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Cory's Corner: I've changed my mind on Dom Capers

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Cory's Corner: I've changed my mind on Dom Capers

I want to start by saying that I have been in favor of defensive coordinator Dom Capers, no matter how many #FireCapers hashtags have been typed.

But I am stepping down from the Capers defense team now. That doesn’t mean that I think this defense has the horses to be a Top 15 defense — because it does not.

But the point is communication. I’m starting to think his players are tuning him out. This is Capers’ ninth season in Green Bay, yet what has been the biggest bugaboo the last several years? Tackling.

If there was one thing the Packers could improve on defensively, it was the tackling. We saw it in the first quarter of the preseason opener when three Packers missed a tackle en route to an Eagles touchdown. (Capers himself counted 16 missed tackles from that game alone.)

Fast forward to Sunday and not much has changed. Many of the same issues remain. Players are either going high or trying to make the highlight hit and are ultimately striking out. The frustration has even reached the players as defensive lineman Kenny Clark who has been the Packers most consistent defensive player this season said, “We’ve got to be better at tackling.”

Then there is the issue of Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. The fourth-year free safety earned his first Pro Bowl bid last year for being all over the field and being assertive to the ball. This year, that assertiveness has fallen off a cliff. And unless he’s injured, which the team says he’s not, Capers has to unlock the mystery. With Morgan Burnett sidelined with a nagging hamstring injury, Clinton-Dix has had to shoulder a larger load from the safety position. Capers has to do a better job of getting the temperature of the room and knowing what makes each of his guys tick. Once again, this is a communication issue.

Finally, there is not having 11 guys on the field not once, but twice on Sunday. Twice! For a defensive coordinator that operates from upstairs, that should never happen because he has the best view out of all of his coaches. Maybe that’s a sign that maybe he should come down from the coaching box and do some actual in-game coaching.

Capers is great at innovation and understanding what he has and what he doesn’t. But does it really matter when the message is getting lost? Capers is a very stoic old-school kind of guy. Is he really approachable for a starting defense that has an average age of 25.8? Maybe Capers doesn’t realize it, but he has turned into the “Get off my lawn” neighbor and it’s that rigidity that doesn’t make you an endearing coach.

Many will say that general manager Ted Thompson wouldn’t fire Capers because he drafted an entire defense for his 3-4 scheme and if Capers leaves, a 4-3 would likely follow. But the current Packers could do it. In fact, the Packers have sprinkled in 4-3 looks during the past few games.

But let’s be honest. This team needs to get more athletic and faster. What defensive player does an offensive coordinator have to worry about? The answer is nobody. Clay Matthews isn’t chasing down running backs from behind anymore and Nick Perry is basically making due with a club on his hand.

Capers may not be coming back in 2018, but it’s not because of the defense’s production. It will be a result of communication that has completely broken down. And that cannot happen when you’re leading ⅓ of a $1.375 billion franchise.


Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He recently earned his Masters degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter: @Coryjennerjohn

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Nick Perry's picture

"That doesn’t mean that I think this defense has the horses to be a Top 15 defense — because it does not."

Whoa Nelly!! Are you telling me that the 28 draft picks on the defensive side of the ball in the last 6 drafts still aren't enough??

Well I guess Thompson could take a few more swings with his top 4 or 5 picks next season at the expense of his O-Line, OLB Corps, and aging WR group yet again.

If the 2011 and 2012 seasons didn't get him fired, all of the Playoff blowout losses didn't him fired, I wonder if anything will.

KenEllis's picture

So the author is advocating the Pack get rid of a defensive coordinator whom head coach Mike McCarthy proclaimed to be an OUTSTANDING FOOTBALL COACH just a few months ago?

Why? The D is performing just as it has the past 7 years.

And after 6 straight years of top picks going to the defense the author insists the Pack does not have sufficient talent to be a top 15 D?

How can that be if, as the GB press corps constantly reminds us, we have the best GM in the NFL?

Craziness in Packerland these days. It is almost as if losing Aaron Rodgers has exposed Dom Capers, Mike McCarthy, and Ted Thompson to be nothing more than JAGs.

Point Packer's picture

I have been saying that MM, TT and Capers are not that special for years. All real average. Sadly. I think MM is an adequate coach only because of #12. Capers should have been canned after the 2012 season. TT needs to step down and hand the reigns to Eliot Wolf. And should have after last season.

This team may not win another game this season. Which may actually be the only thing that shakes things up at 1265 Lombardi Avenue. A

mrj007's picture


Nick Perry's picture

This is far and away one of the best and most accurate comments I've read on CHTV. Excellent KenEllis!

Nick Perry's picture

This is far and away one of the best and most accurate comments I've read on CHTV. Excellent KenEllis!

Nick Perry's picture

This is far and away one of the best and most accurate comments I've read on CHTV. Excellent KenEllis!

Christopher Gennaro's picture

Thank you I have been banging my head against anything hard for at least 4 years now. DC needs vets to get his system across and TT is a draft and develop GM. Am I the only one that see the flaw in that combo? Sorry we can not to continue to see on defense first drafts anymore, we need a simple system to reflect the defense age, young. Until this changes we will continue with this ground hog day defense, expect this year Bill Murray is hurt and not returning.

HankScorpio's picture

No, you are not the only one that sees a flaw in Capers vet-centric scheme and the organization's draft and develop philosophy. There have been lots of questions about that for years from fans and media alike.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"Capers may not be coming back in 2018"

I'll believe it when I see it. Not that I wouldn't love a to see a simpler, more modern, execution based scheme.

RCPackerFan's picture

I agree with you Cory.

I'm not a fire ___ guy. I don't really believe in that.

That being said I think its time to move on from Capers. I have no problem with the style of defense he runs. I actually like it for the most part.

What bothers me with Capers is that over the years there have always been miscommunication errors. That falls on the DC. This year there have been a lot of miscommunication and yes they were better when Burnett was in charge of the defense. But the 10 men on the field has to stop. High School teams can get 11 players on the field.

The biggest problem IMO is that Capers is to slow to react to what offenses are doing. For example on Sunday, when the saints were running all over us, when did he switch to using 3 DL? Sometimes our 2 DL sets just aren't big enough to stuff the run.

Sometimes it is the players he has aren't capable of doing it. But sometimes I really wonder if Capers doesn't have them in their best position to succeed. For example, look at what Casey Hayward and Micah Hyde have done since leaving Green Bay. In a different scheme they are playing lights out. In Green Bay they were 'ok'.
Also seeing King playing off coverage and giving up easy pass plays needs to end. King is a guy who was drafted mostly for his physical play, and can be a pest at the LOS. House was a guy who is really good at bumping at the LOS. So lets get them up on the LOS and being physical with WR's.
The defense has issues and sometimes it takes making a change at the top to get the message sent.

This week would be the perfect week to make a change, though I would give it about a 1.5% chance of happening. Making a move this week though would give whoever they wanted to promote Whitt, Moss or whoever an extra week to prepare. Also it would give them 9 games to determine if that guy could be their D-coordinator next year. The Lions made a move like that at OC. Their offense has been very good ever since switching.
It would make a lot of sense to make a switch at DC now. Though like I said, I don't see it happening. More likely in the offseason.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"there have always been miscommunication errors"

It's a complexity issue IMO. Capers has been doing this for decades and it's easy for him to understand tricky concepts. Now take a replacement player and understanding is going to take a lot longer, and it certainly isn't going to happen at game speed. I like the Seahawks strategy, KISS and execute and Tackle. The Packers always have the next Hokey, Dokey, Big Ding Dong scheme that is supposed to fix the problem. It never does.

RCPackerFan's picture

Exactly right.

Much like what McCarthy is going to have to do on offense with Hundley now the QB, Capers needs to adjust his schemes to fit the players they have. Simplify things to fit who they have.

Tarynfor12's picture

To much simplication will have us looking like a high school team on both sides of the ball....wait, we may already be that.

RCPackerFan's picture

so funny...

Let me guess. Alabama could beat Green Bay too right now?

Tarynfor12's picture

The ineptitude of what's been seen and unless a drastic change occurs vs Det, would it be so hard to accept that without Rodgers this team could lose to Alabama or is denial still a requisite of Packer fans.

RCPackerFan's picture

You really think an NFL team would lose to a college team?

Thats sad.

Johnblood27's picture

Saban is a far better football coach than McCarthy.

That definitely counts for something.

Christopher Gennaro's picture

Sorry Saban bread and butter is intimation and holding player future in his hands. There is a reason he hasn't even thought about coming back, grown men squash his b.s at the door. See the fins the last time he coached, dude tucked tail and ran back to college. Saban is bully and if you think he's better coach then MM then go watch his tenure in the NFL.

Finwiz's picture

It happened to the Packers playing the college all-stars back in the day, and Alabama might as well be college all-stars, they get the best HS recruits every single year. 4-star and 5-star kids. Play the Packers 25 times, 'Bama would win 2-3 times. It could happen.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Can you go derail someone else's conversation with this nonsense?

Spud Rapids's picture

The worst NFL team would beat Alabama by 3+ touchdowns

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Do you mean just like how too little already does?

dobber's picture

The simplification needs to be playing physical on the outside and playing downhill...attacking the LOS. I'm not saying that they need to all-out blitz on every passing down and sell-out to stop the run, but the number of concepts you're running at that stage is cut down dramatically if you make these changes.

If this defense is going to get gashed, I'd rather it's because they're playing hard, playing fast, and trying to make things happen. Not because they're playing passively and letting the opposition take what it wants. If you force the issue, you're far more likely to generate an offensive miscue. If it means they're going to give up more big plays, so be it. But I'd rather give up a TD in 3:00 than 11:00.

RCPackerFan's picture

I agree... To me there is to much read and react with the defense. they don't attack enough.

Capers defenses used to be known for blitzing. Coming from all angles and the offense wouldn't know where it was coming from. Now its kind of just trying to hold up.

I completely agree. I'd rather be aggressive.

Tundraboy's picture

Bingo Dobber.

Should get at least a dozen likes for this.

Houndog's picture

The biggest reason is "No Accountability", and it starts at the top with Murphy not holding TT accountable. That rolls downhill to McPuffy, then to the assistants, and then the players, everyone knows their job is safe.
It's not like we have an owner that wants to win, we have some suit sitting in an office that's more interested in building monuments to himself; shopping malls, parking lots, and the like.
God knows the profits keep rolling in and that keeps the BOD pacified while the "Owners" have no say in the matter.
Time to clean house, you can start with Murphy and move immediately to TT following that. Let's get back to winning before our second consecutive HOF QB is gone.

HankScorpio's picture

"The biggest reason is "No Accountability", and it starts at the top with Murphy not holding TT accountable."

What makes you say that? The Packers have been in the playoffs all but two years of TT's tenure and are on a streak of 8 in a row. With 4 NFC CG appearance and one SB win. Should the Packers alter course for failing to win a title every 3-4 years? Isn't that what the Cleveland Browns do?

On Oct 24, it sure looks like that streak of making the playoffs will be broken this year. But that's not accountability, that's predicting the future.

billybobton's picture

No and you could not be further from the truth, the Green Bay Rodgers have a consecutive playoff streak

MM and little teddie are looking for win # 3

splitpea1's picture

Can't believe we don't have new defensive leadership yet. Now is the perfect opportunity to get a head start fixing this problem so the season isn't a total waste. I know MM is more focused on the QB situation, but as a head coach, the defense is his responsibility as well. I think we have more talent than some people think, but it's just not being deployed to its greatest advantage. I'd like to see the coordinator on the sidelines interacting with the players instead of being perched up in a sky booth. Every time they show him on TV he's got his head on his hands and elbows and looks like he's about to fall asleep.

Finwiz's picture

Exactly what I've been saying.
Talent isn't sub-par, and not the issue.

CAG123's picture

I don’t think a switch to a 4-3 adds more athleticism back when the Packers made the switch the 3-4 was the more athletic and faster base formation but that was before sub packages kind of took over. The problem isn’t what formation they run the problem is Capers scheme is just too gimmicky and complicated for this young squad that has so many new pieces yearly the Pack needs a fresh not necessarily young mind at DC Capers time is up I believe his defenses just don’t bring the best out of his players I mean the fact that you have two big physical corners that are more press corners yet you ask them to play zone makes no sense to me. The other lingering 1/2 complete issue is the inside linebacker position Blake Martinez is a stud but they need another of similar build and to play alongside him Joe Thomas is just a guy to me he’s extremely small for an inside guy at 6’2 225-230 and Jake Ryan lacks speed the Packers have ignored this position still. Another dominant presence on the D line would help I feel like Mike Daniels and Kenny Clark are suffering because of it I see Daniels as a perineal 5-8 sack guy but a lack of another presence means he gets the double teams.

RCPackerFan's picture

I agree with a lot that you have said.

Joe Thomas hasn't been able to play, and when he has, he has been pretty good overall.. Ryan hasn't been though. He has taken a step backwards this year from last year. We are missing Burnett to play that role.

I agree though that it feels like players are playing out of position or not being used the way they should be used. King and House should be up and pressing WR's at the LOS all game. Daniels and Clark are great, but when they have just those 2 guys on the field down after down they get wore down. They need to start using 3 DL more often.

I said above but I think Capers is to slow to react to what is happening in the game. A younger guy might adjust faster.

CAG123's picture

Yes the zone thing bothers me so much bad things happen when you give receivers free releases off the line they get straight into their routes and timing isn’t disrupted look what happened when Rollins just let Cole Beasley run right by him plus when you play zone there is a tendency to get caught peaking at the QB and you lose your man we see it damn near every game with them.

RCPackerFan's picture

I just hate letting WR's do what they want. Some DB's can play off coverage and be very good at it. Shields was really good off coverage. But with the CB's we have like King and House, they should be up battling WR's all game.

I would prefer the CB's be up challenging WR's off the line, forcing QB's to take a second longer to make the throw. A number of times our pass rush has hit the QB just as after they threw the ball. If the CB's are up jamming, perhaps those QB hits turns into sacks.

CAG123's picture

An excellent point Shields was smaller at 5’11 182 so he couldn’t really be physical but his 4.2 speed abled him to play off because he could close in on the receiver quickly and make plays on the ball but with two guys standing at 6’3 and 6’1 respectively both over 195 lbs they should be in the receivers face all game long harassing them.

Finwiz's picture

Get it through your head - the SCHEME, or the TEACHING OF IT, IS FLAWED!
It has nothing to do with player talent. They've drafted enough defensive talent the last 3-4 years. Time to start putting the blame where it belongs and quit making excuses for once great coaches.

They tried to cover up their schematic deficiencies by creating a NEW scheme....the Nitro package. And I predicted the smallish safeties they tried to use as middle LB's would get run over and hurt, by pounding O-lineman and running backs. Guess who's in the infirmary like 1/2 the rest of the team. Old 42. And 21 won't tackle anybody because he doesn't want to get his bell rung either. Shy's away from contact because he's afraid to get hurt. They really grasped at straws with this Nitro gimmick, and shockingly it hasn't worked any better than what they had before.

Capers >is< history.

CAG123's picture

You’re not saying anything different from what I’m saying

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Finwiz, But Capers is An Outstanding Football Coach!!

dobber's picture

When you're really only playing 1 ILB most of the time (who's the first guy to come off the field in nickel/dime? The second ILB), and you have a guy playing well like Martinez, I have a hard time pointing to that as the issue.

CAG123's picture

The point is if they had drafted an ILB and not whiffed on so many then this wouldn’t be an issue go back and check on TT failed ILB picks there’s about 6 of them. Imagine another ILB playing similar to the way Martinez is now.

dobber's picture

I would argue that the second ILB would still be coming off the field in lieu of another DB. Packers only played 2 ILBs on less than 30% of their plays a year ago. Even if that other guy is playing like Martinez, the question is going to be: are you going to leave that guy on the field in nickel and dime? The answer is likely to be no. If that guy is Ryan Shazier and can get you tremendous speed and the ability to handle TEs and RBs easily? Then Martinez is coming off the field.

CAG123's picture

You’re still missing the point the only reason Packers play that particular package is because they lack the personnel to stay is base formation. Morgan Burnett isn’t bringing anything different that a quality ILB would be bringing if that ILB could play the run and cover then Burnett could stay where he is at or maybe he’s being taken out to allow a faster and stronger safety to blitz off the edge or up the middle. That’s why the failed linebackers TT has drafted are so significant

flackcatcher's picture

I disagree with Burnett. Capers put him that position last year more out of desperation than anything else. I think the Packers expected it to work, but were surprised as how successful it was during the run last year. Still, I agree with most of your points over this thread. TT failures forced the Packers to go into a more DB heavy scheme. That's not on Capers, that he made lemonade out of lemons speaks volumes.

Houndog's picture

"Many will say that general manager Ted Thompson wouldn’t fire Capers because he drafted an entire defense for his 3-4 scheme and if Capers leaves, a 4-3 would likely follow".

Last I heard was that McPuffy had full control over
hiring/firing his assistants, has that changed?

HankScorpio's picture

No. Thompson hires MCCarthy. McCarthy hires his coaches.

BPEARSON21's picture

It's super difficult to distinguish whether it's the players or the coaches. I've always leaned more on the side of Ted Thompson being the bigger issue but certainly agree Dom Capers isn't putting our defense over the top.

Capers tries to do what he can with what he has like this new "star" package. But you're right, it doesn't seem like he's getting through to his players at all.

Speaking of the star package, remember the article on here about 2 months ago that predicted Damarious Randall would be our Chris Harris Jr.... lol Packer fans I tell ya.. Packer fans..

I said it all last season, and the off-season and now this year that our defense is trash and nobody wanted to hear it. I'm glad people are starting to see it!

Good article

RCPackerFan's picture

I think its some of both. Thompson hasn't always given him the best talent but Capers hasn't used the talent he has either.

For me I place more blame on Capers. There are and have been way to many miscommunication errors. Just Sunday we had to burn 2 timeouts on defense in the 2nd half due to the defense not having the right personnel. Also on one TD, they only had 10 guys on the field. Way to many communication errors which all falls on the DC.

I don't think Capers does a good enough job of putting players in the best position to succeed. King and House should be up in the WR's face all game long. Josh Jones proved to be a very effective blitzer. How much has he actually blitzed in the last 2-3 games?
Then to see players like Hayward and Hyde leave and play better then they did in Green Bay also makes me wonder if Capers scheme is preventing players.

BPEARSON21's picture

I agree. I think that's a really good point about Josh Jones too. He was so effective playing as a downhill linebacker/FS but it seems we've only seen him in the secondary the past few weeks.

We clearly found one of his strengths so why not keep putting him in that position? That's a good point because I have been very disappointed with his disappearance act these last few weeks.

RCPackerFan's picture

I do think some of it is that Jones is now playing more of Burnett's role in which he isn't ready to fill those shoes yet. Burnett is great in the role he has been playing. Jones doesn't really fit that role just because of his experience level.

But Jones is great at blitzing, playing downhill and attacking. We haven't seen that the last however long. Maybe part of that is due to Burnett being absent. But even if that is why, can't they find a handful of times to have him blitz during the game?

When you have a player that proved to be really good at something, why stop having them do it?

Razer's picture

I like the idea of using Josh Jones BUT the dumb, dumb had 3 penalties on Sunday and I think they were all pre-snap. Jones is probably not out there because of discipline and learning issues.

RCPackerFan's picture

Jones was playing. All of his penalties came on special teams. Not defense.

HankScorpio's picture

"Then to see players like Hayward and Hyde leave and play better then they did in Green Bay also makes me wonder if Capers scheme is preventing players."

Really good observation, RC

mrj007's picture

So if a player plays bad for Dom Capers and well for another coach AND is the same player, the only conclusion is DC isn't effectively getting the most talent from the players the team is paying for. From a strictly business standpoint these examples suggest a change in coaching would be a sound decision.

HankScorpio's picture

I don't know how anyone can tell what kind of defensive talent they. Crappy tackling and free-range secondary co-ordination are issues that have shown through despite significant roster turnover over the years. That strongly suggests both are issues of coaching, not talent.

Tackling is a skill that can be taught, not a talent that a player has or doesn't have. It is the core function of a defense--to tackle the ball carrier. Because they do not execute that core defensive function well, they can never be a really good defense, no matter how much talent they have.

As for the poor coordination in the secondary, the answer is self-evident in the term. It is coordination and that word is in Caper's job title. They have had major issues trying to figure out who should be covering who for years. All the talent in the world won't make a difference if they don't bother covering up everybody. Left alone to roam freely, any NFL QB-receiver combo will gain yards. I present Ted Ginn's 100+ yards last week as exhibit A.

If these issues were rare, I can see laying the blame on the players. But they are not rare so they go back to the coaches. I don't want to say there are no bad students, only bad teachers. That's not true. But when everyone is a bad student, you have to examine the teacher.

Handsback's picture

Well the Packers can clean house and let the chips fall where they may. If that would have a long wait for the next SB winner. It seems that the asst. coaches on defense have been raised up by many on this board as being great. Yet, most everyone says Capers must go, but the other coaches are golden.

TT has had a couple of good drafts in a row, but before that he struck out a lot on those first round picks. The latter rounds guys didn't become anything special so those drafts weren't good. So add to the fact that Capers doesn't have those game changers on defense that most thought he should have and you got a hot mess of "throw everything you got at the offense and see what sticks attitude".If the DBs aren't in position, or losing their leverage then the asst. coaches should be held accountable. I find it odd that NONE of the Packers asst coaches except for McAdoo and WR coach have ever been hired by other teams. (I may be wrong but you catch my drift).

I think Capers and MM are good coaches, but there's a mental toughness that the players don't exhibit when injuries happen and the 2-3rd string guys don't step up. I think TT has changed his team development a little, but with 11 draft picks and a higher draft position may change the roster and add some real playmakers.

The reality is that the Packers don't have enough of a pass rush, don't have enough healthy DBs to do press coverage and their safeties don't cover up the mistakes of the CBs. The Oline is a patchwork that got Rodgers hurt and Hundley is being thrown in the fire. If Hundley can get his feet under him and they continue to run the ball and score some TDs, maybe they give the Defense enough rest to make stops and grab a turnover or two.

Or let's fire eveyone and start over and go back to the 70s.

Christopher Gennaro's picture

Hmm so did we have an all world qb back, nope. If anything this proven he has masked too many issues.

CAG123's picture

It’s bad when you realize that only 6 yeah SIX players from 2011-2013 are on the roster and it would be 5 if House hadn’t come back that’s bad drafting and developing and then check out how many linebackers TT has whiffed on in those drafts its act quite ridiculous.

Razer's picture

I agree that Ted has too many misses, particularly on defense. It took him 6 years to get two decent D-lineman. We are five years plus on our two pass rushing OLBs. Our hope is that guys like Frackell, Elliott, Odom and Beigel are the answer. The secondary - well, I don't know what to say about that group. It doesn't instill me with confidence today or for what is in the hopper.

I think this year's FA splurge was an admission that we don't have enough talent to sustain success. Sorry, too many draft pick misses for a D&D team.

CAG123's picture

On the plus side it only took him two to get the safety position down but yeah too many whiffs for that outside linebacker spot and he’s only got one right for the inside because Ryan is a liability in coverage and Thomas is a liability in run support. Fackrell is already looking like a waste, Elliott is in Dallas, we hardly see Odom and Biegel is recovering. Somehow I think Reggie McKenzie leaving has exposed TT more than we acknowledge. The only real drafting stable are Oline man (What’s up Derrick Sherrod) and for some reason 2nd round wide receivers and those few undrafted CBs

Tundraboy's picture

I realize I sound like a broken record but the only thing that's really broken is the inability of this team to get off the field third-and-long. it's been a sad saga for so many years I can't even count anymore.

For an emotional sport like football especially, it makes absolutely no sense not to have a coach on the sidelines, particularly on defense and particularly with the history of this team. Add to that, that MM is hands off it seems during the game, delegating D to his assistants. That's got to change but better yet let's just change coaches.

Savage57's picture

Two constants for the Green Bay Packers.

1) Outstanding QB Play

2) Soft Defenses

Can't completely prevent your QB being hurt in pro football, but you can fix the other one.

Since &#039;61's picture

Savage - succinct, accurate and brilliant as usual. Thanks, Since '61

Tundraboy's picture

Enough already about switching schemes etc. Lack of and or poor tackling has been a problem since 2010-2011. If not longer. D always depended on turnovers. But I digress. It is MM's problem to solve and if he can not see that a new defensive approach, a new voice, a new coach is needed, the situation is hopeless.

al bundy's picture

Isnt our problem complacentcy. Martinez had 16 tackels in the game. Which ones were play stoppers or sent the saints off the field three and out. DItto for Mathews, even Perry got a decent play. Hey were cheering Randle for an interception, how many break ups did he have.

Yes some of our d guys make a play here and there. None of them do it consistently and none of them are capable of stopping the offense and getting off the field.

We must fact it that the guys Dom has arent very good. This is probably the 28th or worse defense in the league. Its only one of three things: Dom sucks, the players suck, or both.

CAG123's picture

A tackle in itself is a play stopper... I think it’s quite silly to complain about the guys making the plays when the real question is who else is stepping up? I see Martinez all over the field stopping runs for losses and short gains but who else? I’ve seen Randall make a play in the secondary 3 straight weeks when he was on the verge of exile but who else? HHCD anyone the Pro bowl safety that was poised to make an even bigger jump this year? I see a guy that only feels comfortable making a tackle when the receivers back is turned but seems hesitant in a head up open field situation. Besides the names we usually call Mathews, Daniels, and Perry even Clark who else?

Ds300916's picture

We have made the playoffs 8 straight seasons. Sure we've only won one super bowl, but
You have to realize the New England Patriots are outliers. Even if you refuse to believe that, Tom Brady went TEN YEARS between championships. Once you get into the playoffs (especially into the deeper rounds as we always do), all the teams are talented so are we going to get blown out against Atlanta when we have a substantial amount of injuries? Of course we are. The goal is to make the playoffs every year, not win the super bowl. Once you're in you have to just hope for the best. Realize that Capers has had to coach through a substantial amount of injuries the past year and a half. That takes a toll. It doesn't matter who your coach is if he is coaching young 3rd string caliber players against starting NFL talents. We finally have some talent in King, Josh Jones, Martinez, Kenny Clark, and Mike Daniels. Let's see how this plays out.

cpabandit's picture

Capers' play calling is "old fashioned" and he refuses to adapt to the new style of football defense. The middle of the field never seems to be covered. 3rd and 16 for N.O. last week needed a small screen pass in the middle to advance. I agree that the players either don't listen to his advice or don't understand the plays. Having 10 players on the field twice in one game demands being fired. Unfortunately, Capers needs to drop his pants to count to 11 and by then the play is already run. Enough is enough.

carusotrap's picture

For the #keepCapers crowd, I'd like to direct you to Peter Bukowski and his Locked on Packers podcast where he asked THE question: "What is the signature of a Dom Capers defense?" (For the record, neither he nor Michelle Bruton could really answer that.)

That's the question. What is the "value added" of a Capers-led defense? What is better about a Capers-designed defense than another? Or put another way, can you honestly attribute anything about the 8 year run we've had to a Capers defense? Can a Capers-led defense win you a game? (Maybe) Can a Capers defense win you six games? What is the argument after nine years for continuing with Capers?

I'm really asking.

The defense is ALWAYS the weak link. Yes...players, personnel, youth...blah, blah, blahbity, blah. But Capers' defenses, regardless of personnel and the occasional breakout game always regress to a norm. Too many yards. Too many converted 3rd and 8 plays. Too many guys out of position. Too much soft man coverage. Too many missed assignments. Too many missed tackles. Too few guys on the field. Simply put: too little effective defense played.

Now you can pick nits and argue this or that about the details of this scheme or that plan, but what I want is the answer to this: Exactly what is it about Dom Capers and his design of the Packers' defense that wins games week in and week out?

Seriously. I'm really asking.

Ds300916's picture

First of all, I used to be a member of the fire Capers crowd. But after looking at previous seasons I have backed off. I am happy we have a team that does not overreact to a single loss, and fire coaches for the sake of firing. That is what bad teams (such as the cleveland browns and new york jets do). So here we go, the reason Aaron Rodgers has a super bowl, and you may not like this, is a Dom Capers coached defense. Int against chicago to seal the week 17 win. Int to stop the Eagles drive in the Wild Card game. Pick 6 before the half against Atlanta in the divisional round to stop any sort of rally (Ill admit Rodgers was out of his mind this game, but without the defensive stop vs the Eagles this may not have happened). The NFC championship game against Chicago when Rodgers struggled mightily (2 INT's no TD's, his big play of the game was his tackle on an INT). Stopping Big Ben and the Steelers on a 4th quarter drive in the super bowl, when every single fan watching had seen Big Ben already drive down the field and win super bowl in the 4th quarter. But that is probably not recent enough, so I get it. 2011 (our 15-1 season) High powered offense turns the ball over 4 times. 2012 we get destroyed by Colin Kaepernick so we play again in 2013 and with a defense decimated by injury (and some cold weather) this Capers coached defense holds Colin in check. Again we are let down by the offense. 2014 the defense forces FOUR interceptions against Wilson, but Rodgers and the offense cannot score enough points (and we all know what happened with the onside kick). 2015 vs Arizona, hard to win that game with how injured we were. So by my count thats a super bowl in 2010, a 2011 offensive let down, a 2012 defensive meltdown, a 2013 offensive let down, a 2014 offensive let down (4 ints should equate to more points with Aaron rodgers, but alas we were stopped at the goal line multiple times). 2015 was an injury riddled year. And then last year where we played THE BEST offense at home with their MVP quarterback. Capers has put players in position to make plays, but if they can't make them that is on the player not the coach. For example, In 2013 Micah Hyde and in 2015 Sam Shields had chances at game changing interceptions. If they make the plays we are talking about how clutch our defense is.

Since &#039;61's picture

Ds - in 2011, how is losing 37 - 20 on your home field in the championship game an offensive meltdown?

2013 - The 49ers held the ball for the final 5+ minutes of the game and were allowed to score the wining FG on the last play of the game. What should the offense do when the defense can't get off the field again?

2014 - defense is on the field when Seattle scored both late 4th qtr TDs. How about making a stop on one of those drives. (See my 2 posts that follow below)

Game changing picks, you are correct, that is on the players but the defense never picks anyone up on the next play or the next series.

How often have we seen the offense score only to see the defense give it right back? How often do we give up 3rd and long? When was the last time you saw a plan to stop our opponents best offensive player and take him out of a game? When was the last time you saw a Packer defender take over a game and wreck and opponents offensive game plan?
Yes, we could be talking about how clutch our defense is, but that's the point. We're never discussing how clutch our defense is. It's always would of, should have, could have. Thanks, Since '61

Ds300916's picture

Because our #1 ranked offense turned the ball over 4 times. is that not the definition of offensive meltdown? How can you reasonably expect to not give up points when we gift the other team 4 extra possessions?
Again, you can not ask for a better defensive performance than in 2014. Its not fun to say but Aaron Rodgers and the offense let us down that day. As for a plan to take out the best opposing player, of course we have a plan. But making the plan and executing it are two different things. I'm sure Capers didn't say "Lets let Julio do what he wants and we'll see how that works out for us". The teams' best players are exactly that, their BEST players. Capers can put Ladarius Gunter in a position to succeed with a great plan against the number 1 receiver on anyones team, but do you actually expect Gunter to be able to hold his own against Jones, Dez, and Odell Beckham? At the end of the day, it is up to the players to execute.

WinUSA's picture

Good post sentiment exactly! The last time I saw a true game changer for the Packers was Mathews when he was younger and of course Woodsen, the seasoned pro.

Finwiz's picture

Excellent post again! People are starting to see the light about the truth behind the defensive inadequacies.

Since &#039;61's picture

Fin - thanks for letting me know. Since '61

Tundraboy's picture

Been giving up 3rd or 4th and long since Terrell Owens. Year in year out.

billybobton's picture

this is really an inane comment, you seriously compare expectations for AROD a GOAT candidate and the browns?

wake up

lou's picture

On defense you can pick a player who consistently under performs or fails, a defensive alignment or scheme that fails and of course the number of injuries for the unit but what is not in question is the fact that the Defense is the reason the team has not had a Super Bowl appearance since 2010 with an almost identical set of defensive coaches top to bottom during that time period. Everyone talks about simplifying the defense but based on the above comments the simple answer for attacking this long term problem is with the coaching staff. That being the case the likely change is at the top, Dom Capers. Unlike in the past when McCarthy fired Bob Sanders and the entire defensive coaching crew and totally changed the scheme, the more reasonable approach now is at year end to thank Capers for his efforts and move on, any more delay and we are in "Shawn Slocum" territory.

Ds300916's picture

The reason we haven't been a super bowl since 2010 is a failed onside kick recovery. In the past 9 years there has only been one NFC team to play in the super bowl twice, the Seattle Seahawks. If Bostick blocks for Jordy who catches the onside kick, the only team to have multiple super bowl appearances from the NFC in the past 9 years is the Green Bay Packers. Professional football really is that close that one play makes a difference, and can really change the narrative of a season. As for my argument to your stance that the defense is poor, please look above.

fthisJack's picture

the only reason it came down to that play was Capers prevent defense. prevented us from getting into the SB. if that didn't get him fired...nothing will.

dobber's picture

There were a series of failures at the end of that game that led to the very improbable comeback by the Seahawks. Pick any one of those single plays--Burnett downing himself on the INT, the run calls on that last drive, the inability of HHCD to cover the TE on the 2 pt, the onside kick, etc.--and the game turns out differently.

Ds300916's picture

fthisJack, I would argue that the offense cost us that game then. Getting 4 Interceptions (what more can you ask for?) and being unable to turn two trips inside the five yard line into one touchdown (with Aaron Rodgers as our quarterback) is what actually cost us the game. I am just merely pointing out had that onside kick been recovered, Capers would have been lauded for his defense's performance that day. All it takes is one play to change the story.

Since &#039;61's picture

Ds - the reason is not the failed onside kick recovery. Yes, we could have closed out that game is Bostick doesn't mess up the play, but the defense was the unit on the field whenSeattle scored both of their late 4th quarter TDs to take the lead.

The defense gave up the TD drive prior to the onside kick. How about making a stop on that drive. Then after the onside kick fiasco, how about a stop. Seattle, specifically Lynch blew right through the Packers defense on both drives. Championship defenses step up and make stops. That's why they are champions.

I always go back to Lombardi's defense. 9 - 1 in the post season, 104 points allowed including back to back shutouts against the NY Giants in the 1961 and 1962 NFL Championship games. That's championship defense. In 1961 the Packers defeated the Giants 37 - 0. The defense never went soft for one play in that game. The same in the 1962 game won in NY by the Packers 16 - 7. The Giants only score in 2 Championship games came on a blocked punt which the Giants recovered in the end zone, nothing against the defense.

The current Packers defense can't get off the field on 3rd down never mind shut out an opponent in the regular season, forget about the playoffs. Thanks, Since '61

Ds300916's picture

The defense forced four interceptions on the road against a QB who usually doesn't turn the ball over. What else could you ask for? If you are going to blame a specific unit for the loss (which I believe is hard to do because of so many plays gone wrong) it is clearly the offense. Rodgers threw an interception while in field goal range, and we came away with 6 points from two trips inside the five yard line. The defense played their heart out that day. You simply cannot blame the defense for that loss. Secondly, In the modern day NFL it is extremely difficult, if not downright impossible, to shut a team out. If that is the expectations you have for your defense, I feel sorry for you as you will never be satisfied. Thirdly, you simply cannot compare the packers teams of the 60s to the 2010's. Different era, different rules for acquiring players, no salary cap, and the talent is much more equivalent across the league.

Since &#039;61's picture

As a fan why should I be satisfied with anything less than a championship. I have 56 seasons invested in the Packers and I expect championship football. I've been fortunate enough to watch the Packers win 7 NFL championships in my lifetime but that doesn't mean I should be satisfied with the current situation. Not when we have one of the greatest if not the greatest player to ever play QB in the NFL.

I am not asking our defense to be Lombardi's, I'm jut asking them to make tackles and get off the field on 3rd downs, especially 3rd and long. I can accept an middle of the pack defense because the offense will do the rest (when Rodgers is healthy). But I cannot accept a defense that allows a score on every possession like we did against the Saints in the second half. And after all these seasons (since 2010) someone (Capers, at least) should be held accountable.

You are fairly new here so you probably have not seen most of my posts over the last 6-7 years that I am posting here. I am mostly a supporter of MM and TT, but I do not blindly accept or excuse or agree with everything they do.

Since the 2010 SB season, this team has been held back by it's defense. It certainly has not been held back by Aaron Rodgers or the offense. And I'm not comparing the 60s teams to the current era I'm merely using them as an example of what good defense is about. It's about making tackles, which our current defense does not do well. It's about pressuring the QB, which our defense does not do well, it's about covering receivers over the middle, which our defense does not do well. It's about getting off the field on 3rd down or at least before the opponent scores, which, you guessed it, our current defense does not do well.

And since I actually watched Lombardi's team I can compare eras if I choose to and I am well aware of the salary cap, free agency, rules changes etc... over the last 56 years of watching NFL football, thank you.

When the Packers stop playing mammy-pamby defense and actually play good defense I'll let you know so that you can know what you're watching. Thanks, Since '61

WinUSA's picture

Roger that 61

Captain Von Trapp_1's picture

What was Seattle's D ranked? They consistently had a superior D rank, so in that case, you take the points, even the 3 when you can

fthisJack's picture

one thing i will say in defense of Dom Capers. he comes up with some really catchy package names.......NITRO!!!.....PSYCHO!!!!....doesn't get any better than that.

dobber's picture

...I wonder if the Packers had to pay for the rights to use "NASCAR"?

Since &#039;61's picture

Dobber gets another cookie!!! Catchy names with no plays.
Thanks, Since '61

snowdog's picture

DEFENSE ! Oops ..

Tundraboy's picture

A turd by any other name is still a turd.. Prevent always comes to mind.

Since &#039;61's picture

I have had and I have consistently posted 2 problems with Capers defense since 2011. Then after the 2103 season I became a fire Capers advocate. The first problem is their attitude. With a very few exceptions this defense has never had a tough, nasty attitude on defense. Woodson yes, Daniels yes, sometimes, Brice yes. To me this was obvious when the defense failed to step up after Rodgers was hurt in 2013. Now we're seeing the same again, specifically during the 2nd half of the game against the Saints. Defense should always have a take no prisoners attitude but especially when the starting QB and in effect the entire offense goes down.

My other problem is that Capers never seems to take away the opposing offense best weapon(s). Our opponents best players seem to consistently make the big plays against us and especially on 3rd and long. The whole world knows that Julio Jones is Atlanta's best threat and yet we do nothing different to stop him. Meanwhile, the Dolphins!!!? go into Atlanta and beat the Falcons.

I've been saying this for years, this defense needs as infusion of nasty attitude. Yes, they will probably still lose games without Rodgers but can we at least make our opponents pay for every yard, rather than make it look easy, at least on our home field? Can we make a QB uncomfortable in the pocket? Can we stop a 3rd and long ever? Can we stop playing soft when we have a lead even when Rodgers is healthy? Will we ever see the end of Mamby-Pamby football?
It's too frustrating for me to think about. Thanks, Since '61

Johnblood27's picture

would you like to see Vantaze Burfict is a Packer uniform?

I too want a rock 'em sock 'em defense.

I believe that those days are over in the NFL. The rules just will not allow it. I have gone from a super-engaged football fanatic on all levels, HS, NCAA, Pro... USFL, everything to only following my college alma maters and the Packers to now just following two college teams and barely able to watch the NFL product on GBP games.

I hate to think about it, but I am slipping away from the NFL completely and the only reason I can stomach the college game is the unpredictability and the targeting rule.

I actually like eliminating using the helmet as a weapon. I remember when the Chuck Cecils and his ilk ruined the NFL by the spearing crap that they initiated. The Detroit secondary was the worst, I still hate the entire detroit franchise just for that.

The mamby-pamby defense in GB is the same product that the NFL is selling to house-mommys that will buy a jersey for themselves and fill the space under the xmas tree with NFL logo merchandise every year.

Lets not even mention the fantasy shit. That crap that makes "fans" root for players to tear up their own teams "as long as my team wins in the end" The concept that statistics have a GD thing to do with winning football games. Beating the man in front of you and winning the physical battles, thats what wins football games, the will to WIN, not the numbers that sometimes accompany the effort it takes to WIN. I hate that fantasy crap too.

Vent over for now...

Captain Von Trapp_1's picture

Clearly you've never played Fantasy. It's a game, hence fantasy in the title, and allows fans to be football fans. I never want my team to lose, regardless of a silly fantasy roster.

dobber's picture

Right on: Packers first, fantasy second!

Tundraboy's picture

You said it brother. Preach!

dschwalm's picture

The Defence just doesn't have the talent to compete, and we know that ugly fact. Doesn't TT have to accept some accountability for the terrible defence over the last 7 years?

Since &#039;61's picture

Yes! Thanks, Since '61

HavardPack's picture

With the trade deadline approaching, should we trade for a pass rusher? Frackle, Ryan are busts. Are high priced players are always hurt. Play the rookies Adams, Biegel, Jones and King.

Finwiz's picture

So in other words Cory, you are admitting you have been wrong for a long time? For most of us that really, really know football, it's been obvious he's been a failure as a coach for years. So what was the exact moment that caused the proverbial "light bulb" to go on?

Welcome to the party pal!

WinUSA's picture

I have played football as a young fellow....and I can tell you tackling is NOT just a physical skill. Hours and hours of tackling that damn 200 pound bag with a coach holding it up and pushing it at you...taught one how to tackle. Tackling is tough when you have a 200 pound running back bearing down on you full speed..the field looks mighty small.....but what makes the difference in a player who is a great tackler vs one who "chips" is heart. It is what is inside you that separates the greats you from the "others". I haven't seen one ounce of heart from our secondary
....maybe that should have been considered when drafting. It seems once these ball players get there big paychecks...if they ever had a has dissipated so that they can spend their money.

Finwiz's picture

Lombardi made players play with "heart".
Capers and McCarthy, not so much.

Johnblood27's picture

Likie Lombardi said, I dont need the most talented player, give me a boy who gives 100% every play and I can make him into a successful player.

That is coaching my friend.

Knowing what you have, getting it all every play, and putting that guy into position to succeed in the context of an 11 man team.

Tundraboy's picture

And for that reason Capers is not the right person to coach this team. Management owes it to this great legacy to put a stop to this embarrassment. A Packers D that is soft is a disgrace to the franchise.One that doesn't play hard is unheard of, or used to be.Title Town is more than a theme village.

badaxed's picture

Spot on!

Qoojo's picture

I don't know if anyone else noticed it, but before several snaps, the packers defense was in confusion. Waving, pointing, resetting alignment,... I think Capers is very knowledgeable, but his defense is too complicated for young players. Throughout the years, his defense has always done better when it was announced he simplified things.

I remember one play against Dallas, I think, where all the CBs looked like they were in zone, then all 4 CBs stopped 2 yards in front of 1st down marker, but 3 WRs kept running beyond that. Which meant there are now 2 safeties to cover 3 guys. The rush didn't get to the QB, and it was an easy big gain.

One thing that constantly puzzles me is how WRs get so wide open against packers. Packers playing zone is like pass and catch for QB and WR, with the packers' average pass rush.

Then there is the nitro package meant to deal with back and TE mismatches. But Josh Jones is not a LB, so he doesn't always play the LB position correctly which means some big runs.

The whole switch to 3-4 was due to MM having difficulty when planning against 3-4 defenses, and that it was suppose to be easier to find OLBs than DE in a 4-3. Well, that hasn't really panned out at this point. Plus, OLB position seems to be injury prone on the packers.

For the past 7 years, nothing much has changed. But something must change or else we face watching the same results. If it's not replacing Capers, then at least simplify the defense so that everyone is on the same page. This defense is not capable of handling a top 5 QB.

flackcatcher's picture

Losing Burnett destroyed this defense last week. Not having him make the calls and get the players in proper alignment made Brees job so much easier. Dix made the calls last week, and he was overwhelmed. Why Capers gave the defensive calls to a DB who's secondary was a walking M.A.S.H. unit is beyond me.

HankScorpio's picture

"The whole switch to 3-4 was due to MM having difficulty when planning against 3-4 defenses, and that it was suppose to be easier to find OLBs than DE in a 4-3. Well, that hasn't really panned out at this point."

The reason it has proven more difficult to find 3-4 OLBs than expected is simple supply and demand. At least initially. When the Packers switched to a 3-4, about 7-8 teams ran one. Within a few years the number of 3-4 teams had doubled, which of course meant doubling the number of 34 OLBs on NFL roster. I remember the Steelers would routinely draft guys in rounds 3-5, let them sit for a few years behind a stud 34 OLB and he would become the next stud. Now those guys are gone by the middle of round 2.

I bet the small sample size of 3-4 defense had something to do with McCarthy's difficulty game-planning for it, too. Not a lot of experience going against 3-4 teams. But that changed as the pool of teams playing 3-4 expanded. It is certainly true that other offenses have not had much difficulty scheming for GB's flavor of 3-4.

I don't know how things break down between 3-4 vs 4-3 anymore. All I know is I've never been a fan of 3-4 defense and would really love for the Packers to switch back to 4-3. They already have a decent starting DL in Perry, Clark, Daniels and Lowery. A 2-man LB crew of Matthews and Martinez would be something, too.

Pauly's picture

What about moving CMIII to ILB with Martines full time?
Give up on CMIII pass rushing,, he's not that effective at age 32. Give the Com helmet back to Martines until maybe Burnett is back?
Start Beigle and Adams playing.
Then 2 press corners and 3 safeties with 1 high.
Seems like a lot simpler defensive scheme for all types coverage and run defense

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

This can be tried when Brooks comes back. I don't advocate moving CM3 to ILB as his full time position. Rather, Perry and Brooks should start at OLB with CM3 rotating in to give them breathers. CM3 could get 10 to 12 snaps per game at ILB next to Martinez. I am not sure where Josh Jones has been getting his reps in practice and games, but I want him to get a fair amount of snaps. Burnett can play ILB Hybrid and slide to the slot so he is a full time player, with Dix at FS and Jones/Brice soaking up the remaining snaps at SS. House, Randall and King can be the boundary CBs. Since they have trouble staying healthy, we need 3 to man those two positions.

canadapacker's picture

i agree on getting some fresh faces in on the Defensive side of the ball. It is time for a major change and if that means interviewing only 3-4 types of guys then why not interview only 3-4 types of guys. After all we interviewed a 3-4 guy when we brought Capers on and got rid of one of our best players Kampman.

That is not to say that Capers is a big dud or anything like that but sometimes things get stale. Pittsburgh dumped/retired Lebeau. There is time for some up and comer young guy to come in and take over this D. Is there anybody in the organization? Dont know - dont think so. Is there somebody who was here before and now has left and is ready to get into this? Dont know but somehow things are just not working this way. Close but no cigar .

William Brauer's picture

Defensive drafting has been poor. Jones was a bust, Perry hardly a first round talent. Rollins and Randall not worth the picks they were taken at. Linebacking talent in general is substandard and now Matthews looks like he's in a freefall decline. You have to hold Capers accountable but TT is also a failure.

4thand1's picture

I have yet to find a fellow Packer fan to say, keep Capers. When Rodgers was sitting on the sidelines at the end of the NFCCG, he knew what the problem was, defense. He probably called his agent after watching the NO game and said, get ready to make some calls, I'm sick of this shit.

Jordan's picture

Keep Capers. Go back and look at the box score vs Saints on 9/8/2011.....first game after SB win. The same Capers defense that just won the Superbowl (including Nick Collins). The Saints scored 34 points and were on the verge of scoring 40/42. Drew Brees is good.

Most Packers fans don't realize that the Packers' offense only scored 24 points in XLV. Pittsburgh's offense scored 25. It was a Dom Capers' defense....Nick Collins TD that gave the Packers enough points to win the game. Not to mention a Jarrett Bush Int and Clay Matthews fumble strip. That's a pick six and 2 more turnovers that Capers' D gave McCarthy's offense.

Fast Forward to last Sunday's Saints game. 3 points scored in the second half by home. That's a sad offense. Holding Drew Bress to 26 points---not bad at all. That's better than the 34 that Woodson, Collins, Tramon Williams, Matthews etc gave up in 2011.

Bure9620's picture

Helmet headset convo

DC: Okay Haha, get everyone lined up, I'm not calling nitro here cause it sucks and you can't tackle.

HHCD: Okay so what LBs then? Are we running strait nickel?

DC: No I don't like Nitro anymore

HHCD: No Nickel

DC: Oh shit, I thought you said Nitro, did I tell you I don't like that anymore

HHCD: Damn Ingram scored, he played at Alabama like me, pretty sure we only had 10 guys out here

DC: oh shit.
We should probably use the helmet headset to communicate better. Next play count the amount of players we have on the field, not including yourself and it should be 10, and then Haha, you will make 11


Finwiz's picture

The fact that you had TEN players out there on defense not once, but TWICE last week, including other times in PAST games, tells you ALL you need to know about the competency of Dom Capers as a DC. The guy is no longer fit to have a job in the NFL. If they can't even get the PROPER number of players on the field during a game, then what else are they completely F'ing up that you never hear about? The guy has to be gone - very soon.

4thand10's picture

Capers...uses 2 DL against a running front with 2 tight ends= crap coaching. At this point I'm not even sure if we have enough true DL to run base let alone a 4-3. I'm more than sure Capers knows what packages he wants to run and has imput on who TT drafts for those packages. You all have known how I've felt about Capers over the years...I don't like him one bit.

Again the very nature of a 3-4, the middle of the field is vulnerable... see wiki on that. I also happen to believe it's vulnerable against double tight end set run heavy teams. You mix that with poor cb play with busted coverage and you get what we have.

For years I've advocated change at the DC position and all I heard was players not plays. I'm glad these gimmicky sub packages are being exposed for what they are and hope Capers gets canned. I'm pissed that over the years these experiments have hurt a really good QB in Aaron Rodgers.

DD's picture

Draft and develop is a bust. Offense without Rodgers and even with Rodgers lacks creativity. Defense has old philosophy and doesn't communicate and are usually confused. Time for a major shift. Out with TT, MM, and DC. No change equates to more seaaons of the same Ole frustration. FACT. Watch the remainder of this season. The truth will show by the eye test.

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