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Cory's Corner: Carson Wentz Isn't Aaron Rodgers Yet

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Cory's Corner: Carson Wentz Isn't Aaron Rodgers Yet

I just want to start by saying that I really like Carson Wentz. He completely transformed an organization into winners and if he remained healthy, he wins the MVP hands down last season. 

After Wentz’s second season there have been a lot of comparisons to Aaron Rodgers. I consider Rodgers to be the best passer and most influential player in the game. He proved that last year when he missed nine games with a fractured clavicle.

Aside from throwing 33 touchdowns and seven picks last year, Wentz led the league with a percentage of 39.7 on third down of eight or more yards. He also had a solid 91.3 fourth quarter quarterback rating. That’s still 28.2 points lower than Rodgers, who was enjoying a solid season. He had three straight games with a 100-plus rating before playing Minnesota.

What I like about Wentz is his ability to take a hit. And he did that several times while making incredible throws. His Week 13 throw to Nelson Agholor with a defender wrapped around his waist was incredible.

Rodgers can see that and equal it with the amazing Week 4 throw in 2014 when he sidestepped three Bears, getting hit while he threw and still completed a 34-yard touchdown to Davante Adams.

Rodgers also has the string of Hail Mary’s and a Super Bowl ring on his resume.

But Wentz isn’t in Rodgers’ stratosphere just yet. And it isn’t because Rodgers has filled the entire Internet with jaw-dropping catches, it’s because Rodgers has proven that he can come back from injury. The NFL is a collision sport where people are constantly hurt. Players must understand how to play through injuries and most importantly; players must know how to come back from them.

Rodgers has been out before. He broke his foot in 2006 as a backup to Brett Favre and was placed on season-ending injured reserve. He missed a game in 2010 after getting his second concussion and he missed seven games in 2013 with a clavicle fracture.

The best players in the NFL are the ones that know how to come back from injury and Rodgers has that down to a tee. That’s an interesting juxtaposition from when Rodgers came into the league because he was labeled as soft just because he was playing alongside the game’s Ironman.

That’s something that Wentz hasn’t proven yet. He is coming back from a torn ACL and a torn LCL. This will be the biggest test that Wentz has had in his short NFL career.

Will he be able to get back to his MVP-caliber play and continue to power the Eagles through the NFC East? That’s the question the rest of the NFC wants to know as well. If he’s the same player that can get outside the pocket, throw on the run and play with the same courage that put him on the map, then his career will undoubtedly have a Rodgers-esque career arc.


Cory Jennerjohn is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @Coryjennerjohn

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Nick Perry's picture

Wow...Wentz is already being compared to Aaron Rodgers? Where, in Philadelphia?

The kid is a damn good QB but to be compared to Rodgers after 29 games is a bit premature isn't i?...BTW...That throw against the Bears is STILL amazing 4 years later.

DD's picture

Nick Perry: Compared to Rodgers after what? An incomplete season!! Many recording artist have one hit wonders, so to even have an article written like this is somewhat stupid and shallow. One shorten season doesn't qualify for anything. Potential? Yes. So did RGlll, and others.

Jonathan Spader's picture


"He completely transformed an organization into winners and if he remained healthy, he wins the MVP hands down last season."

If Rodgers stayed healthy all of 2017 does Wentz still win MVP? Rodgers the guy Wentz is being compared to was playing better than any other player in the NFL last year. I think he was on pace over Wentz for MVP Wentz just happened to get injured later in the season. Just being in the MVP conversation is high praise and Wentz is that good.

I don't see anything wrong with comparing Wentz to Rodgers. He can make all the throws, scrambles well, and has a high football IQ. I don't think anyone is saying Wentz is as good as Rodgers no one is. Who else do you compare Wentz style of QB to? Russle Wilson is the other QB Wentz reminds me of.

dobber's picture

They sure didn't need him to win those last 3 games of the regular season and to finish that run to the SB.

Sounds like there's a lot more to that team than just Carson Wentz. Maybe we should be asking if Carson Wentz is Nick Foles, yet...

Barnacle's picture


I agree. Also, remember that Rodgers played for teams with terrible coaching of special teams, “versatile” and frequently awful Db’s and bad play calling on both sides.

With a better head coach, maybe the “pads would have been lower” plus some other basics would have been implemented. I would be happy if MM and Slocum would reunite in Minnesota.

holmesmd's picture

Does anyone know why every article I try to open says the following and doesn’t show any content?!

Sorry, has been banned.

I couldn’t possibly have been banned as I haven’t even posted for weeks and NEVER say anything remotely inflammatory.....SMH

Jonathan Spader's picture

I had that happen to my account as well homlesmd. It stems from the fight they are having with help80. I commented a reply on a post the bot made amd my account got banned. Emailed Jersey Al about it and he said that there's no way of bringing it back and that the battle with the bots is an ever day struggle unfortunately.

Jersey Al's picture

That IP isn't on our list of banned IPs. Try to clear out your browser cache and then close/open the browser. Or try a different browser. Reply here if you still have a problem.

The TKstinator's picture

Same here. I can log in from my phone but my ipad is jacked up. Already cleared out browser cache and still “banned”?

Jersey Al's picture

that one was on the banned list - just removed it.

The TKstinator's picture

Sweet! Gracias!!
PS: logging on thru Chrome worked, too!

holmesmd's picture

It’s resolved guys, thanks!

The TKstinator's picture

However, I have been mildly inflamed by your posts on occasion.

Ok, not really.

But I am glad this banned junk is over.

White _tornado's picture

I personally havent seen enough of Wentz to even form an opinion yet. However its pretty clear he came into the perfect situatiin in Philly.
1. A GM that has done everything in his power to build a winning roster
2. Great coaching
3. Innovative play calling
A things that have been missing in Green Bay the last few years

White _tornado's picture

As most of you can tell, I am not a McCarthy supporter. This question is off topic but I'd like to ask everyknes opinion anyway.

If the Packers do win one playoff game this year, then lose the second playoff game.
And Damarious Randall lights it up in Cleveland at Safeys well enough to earn a pro bowl berth.
Should McCarthy be fired?

Both of those scenarios are very possible, what are your thoughts please?

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I would have fired MM, but once again I have to fight my bias to answer this question. I don't think I can attribute the trade of Randall to MM, certainly not in whole, and not even sure about in part. Reports are that the veterans disliked Randall. Reports are that some FO personnel really liked Kizer.

Winning a playoff game and then exiting the playoffs would be a factor for me in evaluating MM. That bare fact (assuming it comes to pass for now) isn't enough for me to make a conclusion. Did Adams get hurt? Did Graham's tank turn out to be empty (and not due to misuse)? Ditto for Wilkerson and Twill. Did MM use Lewis and our RBs the way I think they can be utilized?

I am going to try to evaluate MM based on his game plans, personnel choices, timeout management, play-calling, leaving Pettine alone to run the defense (to the extent I can or think I can tell), and all the duties normally performed by a head coach.

Jonathan Spader's picture

White Tornado love the off topic question:

I want to see what MM can do with Kizer. Hundley did have an improved throwing motion and footwork. The decision making and lack of vision is what led to Hundley's downfall as a QB in 2018. MM continued to simplify the offense but things just didn't click obviously.

I do expect the Packers to make the playoffs. I want to give MM a pass this year if the playoffs are made even if they lose the next game. There's been a lot of changes and it might take more than 1 year to put it all together.

dobber's picture

Randall who? He's not wearing green and gold, I don't care what he does.

The TKstinator's picture

Wasn’t he supposed to buy all of us LeBron James jerseys?

croatpackfan's picture

I would love to read here your description of the HC job. In details....

Then I'm prepared to talk about your request to fire Mike McCarthy... Otherwise, it looks like personal bigotry issue...

White _tornado's picture

Well Mr. Croat first off let me say congrats to your country's fine showing recently in the world cup.

You would like to know what my belief is the head coaches job description. I could go on and on what the HC positions description is but, to save myself a case of carpel tunn from typing let me share the things i feel MM has failed at.

1 hiring bad or below average assistant coaches! Slocum, Capers, Edgar Bennett, Alex Van Pelt, Winston Moss etc

2 Failure to supervise said bad coaches
3. Hold onto said bad coaches until the wheels fell completly off.
3 Failure to identify and develop young players due to above bad coaches. Heyward, Hyde and possibly Randall.

As the HC McCarthy is ultimately responsible for performance of all coaches and players. When Heyward and Hyde left town and were named probowlers for other teams while Green Bays secondary was god awful bad is unacceptable!

croatpackfan's picture

So it is negative bias...

That is your right!

Barnacle's picture

Is it “bigotry” to say that MM hired a totally incompetent Slocum and retained DC too long? Would it be “bigotry to say MM’s play calling was awful? Luckily we had a QB that was good enough to overcome some of the bad play calls.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

IDK Croat if you were replying to me or White Tornado. Either way, I think you should use the word "bias" instead of bigotry. The technical definition of bigotry isn't what some folks are going to understand: in today's environment calling someone a bigot is a serious insult.

Several times in just the last two days I've written comments noting that I have to fight my bias against MM: not everything bad that happens is his fault. I know I have a bias against MM, but I don't think for example that one can attribute the trade of Randall to MM's not liking him. His teammates didn't like him, the FO reportedly really liked Kizer, so at most perhaps (and IDK this) MM didn't fight to keep Randall and/or couldn't control the locker room or mentor Randall. And of course, the merits of the Randall/Kizer trade are not known. I like Kizer, but I don't love the trade.

croatpackfan's picture

It was reply to White Tornado...

You already stated that you do not like MM, but you are always try to be argument based when you are giving us your opinion and that I really appreciate...

Thank you (this is honest) for you little lesson on English (bigotry vs bias). I like those lessons because that is how I can improve my English.

croatpackfan's picture

Barnacle, I would love if you can inform us on how many occasions Aaron Rodgers change play at line of scrimmage so that we can say that MM really is bad caller. Also, I believe people have the reason to say that MM play calling become predictable - it is interesting that this "accusation" comes at times when Aaron get the right to change the play calling... So, what with this...

Why MM stayed to long with Slocum and/or Dom Capers? Do you know for certain.
It is always easy to put blame on one person. Will you blame your employee for incompetence if you were not gave him tools/resources with which to work and succeed ?

But all critics will fall on your soul. And people do not understand how easy is to blame someone, when you have no knowledge of circumstances...

What I learned from my life is that every job looks very easy, when you do not know what that job contains...

porupack's picture

I guess your theory is, that if DRandall shines in Cleveland, you are blaming coaching/scheme for reason he was mediocre in GB? Thus that warrants one of your 2 criteria?
I would blame GM for getting rid of him. Who cares about locker room guys liking him, or not liking him. Its the pros.

As I said last week; I think his job beyond 2018 means he has to accomplish about 4 (four) out of the 6 below:

1. tight end group is schemed and is unpredictable and lethal: especially he gets JGraham back to near pro-bowl worthy numbers.
2. He supports Pettine, and CB group is coached up early; there are 2 high impact CBs from King/Alexander/Jackson.
3. JJones (big step up) and HHCD (returned to form)have been used creatively and schemed to strike all over the damn play. The DBacks have reduced miscommunication errors.
4. Pass rush is elevated via scheme; and in part because of the CB group, AND the short-middle of the field is defended! Finally!!! Somehow! That is the coach to figure out with his DC!
5. At least 2 other WRs from 2017 or 2018 emerge, one at least becomes heavily used as a #3 as a result of coaching, and simple schemes. NO EXCUSES considering 5 athletic potential WRs, and Rodgers, and TE and RB group to divert attention. Don't give a damn that few rookies make and impact. MM better!
6. He gets into DKizer's head, technique and realizes a reliable QB; or alternatively, Hundley. Otherwise his 'QB credentials' take a big hit.

Re your 2nd benchmark; a second game exit in playoffs; all depends. Agree with TGR that there are many factors to consider exactly his list.

White _tornado's picture

Gave you a thumbs up poru thanks for the response and the insight.

My point is that we have already seen the packers go one and done in the playoffs and 2 and done in the playoffs under McCarthy. I fear the game has or is passing him by as much as it did Capers By his own admissions his playbook had gotten stale.

We have already seen 2 DBS leave town and become probowl players elsewhere. A third leaving to become a probowler elsewhere will be downright embarassing! Capers paid for his sins of not being able to identify and develop talent by losing his job.

After the trade to Cleveland MM in his press conference said that Randall was more suited for Safety and wanted to play Safety. Yet he is placed at corner.

The Pack has already supplied 2 teams with probowl dbs and there is a possibility of there being a 3rd. All under the watch of head coach MM.

Jonathan Spader's picture

MM is the head coach not the general manager White Tornado. The roster isn't up to him what he does with the roster is what makes his job on the line.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

This isn the traditional GM/coach power structure. It's been discussed to death here and everywhere else. So MM isn't the GM but he doesn't necessarily have to go through him.
Do you think it's coincidence that the one player MM publicly berated got traded. Do you think gute took a look at this roster and the holes everywhere and said, well the first thing I need to do is get rid of the most physically gifted (I did not say best) dB on this roster. And getting a backup qb and moving up 15 picks in the middle rounds for him is the best way to build a winner. No. This trade was all about MM, even if he didn't officially pull the trigger

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

And JS we are simultaneously hoping that the new GM takes input from his HC and DC when making roster moves. I agree that the final responsibility for roster construction is Gute's,

It is almost funny in a tragicomical way, but I distinctly remember partially excusing TT for letting Hayward walk based on the assumption that Capers told TT that Hayward in GB at least would only be a 300-400 snap part-time player who the DC planned on using only in limited situations. So TT felt that Hayward was worth $3.5M AAV (veteran back-up money) at least to GB, and LAC paid more. And it would seem that LAC didn't have another team that believed Hayward was a pro bowl or All-Pro starting CB since there was no apparent bidding war.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

MM's brother unfortunately had fatal heart attack. MM has gotten obessely huge. Whether he stays or doesn't (I think stays) he absolutely needs to #PutTheForkDown and start exercising, otherwise the decision may be out of everyone's hands, and/or the win lost record.

Oppy's picture

Great young QB with loads of talent.

Let’s save the AR comparisons until he’s done it five years in a row.. or ten.

The TKstinator's picture

My buddy Nigel suggests we go for eleven.

DD's picture

Wentz started off strong and certainly helped, but without Foles leading the team this topic wouldn't even be discussed. It's like Keenan stepping up with the queens at just the right time. Remember, these teams have solid TEAM players in all three phases and great head coaches which was the key to their success. So Wentz? Potential yes. How's Andrew Luck doing with all his potential? So potential? Don't all pro players have this coming in? So, don't bet the farm just quite yet.

marpag1's picture

There have been a lot of comparisons to Aaron Rodgers? Really? Who said that?

And the idea that "the best players in the NFL are the ones that know how to come back from injury" is just wacky. You can't be a great player unless you've been seriously injured?!?

Reggie White averaged 15.5 games per season in his 15 year career. He never missed more than 3 games in a single season. He played in 16 games 12 times. It's just too bad that he can't be considered great, given the fact that he didn't come back from a serious injury.

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