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Cory's Corner: Kyler Fackrell Has Grown Up

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Cory's Corner: Kyler Fackrell Has Grown Up

The obvious winner for the Packers’ surprise player of the year is Kyler Fackrell. 

Back in August, we were all wondering how many snaps he was going to get with Clay Matthews and Nick Perry occupying the edge rusher spots. 

Well, thanks to Perry being injured yet again, Fackrell has raised plenty of eyebrows. I think he’s raised so many eyebrows that it’s not hyperbole to say that Fackrell has supplanted Perry as the 2019 starter. (Of course, that’s assuming the Packers will pony up Perry’s dead cap number of $11.1 million and get out from that awful decision.)

The reason this season is such a shock is because Fackrell hasn’t really done much since being a third round draft pick in 2016. Here’s a snippet of how Bob McGinn graded Fackrell following the 2016 season: “He looked lost during more than a few practices in August but in the exhibition games found ways to apply steady pressure. … “He’s an interesting player. Fackrell was drafted in the third round because of his height (6-5) and speed (4.65), and he has a way of slipping past blocks. He’s a gamer.” McGinn gave Fackrell a D-plus because he didn’t show much in his 173 snaps. 

It was the same story in 2017. Jason B. Hirschhorn of Acme Packing Company said, “In two years, Kyler Fackrell has yet to establish himself as anything more than a special-teams contributor. … “The Packers will bring Fackrell back for next season and give him another shot, but don’t feel surprised if he doesn’t make the final cut.” Last year was disappointing because he played 446 snaps, but all he could muster was 28 total tackles and three sacks. He played 130 more passing snaps in 2017 than 2016 but he only tallied one more sack. 

That’s why plenty of people, including myself, were on the fence with what Fackrell would be able to give this team. The Packers wanted and needed more production at the edge rusher position because of Perry’s health and ineptness. 

And suddenly, Fackrell has made a triumphant exit from the phone booth wearing the Superman cape. He leads the team in sacks by three and has more sacks than Matthews, Perry and Mike Daniels combined. Who would’ve thought that was possible at the beginning of the season? 

If you’re still on the fence with Fackrellmania, I’ve got even more perspective. Fackrell has as many sacks as Khalil Mack. You remember him right? He has been the sole reason why Chicago will claim its first division title since 2010. However, Fackrell has played 164 less pass rushing snaps and has been getting better as of late as evidenced by his out-of-this-world three-sack game at Seattle.

Fackrell has grown up from a seldom-used special teams player to a guy that offensive coordinators must be aware of. And the best part is that Fackrell has a cap number of $926,292 next year. The Packers have some time before they talk about long-term numbers. 

For the first time in a long time, the edge rusher position in Green Bay has some juice. Fackrell is relentless and that attitude is infectious for a defense that needs more big plays.  




Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He recently earned his Masters degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter: @Coryjennerjohn

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The TKstinator's picture

Yes, the phoenix has risen from the ashes. Keep on soaring, 51!

dobber's picture

Things have sure changed here on Walton's mountain...

Cory Jennerjohn's picture

Absolutely perfect description TKstinator.

The TKstinator's picture

Gracias, CJ!

Gort's picture

I wasn't on the fence. I though Kyler was another wasted pick.

Really glad for him. We seem to have a beast!

Turophile's picture

If Fackrell continues as he has been doing lately and if Spriggs becomes a decent player............look at that 2016 draft :-

Kenny Clark, Jason Spriggs, Kyler Fackrell, Blake Martinez, Dean Lowry, Trevor Davis, Kyle Murphy.

Mmmm, nice !

Bearmeat's picture


And Spriggs has shown flashes of turning it around too. Perhaps he can replace Bulaga... It is clear that this team will have more talent going into 2019 than it did coming into this year.

I really hope MM is gone and Pettine stays.

Rak47's picture


Rak47's picture

There's a very interesting piece over on NFL site penned by Bucky Brooks about what McCarthy needs to do to save his job and turn the offense around. He goes into what Andy Reid has done to transition from his old west coast offense to a much more modern scheme producing big results.

Rak47's picture

Here's an excerpt from Bucky's article speaking on McCarthy.
"He's old school," a former NFL defensive coordinator told me. "He runs the purest version of the West Coast offense in the league and he hasn't updated his concepts or route combinations. ... He can get away with it when he has superior personnel, but he doesn't do anything to help his guys win on the outside. Plus, he doesn't run it enough to take some of the pressure off No. 12.
"He's a good coach and he's been one for a long time, but he needs to update and evolve his offense a bit."
Further down the page he talks about Andrew Luck and what a fantastic season Luck is having. He goes into how Frank Reich has taken the offense from one looking to bomb downfield constantly where Luck would hold the ball forever and take tons of sacks to a quick tempo rhythm attack were Luck has taken short routes and dumpoffs producing huge numbers 29TD's 9int's 101.9QBR and far less sacks than in previous years. McCarthy needs to get a clue and quickly!

LeotisHarris's picture

Excellent article. While Bucky is no Ed Wood, he makes solid points and notes how injuries have played a role in the same-old-same-old on offense.

I know hope is a poor strategy, buy I hope Coach gets that clue quickly.

splitpea1's picture

Excellent post. The question is, why hasn't the offense been updated "a bit"? It seems like it should have been done a couple of seasons ago. If a former defensive coordinator can see this, you know all the current ones can.

Also, less sacks and more quick releases mean less potential for injuries, particularly like the nasty one recently with the Redskins--don't want to see that at all.

The TKstinator's picture

The conflicting reports are starting to drive me insane:

Argument #1: no one is open, forcing a cautious 12 to hold the ball, extend the play, and get sacked.

Argument #2: 12 is greedily passing up open receivers underneath in his quest to hit the home run.

Argument #3: MM is calling plays in short yardage situations that feature all the receivers running deep, slow developing routes.

I don’t know, I don’t watch the all-22, I’d guess the combo of all 3 are in play here

Bearmeat's picture

From what I have seen on tape, #1 is not so true. The other two are.

The TKstinator's picture

Any way you slice it, GB has problems!

Minniman's picture

A slight extension of #3 TK is that the more successful teams are using a lot more players in motion than GB and successfully attacking the seam and near boundaries with short, sharp passing.

It's also obvious that with AR's injury he's not been able to rush as much as he has in previous years (obviously) and this has also taken a dimension away from the GB offense. This point shouldn't be trivialized as a mobile Rodgers commands a spy - and that the immobile Rodgers has afforded opponents the luxury of reassigning that player to other assignments (making receiver separation that much harder).

Receiver injuries haven't helped.... but that's a football reality\inevitability so shouldn't be factored as an excuse.

Returning back the Fackrell, if he truly is a phoenix, then I've transitioned from eating crow to phoenix!

Oppy's picture

I don't understand starting at a statement that MM runs "the purest version of the WCO in the league", and then implying that MM needs to "get a clue" to increase the tempo and go to a more rhythmic offense instead of bombing away at deep routes.. The WCO was basically the original up-tempo, rhythmic offense where short, quick routes were key to sustained drives and marching down the field to score.

Rak47's picture

He said it was he purest version left in the league, doesn't mean it still run exactly the way it was intended by Bill Walsh. I think you will agree Oppy that Rodgers has held the ball waay too long waay too often searching for receivers to either get open on their breaks or improvise themselves open. Hence the problem in that the young receivers are not on the same page with Rodgers and need to be schemed open for some easy completions to get the offense rolling. Even Bucky and his coordinator contact feel McCarthy's scheme is a problem. He's been running the same route concepts for 13 years and defenses understand what's coming better than the rookie receivers do, and that is a huge problem.

Oppy's picture

Oddly, earlier this season, when a reporter asked Aaron Rodgers about MM "retooling" the playbook, Aaron was a bit snappy and said the playbook was just fine, doesn't need any reworking.

I got the feeling that Rodgers wasn't thrilled that MM was attempting to change things up based on his reaction. Apparently, our superstar QB is just as much of a problem as MM when it comes to the stagnant offense.

Archie's picture

Think Joe Montana in SF offense and then think Aaron Rodgers in MM offense. Similarities not there. For openers, Walsh used a FB and HB and his FB would lead the league in catches. He also had goat WR and we have one very good one. Guessing run vs pass vs Walsh not so easy. On the spectrum of football intelligence, on one end is Bill Walsh, on the other is MM. Marty Schottenheimer ran a very run-oriented version of early WCO. MM does not. In fact, MM's is the least run-oriented of them all. Montana knew where all his options were on every play and used them all. AR reads defenses as well as anyone ever has but he seems to ignore his underneath guys that are open. That was bread n butter of Bill Walsh's attack. Even Jerry Rice was mostly an intermediate target that would break loose for great YAC. Modern offenses have evolved greatly - MM has not. Time for a change in GB. Does Mark Murphy have the courage to do so? Does Mrs. Mike McCarthy have influence? If MM not replaced after this season, something is rotten in Denmark.

Oppy's picture

That's my point, Archie.
MM doesn't run anything close to purest form of the WCO in the league. Never has. He'll tell you himself it's closer to the original vertical offense, which shares route concepts, but isn't the same system.
Also my point, it's not MM that is ignoring the progressions and eschewing the underneath routes and checkdowns.. That's on Rodgers. MM has stated flatly in the past, the ball needs to come out quicker.

For me, the biggest question is, does Aaron Rodgers respect and commit to a new offensive system under a new head coach? Because right now, the problems with this offense are more about A QB who refuses to execute the offense as it's designed because he's sure he knows more than the coach.

Rodgers, even with his amazing talent, has become too big for his britches. People always like to talk about TT and MM having egos.. they have the right crime but have pinned it on the wrong suspect.

fastmoving's picture

wondering who was the guy doing the 2016 draft? just cant remember….

Bure9620's picture

Yup, better than we thought, the problem is the '14 and '15 classes hurt us quite a bit. I feel like Gute has a better eye for talent and this teams needs. Will be interesting to see how he leverages the 2 1sts and 4ths

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

2014 arguably was okay. TT drafted a pretty good starting center, a reasonable FS, and an elite WR. I've always thought HHCD was overrated, but that draft class probably turns on how one views HHCD since 3 pretty good starters is the generally accepted standard.

Archie's picture

Gute's DRAFT1 was really good and may continue to get better with time. Makes me excited for DRAFT2. His FA leaves something to desire but he did go after Allen Robinson and Will Fuller and K Mack. Unfortunately, Bears got all three. Tramon was a good short term pick-up but he one year left in him at most and even so, he is nether a pure CB nor S at this point in his career. Wilkerson was not setting the world on fire when he went down and Graham is very close to a bust - slow as molasses. Maybe 2nd time around he will have better luck with FA. If he does and has another big draft, we should be back in the hunt next year.

Given our games against the LAR, NEP, and SS, we can play with and beat the Vikes. W/o King and Daniels however, maybe not. Bears showed us how to stop the Vikes last week - stop the run and pressure Cousins. If course that stops most offenses. Doing it is the trick.

Bearmeat's picture

Patience. We have to see it for an extended period. Remember how good Perry was in 2 games in 2015? Then Russ Ball signed him to that ludicrous deal. How's that been since then for us?

The TKstinator's picture

But was Russ Ball on his own?

Bearmeat's picture

From what I've heard (admittedly not first-hand knowledge), TT told Russ to sign Perry whatever it took, and that's what it took.

Dereliction of duty still makes TT responsible, even though RB signed the deal.

Skip greenBayless's picture

From what I've heard this sounds a little like Fake News. I have my own anonymous sources close to the situation and they told me Ted was furious at Russ "High" Ball for giving him all that money. Since Ted had a so called reputation for being cheap I'll stick with my two anonymous sources. They have been very very accurate for me over the years.

The TKstinator's picture

I don’t think TT was cheap when it came to retaining his own guys. And that’s been a problem too.

LeotisHarris's picture

My sources close to the situation insist Russ Ball's nickname is "skeeter." Thompson reportedly would needle Ball by referring to him as "mud flap" in meetings. They also noted a furious Ted Thompson looked and behaved exactly like an excited, sad, or anxious Ted Thompson. There's a story out there of Thompson giving Ball a wedgie at a golf event, but it hasn't been substantiated.

All that said, giving Perry that wad of cash seemed like a good idea at the time. As did locking up Clay, Cobb, and Jordy. As noted earlier, things sure have changed here on Walton's Mountain.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Ted generally liked to keep the price as low as possible. Ted was a low baller for the most part and there's nothing wrong with that. Look at the Jordy deal. Jordy got screwed the second after the ink dried but nobody had a gun to his head forcing him to sign it. Marshawn Lynch, Tony Gonzalez too. Both Ted offered a little less than others. That contract by Perry was a Russ Ball negotiated contract. Ted Thompson had no part of that. He's getting a bad name as time goes on when he should be respected and honored for all the good he did. He's arguably the greatest GM in Packers history.

Bearmeat's picture

We'll never know. I mean, TK is right, Ted certainly has offered WAY too much coin to re-sign his own players in the past. Remember how much he offered Raji? Thank goodness Raji turned that down. And Greg before 2013? And let's not forget that hideous deal he gave AJ after 2010.

Oppy's picture

Nick Perry 2016/2017:

26 games
90 combined tackles
18 Sacks
4 passes defensed

Yeah, Perry has been a no-show in 2018, but saying Perry was good for 2 games in 2015 and then implying he's disappeared since getting his contract is some seriously inaccurate revisionist history. Very popular revisionist history.. but inaccurate none the less.

Bearmeat's picture

Let's look beyond those sacks. In those 2 years, wow many total QB pressures did Perry have? How many QB hits? How many TFL?

A more comprehensive look behind the curtain suggests he was never more than an above average player - and then only when he was fully healthy (rarely).

And this is why I'm not all crazy to sign Fackrell right now. Let's see if he carries this through the rest of the season, and then sign him only to a team friendly contract with low guarantees and lots of performance escalators.

Oppy's picture

The thing is, when you look beyond the sacks, what you find is in 2016 and 2017, teams were running away from Nick Perry and towards Clay Matthews, because Nick Perry was a game changer in the run defense, and that actually limited his tackles and other stats like TFL. That is something you will have to watch games to see, and it was something that was being discussed by analysts over that time period. You can also find Perry being doubled while Clay was left with one-on-ones a lot of the time, too. If you want "advanced stats" like hurries, hits, and pressures, I don't have easy access to those, I look and often find paywalls. I did find this article that says Bob McGinn listed Perry as having the most total pressures on the Packers in 2016. Look, despite Taryn's asserions, I'm not cherry picking stats to make a case for Perry. He is a very good OLB when health. I don't dispute he has health problems that affect play time or quality of play. Anyways, here's that article.

As to Fackrell, the biggest concern I have with him is age. Coming into the league as old as he was makes a second contract a different kind of beast. Generally, the second contract is where you get the best production of a player's career- they are entering their physical prime as they have garnered NFL wisdom. Typically that third contract is downslope. Fackrell's second contract will likely take him into his 30's, and that could mean he may start to be in decline during that second contract, as opposed to after it. I agree that caution is needed when approaching his next contract for those reasons.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Just what do you think the going rate is for an above average OLB? I remember my reactions when the terms for Perry's contract were announced: Could have been worse and fingers crossed on health. I can't decide what GB should do even next year with Perry. The potential is there.

Whitney Mercilus got mentioned as a possible target. He got a mere $6.5M AAV. That one sack in 2017 with 1 QB hit and his 2 sacks with 9 QB hits in 2018 aren't much better. Orakpo ($7.75M) has 1 sack, 3 TFL, 3 QB hits and is lousy as well. Justin Houston ($16.8M) is producing all of 13 tackles, 4 sacks, 5 QB hits and has a $20.6M cap hit this year. Kerrigan ($11.1M) has about earned his money. Olivier Vernon ($17M) has 1 sack, 1 TFL, 6 QB hits, albeit in just 5 games (he's been hurt most of the season, like Perry, but Perry is always seems hurt). Von Miller ($19M) has 10 sacks, 10 TFL, 16 QB hits, so his play is good. Mack ($23M) has 8 sacks, 6 TFL, 8 QB hits, 1 INT, and 5 forced fumbles. That's good, and though it is a lot of money, he's probably worth it. Derrick Morgan ($6.75M) has 8 tackles, zero sacks, zero TFLs, 3 QB hits. Terrell Suggs ($5.2M) has 5.5 sacks, 10 TFL, and 8 QBs: he's probably underpaid. Kareem Martin ($5M) has 1 sack, 3 TFL, 7 QB hits. Aaron Lynch ($4M) had 3 sacks, 3 TFL, 8 QB hits.

Point is: OLB is a wasteland. I didn't cherry pick above: those are ALL of the FA outside linebackers over $3M/year. Every other player on OTC's OLB list is on a rookie deal. It is a WASTELAND. True, looking at Edge Rusher adds Chandler Jones, Melvin Ingram, Pierre-Paul, Cameron Jordan (okay production), Vinny Curry (stinking up the joint at $7.6M).

I am suggesting that if a team thinks there is a reasonable chance of getting 10 sacks per year, the team has to sign that guy. Period. I remember writing that I didn't like the structure - it is probably 60-40 player friendly, not what I wanted to see with an injury prone player. His agent wanted those $3.7M per year prorations to protect Perry's base salaries and roster bonuses in 2018 and 2019. I didn't mind $11.8M but it should have been more pay-as-you-go.

Bearmeat's picture

There it is. And that's why I was pissed at TT (and Russ Ball, although he wasn't in the public eye at all) when the deal was signed. Someone as injured as often as Perry should have been pay-as-you-go. Maybe the guarantees is what it took to sign him before he got to free agency?

Either way, if I was TT, I wouldn't have done it.

PS: TGR - I saw you post on the Daily Norseman looking for reasonable discourse. Don't bother. That site has 10 morons with purple goggles on for every one decent fan who happens to root for Minnesota. They specialize in straw man arguments, tinfoil hat conspiracies and ad hominem attacks.

The site should be shut down.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

DN was linked to an acmepackingcompany article, so I clicked. My first post on DN was that I don't go to DN or POD for the reasons you cite. I go to WCG and have been greened quite a few times.

Bearmeat's picture

Other than APC, WGC is the best NFCN SBN site for sure. I'd say the ratio of morons/crazies vs. reasonable fans at the different sites I look at and comment on:

CHTV - 2 vs 8
APC - 6 vs 4
WCG - 6 vs 4
POD - 2 vs 8
DN - 1 vs 9

Tarynfor12's picture

Stats don't tell the whole story but are used to sell the narrative one chooses to believe.
Perry has been a non factor much more often than not, his stats cannot erase this fact.
This isn't even accounting for his missed time due to injury, but his actual in game time.

Oppy's picture

I've run the numbers on Perry's production on a per snap basis in 2017, and I reported those findings. He was extremely productive per snap, even though he was playing with a broken hand all year. By looking at production per snap played, that levels the playing field for missed time due to injury, and absolves him of your ridicule that he has ben "a non factor much more often than not", specifically in reference to 2016/2017.

You can try to paint me as a stats whore trying to create a false narrative all you like. I am not. I watched Perry's play on the field and the bottom line is that when he has been healthy, he was a disruptive, productive OLB on the field. The statistics simply back that up. His health and availability have always been his obstacles, not his talent.

Bearmeat's picture

Ok. Fair. You've done the work and would have no reason to lie. I believe you. Thanks for that information.

But even if you accept that Perry has been a decent player when healthy, he still is not worth 1/2 of his contract, because he's not even semi-consistently been healthy. And the thing is, this goes back to his rookie year, so GB knew the problem and they STILL gave him that stupid contract.

Oppy's picture

In the past I have said that Perry has not lived up to his contract because he is injury prone. I take issue with the fact that many fans discount his talent and discredit his work ethic. The wildly popular narrative amongst GB fans is Nick Perry is a no-talent bum who played hard to get a contract and then went back to being lazy once he got paid.

What is on film and what's on the stat sheet simply don't back up those assertions. FWIW, I did find link for Defensive hurries for 2016. Nick Perry credited with 17, compared to K. Mack's 25 hurries or Von Miller's 29 hurries. However, I also looked at defensive snap counts: Mack, 949 / Miller, 933... Nick Perry, 606. That's a hurry every 38 snaps for Mack, per 36 snaps for Perry, per 32 snaps for Miller. Again, an indication talent is not the root issue, but rather, availability. He's a talented young man with injury issues.

GB knew they had a talent and gambled that Perry was beyond his injury troubles. Clearly, they gambled and lost. I don't fault Perry (or any player) for having a body that can't hold up, and I certainly wouldn't expect a player to turn away money.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I've run Perry's per snap numbers. They are good to very good most years.

Perry just went on IR. Promoted Looney.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I concur, Oppy. Perry is pretty good when healthy. His stats downplay his value. He is going to bull rush and collapse the pocket even though he didn't get the sack or a QB hit on that snap. His run D has been good up to this year.

Here is the thing: the stakes increase in 2019. Perry's cap jumps to $14.7M including a whopping $4.8M roster bonus on 3-15-19. He is scheduled to make $11M in cash. I don't think Perry can command $11M in cash in 2019 on the market unless he gets cut, receives a $6M signing bonus and $5M base from someone, and then he is locked into a longer-term deal for much less money.

Perhaps GB should ask Perry to adjust his contract for 2019. Maybe convert the $4.8M to incentives for sacks and snaps. We will again be between a rock and a hard place in 2019 at OLB. Probably will draft an OLB but we have to decide on the roster bonus before the draft. We could take a DI (or other position) with our first pick if the guy is too good to pass up.

Are the reports true that GB has no interest in re-signing CM3 for far less money in 2019? Could we go into 2019 with Fackrell, Gilbert, Donnerson, and rookie(s) at OLB? Will Gute spring for Clowney, Dee Ford, DeMarcus Lawrence, Frank Clark, Trey Flowers, ZaDarius Smith, or take a flyer on Shaquill Barrett, Ray, etc., and will their teams let these guys sniff free agency?

Oppy's picture

I don't know what to do with Perry. It seems we're stuck with him from a financial standpoint to some extent? It's clear the Packers can not rely on him to be available or productive at this point- he is legitimately injury prone- a term that I think gets thrown around wildly and abused by fans far too frequently.

If the FA 3-4 OLB market is the wasteland you've found it to be, perhaps the answer is to move back to a more traditional 4-3 front in 2019. The Packers could cut Matthews free if both sides can't agree on a contract/role, move Oren Burks to a ROLB/LOLB role where his athleticism would serve him in coverage (think along the terms of the role AJ Hawk was actually drafted to play in Bob Sander's scheme- utilizing his movement skills) and round out the LB corps with FAs and draft picks.

Kyler Fackrell could become a -situational- pass rushing DE or edge rusher (Where I think he might fit best, anyways) and perhaps if the Packers can't/don't shed Nick Perry, they use him as a traditional DE or situationally as a elephant end in pass rush situations (again.. I would not want to rely on him, but if they don't find it prudent to shed his contract and cut him loose, I'm looking for ways to get something out of his talent in the context of a 4-3 defense).

absolutely just spitballing here. The crux of thought process here is that I feel like we Packers fans are stuck in the idea that we have to implement a 3-4 and find OLBs and edge rushers who operate from a 2-pt stance, and I think that Pettine has proven he can get pressure from other positions than OLB and attack the QB strategically from anywhere on the field, not just off the edge. Why not consider we might build on the apparent young core strength of the DL and rebuild the LB core to fit a different scheme.

Bearmeat's picture

I think fans (including myself) want MM gone and the offense re-set so badly that they assume he will be fired. I think this is far from a conclusion in Murphy's mind. If they go on a run and even make the playoffs, I think it's less likely than 50/50.

If MM is still around, so is Pettine, and so is the 3/4 Defense. And honestly, I'm not sure that's such a bad thing. Pettine has been very very good at getting decent rush from a bunch of role players. If we can even get one pretty good edge rusher and get improved safety play (where we do have more than one intriguing young option), then I think the defense will go from pretty good to excellent next year.

Also, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Before Capers, we all were tired of the 43 defense and wanted a change to a "havoc" creating 34. Plus, after OLB, we have the 2nd hardest position to find - a true all pro NT. We'd not be utilizing KC to his fullest in a 43.

I want to stay a 34. We just need to draft and hit on one lead dog and the problem is fixed.

The TKstinator's picture

4-3, 3-4, it’s mostly nickel now anyway, isn’t it?
If GB has good edge rushers, I don’t care if they’re called DE’s, OLB’s, elephants, monkeys, or kangaroos. As long as they go get that QB. Frequently.

Tarynfor12's picture

" Don't know what to do with Perry."
The Packers just put him on IR...they need to do whatever they need to do to be rid of him..period.

stockholder's picture

Looney is active. Perry needs to be cut now. Even trade him for Ramsey CB. If He comes back next year? How do the packers trust him for a new contract. Trade/Cut him, ASAP now.

The TKstinator's picture

Nick Perry for Jalen Ramsey? I think Jacksonville MIGHT balk at that deal, ever so slightly.
Might have to sweeten the deal with like a conditional 7th rounder.
And an autographed picture of Aaron Rodgers hugging Jordan Rodgers.

Guam's picture

I think your 4-3 idea is a good one Oppy. As TGR points out, good OLB's are hard to come by and TT certainly wasted a number of draft choices trying (Datone Jones anyone?). We have a good D-line nucleus in Clark, Daniels, Lowery and Wilkerson and this draft is supposedly deep in D-line talent. Additionally Perry was a 4-3 defensive end in college.

Fackrell, Martinez and Burks could handle the linebacking plus some draft choices. Doubt this will happen, but it may work better than searching for a great OLB.

Bearmeat's picture

First of all, I am NOT giving the division to Chicago yet. If we win tomorrow night, all it's going to take is one Chicago slip up and we control our own destiny in the division. Don't forget that CHI still has to play @ LAR.

Second, I was not on the fence about Fackrell. I thought he sucked. He's proven every single one of us wrong since about game 4 this year. He's been a legit pass rusher since then against starting caliber OT's. He is playing faster, with more edge bend, and a higher variety of moves.

Third, if we genuinely found ourselves someone who can pressure from the OLB spot going into next year, that is going to be HUGE for the defense. We'll still need an OLB1, but maybe, just maybe, we can cross OLB2 off the list and cut Perry's ded ass and let CM3 go. I was afraid we'd be stuck with Perry because of the contract and positional need, but to hell with the contract if we have his spot covered.

If Fackrell gets over 25 QB hits and 12 sacks, we definitely have ourselves an OLB2. And we can sign him for cheap this offseason because he has 2019 yet left on his rookie deal.

I'm intrigued bordering on excited but the rest of the year shall tell the tale...

Jonathan Spader's picture

I said after Facrkrell's 1st 3 sack game that I'd need to see another to make me a believer. How much is the light bulb coming on and how much of it is Pettine replacing Capers? With Faniels out of the lineup can Fackrell continue to apply pressure in the backfield? Are our bookend OLBers CM3 and Fackrell for the rest of 2018? Adams sacking Russel Wilson was an impressive scramble by a big man hope the light comes on for him as well.

My nickname for Fackrell is CrowEater's picture

Does he have a new position coach who may be able to teach methods better? Sometimes that's all it takes, a good teacher.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Yes, I believe Fackrell does have a new position coach. I think it's Mr. Miyagi. Facks on, Facks off.

Graham Crackah's picture

Let’s unleash him against the Vikings then! I’d like to see if he can top his three sacks per game!

Bearmeat's picture

Minnesota's OTs are very beatable. We're going to have to bring some pressure. I doubt our banged up secondary can hold up all game against their two WRs.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

This is why we hired Petine, to put the players at their best advantage, which is another reason why Capers had to go and why MM has to go for keeping Dom Capers for so long

Rossonero's picture

I think someone on here mentioned that perhaps Pettine realized Fackrell's strength wasn't in setting the edge, so he's tried to put him in situations where he can just try to physically beat someone 1-on-1.

I found this from his draft profile:

"When it comes to the length and athleticism teams will look for off the edge, Fackrell will be one of the poster boys. His field versatility, coverage talent and potential as a pass rusher could make him one of the fastest rising prospects in this draft and a future contender for a Pro Bowl nod."

- Daniel Jeremiah

Skip greenBayless's picture

Wow, the Packers need to hire this Daniel Jeremiah. This is a man with vision. He hit it on the money with Fackrell. Everything he said is what Fackrell is currently doing. Nice job.

nostradanus's picture

Super happy for Fackrell although we shouldn’t put him in the “Mack” category just yet.
Even though Fackrell has had a nice run and as many sacks as Mack, he’s not the overall force Mack is.
But that’s ok he’s turning into a nice player and the light bulb has gone for him which is nice after the abuse he has taken in the press and social media.
Fackrell is a nice guy who does all the right things, the kind of guy you want to succeed.
Fack Attack!

Skip greenBayless's picture

It makes one wonder how Kyler Fackrell's career would have changed had they actually signed Mack. Right now we would be saying, wow, with Mack and Fack we'd be dominating. However, you would almost think Fackrell probably doesn't even make the team or get any playing time and he might have been cut and even out of the league today. All it took was some extra playing time due to a rare injury by Perry for him to get on the field. That would have never happened more than likely had they signed Mack. The Lord works in mysterious ways . So happy for Fack. He seems like a good guy. He deserves everything he's getting now. He's earned it. Keep it going Fack!!

Johnblood27's picture

It coulda been the "Mack and Fack Pack Sack Attack" Jack!

Tarynfor12's picture

As much as I liked Fackrell and even said he would be better than Perry,though I always felt Perry was not a true OLB and it wouldn't take much to outplay him,please stop comparing Fackrell to Mack. It makes everything good being said about Fackrell sound like the ridiculous praise so many placed upon Perry. Don't read more than there is here, Fackrell still needs to show more, especially now after becoming one the opponent looks for on the Packers defense.

Bearmeat's picture

I give props where they are due. I think more often than not, you are obnoxious and you're definitely a martyr when you're wrong.

But even though you claimed you jumped off the Fackrell train last year (although I never saw the post doing so) you look like a genius about him now. You were driving that bus.


Archie's picture

Fack had a bad leg injury as a junior. Prior to that he was being projected by some into the first round. Was not same player in his senior year and didn't show much under Capers for 2 years but he is blossoming now. He is no superstar but it looks like he's a legit starting OLB in today's NFL. The kid makes plays. He's also 27 soon. His next contract could be his last. Now maybe GB takes just one OLB in the first round of 2019 draft. Other pick could be most anything except CB, RB, or QB. It may time to begin rebuild of right side of OL for 12's elder years. Stud S, DL, TE or WR would be good too.

Rossonero's picture

Perhaps they roll the dice on Jason Spriggs. Bulaga is obviously better, but given his injury history and salary demands, they might just let him go.

For the draft, I'd like Deionte Thompson from Alabama. He's a true centerfielder, free safety type that we need.

Then go after the best pass rusher available-- and this upcoming class is rich with them.

Devin White (LSU), Josh Allen (Kentucky), Montez Sweat (Miss. State), come to mind.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Nah on Bulaga. Who is your swing OT to back up LT and RT? Bell? Kyle Murphy? You are just creating another sucking chasm of a hole in the roster by cutting Bulaga that necessitates burning a first or second round pick to fix, assuming Gute doesn't draft a bust or slow learner.

Bulaga's cap hit of $8.3M for 2019 is not out of line for a pretty good starting RT. He's at 84.2% of possible snaps for 2018. That's really the only concern with Bulaga, though I think he has slipped a little. Wonder what he looks like healthy, not that it's important since he never is fully healthy anyway.

FA tackle market looks pretty bad. We could put in an offer sheet on Rashod Hill (RFA) of the Vikings to piss them off. He isn't as good as Bulaga, but if we dump Bulaga, we're probably not going to be better at RT anyway.

stockholder's picture

The talk back in august was to cut BuLaga. Spriggs was the front runner. Then Bell. I believe Spriggs needs to be left, at LT. I wouldn't burn a #1 or 2 on the RT. If MM Returns he will keep Bulaga. But Spriggs should have taught the packers a lesson. Go by film, not the underwear workout. Some good choices Beau Benzschaweel G. WI, and Alex Bars ND.

4zone's picture

Nobody liked Spriggs period.

stockholder's picture

He should have never been drafted. The idea to keep him away from the bears, or play hard ball with Bahk. Is BS! Still is one of the worse GM moves TT made.

4zone's picture

We will keep Bulaga but have to draft his future replacement this year.

Rebecca's picture

I’ve heard ‘Bama players are Kryptonite to the Packers.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

If Fackerall can do it on defense, then Kumerow can do it on offense.

Pierre's picture

I’d say Tonyan could be the one to out perform expectations on this offense just as Fackrell has for the defense. He just needs the more targets in the passing game to show what he can do at the TE position.

Lare's picture

Unless they want to sign for veteran minimum contracts, I can't see any scenario where the Packers keep Perry & Matthews next year.

Thankfully, Fackrell is stepping up and providing some production from the OLB position. Get another starter and some backup talent through the draft & free agency, and this can be a position of strength instead of a laughingstock.

Ferrari Driver's picture

The Packers sack leader came out of "Area 51"

Skip greenBayless's picture

I like it Ferrari Driver. So would Art Bell if he were still alive today. Miss that guy.

Pierre's picture

Packers’ season is on the line at Minnesota. A loss to the Vikings essentially ends the Packers playoff hopes.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Fackrell is at 1 sack/36.25 snaps, a tackle per 12.08 snaps, and a QB hit per 32.2 snaps and a TFL every 32.2 snaps.

4zone's picture

Sometimes it take a little more time for some guys to catch on. I like him and Gilbert going forward and if we could sign or draft another stud we could be looking good for next year.

Problem with the draft is we are going to need OL talent to backup and eventually replace Bulaga and need someone at RG. AR obviously can't read defences as fast as in the past so we have to protect him better.

And then there is the Safety need. Williams may come back for another year and Jones should do well if they actually play him. But we need a future guy back there long term.

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