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Cory's Corner: Aaron Rodgers must lead, not point

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Cory's Corner: Aaron Rodgers must lead, not point

Video games have been around for awhile. I can remember playing Super Tecmo Bowl into the wee hours of the night after Christmas 1991.

Granted, the 8-bit artifact has nothing on Halo or Madden but it was still a time waster.

The Packers’ have proven that they can produce on offense. In the last four years, Green Bay has finished outside the top six in total offense only once. The reason why this team is currently ranked 20th is due to preparation.

Aaron Rodgers has been frustrated that the team is choking away a 6-0 start. But it’s not very professional to throw younger members under the bus. For all of the video games that Davante Adams plays, does that mean that Eddie Lacy’s fried lunches and suppers go unnoticed?

I realize that Rodgers cannot personally force players to watch game video, take copious notes and be highly informed heading into the next game. Because, being prepared is only the first step — you still have to execute.

Instead of telling the younger players that they need to prepare more, inform them how to prepare. Tell them what to look for when Darius Slay or Jason Jones plays a certain way. Inform them that the Lions are a desperate team right now with a playoff heartbeat that hasn’t beaten in a long time.

These are all athletes and they must take ownership of their jobs and careers. However, Rodgers is paid to be the team’s mouthpiece. Instead of pointing out other people’s faults, he needs to fix them.

The offense has looked confused for awhile now. Richard Rogers is only serviceable in the red zone, James Jones is proving why two other teams cut him and Randall Cobb has shown this season that he isn’t a No. 1 receiver.

Then there’s Davante Adams and his case of the drops. And it doesn’t help that one of the lone bright spots — rookie wideout Ty Montgomery — has regressed and may not play again this year.

This is the first genuine test of adversity for Rodgers. The two-time NFL MVP has carved up defenses so well that most Packers fans were spoiled by the 38-10 wins. That hasn’t happened in a long time.

Rodgers needs to take ownership and take the reins back. Being a leader isn’t about making your message heard through the media. That only leads to bickering and complaining about why a teammate was called out publicly.

Amazingly enough, the Packers can still put a life raft around this season. The NFC North is still winnable after the debacle against the Bears, but not after a Lions loss.

Rodgers, this is your team. Most of the NFL still thinks you are the second-best quarterback behind only Tom Brady.Now that things have gotten tougher, we’ve seen Rodgers throw a Microsoft Surface at Carolina or looking perplexed vs. Detroit and Chicago.

We all know that Rodgers can still throw 30-yard lasers to the size of a puzzle piece. However, if the Packers are going to reverse this trend, he needs to show this team the way off the field. 


Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He recently earned his Masters degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter: @Coryjennerjohn

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Bearmeat's picture

I don't know if he can show them off the field. It's not his job. In professional situations, even when you are the CEO of a company, you can't just go around showing or telling other people how to do their jobs. You hired them. You give them the job description and let them at it.

The best thing Aaron Rodgers can do it start manufacturing points again by himself like he has done many times in the past. If AR were playing like he can the past 2 months, this team is 10-1. If AR gets back to being AR, there is no reason why this team can't win the NFC. The talent on the rest of the roster (except the pass catchers) is good enough to not kill the season. If ARod doesn't get back to what he was, then this team will not win the division, may not make the playoffs, and heads will roll in the offseason.

RCPackerFan's picture

My question for you is how does Rodgers get back to being Rodgers when his WR's keep dropping passes? While Rodgers hasn't been great, and has left a lot on the field, the guys he keeps throwing the ball to are dropping way to many passes.

This is a great article about it. In the last 8 games they have 23 dropped passes. How many drives in the last 2-3 games have been killed by dropped passes? Against Chicago Adams drops what likely would have been a 47 yard TD. Jones drops what would have been a game winning TD, and Adams on the next play drops one. While that play by Adams was a tough one to make, the ball hit his hands and bounced off. Between Adams and Jones, they were targeted 17 times and only caught 2 passes between them. That's pathetic.
There have been way to many drive ending drop passes of late.

I thought against Chicago Rodgers was getting back on track to his normal self, except the WR's forgot to catch the ball...
He started running when he had a chance and he was making the throws he needed to.
I think we are starting to see Rodgers getting back to his normal self.

D.D. Driver's picture

Better ball placement on that final touchdown attempt and the Packers win. The Packers are thin at WR, that means Rodgers has to be that much sharper. You can't expect Davante Adams to turn into Odell Beckham overnight. You can expect Rodgers to play like a superstar.

It's far more important for the Packer's best player to play like the best player than for the nineteenth best player to play like the nineteenth best player. Look at it this way, you don't blame Horace Grant for a loss when Michael Jordan goes 2-19.

Rodgers has been indecisive and off target. We've seen him one-hop check down passes and flutter one-yard sideline passes so slowly that by the time the ball gets to the receiver the defender already has him wrapped up. Earlier in the season people were asking whether Rodgers was the greatest of all time. That's how sharp he was.

Right now he looks like Matt Flynn out there. He's been outplayed by Teddy Bridgewater (who doesn't exactly have a murders row at wide out) and Jay Cutler.

I fully expect Rodgers to get his game back, but this has been brutal to watch.

RCPackerFan's picture

Well actually on that play Adams wasn't the target. He was trying to go to Cobb streaking across the back of the end zone. Rodgers even said so in his postgame comments.

Either way, that hit his hands. He should have caught it, IMO.

No I agree. Rodgers hasn't' been Rodgers like. He isn't playing like we are used to seeing him play. He needs to be better.

My whole point was in the Chicago game and in games of late there were way to many dropped passes, especially on 3rd down. There was a play in the Lions game where they finally drew up the perfect play and got Cobb open, would have been a big play. He drops the ball. Ended the drive. If he catches that he has at least 20 yards and a first down. Against Chicago Adams drops a pass that would have easily been a 47 yard TD. There was no one in front of him, but he drops it.
There have been way to many of those types of plays not happening lately.When the WR's are struggling the QB needs to play above them to make them better. When the QB is struggling the WR's need to step up to help him out. Its time they start picking each other up.

DrealynWilliams's picture

@RC Maybe the WRs are sick and tired of running the same routes out of the same formation(s)? Ok, I'm joking. I couldn't help it.

RCPackerFan's picture

I think your onto something. WR's are so shocked when they get open that they forget to actually catch the ball...

So, if they change the formations and start to scheme more to get guys open, they will not be shocked by being open and they will be able to concentrate on catching the ball more.

I think that sounds right. ;)

DrealynWilliams's picture


Dan Stodola's picture

Kinda hard to be sharp when the WR aren't freakin where they are supposed to be. Don't you think? The offense is built on timing and precision, so if a WR isn't where he's supposed to be, when he's supposed to be there, how the hell is Rodgers supposed to do more?

4thand1's picture

Rodgers not being Rodgers is simple. I don't think he thinks he can count on any of the WR's right now. He hasn't had time to go through his progressions and if the first look isn't there, then what. If he's seeing receivers covered and running the wrong routes there's no timing. When a QB throws to a spot and there's no one there he looks bad. This is by far the worst receiving group I've seen in GB in a very very long time.

D.D. Driver's picture

It's not that simple at all. He was just fine earlier in the season, with the same receivers. The receivers aren't causing him to one-hap check down passes.

The receivers aren't great, but that's not all that's going on. Rodgers isn't himself.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

I think he threw the computer because he saw that he missed a wide open receiver. Not mad at someone else, but himself. Agree though that he needs to step up and lead in a different way than he has in the past. Thursday is unexpectedly huge. I believe it is where the Packer greatness will shine when the story of our SB triumph is retold for years to come.

Or maybe we are truly worse than Detroit which is too awful to bear.

Horse's picture

A bit behind the curve. He was all about stepping up his own upcoming game prep a couple days ago, used media to get that message out. What else would you like him to do?

Razer's picture

I think a lot has been made of an inaccurate statement by Chris Collinsworth and it only serves to distract the team. Not sure that I want A Rod to be the mouthpiece for the team particularly when he is accounting for media fodder. He needs to work on his game with his teammates and coaches. The coaches need to whip those other guys into mental and physical shape.

At this point, the coaching staff needs to show that it can focus the team. Whether they simplify the schemes to allow the players to play faster or sit some of the under performers, they need to adjust to the scattered effort. Davante Adams is clearly not performing and Jeff Janis is. We lose nothing by giving the young man a chance to contribute and learn.

Overall, I think that Rodgers should keep his mouth shut and do his job. He can get his message across by skipping Adams in his progressions or using his legs to carry the team.

4thand1's picture

With the new CBA, are they allowed to practice together longer? You would think QB and receivers would get together and work on routes and timing. Old school QB's used to do it all the time. I remember reading a story about Unitas and Mackey working for hours together and were unstopable.

dschwalm's picture


RCPackerFan's picture

Louis Riddick on NFL Insiders yesterday:

'The message Rodgers was trying to send is that individually players need to detail their preparation. You can best believe he was speaking to young players specifically to guys like Davante Adams who he has fed the ball consistently but hasn't been able to get on the same page. And then collectively when you don't have the personnel to beat people with simple schemes, its on the play caller to be a little more creative. Everyone here is on notice to detail their preparation if they want to get where they want to go and that's the post season.'

I respect Louis a lot. I agree with his take on this. Rodgers is sending a message to everyone involved that they need to be better. That is players and coaches.

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

"And then collectively when you don't have the personnel to beat people with simple schemes, its on the play caller to be a little more creative."

So I'm not the only one that sees play-calling and design as a problem?

RCPackerFan's picture

No your not the only one. I have been saying this for a long time now.

I'm not saying that it will cure dropped passes and things like that. But being more creative with the play calling/scheming will go a long ways to help get WR's open more. So many times we are seeing Rodgers holding onto the ball then having to escape the pocket to try and make a play.

Doing things like changing personnel and formations is a start.

The coaches have to wake up and realize that the WR's are struggling to get open consistently and they need to do whatever it takes to help them get open.
Also they need to realize that their 11 personnel is not their best personnel group for what they want to do. Their best group right now is the 20 personnel. And especially in the Pistol with that group.

Tundraboy's picture

Not at all POC. I have felt that for too long to mention. Play calling has been way too predictable.

brewers_rule's picture

While I agree Rodgers needs to take the leadership role right now (not that he hasn't before, though) and I think some of the team's poor play can be laid on him not finding the open man here or there, I think some of this also needs to be laid at the hands of Thompson for his constant youth movement. When you take a guy like Nelson out of the mix, you lose a LOT of veteran leadership. Yes, Cobb and Jones should be able to fill that but this is what happens when you jettison vets for youngsters all the time. Do you think for a minute this video game stuff would be a topic of conversation if, say, Driver were still around to motivate & push those guys? Or maybe Jennings if we'd got him instead of Jones? Thompson's thrown so much youth into that locker room especially at WR/TE these guys haven't had to step up in times like this much. I think the offensive collapse in Seattle late last year shows that & Nelson was even a part of that. We heard for years the reason Capers defense was bad was because it took time for guys to be veteran enough to trust & run that system so why isn't the same true of the offense? Veterans have their place if their price is right and they could REALLY use a guy in this WR/TE corps w/the cred to step up and call out these young guys not making plays but you won't see that because the entire culture is youth-led & 'go with the flow, don't make waves' in general.

As for the videogame stuff, I thought Rodgers said that Collinsworth's story held no water. Maybe he wasn't being all that truthful but the media doesn't seem to be pressing him or the regime in general on things like that. I can't figure out why anyone questioning him hasn't asked 'If you truly don't trust Janis to start, how can you trust Adams who IS making mistake after mistake despite 31 FREAKING targets/game?'

RCPackerFan's picture

I get your point about Thompson going with young players over bringing in veterans. And I think he does need to do a better job going out and getting a free agent here and there to help. I'm not saying he needs to break the bank on the top free agents, but you can't tell me bringing in players can't help. I prefer the younger players over aging veterans but there are enough players out there that could help.

This being said, I think more of it is on the coaches. They have to adapt their schemes around the players they do have.
Look at what Capers did. For years the defense was having miscommunication issues and struggled. He simplified his schemes and the Defense has taken off since.
Why can't the same be said for the offense?

The Packers offense is built more for veterans or players that were developed into the scheme. Rodgers has been in it for 10 years now. He is going to know everything about the offense. The problem right now is they have 2 WR's that have been in the offense for more then 2 years. The rest are all in their 2nd year.
Perhaps rather then forcing all of these young WR's to fit their scheme, they can modify their scheme to get the most out of these young players? Similar to what Capers did with the defense.

Right now the WR's are struggling to get open. Why not make adjustments to help them get open.

I think the coaches right now have to do a better job with the players they do have.

Razer's picture

Well said RC. You only have to look at what John Fox is doing in Chicago. They are minus a bunch of veterans and talent but he has them playing better than than our Packers. Even without Marshall and Bennett, Cutler is playing to a higher standard than our QB.

In today's NFL you better be able to plug and play because roster turnover is the new reality. Our coaches seem to think that a 3 year ramp-up is okay and earning Rodger's trust is the objective of the offense. Keep doing this and we'll do to Rodgers what we did to Favre.

Packer_Pete's picture

I disagree. All starters from last years' O are back. Jordy is on IR, but others are back, and Jones is back again and he certainly is still familiar with the O. And I always hear from everybody that players make their biggest jump from year 1 to year 2.

I think the main problems are that players are not playing up to their potential, as well as bad game planning. I think play calling within a game is the result of game planning. If it wasn't then it would already been corrected. So I think coaches cannot really identify the weaknesses of opponents, or gauge the potential and strengths of their own team.

As far as players not playing to their potential, I think we can all agree neither OL not receivers, not the QB play as well as they should and could. And RBs took some time also, even though they've played better lately. But lets not forget, against Bears the first two drives ended with a bad pass from QB at 4th&2 at midfield, giving the WR no chance to catch it even though he was open beyond the first down marker initially, and a blatant drop by Adams on 3rd down when the ball hit his hands. After the D had stopped the Bears several times with 3&outs. Considering the Lacy TD, score on those early drives and be up 13-0 or possibly 17-0 and the game is over, as Cutler is forced to be Cutler... And on those particular drives, play calling was not the issue. Execution and lack of talent was.

brewers_rule's picture

I agree in regards to the scheme changes fitting what they have now. MMQB had a GREAT article about that back at the beginning of November (have we really been dealing with this a month now? Shows how slow to react these coaches are again) where they talked about shortening routes, running more slants, and including some crossing pick patterns to get guys open. They mentioned how it was basic football 101 so it baffles me how McCarthy, who is a great offensive mind, is refusing so much to implementing simple scheme changes like that either via Clements or taking the calls over himself. It's like they just can't admit they're wrong no matter how many games they lose due to the insanity.

I agree regarding the vets also. I get in arguments with family ALL the time about this. We're not saying 'bring in the highest priced old dude you can find.' We're saying to find the guy that's priced well, is a vet but not old, knows the scheme well, and fills a freaking hole you have. That's ALL. After Jordy went down, we needed guys that knew the system & Rodgers trusted so I agreed w/the Jones signing at the time but had the Dolphins cut Jennings, as was rumored at the end of preseason, I would have favored him instead. Jennings was a pro with us no matter what he's said since and could play slot if nothing else, guiding these young guys in how to prepare etc. Jones doesn't seem to be that kinda guy we SO need right now.

packfriend's picture

I can't argue with any of Thompson's decisions to let our veteran receivers go. Jennings was too expensive and hasn't worked out at all for Vikings/Dolphins, plus it seems he was a bit of an entitled prick toward the end. Driver was at the end of the line. Jones maybe could have been kept but the Raiders wanted to pay him. Now we have him back for peanuts and can see that he's not worth the money in the Raiders contract.

So that leaves free agency. Sign Andre Johnson this past offseason? With $10 mil guaranteed and $7mil avg. salary to commit to a 33 year old receiver? Not for me, or Thompson either. We have cap room right now but need to sign a bunch of people, like Mike Daniels top priority.

So we chose to pay Nelson and Cobb, Nelson is hurt and Cobb can't beat double teams consistently and has developed a case of the drops. It sucks, but the long-term health of the team is most important and I think the vast majority of Thompson's decisions have been the right ones.

brewers_rule's picture

No one's saying to overpay old guys here. What I've been saying is veterans have a place and if you keep the contract fairly reasonable AND short, that leadership in the locker room becomes invaluable at times like this. Tramon Williams made that very point when he knew he was too old for Thompson's liking a few years back when the articles were about how Capers didn't have vets in his system he could trust anymore, just a bunch of young guys learning. Whatever Jennings may have said after leaving, the guy was a class act the whole time he was here and knew how to prepare like it from his time with Favre to Rodgers. Passing that on to young guys is invaluable & there's no one in the locker room now to do that so you're seeing it come out on the field of play.

As far as free agents available goes, the timing of the Nelson injury changes everything but just going based on this year's crop of guys, I wouldn't even start with Andre because he's nothing more than a possession guy and we needed a field stretching guy after Nelson went down. The first guy I would have looked at was Michael Crabtree who's younger, signed for less, and has been unbelievable for McKenzie out in Oakland. Granted, he's not a downfield burner but he has great hands and we could still mix in Janis a TON more than McCarthy or Rodgers has been willing to to supplement that. I think all of us would be perfectly happy going in house with Abbredaris or Janis but even with both healthy, they're still insisting on throwing it 31 times to Adams who is beyond awful, why?????

IcemanBT's picture

ty montgomery has not regressed ! he is injured and can't seem to get healthy, big difference. janis has filled in nicely as a kick returner, who has stepped up as a receiver? nobody yet. if adams where to play as good as he thinks he is in his own mind, then he would be a pretty good wide out, but he just won't stop wasting time complaining after the play is over. the real good WR's state their case and get back to work.

Packer_Pete's picture

We all know what Adams cannot do. Why the game plan has him as a target on 21 throws as in the Lions game is beyond me, though. The last 3 games he was the target of 35 throws !!! Of which he caught 15 for 129 yards, no TDs. His per catch yardage in those games is 8.6. His per target yardage is 3.7 yards. Anybody wants to tell me this is an NFL starting WR? Or even better, a pro bowl level player as our starting QB wants to tell us??? I think if you give either Abbrederis or Janis the chance to be thrown to 35 times each in a span of 3 games you'll probably get better results.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I assumed that the author meant that Montgomery has regressed (that is, had a setback) in terms of his health.

D Ernesto's picture

No one can force these young guys to do things on there days or time off. I take it this issue has to do with the training facility. All I can say is when it snowed, my dad didn't have to tell me to go shovel. I knew the consequence of I didn't. These players are not talking this time seriously it sounds. I can tell by all the mistakes being made on the field. To bad Rogers had to play dad.

ray nichkee's picture

Don't forget cowpie, the pack is only one win away from you shutting up and getting the hell out of here.

Packer_Pete's picture

he had already lost a bet and stated he'd never ever post again on this site. Guess his integrity really shows. Just as much as his beloved 49ers LOL

dschwalm's picture

I agree with Cow's post and I am not going anywhere.

Bohj's picture

The passing game does blow.
Right now.
- Adams. The jury is still out on this guy though. I think his expectations of himself...MM calling him mvp of the offseason...and Rodgers singing his probowl praises have put him in a mind funk. He wasn't ready to make the jump to #2. Jordy going down forced him into a much loftier role. That's just too much. I still expect great things from this guy. I think his development timeline got screwed. Hopefully he doesn't suffer any longterm damage from it.
- Cobb. Was never meant to be a #1. Slot receivers rarely are. He was a perfect compliment to Jordy and Jennings. Doesn't have the height to be that outside guy. He's perfect for the slot. Especially when he doesn't have the number one corner on him. I think it's less of a "figured him out" and more of a "easier to blanket him and make him a nonfactor because the D doesn't have to worry about anyone else.
- James Jones. Honestly. He was always a #3. But now he is a slower #3. He was fill-in duty because we needed veterans that knew the system.
- Monty would be a legit #3. And was until .....ankle.
- Abby. Here's a guy that will be welkeresque. Seems to know how to work underneath the zones. Always seems open.
- RR. Not a bad TE for a double TE set. Unfortunately we don't have that second TE. And.....just don't throw to him until he is already down field. Jebus. Not like he's gonna get YAC. Just stop it. " best hands on the team" according to ARodgers.
If......and I know you'll say big "if" Jordy returns to a semblance of his former self. The trickle down and experience alone makes this team difficult to defend. So...there's that...

Tarynfor12's picture

After reading what Cow wrote and then reading this comment I'll place this here.

Truth hurts but the pain it inflicts can be controlled by the presentation as with BOHJ's .

I'm not sure if many disagree with Cow's points of view or just his crass/direct way of putting them forth.

Tundraboy's picture

Bohj. Well said

ray nichkee's picture

Bohj, I'm in total agreement with you. I've said it in the off season that MM uses fullbacks similar to tight ends at times and there are two on the roster that can block, catch, and run. The playbook is not opened up like it has been in the past.

One thing for sure Is the WRs in MMs system learn all roles, not just one. Part of that is downfield blocking after the catch. I havnt seen any of it as of late.

Packer_Pete's picture

well now if we only had Christine Michael then all would be good, as then we wouldn't even need a receiver. He'd do it all...

Bryce Hansen's picture

I like it. Lately Cheesehead TV has become the official headquarters of hopelessly optimistic Packers fans. I just hope someone can do something to pull this season out of the dumpster.

Clay the 1st's picture

I have been loving the thoughtful dialogue from Packers fans on this site since Cow went away forever.

He did in fact promise to never return to this website to comment if the Packers beat the Patriots last season.

He presents himself as a football expert and a life expert for that matter.

Therefore I would say he is smart enough to know what a promise is and what it means to honor one.


Packer_Pete's picture

Totally agree. Also, had they won at least one of the Lions or Bears games for which they had a legitimate shot then he'd not be posting... This team would be 8-3 now and would almost be in the playoffs already...

ray nichkee's picture

The packers will win on Thursday. Cow will shut up. Talent and coaching? You have just about run out of material. You are that joke that taint funny. You enjoy pissing in the wind.

4thand1's picture

The lolions were the laughing stock a few weeks ago. They fired their OC and were talking about getting rid of the HC too. So they won 3 in a row. Hell the Packers won 6 straight. This season is far from over, but if asswipe cow ( who still sucks), were in charge, Hundley would be starting and we'd be playing for a higher draft pick.

TommyG's picture

Cow, this might be the most optimistic post I've ever seen from you.

Tundraboy's picture

Was thinking the same thing.

Mojo's picture

Love it. Cow not only reneges on his promise but then insults us to boot. Well done.

Dan Stodola's picture

Same as mr trump, err tWins. Hesaid he made his last comment about a month ago, only to show 2 weeks later w yet another new name. He has gone from tWins to Thompson Trumps to the current version!

If the piwers that be would take action on these two the site would be much better for it.

jlc1's picture

Simply put no one is afraid of the Packers. They don't need to do something special to get them off track. Just play basic football, 4 or 5 man rush, stay in your lanes and on your man and the Packers' offense will be stymied.
In the end MM and TT teams have always been finesse teams they have never relied on winning the line of scrimmage on either side of the ball. In the end though that is where football games and more broadly football seasons, are won.

Bohj's picture

Your statement has merit for two years ago and maybe the beginning of the season this year. But two back to back games of quite amazing rushing statistics may actually be pointing our arrow in a winning the line of scrimmage direction. In spite of our lack of finesse passing game. Not because of it.

jlc1's picture

I can't say that I feel good about two games of ok offensive line play outweighing years of very different results. To be fair earlier in the season the line was protecting Rodgers fairly well. But the Pack in this era has struggled against hard nosed teams like the Hawks, Broncos and a while back the Niners. And on it goes. But I am an optimist and will look for you to have proven me wrong, that the trend is in fact going to stick.

TommyG's picture

Wade Phillips really cracked our offense with his heavy blitz package. Normally a team that blitzed Rodgers was treated to a 50 yard completion. Phillips had a heavy and effective blitz and press coverage. With our slow (and now lazy) WR corps the blitz has plenty of time to get to AR. With Lacy and starks getting some production we can "run" a team out of this defense. The problem is that then a defense needs only go back to the 4 man rush, two high safety look and we are once again shut down. Two ways to derail our offense. Ouch!

Docgperez's picture

man do I miss, Jennings and Driver. not too many drops back then.

DrealynWilliams's picture

For those who still have access the game film:

4th Quarter
:39 seconds remaining
2nd & Goal

Tell me what you see....

RCPackerFan's picture

I regretfully deleted my dvr'd of the game as soon as they officially lost the game. Now wishing I wouldn't have to have kept it just for Starr and Favre half time.

So what happened at that time?

Tundraboy's picture

Don't have it but I seem to recall that Rodgers had an opportunity to run it in or at least get close to goal line.

Packer_Pete's picture

Darn. Just rewatched the 1st Quarter this morning, then deleted it. Just wanted to see the 1st Q again, as I think the game was lost then. Couldn't stomach to see the rest, so unfortunately do not remember what I saw then. I do remember 2 dropped passes on 3rd & 4th downs, with the one on 3rd being the more blatant.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Adams was open with a lot of end zone for Rodgers to work with if he decided to throw his way. Now, I know Adams dropped a lot of passes previously,but he did catch that huge 3rd down on that drive.

Rodgers went on to throw the ball away (:36 seconds left)

MadJam's picture

Adams had a step on the defender in a good position to get a back shoulder reception for TD, but Aaron Rodgers looked away to his cousin Richie.

Tundraboy's picture

Glad the game is Thursday. Can not wait to Sunday to see how team responds. Hope they shock us all and play great. At this point I have no clue what will happen and if Aaron has such a huge chip on his shoulder that he plays like his normal self. Sure hope so. I do know I want to see Ryan, Janis and Rip playing more.

dschwalm's picture

You mean you don't have an inkling how this team will respond after Rodgers called out his receivers in public???

PETER MAIZ's picture

I think Rodgers has been diplomatic and restrained most of the time. As to Adams, I think he has a work ethic problem. Apparently, he thinks he's arrived, but that seems more of "fancy pants" attitude to me.
So more to the point, I don't agree with this article overall. Maybe the problem is that Bennett is no longer the wide receivers/quarterbacks coach. It's now Van Pelt.
When Adams is targeted 21 times and catches 11 for 37 yards (!), then Adams is off. Rodgers has to be pretty frustrated at this point and who wouldn't be pretty upset at this performance?

Dan Stodola's picture

I'm sorry but again the author seems clueless. I seem to remember read about Rodgers saying the preparation needs to improve and taking it upon himself saying that it starts w him! What I don't recall is Rodgers mentioning ANY other names or calling anyone else out in the media! Just better preparation and it starts w me!

Seems like perfect F'in leadership to me Cory!

Brian's picture

On what fact(s) or information can the author assume that Rodgers hasn't or isn't already tried to lead this way?

Dan Stodola's picture

I'm absolutely sure Rodgers is always the most prepared player on the team. Its pretty much a job requirement IMO. To this point this season its obvious no one is matching his preparation.

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I got your back on this one stroh, corys articles have a skip bayless quality to them.

Pack204's picture

I have no problem with the way he is leading at the moment. He took accountability for those lossess when speaking to the media. Even though I think the scheme is fairly predictible right now for the other teams defense, there have been lots of plays not being made by the receiving corps and Rodgers has missed some open throws. Look at the Vikings game they made plays all over the field and put up 30 on a very good defense in a hostile environment.

What bothers me the most is they run the ball effectively but they always want to get away from it and throw it. Too many times the drive has stalled as a result from abandoning the run game.

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I am not sure you can call an offense of 5 field goals as making plays all over the field. It is more like a good defense making stops and an offense that can get one or two first downs to get close to field goal range. There was one very good drive in that game though so maybe they can find two good drives against the Lions.

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"an offense that can get one or two first downs to get close to field goal range."

LOL a team gets 5 FG and you bring this? Guessing you mean can't close FG range to TDs.

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I find it curious that some of the blame isn't falling on the shoulders of the coaches, particularly the position coaches. And as far as Aaron Rodgers' calling out players for their lack of focus, it seems to me that this was supposed to be in-house, but somehow got leaked to the media, so how is Aaron Rodgers to blame for this unless he was the one making these issues public???

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Cory jennerjohn is the love child of skip bayless and a reporter for entertainment tonight. Dont delete it This time Cory.

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