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Cory's Corner: Anticipation for Packers' injury report

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Cory's Corner: Anticipation for Packers' injury report

The most anticipated document coming from 1265 Lombardi Ave. is the injury report.

This season has been dreadful for the Packers — and for the rest of the league for that matter. I mean, Chicago tight end Zach Miller was able to keep his left leg after a torn popliteal artery. You read that right. Vascular surgeons actually considered amputation because of the devastation of his injury.

Coming off a bye week means that players are generally healthy and recharged for the second half. The Packers had a season-high 14 players appear on the injury report two weeks ago.

Is David Bakhtiari’s hamstring finally healed? Will Bryan Bulaga be the same player coming off a concussion? And most importantly, will Morgan Burnett — the leader and voice of the defense — be 100 percent following a hamstring injury?

These are important questions when the injury report comes out on Wednesday. And the reason is because it would be nice if Brett Hundley had the full complement of players to give him the best look. How good is Hundley playing behind a patchwork offensive line? Over half of the starting quarterbacks in the NFL would struggle behind this line. Hundley has only started one game and he’s been sacked five times, which is the same amount that Marcus Mariota has been sacked after six games.

And you cannot criticize the Packers training staff. How do you prevent concussions, collarbone breaks, broken ribs and back injuries? There are plenty of soft tissue injuries like hamstring and quadriceps but there are other injuries as well.

And with the Packers taking on NFC North rival Detroit on Monday night, that’s a game that you’d want your core to be healthy. Right now, it looks like Minnesota will win the division going away, but don’t forget the Vikings have three straight road games starting on Thanksgiving at Detroit.

Green Bay was given a gift by getting a bye week at the midway point in the season. Now the Packers have to use it to their advantage.

It’s amazing how one piece of paper carries so much weight. But that’s the case for this team. Aaron Rodgers was able to mask a lot of warts and Hundley needs help in order to be given a chance.



Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He recently earned his Masters degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter: @Coryjennerjohn

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RCPackerFan's picture

The one injury related player that I'm really anxious to see if he plays or not is Vince Biegel. Will he be activated to play in this game? If he does get activated how much will he play if at all? Can he help ignite a pass rush that has had to deal with injuries to Perry and Brooks?

Speaking of which, are Perry and Brooks going to be closer to 100%? Brooks has missed 3 out of 7 games due to injury. Will this bye week allow him to come in and be the players we hoped we were getting when Thompson went and signed him.

carusotrap's picture

Vince Biegel. We're sure putting a lot of hope in a single guy who happens to be a rookie and who's never played an NFL snap.

RCPackerFan's picture

I didn't say he would help. Just asking if he can help...

dobber's picture

The pass rush is not going to be great this season. It needs help from coverage, which also will never be great. However (and, yes, I'm launching into speculation), I think that when Perry gets his hand back and Brooks gets on the field, the pass rush will get some bit better. If Biegel is at least a little bit better than an ineffective Kyler Fackrell at getting home on the pass rush, he gets his 10-20 snaps per game which helps a little bit. I also think that if the CB situation stabilizes (and Burnett gets back from injury) the coverage situation will get at least some bit better.

Can this defense be average? Maybe. But by the time it happens, it may be immaterial.

Tundraboy's picture

Most honest and accurate outlook to have. That's my expectation along with the hope that we use the entire roster and create more playing opportunities to see what we have. The usual suspects, Mays, Adams,....

dobber's picture

Sometimes it's not the flashy guy who elevates the defense most. Sometimes it's the smart, heady, try-hard guy who makes it happen.

DD's picture

Agree. I believe 10 others are on the field too. We have Capers. Do you really believe in his defense? He has some talent, but they are lost, confused, and easy to pick apart by any QB. FACT.

DD's picture

Agree. I believe 10 others are on the field too. We have Capers. Do you really believe in his defense? He has some talent, but they are lost, confused, and easy to pick apart by any QB. FACT.

Handsback's picture

Brooks, Burnett, and Daniels if healthy will make a differenece in that defense. Daniels isn't even close to 100% and I dare say Mt. Adams will probably start sometime during the last few weeks of the season. He won't be taking Daniels place, but used as a sub to keep the other team's ground game to a minimum. Brooks is needed for the pressure he brings and like Adams...Biegel may find some playing time in those last few games. Burnett is the glue of the defense. He's been hurt a lot and HHCD hasn't shown the ability to replace him or play at a high level w/o him. So if those guys can get back to playing condition, then this team can make some noise with a very good defense.

Savage57's picture

"So if those guys can get back to playing condition, then this team can make some noise with a very good defense."

And if I pick all 6 numbers right, I can win a lot of money.

But the chances of either of those two things happening are about the same.

RCPackerFan's picture

Adams is a guy who could really help the defense if he is ready. I am curious if we start seeing him more now after the bye. He has had quite a bit of time to practice now.

Burnett is the QB of the defense. Without him we are seeing a lot more confusion. Also he has been great against TE's. Getting Burnett back will be a huge help to the defense.

Tundraboy's picture

Agree RC. Let's hope so. My reduced expectations for the season centers around developing and finding out what we have in players like Adams, ,Hundley, Mays.

RCPackerFan's picture

yeah, while I'm not ready to throw the towel in on the season, I think it would be a good idea to let the young guys play. Perhaps Davis can add something to the offense with his speed. Perhaps Mays can add some power running to the running game.

Maybe later in the year they could bring up a guy like Michael Clark, and give him some experience for next year.

flackcatcher's picture

As I was afraid of, Burnett is the one of two players this years Packers team can not replace. ( Of course the other is QB 1) If he can not play, the Packers will have to go with a more conventional 3-4, which exposes their biggest weakness on defense, the soft short middle. Without Burnett, the Packers Nitro package (their preferred defense) is completely ineffective. If they still had Hyde....well that ship has sailed. Still, looks like MM is going to more classic West Coast offense with the signing of FB Joe Kerridge? to backup the Ripper. And it goes without saying, any more injuries to DB and OL, and this season is done.

Tundraboy's picture

Wouldn't that be nice to see Monday.

GBPDAN1's picture

The injury report is the number one item that I (and I'm sure others) anticipate every week of every Packers season. There are times I dread going online to read about our Packers because I don't want to hear another key player is out.

This year has been extra brutal. I actually get somewhat depressed, or at the very least disappointed, when I see these injuries. Out of the SB contending teams, injuries are a huge part of who makes the big dance and who doesn't.

I hope we get a lot of good news on the injury front this week. It would be nice to give Hundley a healthy team to help him adapt as a starting NFL QB.

Tundraboy's picture

We are certainly long overdue for some good news.

dobber's picture

My fear is that Burnett's hammy will be a more significant injury than just a simple pull--maybe a 4-6 week injury. I honestly think this defense takes a significant step forward when he's back on the field. But that wouldn't take much.

stockholder's picture

More than likely correct. If he can't go it. DON"T RE-SIGN HIM. Can't keep paying guys that get hurt, and have these Hammy problems. I hate to say it, But the packers need to move on and give others a shot. My feeling is this whole defense will change for the better, if Capers goes too.

DD's picture

You are correct. Players with hamstring injuries every year don't contribute. I'm really surprised Clay hasn't had one yet. Trust me, the injuries will rise again Monday night. Mark it.

Tundraboy's picture

Let's hope not. Again we are overdue. Hoping hammy days are behind us.

carusotrap's picture

We have a nine year data set that indicates that it doesn't matter all that much who plays in this defense. 450 yards and a career day by a second tier quarterback is a pretty sure bet when facing the GB defense.

Nick Perry's picture

Off Topic.... I as thinking this morning about the Packers defense. In the last few years the Packers have let a few players walk without even offering them a contract. Hayward, Hyde, and Peppers were all allowed to leave WITHOUT even an offer to stay.

Hayward has went on to be one of the better CB's in the NFL the last 2 years. Micah Hyde is KILLING it in Buffalo, and Peppers has more sacks than our $20 million plus OLB pair Matthews and Peppers.

WHY are these players suddenly studs the moment they leave GB? Because the Packers continue to employ a Dinosaur in Dom Capers. Everybody here gave be the blues when I suggested Hayward should have been signed. I always thought Hyde should have at least an offer because Hyde might have stayed for LESS to stay in GB and IMO Peppers was worth an offer but Thompson as usual did NOTHING.

Capers is to blame but so is Thompson, IMO equally so. Thompson hasn't hit on a whole lot of defensive players and the ones who were at least decent playing in Capers 1990 scheme should have been at least offered a contract. So not only is Thompson missing on several of his picks, but he lets the ones go who actually played well for Capers.

Sorry guys but I'm just sick and tired of Thompson, Capers, and I'm almost there with McCarthy. I can't help but think what might have been these last 7 years with Rodgers had we actually had a competent GM and DC.

RCPackerFan's picture

Have you been reading my twitter rants?

I have said the exact same thing on twitter.

How is it that Hayward, Hyde and Peppers all have better years after leaving Green Bay? Are they being used in ways that best fits their skills outside of GB? Was Green Bay asking them to do things that they weren't as good at?

I have been a supporter of Capers. I loved it when Green Bay brought him in. The problem is Capers and Thompson really don't mesh well together. IMO, Thompson has brought in enough players that the defense should be better then it is. Peppers, Hayward, and Hyde are proof of that.
I just really question if Capers uses them in their best ways. Mathews for example. In the 2nd half of 2014 he moved him to ILB but didn't have him play the normal ILB position. He played a hybrid position and took advantage of Mathews abilities and had him attacking from anywhere. In 2015 he takes away Mathews abilities by having him playing the typical ILB position which had him dropping into coverage to much.

This year he inserts Josh Jones in to the lineup in week 3. He has him attacking and Jones ends up with 12 tackles and 2 sacks. Since then Jones has 11 tackles and 0 sacks. I maybe wrong but it doesn't seem like Jones is being used like he was against the Bengals.

While I like the move of having Burnett playing ILB, I just really question if Capers puts his players in the best position to succeed. On top of that there have been way to many miscommunication's. In the last game they had to use 2 second half timeouts on defense. And on a TD they only had 10 men.
I knew it wasn't going to happen but this would have been a great time to let Capers go. With the bye week they would have had an extra week to break in a new coordinator and could have been a move to shake up the defense.

Tundraboy's picture

"This year he inserts Josh Jones in to the lineup in week 3. He has him attacking and Jones ends up with 12 tackles and 2 sacks. Since then Jones has 11 tackles and 0 sacks. I maybe wrong but it doesn't seem like Jones is being used like he was against the Bengals."

I can think of no other team, other than our beloved Packers, who stops playing a hot hand. Game to game or within the game. Perhaps the coaches see it as a sign of weakness or desperation, but there have been many times where we are just that, desperate. Desperate for a stop or game changing play. I don't see what's wrong with being desperate for a spark.

RCPackerFan's picture

I don't get that either.

DD's picture

Also, Ha ha has left the building! He has the right name this year, HaHa.

dobber's picture

"The problem is Capers and Thompson really don't mesh well together."

The party line has been that Thompson consults the staff--primarily McCarthy, but presumably Capers, too--on the ranking and selection of players on their board. I can't imagine the GM would pick a defensive player without at some point having had a conversation with the defensive coaching staff about whether a given player looks like someone they could use effectively.

This doesn't answer the question of whether the issue is in scouting/evaluation or in player use, but I'm leaning more toward the coaching staff than I have in the past.

dobber's picture

"This year he inserts Josh Jones in to the lineup in week 3. He has him attacking and Jones ends up with 12 tackles and 2 sacks. Since then Jones has 11 tackles and 0 sacks. I maybe wrong but it doesn't seem like Jones is being used like he was against the Bengals."

That's because he isn't. The Packers played more standard 3-man fronts against the Bears and Doughboys, then Burnett got hurt. I would argue that the nature of the opponent changed his usage for a couple games, and then injuries played a role. Does someone have any extra info on this or is it just my supposition?

...also, there's film on him now.

billybobton's picture

It is a sad world when you get down voted for being accurate and correct.

Why did Casey leave? We had Randall and Rollins

Why did peppers leave? We had Frack....just bad decision making by people not competent in their jobs

RCPackerFan's picture

I think the decisions of letting each of those players go were the right ones.

But it does bring up the question, if they do better away from GB, then what does that say about GB and the coaches?

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Peppers didn't leave because we had Fackrell.

Tundraboy's picture

Wow that's a scary comment. Who thought that? I thought it was because we had Elliot.

billybobton's picture

stating a position in the reverse is not an effective way to argue, peppers did not 'leave' GB at all, GB left him

GB left him because our dim witted and reputation protecting GM wanted his draft choice to step up

Peppers could/would/should be in GB now and that is 100% on a bad gm

billybobton's picture

I don't understand what you are saying

are you defending letting players like PEPPERS who are dominating leave? it is not PEPPERS fault our DC had him playing DT and O LB instead of DE where PEPPERS dominated the league and was one of the best DEs of all time.

Please name a single player who plays DT in a two man DL who gets sacks or stats?

you have to look beyond the obvious and easy and recognize the contribution being made to the team.

PEPPERS was a DT because it covered up the flaws, weaknesses and ineptness of the coaching staff - other players on the field who could not do their jobs for both mental and physical reasons and the bad GM who put them on the roster

it is not HYDE's fault that he was forced to play outside his position to cover up teddie's bad CB draft choices. .. but most non inept GMs and DC would have found a way to get him on the field in the postion he is very good at.

those things are not happening in GB and they have not in a long time

Thegreatreynoldo's picture


Peppers was born in North Carolina. Peppers was raised in North Carolina. He attended High School in North Carolina. He went to the University of North Carolina. He was drafted by Carolina and played 8 years in Charlotte, North Carolina. Get it? North Carolina is his home, and that's where he wanted to be in his last year of the NFL. Peppers took a sub-market offer to play for a team in his home state. Probably there was nothing TT could have done to alter that determination.

Now, if you want to discuss why Peppers is more productive for Carolina than he was for GB, I am open to that discussion.

Finwiz's picture

When you see a guy like Peppers has what, 6 1/2 sacks, it makes you realize something is seriously wrong with the defensive system you had him playing in here vs. Carolina. Either that, or GB corners and safeties are really, really bad. Something really sub-par in GB.

HankScorpio's picture

That those guys have all made a bigger impact outside of GB than inside of GB suggests a very one-sided blame game between Capers and Thompson.

dobber's picture

Yes, but for a long time we hung our hats on the fact that virtually NOBODY prospered when they left GB...

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Health is crucial, but I have no confidence McCarthy will use the right guys.

I (along with many others) was screaming for Williams to be benched and Jones played before the season began, but it took injuries for McCarthy to do the obvious. Even now, he keeps Williams active rather than have a Mays-Ripkowski backfield in short yardage situations. Inexcusable.

If Biegel has ANY explosiveness, he must play 12-15 downs to help harass Stafford--Green Bay has no pass rush. Instead, he'll be "eased in."

Josh Jones should be blitzing 6-8 plays a game (as I begged for before the season started), not anchoring against the run. Instead, we'll send him once, maybe twice. Total waste.

The 2-man fronts consistently wear down (as many of us predicted), but McCapers will still lean heavily on them instead of a fresh rotation of 3-man fronts. Idiotic.

Janis and Davis have vanished from the gameplan, but do we even consider benching one and activating Michael Clark to provide our struggling QB with a scary redzone target? No, McCarthy doesn't do out-of-the-box thinking. Let's just keep playing it straight...that'll show 'em.

Would every idea work? No, but TRY SOME THINGS. I have no confidence in McCarthy.

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, I agree with almost all of your points.

Jones showed in the preseason that he was the best RB of the group, at the very least the most ready to contribute right away.

What has happened to Josh Jones? Against the Bengals he looked like DROY. And since? He had 12 Tackles in that game and 2 sacks. Since, 11 tackles no sacks. He is a special type of player, you have to use him.

I don't get why Janis or Davis can't be used 5 or so snaps a game. Getting their speed on the field, would help and also would get a couple of more players on the field that Hundley is comfortable with.

I completely agree. Not every idea would work. But how do you know it won't work if you don't try it?
I hope by the end of the year they bring Clark up. Especially if they lose enough that they are out of the playoffs, why not bring him up and get him playing time for next year.

I do have confidence in McCarthy, though I do get annoyed with him.

RCPackerFan's picture

Until you brought up Greg Jennings, I would have made a rational argument with you.
But Greg Jennings is Skip Bayless's little buddy, with whom hates the Packers. The only time we hear anything from Jennings is when he is bashing the Packers, or criticizing players like Rodgers to gain attention.

McCarthy is 9-2 in games coming out of the bye. He has more challenges this time around without Rodgers, but I do think we will see a lot more changes to the offense to better suite Hundley.

I do think McCarthy can get the offense to work. In 2014 when Rodgers hurt his calf he changed the offense to work around Rodgers not being able to move. He switched to using the Pistol, and relied on Lacy.

We saw some slight changes last week with some read option type of looks. With a bye week I think we will see more changes made.

As far as Hyde. i was fine letting him go. I didn't want to pay him the contract he got. But looking at his year, I really question Capers and if he is using players the right way? Hyde for example in his 4 years in GB had 7 interceptions. This year alone through 7 games has 5 interceptions. How does a player who had 7 in 4 years go to a new defense play in a new role and have 5. To me that says he wasn't used the right way in Green Bay.
Peppers another one, He had 7.5 sacks last year. Through 8 games this year he has 7.5. He is nearly having 1 sack a game where last year he basically had 1 every 2 games.

RCPackerFan's picture

I think there have been instances when he took his foot off the gas. But as a whole I don't think so. Jennings just looks for anything he can to rip on anything GB.

2014 the offense was explosive.
2015 was Jordy's and WR's injuries.
2016 we finally got to see some of our offense come back later in the year. We had no running game though.
I would argue that Jones is our best RB since Lacy's 2014 season. What Jones has done since becoming the starter is simply outstanding.

I am not sure why Peppers has been better. I do think the style of defense he is playing is a big reason, also playing more pass rush situations probably helps.

I do think as a whole they get the most talented players on the field. But are they using them the right way? Ways that puts their talent,
I really am questioning if Capers simply doesn't put the players in the best situation, or use them the way they should be used. Especially after seeing the players that left and the production they have had.

I do feel McCarthy on offense though can get it rolling.

billybobton's picture

It is not valid to force a guy out who is playing the wrong position and blame the player

Hyde is killing S not CB and not slot
PEPPERS is killing .... at DE not a DT in a 2 man DL

that is coaching and GM
not offering guys who produce is killing us
keeping snaps to guys based on draft status is killing us

and it was teddie who let all those guys walk
not the DC

HankScorpio's picture

If players are being used improperly, that falls on the coaching staff, which is McCarthy's area. TT's only option is to dictate coaches to McCarthy (which can upset their relationship) or fire McCarthy.

I don't see TT as a meddler and I think McCarthy does more good than bad. But the blind spot with Capers is starting to alter that calculus.

billybobton's picture

not when the choice of the roster dictates and controls who the DC can chose from

not when you are told RANDALL ROLLINS, FRACK are here, hyde peppers etc are gone

Tundraboy's picture

Totally agree. Most of all with:

Let's just keep playing it straight...that'll show 'em.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

For the rest of this season anyway, we probably won't have to worry about MM taking his foot off the gas after we get a big lead.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Great comment!

DD's picture

Most fans agree with you on MM. He wouldn't change or make changes if things are bad during a game. If offense is struggling he won't sub and goes with the same plays and has no answers. Give other players a chance to give some sort of spark. Could this hurt? MM will just say, no doubt, failed to execute, had opportunities. Really! Every team says this, even the Browns for goodness sake. His genius regresses during games. Just a lost looked with no confidence.

Since '61's picture

The injury report has been crucial for this team all season and every season. The problem is that unless Aaron Rodgers is coming off the report it may not matter who else is coming off the report.

I would like to see both Beigel and Adams get some snaps if they are ready. We also need Brooks and Burnett ready to go. I cannot understand why Josh Jones hasn't been given a chance to play regularly. With our defense what do we have to lose by letting him play?

Our OL needs to be ready as well or Aaron Jones and Hundley are both in for a tough evening on Monday night. The Lions who don't need more motivation to play the Packers anyway will be a desperate team when they arrive in Green Bay for MNF.

For the Packers, hopefully they realize this is their last best hope to keep this season meaningful. The upcoming schedule favors them if they can pull themselves together. It's time to take no prisoners on defenses and for no excuses from the coaches or the players. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

DD's picture

Defense. A walking med center every season and excuse for failure. With Rodgers even healthy when has the defense consistently stopped any one? Capers bend but don't break? No. Three man rush? A joke. Capers, overrated for a long time.

billybobton's picture

the injuries have not mattered at all
outside AROD

all the whining about them produced a 4-1 record because AROD covers up the OL no matter who they are and generally the WRs too

without AROD and getting starters back 0-2

pretty obvious

Houndog's picture

As a Packer fan living in the SF Bay area I have a question regarding injuries:
Is there a way we could add TT to the injury list, and then wave him as "Injured'?

Watching other GMs (and a rookie GM too) be proactive while TT can't even muster up some 'reactive' really sucks!
But then hey, it can't be easy sitting behind a desk all day with one's head firmly planted up...........................

dobber's picture

What would you have him do at this point? We've seen a rush of player moves over the last week, but if the Packers are a sinking ship, throwing draft picks at peripheral players is just throwing good money after bad.

flackcatcher's picture

And SF sign hm as their GM? Don't laugh, there are at a minimum 20 other teams who would love to have him.

DD's picture

I'm Ted and would like to respond to your comments...."huh"? You're correct!

DD's picture

I'm Ted and would like to respond to your comments...."huh"? You're correct!

RobinsonDavis's picture

There is very little talk thus far about our CBs being injured. Four CBs were on the injury report during week 7 and given the need for these guys to be at their very best, I would think this is significant. The Packers brought in a number of DBs to work out as well, which could be a sign of lingering injuries, and not just prospecting to improve at this position.

Also, is McCaffrey going to go the way of Herb Waters and convert to CB? Or are the Packers considering a trade for one of our WRs? ... Very interesting that the Packers are still keeping 3 WRs on the practice squad, Last, can we PLEASE get Kendricks involved in the passing game!

Point Packer's picture

Players are too big. Too fast. The NFL will cease to exist in 10 years. Enjoy it while it lasts. One gruesome life ending injury away and its gone.

DD's picture

And the world will come to an end?

DD's picture

And the world will come to an end?

HankScorpio's picture

We're close to that now. The news that doctors were considering an amputation of Zach Miller's leg was...stark.

PACKERNICK's picture

TT and MM are offense minded. They delegated the defense to Capers who either has ingenious plans that nobody understands or he's lost it. I tend to think its the latter. I think we have the players but need a new
DC to motivate and discipline the players. I hold my breath when its third and 10 plus. Some suggestions for DC would be Kevin Greene or Mike Singletary.
However, with ARod down maybe the rest of the team will rise to the occasion. I hope so.

dobber's picture

I keep thinking of how good Todd Bowles would look on the sidelines sporting a green and gold sweatshirt and a headset...

DD's picture

I agree with you. K. Greene yes. Oh MM let him go. Why? Because he was intense and had great energy which MM didn't have or like. Also, hire J. Leonard as d-back coach. We need new energy. Singletary wouldn't be a bad idea either. Something, somebody, anybody with intense energy, passion and fire!!

DD's picture

I said a few years ago, hire K. GREEN as defensive coordinator, then get J.LEONARD as d-back coach. That's would have been a good start. But no, keep Dum Capers and you can see the same results every game by yards allowed and 3rd down conversions. As for MM, he plays not to win. You say recent because of Hunfley, ha, remember the Seattle game with the big lead in Seattle? Least we forget. MM is predictable with no creative play calling. He sticks with the same receivers instead of trying new combinations during games.

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