picture

Tony Mandrich never did develop for the packers. But still went on to play.

LambeauPlain's picture

After he was drafted by the Pack and came to the NFL he went "steroid free" due to all the testing and he was just a guy.

When new Colts OC Lindy infante traveled up to Michigan to visit the out of football Mandarich he weighed around 220 lbs.

A few months later Mandarich signed with the Colts and reported camp around 290 lbs. and actually played OK for a few seasons. Must have found a creative and discreet "PED" dispenser.

Bearmeat's picture

You are absolutely correct about the OLB's. And we are lucky that Gilbert has looked good against starters, because it's only a matter of time until Perry is hurt and CM3 is operating at his normal, ineffective 75%.

Our OLBs sucked going into the year. They suck now. They'll suck all year, barring a HUGE move by Gute - like getting a Mack type.

We are going to have to get lucky at OT and OLB this year. And WR - Davante is very, very important to the offense.

dobber's picture

"They'll suck all year, barring a HUGE move by Gute - like getting a Mack type."

I disagree--there might be times where they blow.

dobber's picture

You're my hero, Bearmeat!

Bearmeat's picture

What's really killing us is Spriggs sucking. If the starting OTs remain healthy, we're more than fine.

Murphy needs to be the backup RT and OG. Spriggs backup LT and hope that Bakh never gets hurt.

I think we'll be fine barring a run on injuries.

Colin_C's picture

This. When Spriggs was drafted, it was the right pick. Unfortunately for us, he sucks. Had he been what the front office hoped, our O line depth would be pretty decent right now. Everyone's talking about draft a pass rusher next year (and they probably will), but I think Gute will add an OT early on in the draft.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I'd focus on tackles like we did on CB's this year.

Bearmeat's picture

Yeah, OT has to be on the list. Bulaga is about done, and we have no one to take that spot right now, not to mention any quality depth.

I hope Spriggs figures it out.

Nick Perry's picture

Cody Whitehair was the right pick...And we probably wouldn't have had to trade up for Whitehair.

stockholder's picture

You mean Spriggs. The Bears wanted Spriggs in 2016. TT wasn't sure about Bahk. Then gave him the $$$. That trade - up hurt the packers a lot, looking back.

Nick Perry's picture

No..What I meant was had the Packers not traded up, let the Bears have Spriggs they probably could have had Whitehair...That's what I meant.

stockholder's picture


KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Well done!

The next few weeks will be important!

Archie's picture

OL has zero depth.

You have got to wonder how they could have been so wrong about Spriggs. They traded up in R2 for the guy. Those type of guys should be studs. I have never heard that Spriggs is stupid or lazy. Tremendous athlete for OL who can't block. Go figure.

Tough to impossible to find a decent back-up OT in cut-downs or trades. I guess they were counting on Spriggs and Murphy for this year and therefore didn't pick one in the 4th round of the draft, instead going for the WR with no hands. Taking two CBs was a luxury. Had they taken a WR in R2, they could have used R4 on an OT.

dobber's picture

I disagree in that they have plenty of OGs. They just don't have backup OTs...most teams have problems like that.

Drafting in retrospect is like hitting yourself over the head with a nail-ridden 2x4.

Mario Willis's picture

Kyle Murphy all the way from Stanford to pissing me off in Wisconsin. Kyle is a horrible name for a child. It is bland & unimpressive yet fitting for a O Lineman that couldn't stop a match from being lit. He is a wash & if it weren't for the thought, that maybe Byron Bell could play for any length of time during any game, Kyle could be the worst thing to happen to my chances of not having a heart attack during a Packer Game.

stockholder's picture

J.C. Tretter. Big Mistake TT. Gute's answer Byron Bell. MMs answer Kyle Murphy. Just what is Spriggs worth? We have a guy that was drafted for LT. Use him. He won't improve on the bench. The guy is getting money. He's not taking sitting on the bench to well. I see No one better! And if there isn't better out there, play HIM! His Times are good. He was great in Under wear. Just what is the Problem. Knocking someone down never HELPS. I'm going to say the packers have moved to many people around. Spriggs is now confused. He must go back to his roots and play at LT. ( Keep A-Rod Out.) Get Spriggs to play LT. Clear his head. Better a LT back-up, then a Bench dead weight. Regardless- Bahk needs plays off too. Spriggs just wants to play. I believe LT is the only place he could play now. And the biggest thing that is so obvious, Murphy CAN"T!

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Agreed on Tretter and Spriggs. I was furious when we let Tretter get away, and moving Spriggs around incessantly hasn't helped at all.

Trying Murphy at LT was the same McCapers wrong-usage-of-players garbage we've seen for years. Nothing but wasted reps and confused development.

Jonathan Spader's picture

I disagree ALP. It's preseason and we're plugging in players to see how they fare at different positions. The Packers have seen that Murphy can't play LT and Spriggs can't play RT. I'd rather know that in a meaningless preseason game than a regular season.

Dillion Day has been impressive as a backup center. Murphy was serviceable at RT last year prior to the injury. Every team would like backup depth but as fans have said Over and over there's only so much to go around.

Once you have Bahkt at LT, Taylor at LG, Linsley at C, and Brian back at RT whoever steps in at RG will have high level talent supporting him. Lewis can help block if Brian can't contribute right away or stay healthy.

Bottom line how is our situation in 2018 different from 2017 when Bahkt started injured and BB went down. Our offense line held together with duct tape went 4-1. Those same players have more experience now.

For me the safety position has me more worried than anything else. HHCD and Brice have been BAD in preseason and JJ has been nonexistant. Behind them there's UDFAs. Rodgers will mask OL inefficiencies hopefully DL and CB can mask OLB and Safety play.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I agree on Safety, and I too like Murphy and Day.

But I don't think any of us, just going by the eye test, would have experimented with Murphy at LT. He hasn't got the quickness. I just think that was a wasted game, where we could have been developing him at RT with Spriggs back at his natural LT spot.

That just seemed like wasted reps to me.

Keep in mind, Bakhtiari is our best lineman by talent alone, but he also benefits from sticking to one spot. Jumping around all the time can really hamper development. This is why I was so angry when Tretter got away, as multi-positional guys like that are so rare.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Tretter was a cap casualty, which made the choice difficult. We did get a 5th round comp pick. Not sure if that turned out to be Madison or MVS.

stockholder's picture

True. And we also got guard problems (Holes) with Lang and Sitton gone. Think about this: Tretter filled in great at LT. He also played guard great. He also could play center. The most versatile offensive player ever. We then draft Spriggs giving up a extra pick. Trusting in TT that he won't be a bust. So how did this all work out for the Pack? A break out Veteran for Rookies?

Oppy's picture

I don't think there's any hole at LG.

Lane Taylor kind of stepped up and played LG as well as you'd want. As good as Josh Sitton was when healthy? No, but then again, Taylor probably plays LG better than Sitton with a bad back.

RG is the big question mark. McCray was looking like the guy.. we'll have to see how that calf heals up.

dobber's picture

Murphy's not a starter. Backups need to play more than one position if they're going to be active on game days. Most teams can't keep single-position backup OLs active on game days...they've got 5 spots to cover and only 2-3 bodies to do it with.

If anything, they're trying to find out who their backup LT is...or if they even have one. That's what the preseason is for. I don't think anyone wants Murphy playing LT for any length of time.

Lare's picture

While I'm also not that impressed with the Packers backup offensive linemen, I think we do need to remember that the main goal of the preseason is assessing younger players and showing opposing teams nothing. They aren't running the plays, the blocking and pass rush stunts, and doing anything near the game planning they'll do for the regular season when the games count.

The time to be concerned is during the regular season if/when they experience injuries and the backups can't perform.

4thand1's picture

Block the guy in front of you. Last I checked it's still pre season and have confidence in Campen. We are watching live practices, nothing more. We have a starting unit, the backups are being tested at multiple positions.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

On the bright side, our pass-blocking is delightful compared to our run-blocking...

Colin_C's picture

Sad but true. I'm glad we don't really have to evaluate any RB's with a shot at the 53, cause it would be really hard to figure anything out. No holes at all for them to run through.

dobber's picture

The run blocking will improve meaningfully when #12 is playing more than one series.

Packer Dave's picture

This year could be rough if we lose our starting tackles for longer than a few games. Murphy is more serviceable than he showed last game in my opinion. Spriggs isn't consistent enough to really step up - seems to lack any semblance of a mean streak. Won't be sad at all if Gute doubles up on OL in RD1 next year.

dobber's picture

"This year could be rough if we lose our starting tackles for longer than a few games. "

I suspect virtually no team out there can survive this...nor could their QB1.

carlos's picture

Can’t argue with this article. I’ve said in the past I had my doubts on Spriggs. Maybe left tackle is where he should settle in. Not impressed with Murphy either. Hope they can change my mind somehow. Kendrick’s is someone else I haven’t gotten too excited over. I like the young tight ends and obviously Graham and Lewis.

carlos's picture

Packers need to improve the running game to keep defenses honest.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

No chance of that till Week 3.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I'm hoping this next preseason game will be all Aaron Jones and Devante Mays.

We have to see if we have anything vaguely resembling athletes at halfback.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

More than anything, I think we're seeing the results of several years drafting poorly and focusing heavily on the defensive side of the ball.

Our O-Line is average, with poor depth. Our TE's had to be imported. Our WR group severely lacked athleticism until this draft. Our RB's are really low end and punchless, with the possible exceptions of Jones and Mays--can Williams ever bounce outside?

This is why I didn't condemn Hundley for struggling last year. QB'ing this mess got Rodgers killed, and Hundley tried to carry it against all odds. I literally saw no difference between what he faced and what Kizer went through in Cleveland.

What we're seeing is the Ted Legacy...and it's ugly.

carlos's picture

I agree Andrew. Poor Hundley didn’t have much help. He seems improved this year. I do like Byrd.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I like several tight ends. Unfortunately, they aren't OT's or RB's.

Old School's picture

Andrew, I don't think our O-line is average. I think that Bakhtiari, Taylor, and Linsley are all considered better than the average NFL starter at their position. Bulaga has always been a better than average RT but he has that injury history.

Spriggs, Murphy, et. al......none of them have really impressed me though, and we're one twisted ankle away from having them in the starting lineup. That's not good.

I think the Ted Legacy is pretty good looking. The organization, and the product on the field, is immeasurably better than the one Thompson inherited. Our bottom line keeps getting better and better. We've been in the NFC Championship game twice in the last four years.

Based on what I saw against Pittsburgh. we have too many plays where Rodgers has to take evasive maneuvers. We can't go through a season like that.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I think the Thompson legacy--toward the end--is Rodgers carrying a bad team.

I agree on the left side of the our line...when 100% healthy. That's asking a lot, though.

LambeauPlain's picture

Packers starting O line is ranked 9th best in the NFL right now.

Depth is a big concern.

Demon's picture

I dont know about the years of poor drafts. Croat told me that Ted Thompson was one of the best in the business. So your assessment cant be right.

Truth is Gute has done more for this team in 1 offseason than Ted did in the last 3 years combined. Just dont stop now Gute. The job isn't done. If a player comes available that is better than the worse player on the Packers, sign him.

Thats the wzy Ron Wolfe did things. You know, the former GM that built the into a championship team securing his spot in Canton in the process.

Goo Gute!

OldTimer's picture

I think we will see better play moving forward. A lot of young guys got a chance to play in positions that they have had limited exposure to. They also got to experience a lot of blitz packages from the Steelers. The film on this game should really help them develope. I also thought the backs did a better job blocking than in the past. Williams had one crushing block that was very impressive. Dillion Day played well overall again. I am hoping that we start playing the lineman where they will really be the main back up moving forward. We need to get them settled in to see their best. The real season is coming fast! Go Pack Go!

carlos's picture

Williams does everything you could ask of a young player. Great guy to have in the back field. Brings a lot of energy also. The other backs can’t stay healthy.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Williams is technically sound, but offers zero burst. If he's in and I'm the D-Coordinator, I go all passrush and ignore the run altogether. He's no threat. Even if he breaks loose, it's a paltry 12 yard run--no biggie.

I'm not sure how many other teams Williams could even make as a 3rd string backup. Seriously.

Oppy's picture

"A paltry 12 yard run--no biggie."

The NO Saints led the NFL last year in average yards per play
They averaged 6.3 YPP- that's overall average of all plays.

Beyond being nearly double the highest YPP average in the league, 12 yards is a first down.

I know you like Aaron Jones' home-run potential (and you should), but I don't think you fully appreciate what a reliable 3-4 yards per carry- particularly when it's earned between the tackles with violence- does for an offense (or for that matter, what it does to a defense.)

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Oppy, I'm talking about 12 yards on a break loose run. Let's keep with my context.

Thus far in preseason, Williams has continued to demonstrate no burst, no bounce-out, and frankly, no moves whatsoever off the handoff.

He's no threat. Every team has a couple guys like him, and they usually get cut.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Monty whiffed on a blitz pick-up. I thought he had improved, but as Nagler wrote, GB can't live with that in a 3rd down back.

Oppy's picture

Yeah, not so much. I know he doesn't meet your lofty requirements, but he's proven he can run the tough yardage out of the backfield and he's shown he's a threat as a receiving target out of the back field. Guys like that have careers in the NFL.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Disagree with you on the no burst or threat from Williams. When he caught the ball from Hundley hie showed burst when he spun past one defender and dove past another for a TD. Williams is a solid pass blocker and a good goal line and short yardage back. I like having the thunder from Williams along with the lightning from Jones.

Oppy's picture

Taking the dump off on the screen, using the blockers effectively, and hitting the gas running away from DB's

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Guys, you have your expectations too low. Look at other teams. Most of them have real threats at halfback, with guys who tear through tackles and burst upfield. That was a nice play by Williams, but hardly a show of great athleticism. He made one guy miss with plenty of space to work with, then dove in--that's it.

We need a THREAT at halfback, if we want defenses to play something other than blitz or drop back 7. Right now, despite a missed block, Montgomery looks much better than Williams...and Montgomery sort of sucks.

Look around the league. Just look. We are really weak at halfback, at least until Jones returns--then we're average. I hope Mays gets lots of work this week, as perhaps he can show something. Perhaps not. Heck, can't hurt.

Jonathan Spader's picture

My expectations for the Packers RBs are low. We don't have a great run blocking OL. We have the best quarterback to play the game, one of the best pass blocking OLs, Adams, Graham, Cobb, Lewis, & potential. I expect the 2018 offense to pass to set up the run not the other way around like teams with elite RB talent.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

So how would all that work with a legit NFL halfback?


Lare's picture

How are the legit NFL halfbacks producing this offseason?

WKUPackFan's picture

"Boom"? What an infant. Always treating the comment section like it is a game to win or lose.

Oh well, what can you expect from someone who thinks that 12 yard runs are bad things.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I'm saying the offense would boom with a threat at halfback. No "win or lose the comment section" ever entered my mind.


You're obviously incapable of not being a stalker, but could you just tone down the crazy for a while? You're obviously bent on finding fault where there is none, all because of your silly vendetta with me.

Thinking "boom" means "win or lose the comment section"...sheesh...

WKUPackFan's picture

Sure you were.

Shouldn't you be in your fundamentalist sunday school class? Those snakes aren't going to handle themselves.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Actually, yes, I was. That was precisely what I meant, to the letter.

And bringing up religion? Dude, what's the matter with you? Will you please just leave me alone? I'm all for debate, but this stalking nonsense just shouldn't happen here.

Please. No one here except you and your little band of crazies wants to see us interact. I don't want us to interact. There are countless people here to counter my views--people who don't incessantly insert religion, politics, race, or insane personal assumptions.

Please. I'm saying it again: Please. Please offer me the same courtesy I offer you, which is to leave you alone and avoid attacks on you. I'm trying to keep the peace here, so can you PLEASE do the right thing and satisfy yourself with talking to other people?


Jonathan Spader's picture

ALP how would you feel about the Packers bringing back Lacy to a 1 year veteran minimum deal? I think he's worth a flier even though I don't expect him to get back to his rookie production.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I think years of pounding and weight struggles have taken too much toll on Lacy's body.

At this point, I'm just hoping Jones and Mays can get healthy soon and provide some pop. Until then, I think Montgomery is the closest thing we have to a threat.

Old School's picture

This offense relies on both OTs winning their matchups in pass protection. When healthy, Bakhtiari and Bulaga can do that, but after them......I don't see a single guy on the roster that does that.

If we're going to spend multi-gazillions of dollars on a 35 year old wizard who has missed big parts of the season twice in the last five years.....then we need to do everything to protect him.

Forget trading for Khalil Mack.....can we trade for a starting caliber tackle?

Oppy's picture

Who has a back up starting caliber OT?
Now, narrow the list down to who has a starting caliber back up OT who wants to deal him away?

carlos's picture

Could we sign Mack, a stud OT and extend Rogers. I know. I’m dreaming. The Rams, some how, signed a bunch of good players. Of course, you don’t want to jeopardize the future. It’s fun to dream though. Crazier things have happened.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

And world peace. You forgot world peace :)

Demon's picture

I say SCREW THE FUTURE! Thee future is now. We have been playing for the future for 10 years. What has that gotten us?

Whats the worse that could happen? You load up the roster, try to make a SB run. If it works great, if not you let players go (and get a comp pick for them) have a couple losing seasons and rebuild the roster with high draft picks.

The key is, when you get the high draft picks, dont spend them on guys that are a walking mash unit. Also stay awzy from guys from the University of Podunk. Players that nobody heard of but you.

WKUPackFan's picture

Could you please refrain from using vulgarity and curse words? Your comments tend to always include crude slang words related to sex or excrement.

When you forget about the future you end up like Denver,. One lucky SB, horrible for the next several years.

carlos's picture

I was just joking around. Hope no one took me seriously. It was just a dream.

Tarynfor12's picture

Let me turn the tide in regard to the OL...Their great!

The OL when healthy is by far above average unlike our OLB situation,when healthy it 's average at best.

This team is a mixed bag that cannot seem to sort it's players out very well. This team has to many truly untested players in the specific groups.
Every time it appears the light comes on, an injury, player regression, releasing the wrong player, not playing a player enough, bad in game coaching,etc turns the light off.
Proof is the fact how quick this team falters the moment Rodgers is hurt and cannot cover up all the ills on both sides of the ball.
We have some talent with veterans and 1st/2nd year guys, but not enough in any one group to field a solid group or to really support a loss via injury and or simple rotation.
Rodgers will keep the team in Division contention but it would appear more likely to miss the playoffs...unless a few specific players grow fast.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

You are so wrong! Remember when Matthews beat that tackle one-on-one?

Oh wait...neither do I.


Oppy's picture

Need McCray to be healthy and man the RG position.

Denise Chanterelle's picture

Could be another long season based on what I’m reading here. Appreciate the education. I had no idea our OL was in such a tenuous situation. I still don’t get why our 5th round selection is a no-show in camp? This player is under contract too? Like we all know, if AR goes down, so does the season. His new contract will justify concentrated investment in the OL. Hope the Pack does something here. Cheers.

Oppy's picture

It is conjecture, but there has been some speculation that Cole Madison was deeply affected by his team mate's suicide (Tyler Hilinski) in early January. I can't stress enough that this is ENTIRELY speculative.

With that being said, one of the details about Hilinski's suicide is the rifle he used in the act was a former team mate's. It was never released who the team mate was. Hilinski apparently obtained it without the team mate's knowledge. Again, entirely speculative. I could see someone really tearing themselves up about something like this.

Again, this is just a theory I have seen floated about Madison's absence. There has been no public statements by Madison, the Packers, or anyone else for that matter that I know of that indicates why Madison has not been in camp. Whatever the situation, the Packers are aware, and have said that Madison's plan is still to play football in the future.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Hey, that theory sounds as good as anything else. It's hard to tell with such a strange situation.

carlos's picture

That’s a really tough situation. If true we all hope the best for him. Things can take a long time to heal.

Demon's picture

Maybe you're right. None of us know. I remember the monday night game vs the Raiders immediately following the death of Irv Favre.

It was speculated all week long that Favre would not play. But play he did!! I cant be the only one that had tears in my eyes that whole game. The way DD and Javon Walker went up to get some of those balls was a thing of beauty.

I'm starting to believe what a scout had said about Madison. "Flake" He may be throwing away an NFL career. Something most of us would give anything for.

Oppy's picture

There's lots of people who were driven to live their lives a certain way because other people wanted it for themselves. Generally speaking, those people are miserable.

Chuck Farley's picture

Who gives a shit about someone who fails to show? Way too many other issues, like 90 of them now to care.

LambeauPlain's picture

Pro Football Focus has the Packers currently ranked the 9th best O line in the NFL.

If I were Gute I would look very closely at the final O line cuts of the Eagles and Cowboys...ranked 1st and 2nd for some potential solid depth.

Tarynfor12's picture

" Pro Football Focus has the Packers currently ranked the 9th best O line in the NFL."

Yet our pass rush against the other 23 make them all look like top 5 OL's.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Did you see the great big fat 86 grade Sitton earned? I don't know why as soon as a player leaves GB he's no good. Lane Taylor is okay at LG, but he isn't in the same zip code as Sitton.

Chuck Farley's picture

The vikes got seven sacks today and there pass rush was smothering. They did not rush hard until they had to. They twice took the opposing team out of fg range and stopped key drives when it mattered most. Scary a lot of these guys were the scrubs.
Rodgers is only effective if he has time to see the field.
He may have a crap year if this o line is patchwork again.

WKUPackFan's picture

The Vikings had six sacks, not seven.

The Jags top free signee, left guard Andrew Norwell, did not play. His backup, Chris Reed, left the game with an injury. Center Brandon Lindor also left the game injured.

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Maybe you should join a Vikings blog Chuck if you're such a fan? Don't let the door hit you on the way out...

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Some of us would be happy if “the door would hit.....”your high forehead on your way out. Your snarky comments are getting old.

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Don't worry, Chuck. The nice thing for Packers fans like you and me is, no matter how strong the Vikings look, we know they have always been, and will always be, perennial bed shitters who fall apart and show they're the laughing stock of the NFL. It happens every time. You know what I mean, amirite chuck?

Now go and sleep comfortably with the knowledge the Vikings always choke it away and will never know the weight of the Lombardi Trophy in their hands.

Go PacK!

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Hard to understand why posters dislike anything positive said about the Vikes.

Answer a simple question: --- Which team in the North is the Pack's biggest competition for the North Division crown?

The more one knows about his enemy, the better.

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I don't like positive posts about the Vikings because I dislike the Vikings and this is a PACKERS blog.

Answer this simple question Samson: how is a Packer fan knowing more about the Vikings going to help the Packers win?

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Samson is a closet queenie....get back to purple-pukeville.......

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It's impossible for Rodgers to provide magic with mediocre back-ups especially if they are not pushing for the running game. We all know that the running game keeps competing defenses honest, Back-ups make Rodgers rush the throw, and more dangerously, force him out of the pocket and risk injuries. Rodgers deserves guaranteed protection, come hell or high water.

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