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Cory's Corner: DeShone Kizer's Second Chance

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Cory's Corner: DeShone Kizer's Second Chance

DeShone Kizer is getting the restart that his career desperately needs. 

And the reason is simple. Kizer, a second-round pick of the Cleveland Browns in 2017, has been stuck in a vocation abyss for the past year. The Browns as we all know, were dreadful which didn’t give anyone a true gauge of who he really was.

Then on March 16, Kizer was traded to Green Bay for essentially Damarious Randall. The moment the ink was dry on that contract, most thought that Brett Hundley’s days in Titletown were over. Because Kizer is a more polished quarterback and has a much better arm than Hundley.

Interestingly enough, Hundley is still in Green Bay. The Packers will likely dangle Hundley in the preseason in hopes that some team will bite on his nine games as an NFL starter. Amazingly enough, Hundley completed 38 percent when under pressure last year — which was better than Matt Ryan (33.9) and Drew Brees (22.6).

What makes the backup quarterback job even more interesting is that McCarthy has already started to puff up Kizer.  

“He has starter ability in this league — clearly,” said McCarthy, who’s entering his 13thseason as Green Bay’s head coach. “In my opinion, if he was in that (draft) class this year, he would’ve been part of that group, the first-round guys. I think he has exceptional arm talent.”

Many scouts have hopped on board with this sentiment. And that’s fine. To be fair, Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen and Lamar Jackson didn’t really wow anyone quite like the 2012 class that was led by Andrew Luck. Kizer probably could’ve snuck in the back end of the 2018 draft and found a home. 

McCarthy’s comments should be tempered a little. Remember how much he built up Hundley? And then the arrogance started to shine through when Hundley began putting up games with a passer rating of 39.9, 43.6, 48.3, 30.2 and 59.7. No matter how much tutoring McCarthy was going to give Hundley, the tools just weren’t there. 

But Kizer still had learning to do. The year spent toiling on the Browns’ roster can be thought of as a pro redshirt year. He had on-the-job training, but he would’ve increased his stock dramatically if he had stayed at Notre Dame one more year. “Well, he still should be in college," Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly said three weeks before the 2017 NFL Draft. “You know, but the circumstances are such that you have to make business decisions and, you know, he felt like it was in his best interest and I’m going to support him and his decision. But the reality of it is he needs more football. He needs more time to grow in so many areas, not just on the field but off the field. He’s a great kid, he’s got great character.”

The Packers are getting the best of both worlds with Kizer: 1. They are getting a solid player that has all the physical attributes to succeed in this league and 2. They don’t have to waste a year with him as he gets up to speed, because the Browns already did that. 

Kizer throws the deep ball pretty well as evidenced by his 39.5 completion percentage on throws of 20 yards or more and he still maintained a 45.6 completion percentage when blitzed last year. 

Kizer has been through a lot with the Browns. He tallied a forgettable 0-15 record as a starter and managed a lopsided touchdown-to-interception ratio of 11-to-22. 

Now Kizer can learn under the best passer in the game and it’s up to McCarthy to make sure he’s ready on a game-by-game basis.


Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He is also nearing completion of a master's degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter @Coryjennerjohn

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4thand1's picture

Is MM going to pull his stubborn act and keep Hundley on the 53? If they could get a 6th round pick for him, trade him a 5th is a no brainer. If Kizer shines, MM will get his QB guru status back.

Coldworld's picture

I’d take a 7th. At this stage of his contract he is gone for nothing unless we get something for him this year. He would have to be lights out good to change my mind regarding keeping him on the roster, or Kizer would have to be particularly dreadful or hurt. Kizer is under contract for 3 years I believe, so we have time to improve him.

Gforcetrivers's picture

His blinded fore site let Taysom Hill go. He needs to let Hundley go already.

The TKstinator's picture

I’ve noticed most folks on here really stick to the thread topic. But what would really liven things up would be for someone to tell us about their first job out of high school.

4thand1's picture

My 1st job out of high school was hauling concrete in a wheel barrow and cement blocks. I made 3.50 an hour, nearly double minimum wage! One of the 1st jobs was building a hospital which is being torn down.

badaxed's picture

shoveling sand at a construction site for $2 an hour, then the shock of realizing when I got my first 40 hour check that uncle sam took some of my hard earned shoveling money and he never took one shovel full of sand out of those piles.

Dzehren's picture

Is it possible we keep 3 QB’s? Hundley & Keizer are on team friendly rookie contracts...

Minniman's picture

Keeping under the 53 man head count will probably be a bigger factor than their cap number.

Regrettably for Brett Hundley, he would have to return from the off-season having already significantly addressed his technical deficiencies to be in contention for a spot (to then address his game reading development).

..... on second thoughts I'm also wondering if its actually in Brett Hundley's interest to move on from MM. Maybe he needs a different coach and scheme that fits him in order to succeed?

HankScorpio's picture

I think Hundley is just another in a long line of 5th round QBs that doesn't have what it takes to play NFL QB. But maybe he can succeed elsewhere. As far as I'm concerned, all that matters is 'elsewhere'.

The sooner that happens, the sooner the little voice in my head wondering if Gute thinks Hundley is salvageable goes away. It's a sinister voice that leads to bad places.

Rak47's picture

Agreed. MM didn't do Hundley any favors by trying to force a square peg into a round hole. He did nothing to tailor the offense to Hundley's skill set and forced Hundley to try and play AR's style of ball. While in Houston Bill O'Brien threw out his playbook when he put his rookie Deshaun Watson in and immediately began running a lot of the same plays Watson had success with at Clemson and we all saw the spectacular results. In the NFL scheme is everything to individual players.

realitybytez's picture

another example is philadelphia, where carson wentz went down towards the end o the season and doug pederson rewrote parts of the playbook to fit nick foles' strengths. mccarthy has stated on more than one occasion that he designs the offensive scheme before the season starts and he always stick with it. he also does not adjust gameplans to take advantage of what the defenses are doing.

Turophile's picture

"McCarthy’s comments should be tempered a little.
"Remember how much he built up Hundley? And then the ARROGANCE started to shine through when Hundley began putting up games with a passer rating of 39.9, 43.6, 48.3, 30.2 and 59.7. No matter how much tutoring McCarthy was going to give Hundley, the tools just weren’t there." ENDQUOTE

Overly optimistic is not arrogant. There is some road to travel to get from one to the other. I often heard Ted Thompson called arrogant as well, that didn't fit him, either. This is not to say McCarthy cannot be arrogant, just that it doesn't fit here.

Arrogance = offensive display of superiority or self-importance; overbearing pride.

An entire post on the use of one word, I'm in danger of becoming over-focused. Breathe in - hold - breathe out - repeat.

dobber's picture

I would like to know what exchanges happened between MM and TT during that mid-season span a year ago when it was becoming increasingly clear that Hundley couldn't carry this team.

MM has never been someone to throw anyone under the bus--or say anything really meaningful, for that matter--during the regular season. It's a team that takes care of its issues behind closed doors. If he'd been handcuffed to Hundley by TT with no hope of reprieve, what choice did he have?

Nick Perry's picture

"If he'd been handcuffed to Hundley by TT with no hope of reprieve, what choice did he have?"

I think there's a lot of truth to what dobber said here. Look what happened a few seasons ago when McCarthy made a somewhat public plea at his season ending press conference for the need of a fast, athletic TE who could threaten the middle of the field in his offense. It had been 2 1/2 years since Finley had been hurt and the Packers had actually gotten less athletic than they'd ever been with Rich Rod. The very next season we had Cooks.

That's just one example of McCarthy being handcuffed. With Thompson's reluctance to use free agency and/or trades is there really any doubt McCarthy probably had to deal without more times than he should have in 13 seasons. RB, ILB, Safety, and O-Line also come to mind when talking about deficiencies on the Packers roster over the TT years.

BUT...I also admit my extreme dislike for Thompson may cloud my vision since in my mind he cost the Packers at least another SB or two. I also think there's a lot of truth to those examples.

HankScorpio's picture

Whether it was TT forcing Hundley on MM or MM telling TT that Hundley was a viable back up, both should have recognized the other was full of it. And forced the issue, somehow, someway. That's easier for TT to do since he had the power. But I believe MM could have done something.

The game plans they used for Hundley last year suggest to me that it was obvious MM knew Hundley stunk. There is plenty of blame to spread around to everyone with even a little bit of their fingers in that pie.

marpag1's picture

Cory's not real good with words n' stuff... or remembering his own articles... or evaluating Green Bay Packer quarterbacks and coaches. As recently as the middle of last November Cory wrote an article called "Give me Hundley Over Flacco":

"Hundley’s confidence is soaring right now... he is starting to look like a starting quarterback. Yep, I said it. I would like to see his performance in Chicago four more times, but after what we saw out of him in the fourth quarter to snap a three-game losing streak, that doesn’t seem far fetched at all."

And then there was this in an article from the year before entitled, "Mike McCarthy is the Quarterback Guru;"

"Brett Hundley has asserted himself and is more than ready to take the reins if and when Aaron Rodgers misses a few games.... Hundley is another in a long line of Packers’ backups that will be a starter elsewhere... He looks like a cross between Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick — but with better pocket awareness and actual decision-making... Coach Mike McCarthy has taken a lot of heat over the years, but you cannot argue how much talent he squeezes from the quarterback position. "

Imagine the ARROGANCE!

Of course, he also wrote an article titled, "The Backup Job is Joe Callahan's" and another called "Taysom Hill Is Here to Stay," so maybe quaterbacks - or football - just aren't his thing.

Johnblood27's picture

He is a self-proclaimed highly successful football coach though...

just sayin...

Rak47's picture

McMuffin, and McPuffy? I always thought it was McMeathead.

Johnblood27's picture

I prefer McLardy

Since '61's picture

For me the issue is not whether Kizer has starting ability, it's whether he has the ability to play winning football.

Plenty of QBs and other position players come into the league with starting ability but does that translate into helping the team win? Hundley allegedly had starter abilities and after 3 seasons we learned that he doesn't even have backup ability unless playing poorly and losing is considered good for a backup QB.

Now I agree that Kizer has better physical tools than Hundley and that he still has plenty of upside and much more than Hundley. However, I would prefer not to see Kizer have any extended playing time during ARs remaining time in GB, whether that's another 3, 5 or 10 more seasons. Thanks, Since '61

PatrickGB's picture

Both Hundley and Tolzen were supposed to be football nerds, and spent a lot of time studying the game. It did not translate onto the field. Perhaps Kizers natural ability will.

Hawg Hanner's picture

Tolzen looked worse than Hundley. Neither has proved to be a viable backup. I would not keep Hundley on the 53 roster going into the season. Getting value for him is wishful thinking. Nice guy but too erratic. With a good OL and threats at running back and receiver Kizer might be okay

Johnblood27's picture

Give Hundley a case of juicy fruit and send him down the road.

I have seen enough.

He reminded me far too much of Randy Wright or Scott Hunter.

White _tornado's picture

Let me get this out there. No team is going to trade a draft pick in any round for Hundley! Do you think that other NFL teams do not have tvs? The Packers would consider themselves fortunate to trade him for a ham sandwhich

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

I joked at the end of last season that the only good thing about Hundleys suckfest was that at least we won't have to have any more debates on the riches green bay will get for trading him. Some people honestly thought we could get a 1 or a 2. Well here we are again. If MM is seriously trying to dangle him for a 7th rd conditional pick that seems like a stretch. I think he'll get a shot somewhere after he gets released, and I'd kinda like to see him somewhere with a little creativity, but that ham sandwich looks pretty good right now

croatpackfan's picture

It is not MM jobs to trade, keep or release Brett Hundley. That is GM's job!

It is interesting how many, so called Packers fans have no clue about responsibilities of Personnel Department compared with Coaching staff!

badaxed's picture

think it would be too much to ask for a little mayo on that sandwich?

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

As I've said before, while Kizer is the clear #2, both he AND Hundley played on terrible teams last season.

I chuckle when people rave about our RBs--they're lower tier, with Jones providing the only meaningful threat (and he wasn't ready as a blocker in Year 1 with Hundley).

Our TE's last year were the worst in the NFL--had to be. Our WR's created little separation without a QB buying massive time running for his life. Our O-Line had its stalwarts, but also plenty of injuries.

And did I mention our utter disaster of a defense, leaving our QB forcing bad throws while desperately trying to keep up?

People who deem Hundley a bust because he couldn't carry that colossal mess are OUT OF THEIR MINDS. They also have no idea how much Aaron has carried this pathetic roster.

Kizer was on a wretched team, but SO WAS HUNDLEY. So let's cut the "Blame Hundley" garbage and see how he develops without Ted's Disaster around him.

Coldworld's picture

Hundley did not fail because of the team around him. He failed to grasp his reads and to the pressure of the nfl. Maybe the light goes on for him, but the odds are that it won’t at this stage.

If I am wrong, and another team thinks differently, then I will happily take a trade. At this point in his contract. If I am right, he is a camp and gone arm barring injury. We have to have one of those anyway.

Kizer is the project and I see nothing to indicate that he is a less promising one than Hundley despite his rookie experience on the worst team in football last year, and let’s be honest, the Browns were much worse then the Pack, even the Rodgers-less Pack.

marpag1's picture

Honest question, ALP... if you were a QB-needy general manager, how high a draft pick would you be willing to give up for Hundley? I agree that he may not be absolute bust material and in time might become a marginal backup - MIGHT become - but i gotta think he's bargain basement, if that, as far as trade value.

croatpackfan's picture

ALP, when you watch tape closely you'll see Brett Hundley has proper technique in movement and throwing, he reads defenses, but his mind is too slow to process what he see. He is indecisive and too slow to make progress to second option if first is not available...

Even if first option is available, he can not decide would he use it or not and that gives time to the opponent D to shut down his reading...

On the other side, you have DeShone Kizer with 11 to 22 TD/INT ratio through 15 games he played for Browns. That shows me Kizer have no problem with making decisions. Sometimes those decisions are bad. But that is normal for 21 year old guy who started to play in NFL almost immediately he was taken from his mother tit... Also, there is reports how at least 50% of his INT is basically on his WR.

Maybe it is interesting to know how Kizer threw 8 INT against AFC North opponents (6 games), and that Steelers was No. 1 D by INT (56) , and both Ravens & Bengals were 11th with 41 INT last season. Additional 6 INT came in games against Jags (No. 2 in NFL by INT - 55), Titans (No. 5 - 43 INT) and Bears (No. 7 - 42 INT)...

More in favor of Kizer is that he played 15 games (22 INT, 5 in 2 games against Ravens) compared to Brett Hundley 10 (9 and half) games (12 INT 3 INT in one game against Ravens!), Both Kizer and Hundley had 2 games with 3 INT, but Kizer played 5 (and half) games more...

There is many other stats that shows advantage of Kizer towards Hundley. Hundley had Davante Adams with 10 TD and Kizer had NJoku with 4 TD as players with most on the team in 2017...

Kizer suffered 38 sacks while Hundley only 29 (and that came from indecisive QB!)...

And so on and so on...

Tarynfor12's picture

"....McCarthy has already started to puff up Kizer. "

MM is like the ferryman in Outlaw Josey Wales alternating the singing the praise of both. However, the song of Kizer will be more tolerable than any heard of Hundley, who by the way was thought by many to have 1st rd draft pick trade value. The horror that is Hundley may not be over as MM may still hold Hundley's tune a little dearer to his most of our regret.

Tarynfor12's picture

Based on the sample size of preseason play against the often ridiculed vanilla defenses displayed is .....
Like putting two $1 dollar bills into a box on Monday and expecting,not hoping, that they turn into $100 dollar bills on Tuesday.

Tarynfor12's picture

Sure, draw as many as you like, but your real return will be the value of it's original worth and as like with Hundley...the same as whatever number of zeroes you drew on that $1 dollar bill....adjusting for devaluation.... .25cents.

Tundraboy's picture

More like a dime.

dobber's picture

What's the saying? A pessimist is just an optimist with more information.

I think we have enough information that the Hundley optimists are not optimists anymore.

Rak47's picture

I don't think Hundley will ever succeed in GB under McCarthy because McCarthy has no clue how to use him. Send him to Houston to back up Watson, or Seattle to back up Wilson. Those are two teams who have mobile QB's who are not afraid to adapt their offenses to fit their QB's skill set instead of trying to force a specific skill set into your system as McCarthy did with Hundley last year. Not saying Hundley will be great or even succeed, but I think his chances of success would be much greater in either place..

dobber's picture

To build on your comment: Hundley doesn't know what to do if his initial play call isn't there. He doesn't process well (or fast) enough. It's just not stuff that gets practiced enough or seen enough in preseason games where opponents aren't really game-planning against your offense.

Rak47's picture

I agree Dobber, every QB cannot process info as fast as Rodgers or Brady. And it doesn't mean they can't be successful they just need schemes tailored to their strengths.

BELIEVER's picture


Bure9620's picture

I'm a bit higher in Kizer than most, in fact I think we sort of fleeced the Browns for him to unload Randall. I do not think Damarious Randall will be anything special there even at Safety. I cannot count on 1 hand the amount of times he continually ran off the field during a game, the guy is not tough.
I predict he throws more sideline tantrums than he has picks this year.

I like Kizer's demeanor. He clearly has size, mobilty and a hand cannon. He was super raw last year on an awful team with no experience, a new NFL playbook and bad coaching. He was set up for failure, clearly not ready. But you saw glimpses of some of the throws he can make. I think this kid has serious upside with some teaching and development.

Lare's picture

The bottom line for any rookie in the NFL (especially for QB's) is to adapt to the speed of the game & the players. These are some of the best athletes in the world, and even the 300 pounders are as fast as many of the skill position players in college.

IMO, Kizer never had a chance to adapt to the NFL. He came out of college and was thrown into a starting position on a bad team. Conversely, Hundley had almost three years to adapt and couldn't do so when given the opportunity.

I don't know if Kizer will end up being a good pro QB, but I'm pretty sure that Hundley won't.

Tundraboy's picture


Johnblood27's picture

Kizer will need to get checked for color-blindness.

He throws way too many to the other guys. He did in college too.

I nicknamed him "The Pastry Chef" for the prodigious amount of turnovers he produced at ND, and Im a big Golden Dome fan, used to live in South Bend.

If his vision checks out and he can make better decisions on which team to throw the ball to, he could pan out.

LambeauPlain's picture

I forget that Kizer was drafted as a Junior and thrown into the fire on a very bad team. I think he can be coached up with improved technique and field management.

His upside is so much higher than is Hundley's. I was frankly shocked how poorly Hundley played. He displayed all the shortcomings he had in college as a pro last year. Very disappointing.

Bure9620's picture

I must say the "Kizer to Hundley" comparison makes little sense to me. Last year, Kizer was a 20 year old Rookie with little time to absorb an NFL playbook and bad coaching and a bad team. Hundley was terrible and many of his mistakes were inexcusable as that was his 3rd year in the offense!, he was NOT a rookie! Hundley had 2 1/2 years to absorb the offense before running it. Kizer will be QB2, Hundely a FA, simple. Otherwise the Randall trade was a mistake.

Rak47's picture

Not to pick on you JS but I disagree that Kizer was terrible last year. To use an analogy if you take the best driver in Nascar and put him on the worst team, with the worst car, and the worst pit crew he suddenly sucks as his stats go flush down the drain. It doesn't mean suddenly he can't drive it just means there are mitigating factors holding him/her back from reaching their peak. That's how I look at Kizer, the fact he had any success at all considering the position he was put in speaks a lot to his professionalism,his attitude, and how he approaches the game itself. He is just a 21 year old kid who played the most mentally demanding position in all of sports and he not only survived but had moments where he shined as well. I think the change of environment will let him blossom and really show what he can do with some talent around him.

HankScorpio's picture

"To use an analogy if you take the best driver in Nascar and put him on the worst team, with the worst car, and the worst pit crew he suddenly sucks as his stats go flush down the drain."

Case in point....Matt Kenseth in the #6 recently.

dobber's picture

So how does this analogy fit with #12?

HankScorpio's picture

Go back to 2015 when the Packer receiving group was decimated by injury. Rodgers produced the occasional magic but overall, it was nothing close to the norm for him.

Rak47's picture

JS the game is alot deeper than on paper. When it came to Kizer's int's how many came on dropped or tipped passes? How many came from the WR quitting on a route or running the wrong route? How many came from him being pressured and hit as he threw? How many were just poor play calling by the coach? How many on the DB making a great play? Many things go into making a whole season and looking at stats doesn't ever tell the whole story. Do you think any rookie QB would have great stats playing on that garbage team that went 1-15 the year before with veteran QB's? I believe Peyton Manning threw 28 ints his first year and it was still looked upon as a promising season. Back in 92-93 Favre threw a combined 37 ints and no one was saying he sucked, all you heard about was his potential. Sorry but it's just not possible to serve a plate of Filet Mignon when you're working with chopped liver.

PETER MAIZ's picture

Apart from being a top coach in the league, MM has a tendency for hyperbole. He's a good PR man as he is a coach. I do hope Kizer works out well for the Pack. As to AR, he gets out of the pocket too much and is fair game for the big monsters to try to destroy him.
I really like the idea of our GM having made the right choices and the right moves. Without Dom and TT, I see a great potential for improvement as long as Aaron doesn't get hurt again. Maybe his mom gave him skim milk as a kid (this is my conspiracy theory). It's imperative that Rodgers doesn't get hurt or we will be up the excrement creek without a paddle.

HeyJoe415's picture

Pretty well said. And aside from the backup QB situation, we can’t rely only on #12. The defense, in particular has to step up and I know this isn’t an original comment. I do think Gluten has done a pretty remarkable job this off season. Now, everyone needs to prove themselves, and the addition of Pettine should help there.

My biggest concern at this point is the right side of the OL. Fortunately that’s not Rodgers’s blind side. I think Bulaga is done and it’s best not to waste a roster spot on him. It’s likely to be a right side as committee, unless someone emerges. And that kinda sucks because you want the line to act as one unit. That said, very few teams have their starting OLs on the line for the entire season. I do think it’s time to part with Spriggs. Too bad to waste a #2 pick, but he doesn’t even provide good depth,

Rak47's picture

The hope is that you strengthen your defense and find a quality backup so if AR does get hurt again we are not up excrement creek without a paddle as you so eloquently put it. :-} But at this point those are big ifs and it is still only a hope.

Johnblood27's picture

I thought we were a Gluten free team?

HeyJoe415's picture

I don’t think Gluten would have traded Randall for someone he didn’t expect to be a key part of the team. None of us wants Rodgers to go down, but we’ve seen it happen. In that regard, he’s not Favre.

So IF we find ourselves in this situation again (here is the point where you say some prayers or chant to Buddha), we need a 2nd QB who can at least play .500 ball while he’s playing.

I have every expectation that Hundley will be off the roster and Kiser will be backup. If Hundley had shown anything last year, this trade probably doesn’t happen. And now, unfortunately, Hundley isn’t even very good trade bait, maybe a 6th round pick.

Because let’s face it, we all saw what Hundley did in real NFL action last year. Pre season play doesn’t count for much. And yes Kizer played just as badly and worse statistically. I’m willing to roll with Kizer as #2, and hope we never need him.

Nick Perry's picture

I don't see how Hundley is possibly on this team come week one. IMO that's by far Gutekinst's biggest blunder since becoming GM...Not to shabby of a job BG in season one. Those who STILL think Hundley will yield the Packets draft choices in a trade are a little to optimistic.

Kizer is the Packers #2 QB and will be for the next 2 years at least. Hopefully McCarthy's world famous QB School will make Kizer a stud the next 2 preseasons and that's where the Packers will pick up draft choices in a trade of a QB.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Kizer completely lit it up in the preseason this year. Yes he came out to soon BUT he gained so much valuable experience last year he could really take a jump.

Rossonero's picture

Some historical examples:

Troy Aikman
1989: 9 TDs, 11 INTs
1990: 11 TDs, 18 INTs
1991: 11 TDs, 10 INTs

It wasn't until Dallas started putting some pieces around Aikman that things started to look up. I'm sure plenty of naysayers wanted to get rid of him back then though.

Peyton Manning threw 28 INTs his rookie year too. My point is regarding Kizer, don't put a lot of stock into it. He didn't have anything around him. Let's have him develop a little more.

Lare's picture

Aaron Rodgers also threw 13 interceptions his first year as a starter, the most of any year in his career.

Rossonero's picture

Agreed. And the team around him wasn't very good either back then.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

I would beg to differ....that was a pretty good team. Weren't they only one score away from going to the SB the year before?

Chuck Farley's picture

Your forgetting they also completed a lot of passes for td` s to.
Kiser is a bum. I hope he proves me wrong but I say he tosses picks to a avoid a sack or just cant read a d.

HankScorpio's picture

The Packers took a more aggressive approach to their backup QB spot. Whatever else you say about Kizer, he's a 2nd round pick, not a 5th rounder. Recognizing that backup QB is not a throw-away spot that can be manned by whoever is a good thing.

Finding a credible backup would be even better. We'll see if they have got that part covered.

Chuck Farley's picture

When I read hundley had an 8 yd per pass Avg, led team in rush td`s because he couldn't find an open guy or got sacked trying.
This is a guy who can't read a d, passes off to get rid of ball, runs immediately if pass rush on him and relies on his legs more than his arm. Some steal in the 5th. 31 other teams said no.

Now we got a new guy who is the master of interceptions, was pulled from numerous games at nd due to turn overs, led his browns to nothing and were supposed to be impressed with his youth.

Honestly I have no idea who is worse.

croatpackfan's picture

No one other is Aaron Rodgers. The talent of Aaron is one of a kind in decades if not centuries...

Do not evaluate others comparing to Aaron. It is not fair!

croatpackfan's picture

No one other is Aaron Rodgers. The talent of Aaron is one of a kind in decades if not centuries...

Do not evaluate others comparing to Aaron. It is not fair!

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