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Cory's Corner: Don't Forget About Defense

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Cory's Corner: Don't Forget About Defense

The NFL has tilted the field in favor of offense. 

Lots of rules have been changed to limit or hamstring defenses in an effort to pump up scoring.

Those rule changes have trickled down to the field. Teams are more apt to spend big bucks on an offensive skill player as opposed to an edge rusher or a shutdown corner. 

And now it has trickled down to the sidelines. Look at the guys that have been given head coaching whistles recently. Kliff Kingsbury was fired from his alma mater at Texas Tech after going 35-40, yet he was hired to lead the Cardinals. Adam Gase was fired after going 23-25 with the Dolphins, yet he will stay in the AFC East next year by coaching the Jets. And Matt LaFleur has never been a head coach, but the Packers hired him to lead one of the best passers in the game. 

The reasons are twofold: 1. It’s a copycat league. This really speaks to how lazy front offices are in this league. Teams would rather hire an inexperienced coach because it’s what everyone else is doing. 2. Outscheming teams is very hard and it’s why places like Arizona, Buffalo, Miami, Jacksonville, Detroit, Tampa Bay and Cleveland have such a difficult time holding on to coaches. 

I get all that. But I have one problem with this influx of offensive prowess: the other side of the ball is getting left behind. 

If I’m a defensive player in this league, am I asking when the next wave of linebacker whisperers gets elevated to head coach? Defensive players have been largely ignored and it’s only a matter of time before defensive players turn into divas. 

I still say that quarterback is the most important position in all of sports. That position is asked to process and execute so much on and off the field. However, the gulf between offensive and defensive players has only gotten bigger this past offseason because they are narrowly focused on one aspect of the game.

This past year there were 1,371 touchdowns scored. In 2002, with the same 32-team league, there were 1,270 touchdowns and in 1993 that number was 906. Scoring has skyrocketed but the one aspect that has been forgotten was defense. 

Lots of people were mesmerized when the Rams beat the Chiefs 54-51 in Week 11. What wasn’t mentioned was how defenses still win championships. While owners and general managers become fixated on the next big thing, defenses will remain the league’s most consistent asset. 

However, offensive gurus continue to be fawned over because front offices don’t think that defenses are sexy anymore. Granted, 400-yard passing games and 150-yard receiving games look fantastic in a boxscore, but defenses get fitted for rings. 

Aaron Rodgers gets all of the national attention, but it was the defense that played the most consistent last year for Green Bay. The reason the Packers won the 1996 Super Bowl was because Fritz Shurmur’s defense was flat-out amazing — ranked first in points and yards. The reason the Packers claimed the 2010 Super Bowl was because Dom Capers got the most out of guys like Cullen Jenkins and B.J. Raji en route to being ranked second in points and fifth in yards. 

People have been on a quest to find out how the Packers can hoist another Lombardi trophy. I realize that it’s a copycat league and everyone is obsessed with offense, but the defense shouldn’t be forgotten. 


Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He recently earned his Masters degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter: @Coryjennerjohn

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Nick Perry's picture

"2. Outscheming teams is very hard and it’s why places like Arizona, Buffalo, Miami, Jacksonville, Detroit, Tampa Bay and Cleveland have such a difficult time holding on to coaches. "

Well okay but I'd also say that QB position has had a hell of a lot to do with the revolving door that is in the HC's office of theses franchises. Either that or a incompetent GM, owner, or a combo pack of both.

stockholder's picture

It all comes with a Price. Offense puts people in the stands. Defense wins championships. The change is nobody knows how to stop a good offense now. CB still is one of the highest paid positions. We've tried to fix the secondary since 2010. It's easier just to go after the offensive weapon. The rules protect the QB. And your going no where without a good QB.

Nick Perry's picture

The Packers USED to be known as a "Ballhawking" secondary just a few years ago. They were at their best between 2009 and 2012 creating TO's under (Gulp) Capers BUT Capers had something Pettine doesn't. He had an All-Pro Safety, A REAL All-Pro (Collins), not one getting the nod because the saftey in front of him didn't want to play in the game (HHCD) or that player was injured. Capers also had the whole damn key to ANY success Capers defenses had....Charles Woodson.

Looking forward to the Packers filling out the rest of the coaching staff but they absolutely did the right thing keeping Pettine. IMO he'll have the Packers playing at a Championship Level next year.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

That's right. Nick Collins & Charles Woodson were great..and Tramon & Shields were great too.
And they did not always miss games with hamstrings & groins & shoulders like Kevin Queen does.
Until Shields coconut problems.

The TKstinator's picture

I am ALL FOR building a great defense. I find close games exciting: 17 to 14 is just as much fun if not better than 54-51.
I for one don’t need or want the football version of the NBA All Star game, but all I keep hearing is “the fans want offense”, or “the NFL can’t attract CASUAL fans with 1970’s style game play”.

Is that really true? How can that be proven? TV ratings? Merch?

(And ftr, I don’t watch soccer.)

Packers0808's picture

Is it only me who dislikes so many games won y the 3 points at the last death second? Yes it can be exciting but to it just doesn't have the feel of the game being won by a whole team effort to decide the outcome!

The TKstinator's picture

I get it, but not necessarily a last second FG.
Maybe our team leads by three but the other team has the ball late and our defense needs a stop.
True that 3 points could be 35 to 38 but when it seems so easy to move the ball, yuck.
OR when it seems like whichever team has the ball last is going to win. Again, no thanks.

Nick Perry's picture

I hear ya TK...That Eagles / Bears games last week was pretty damn exciting as was the Seachickens / Cowgirlz. I'd bet thought I'm not sure the Bears and Eagles had the best TV ratings and that wasn't exactly screaming offense.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I agree, but I suspect that my opinion doesn't count. I am not ancient but I am getting up there. I don't buy beer and don't buy much of what I see advertised during NFL games. Worse, I usually record the GB games and skip the advertisements altogether.

So I don't think the NFL gives a rip about what type of football I'd like to watch.

The TKstinator's picture

Your opinion counts double with me, muchacho.

HankScorpio's picture

"What wasn’t mentioned was how defenses still win championships."

That's because it's not true anymore. The rules of today have changed the game.

Community Guy's picture

i think one reason defense is so important is because, often, good special teams units are filled with young defenders. if your organization has a good defense, with some depth, your organization will have a good chance to have above average special teams play.

HankScorpio's picture

I'm not sure that STs skews toward young defenders all that much. It skews away from linemen on both sides of the ball. Maybe it skews toward defense on pure numbers simply due to roster makeup. There are more DBs & LBs on a typical roster than WR/TEs/RBs. Those position groups form the core of STs.

I'm not saying defense is irrelevant. The Capers years proved that. You still need a defense that is capable of picking up a bad day from the offense. But the inverse is a bigger deal, IMO. You need an offense that can pick up a bad day from the defense more. Because the rules dictate that the defense will have bad days.

marpag1's picture

I think Community Guy is right that special teams are skewed towards defenders. I looked up the GB team leaders in ST snaps. Not counting specialists, only one of the top ten special teamers was an offensive guy (Tonyan, 6th). Only 2 other offensive guys were in the top 15 (Moore and L. Patrick). The top 15 by position included 6 LBs, 5 DBs, 1 DL, 1TE, 1 WR, and 1 OL.

League wide, if you look at the 100 players who took the most special teams snaps this season, 47 of them are LBs, 35 are DBs, 6 are FBs, 4 are WRs, 3 TEs, 2 RBs, 2 QBs, 1 DL. So a whopping 83 out of 100 are defenders.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Data! Excellent comment.

marpag1's picture

Thanks, TGR. As I think about it, I realize that the league wide numbers are a little flawed, because with only 100 people in the survey that's only about 3 guys per team. Probably it's more of a measure of who the "ST Aces" are around the league. My guess is that if we looked at the entire picture, the percentage of offensive guys would probably go up a little bit. But still I was awfully surprised how tilted it was to defense. More than 80% of the top 100 are backup LBs and DBs.

HankScorpio's picture

I stand corrected. Good info Marpag

pack69go's picture

Nice stats!

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Well stated and good point which I completely agree! No idea why you have a down vote.

MedicMike's picture

While I don’t completely disagree with you I think it is only fair to point out two things: 1-the last super bowl between NE and PHI, although a complete offensive shoot out, was decided by a strip sack by the Eagle’s defense. It may have been the only special defensive play of the game, but that’s (in my mind) what won it for Philly. 2-the Rams/Chiefs game featured 3 (I think) defensive scores. It was an amazing game to watch.

Dominant defenses may not exist like they used to, but they still play a very prominent role in winning teams big games and/or championships.

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

Rams 54 Chiefs 51 and you say it's defenses that win championships? Guess we will find that out in a few weeks. This article reads like a poor excuse just to play devil's advocate.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

In the weekly pick em, I decided that really good defenses can shut down mediocre to just good offenses, so I picked Chicago, Baltimore, and Seattle. Chicago held Philly to 16 but couldn't score and Balt. allowed 24 while Seattle allowed 23. Something like that anyway. I went 1-3 but could easily have been 2-2 or 3-1. Close, no cigar. And thus ended any realistic chance to move from 2nd place to first in the APC weekly pick em.

I believe great offenses usually are going to score even against very good to great defenses under the current rules.

Would enough of you be interested in a weekly pick em through It is just straight up with no point spreads. Our group could be called Nagler's Nags, or CHTV Crapshooters. 20 participants would be the minimum, and 30 is better. Several folks who never or rarely comment participated in the APC group, which had 27.

Anyone who wants to help me with the rest of the season is welcome. I was in first for 12 weeks or so but dropped to second. It got so bad I let Bubba the Cat pick a game (he went 1-0).

Jonathan Spader's picture

TGR I'm interested, how do I get in touch with you? Al has my email for the CHTV fantasy league.

Chuck Farley's picture

Is this picking winners from all the games each week? Im in.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

It is no work at all and no need to coordinate privately. Next August I will log onto after we've (or I have) chosen a group name and register the group. All I have to do is post the name of our group and an initial password in a comment or article on CHTV, and each person then just logs onto weekly pick em using the group name and password I have posted. Each participant then registers as an individual. I just used my normal username and CHTV password. keeps track of the scoring weekly and cumulatively and spells out what few rules exist (basically you get 10 points for each correct pick and 30 bonus points for picking 10 or more games in a week correctly) and everyone can log in to see how they and everyone else is doing. It's just for street cred.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Sounds good TGR next August if you could post an article on CHTV with the invitation/reminder/instructions I'd appreciate it.

Samson's picture

" What wasn’t mentioned was how defenses still win championships."

This is a tired overused cliche that has many variations. -- No doubt that a good defense helps to win championships, but the object of the game is still to score more points than the opposition. -- How you do that is irrelevant. -- A simple question: how many top defenses have solely carried an NFL team to a SB championship, ever?

Not even the 1st two SBs in history were won by strictly defense. --- Starr to McGee still sticks in my mind.

LeotisHarris's picture

Probably when the Ravens won with Trent Dilfer at QB, but you make a very good point. The 85 Bears had an offense to go with that all-time great D, as did the great Steelers teams. The Vikings took powerful Ds to 4 Super Bowls and lost each time.

The TKstinator's picture

Maybe in the current NFL we can’t expect a great defense to shut teams out week after week. Maybe all we can hope for is a key stop when it’s needed in crunch time.

Don’t get me wrong; if a defense gives up zero points, zero yards, sacks the QB 8 times each week and puts on a weekly pick six parade, I’m not opposed. I just don’t think those are reasonable expectations in the current NFL.

I wonder if the pendulum will EVER swing back the other way: rule changes to help the defense? I’d be shocked.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Did anyone else imagine Cory holding up a big green cardboard letter D and a gold spray painted Fence while they read this?

Cory Jennerjohn's picture

Ha ha. Nicely done.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Thanks Cory, that should have been the picture you used for this article! Although the Clark and Daniels one is pretty sweet.

4thand1's picture

The game is won at the line of scrimmage. The big men up front the o-line is the key. Look what the Colts did to the Texans. Watt and Clowney didn't get a sniff at Luck and couldn't stop the run. The Packers of the 60's had one of the best o-lines ever. The Cowboy's of the 90's, there are lots of other examples. Look at teams who struggle, the queens, seachickens, Texans, Packers, all have ignored or failed at putting a really good o-line on the field. Same goes for the defensive line. The one thing that hasn't changed over time is the big men up front. Pressure the QB and stop the run, it helps the secondary. Protect the passer and open holes the offense benefits, simple. We lost Lang and Sitton and haven't recovered.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Even with Lang and Sitton how many SBs did GB reach? Even without an elite OL Seattle still got to multiple SBs. They did take a step back trading their center Unger for Graham. Lang and Sitton haven't played 16 games since leaving the Packers if they were still Packers fans would just treat those 2 the same way they do Brian Bulaga.

4thand1's picture

All I'm saying is the Packers were a much better team with a healthy o-line with Sitton and Lang. They got beat in 2011/12 by a dominant front 4 of the Giants who won it all. Big men up front on either side of the ball matters.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Yes, 4th and 1, GB was better when GB had better players. The thing is GB had better players at a bunch of spots (AR @ QB, Nelson/Cobb, Peppers plus Perry and CM3 still had pulses), Lacy wasn't fat, Shields, Tramon and House, Hayward and Hyde could play, and HHCD wasn't bad.

To make the argument, you need supporting evidence for the notion that putting more and better players at OL (and/or DL) is a difference maker.

I tend to agree with you, but I am not convinced either. I've seen teams with mediocre OLs go far, like Seattle and NE.

CheesyTex's picture

Agree, but twice in a row? Thanks to TT IMO:

#12s game suffered after the loss of Sitton and Lang.

#4s game suffered after the loss of Rivera and Wahle.

Jonathan Spader's picture

#12 suffered because he ran out of the pocket and took unnecessary hits. Even if Lang and Sitton had been there that wouldn't have stopped Rodgers from being Rodgers. Completely agree with TGR you need to look at the bigger picture. It takes a lot more than the trenches to have a complete football team. It just starts there.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Actually Whittaker and Klemm instead of Wahle and Rivera and the effect on Favre got my attention Cheesy Tex. I suppose having Sitton, Linsley and Lang made it less necessary for AR to leave the pocket, and I do remember him stepping up quite a bit. He has always been good moving within the pocket. Can we re-establish that habit which AR has abandoned too much, though probably out of some necessity?

Still, it was nice to get two 4ths (3 counting Tretter) and a 5th to turn into stalwarts on the OL, but that's different from advocating for using firsts and seconds and the occasional third on the OL as JS alluded to. Teams normally only get three premium picks per draft but there are a lot of positions that need to be fed. I could argue for using a first or a second at least every 2-3 years on an OT, WR, OLB (remembering that OLBs come in round one only), CB, DL, and a sprinkling of others. The math might work out as long as the GM hardly misses.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

As a note to JS, in 2015 we got 14, 16, 13, 15 and 12 games started from Bakh, Sitton, Linsley, Lang and Bulaga, and Tretter played in all 16. Okay, Barclay started 5 games and played in all 16 despite not being very good. That's a very good group with reasonable health. Nelson went down and the offense was damaged. GB went from 1st and 6th in points scored in 2014 (true - the 5 OL starters were very healthy) and yards gained to 15th and 23rd.

Jonathan Spader's picture

TGR, what I was saying is that after their release Sitton and Lang have been injured. That if they would have remained in GB that Packer fans would complain that they were overpaid and scream for them to be cut the way they have with Brian Bulaga.

They were released due to injury concerns as far as AI know and those have proven to be valid. The problem is GB hasn't adequately replaced them. Spriggs didn't pan out, Madison didn't play, Bell was well Bell...

I like your idea of more sprinkled Offensive players being added in theory but it's hard to know how a draft board is going to pan out. Also hard to know how Gute sees the draft versus his predecessor TT.

Packer Dave's picture

I just hope to see a 2019 Packers squad that is able to make that 3rd down stop when they have to. The DL has the makings of being pretty good, and adding a stud pass rusher to go with Pettine's scheming just might get them there.

Packer Fan's picture

Here are the Packer needs, imho. And in no particular order:
- Good, fast and quick slot receiver. Cobb no longer fits the bill.
- Two Olinemen. Need a good free agent pickup. A 2 -3 round draft pick and maybe keep Bulaga. That looks like three, but thing don't always pan out.
- Another Rd 5-7 running back. Gotta keep the coffers filled.
- Consider drafting a replacement for Adams.
- Sign a free agent pass rusher.
- #1 draft pick is a pass rusher.
- Draft a safety.
- With New Orleans pick, move down and get another second and third round picks.
- Pick a TE within the first three rounds. Here the draft is deep.
- Keep one of the three veteran TE's. This move is all predicated on how LaFluer will use TE's Pack spent plenty of money the last two years and blew it because MM did not scheme well enough.

Draft Picks
#1 Pass rusher
(2) #2's OL and safety
(2) #3's TE and ILB/OLB
(2) #4's WR and defense
Balance Let BG choose.

Packers0808's picture

Also as late with quite regularity Rodgers getting dinged you better get a QB because Kizer is another Hundley! Unless of course and we don't know maybe Boyle is ready to take the next step up! It might be me but almost everyone ignores the QB situation because of Rodgers! It is clearly become a big mistake as late to do so!

Packer Fan's picture

I agree. Hundley and Kizer were projects that haven't panned out. Need a veteran that could take the Pack through a few games and actually win some.

Handsback's picture

Packer Fan, agree almost 100% with your post. I suspect ML will take a RB before the 5th. He'll want a power back better than what they have now.

Dzehren's picture

What GB is missing is the TE in the middle of the field. Th middle of the Ford favors the offense and GB has not been able to take advantage of that the past 2 years. Gotta get fixed with MFL quickly.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Probably that, but I'd also add just targets and completions between the hash marks, or even the numbers. Look at Next Gen's passing chart for AR. Not much going on in the middle.

Chicken/egg issue. Marcedes Lewis said GB just doesn't call plays for TEs in the middle and Bennett agreed emphatically. I didn't see slot WRs or RBs like Monty running down the hashmarks either (and the time I remember Monty doing it and was open Hundley didn't pull the trigger).

So I don't know if McCarthy didn't call them because AR won't throw it there or if AR didn't throw over the middle because GB didn't have viable targets/routes in that area. I know I think it is on AR, but IDK. (you have to add in the http stuff).

Jonathan Spader's picture

It got really old hearing MM in press conferences saying "the middle of the field is wide open" and never seeing the Packers exploit that. I'm assuming it's on Rodgers. Hopefully MLF can rectify this situation. I see ESB being used in the slot, MVS & Adams on the boundary. I'd resign Cobb for the right price. He was a stud week 1 against Chicago. Then it was more unfortunate injuries for Cobb.

Coach JV's picture

Great minds Spader :-)

Tundraboy's picture

I agree. At the Jets game there was actually a pass play to the middle I don't know if it was a tight end, but to me it was one of the most exciting moments of the game. Sadly because I hadn't seen that play pretty much all year

Dzehren's picture

The entire TE position needs an overhaul similar to CB last year. Rip and replace and find TE’s that can stretch the middle of the field .

4thand10's picture

The game does start on the LOS. It’s what makes all the skill positions work. It all works together. Even special teams is a crucial component. Defense does win championships...just ask the Eagles D. They tipped that kick :-]. Look at how well the Dallas D is playing right now. The Colts D has improved a ton, The Bears D....not quite a championship...but if that kick is made...we’d be talking about that D as well. That bears eagles game was 3-3 at halftime.... The Saints D...improved. The Pats D...nobody predicted that D to be good...but statistically they gave me the most fantasy points for defense this year...

Jonathan Spader's picture

"Defense does win championships...just ask the Eagles D. They tipped that kick :-]."

I think you're confusing defense and special teams there 4th....

Community Guy's picture

with the exception of special teams, football is a contest between an offense and a defense. maybe we don't need to overthink this.. offense and defense are equally important.. except which players are more likely to fill out special teams units? i say defenders are used more for special teams. so, after QB: build your winning team around quality defenders.

Since '61's picture

Many of us including myself still enjoy solid defensive play. However this era of the NFL is being defined as entertainment and is driven by money.

The competition for entertainment dollars is fierce. Especially since the league has moved to revenue sharing to maintain the smaller market teams.

Therefore the league has invested large sums of money to attract the casual fans. Fantasy football has played a big part in this since you build your FFL teams around individual offensive players from around the league rather than building an allegiance to one team. Now legalized sports betting is entering the environment attracting more casual fans.

On top of everything the rules have changed almost to the point where playing defense is illegal and no one knows what a catch or a tackle is any longer.

Defense has not been forgotten, its quality has been sacrificed to make the game more entertaining and more attractive for a fan base that cares more about their FFL players than their teams. Good defensive play is good football but it is not necessarily entertaining, at least not for today's fans. No one complains about the defense allowing 28 or 35 points in a game instead they blame Rodgers or whoever the QB is for not scoring on every possession. Or if we had better play calling we would outscore the opponent no matter how many points the defense allows. What ever happened to making stops and keeping the opponent below 20 or 17 points per game?

QB play is vital in delivering entertainment value as are one handed circus catches. While an LB stepping into the hole and making a perfect form tackle for no gain not so much except for the fans of that team making the stop.

It a business (entertainment) and money first. As long as the sponsors, corporations and fans are paying for it the beat goes on. Thanks, Since '61

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

The NFL was always entertainment.
The NFL was always about money.
The NCAA has always been about money.

The NFL just has better analytics than it used to have.

LeotisHarris's picture

Stop it, Tgr. If you undermine nostalgia the entire Curly got a sore throat, and George Calhoun saved the day fever dream loses its luster. From there it's a very short ride to Arlen and Walt from Two Rivers no longer thinking it's a good idea to fork over thousands of dollars for tickets, and at least a C-note for Miller Lite during the game.

They say every time someone doubts the purity of the NFL a hotel room tax dies a painful death.

Tarynfor12's picture

During the regular season, most of what the defense gives you is abruptly taken away by the referees.
In the post season the Referees aren't as quick to toss the flag on the defense and the scoring becomes closer to more normal as offenses need to depend on making a play instead of relying on PI's and other dubious penalties.
However, one can see,if they really watch, the real lack of talent and ability of defensive players and NOT jump and scream all who simply put on the uniform of their team is automatically described/believed as great. The Packers fans have been guilty of this for a while now as has been the FO with their realigning of basement furniture type players,especially on defense.

Since '61's picture

Taryn - an excellent point about the officials. In 2018 the league averaged 15.8 penalties per game. 29,727 penalty yards were assessed or an average of 116 yards per game.

Officiating is having an increasing impact on the flow of the games and on the outcomes. With the increasing amount of bad and/or questionable calls it is difficult to legitimize the eventual division, conference and SB champions. Teams are now faced with playing against each other, the elements and the officials. Thanks, Since '61

Jonathan Spader's picture

Since 61' What is a catch? I'm guessing that in 2019 it'll be anytime it touches a WR's hands in any manner~~~~~

4thand1's picture

NFL, National Fantasy League.

Handsback's picture

Liked the article. I would add the battle is still won in the trenches.

4thand1's picture


Since91's picture

No more drafting for defense only it has hurt the offense.....I say we build an oline that’s the envy of the league and protect our investments at the skill positions....That would negate the big money investments of the cubbies and viqueens. Stop reaching for shutdown corners and sack guys at the top of the draft and get some football players who will pass block and run block and tackle for the next eight years in Green Bay. A great scenario would be RT and Edge in first round. Two to three defensive free agents (Edge, Safety) we have the money. One to two offensive free agents (RG/WR)

JimR_in_SoCal's picture

I’d like to see the Packers draft the following in the first two days of the draft: RG, RT, Edge, TE, WR. Not in any particular order.

LeotisHarris's picture

Someone disliked what you'd like to see, dammit. Jim, I'm here to stand with you. Anonymous disliker, why do you hate the troops? You can just take your hate elsewhere, buster.

I stand with Jim!

pack69go's picture

I think balance is the true answer with a slight tilt towards offensive prowess to take advantage of today"s rules in the NFL, with a franchise quarterback being a must!

TheBigCheeze's picture

"This past year there were 1,371 touchdowns scored. In 2002, with the same 32-team league, there were 1,270 touchdowns and in 1993 that number was 906. Scoring has skyrocketed but the one aspect that has been forgotten was defense."---------you call that skyrocketing?? a comparison that spans 16 years, there have been only approx. 100 more TDs per season in the entire league.....that equates to just THREE more TDs per team, per season.....I would NOT call that skyrocketing...

TC026's picture

Could have fooled me.

I've watch every Green Bay Packers game this year and last.

It seems to me that the defenses are getting tougher and better.

albert999's picture

Matthews is just collecting a check

Chuck Farley's picture

When I hear Vikings I think, wow tough defense tough sledding coupled with very good tight ends who keep the o on the field. The slant is towards balance but favors the d who keeps them in games.
The packers have leaned heavier on o, with points and prevent d. No balance. If you put up the points it works, if not it doesn't.
I'll take the vikes approach any day, the d keeps you in games.

mnklitzke's picture

So after Saturday's playoff games who has that defense that wins championships? 6 teams left with KC, Rams winning. Chargers pats, philly, saints. Best defense left is Philly and I have them losing to the Saints. Defenses wins championships is no longer. Sorry

Citizen AJ's picture

Sorry it's not defense or offense that wins anymore . It's New England !!!! Boy that offense looked really good today against San Diego . Wonder who their coordinator is ?LOLOLOLOLOL.

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