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Contract Numbers for G T.J. Lang's Extension

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Contract Numbers for G T.J. Lang's Extension

The contract numbers are in for guard T.J. Lang's four-year extension with the Green Bay Packers.

According to Aaron Nagler of CheeseheadTV and Bleacher Report, Lang will receive a $5.5 million signing bonus and over $5 million a year in his four new years.

Overall, Lang's new deal pays him $20.8 million in base salary and has a total value of $26.3 million. The extension keeps him in Green Bay through 2016.

In comparison, the Arizona Cardinals paid former Packers left guard Daryn Colledge $27.5 million over five years with a $7.5 million signing bonus last summer. Lang replaced Colledge in 2011 and started all 17 games for the Packers.

Right guard Josh Sitton received a five-year extension worth $33.75 million last September. His deal included almost $9 million in guaranteed money. Both Sitton and Lang are now locked up through 2016.

While Lang's extension didn't approach Sitton's deal from 2011, the upfront signing bonus and comparable base salary were likely too much for the 24-year-old guard to pass up. He was scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent in 2013.

Lang's extension was first reported by ESPN's Adam Schefter early Monday night.

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aussiepacker's picture

not bad coin. Good on him, hope he continues to improve and becomes a solid player for the pack. He seems like a very likeable person.

Ebongreen's picture

I can totally deal with that price tag.

Jason's picture

Better guard then Colledge for a cheaper price. Good work TT!

Glad Mr. Lang is there to help protect Mr. Rodgers for a long time.

Mojo's picture

The way I figure it, the Pack upgraded the position and paid slightly less per year and in signing bonus as compared to retaining Colledge.

Even though Lang got guard money there may be times whens he's forced to play LT in a pinch. If he proves to be an adequate stop-gap, his value to the Packers goes way-up. If not, being an above average LG is good enough. Plus the signing bonus isn't too high, that if it ever was accelerated (let's hope not) the Packers would take a huge cap hit. Good deal for both sides.

Oppy's picture

Mojo, he's already proven to be an adequate stop gap at both tackle positions in his time in Green Bay. His rookie season was impressive in that regard, and he's only gotten better since.

I think the only position he hasn't seen live action at is center.

Hell, he even played a handful of snaps on the defensive line two years ago

Cole's picture

Nags is breaking scoops now. All that hard work is paying off. Awesome!

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

My sources confirm this.


Oppy's picture

Remember when TT was a raging egomaniac who couldn't build a line because he didn't value the guard position, and he was determined to destroy the Packers by penny pinching and only hiring bums off the street and failed collegiate tackles to play interior line positions?

I miss that guy.

Jamie's picture

To be fair, that was only part of the diabolical plan to destroy Favre at all cost. TT could focus on his secondary goal, championship team building, as soon as he checked that off his list.

Oppy's picture

Impressive work, Jamie!

Rocky70's picture

Ooppy & Jamie --- Two peas in a pod or just pea-soup ---- you decide ??? --- LOL.

retiredgrampa's picture

Will the day ever come when TT no longerr draws the ire of a few over his handling of TOG? Can't we ALL see the improvement in the time since? Was it NOT worth it? Nearly EVERY team in the league would trade their entire draft picks for a year to get Aaron Rodgers. We're blessed and will be SB bound on a yearly basis.

Oppy's picture

It'll be okay, retiredgrampa, it'll be okay.

It's just a heavy dose of sarcasm.

PackersRS's picture

At this juncture, the opinion of anyone who even questions the work TT has done so far (overall) can't be taken seriously.

Rocky70's picture

Ooppy & RS, both have been wrong about TT all 2012 but still lay claim to knowing him like the back of their hands. ---- Fool all the newbies if you must, but the rest of us have your numbers. ----- LOL.

Oppy's picture

Um, okay, I'll bite.. We've been wrong about TT on what topics for all of 2012?

CSS's picture

Rocky thinks the plural of evidence is anecdote and refers to himself as the plural 'us' and 'we' in an attempt to make a point.

Why do you bother?

Rocky70's picture

Once again, CSS crawls from out of the woodwork with another masterpiece of a post. (Only he & his alter-ego can understand)

Oppy's picture

CSS, i simply do not know. Call it a weakness.

PackersRS's picture

Where do I claim to know him?

PackersRS's picture

Been a day. No response.

Only in the internet... I'd suggest you refrain from posting from now on. It's stinking the place.

Or maybe you post things to get a reaction from others. And if it's the case, I can't imagine someone having so little going on that they take their time to do so.

It's pathetic. I'd also suggest you get a life, but it's obvious this is as good as it gets. Don't worry, I'll keep responding to you. So you don't get lonely.

Rocky70's picture

Per RS:

"At this juncture, the opinion of ANYONE who even questions the work TT has done so far (overall) can’t be taken seriously."

Once again, RS will set the rules & conditions for all posters here & everywhere he visits. He will determine how everyone should think now & going into the future.

What pitiful arrogance.

PackersRS's picture

How that translates to knowing TT?

And what I said is obvious. I didn't set any condition to anyone. If you want to question the work of a super bowl winning general manager, thought by every single paid football analyst and equivalent as one of the best in all sports be my guest. If you want to question the quality of Aaron Rodgers as well be my guest.

They do have their flaws, thus the use of the "overall" in parentheses. I also thought it was evident.

Some pople have trouble with basic comprehension skills, it seems. I'll make sure it's more clear next time.

I don't mean you, by the way. A self proclaimed expert would know all that. Pitiful arrogance indeed.

Rocky70's picture

Sorry RS, I've moved on.

Fish/Crane's picture

He...he....he.........didn't, time, he forgot to make more coffee after he had the last cup.

gratif's picture

Core players approaching free agency:
2012 greg jennings
2013 clay, raji, finley
2014 rodgers, bulaga

redlights's picture

somebody on this list won't be a Packer forever.

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