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Confessions of a Polluted Mindset: A Packers Brain Drain

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Confessions of a Polluted Mindset: A Packers Brain Drain

McCarthy Fired: Mike McCarthy had a good seven-eight years with the Packers, but after not getting back to the Super Bowl for a few years after the 2010 season, he failed to evolve and come up with a different plan for success. Instead, he held on tight to what had once worked, but the NFL is a league where everything goes in cycles. The rest of the NFL soon founding scheming against the Packers same old offense an easy task - multiple ex-players of other teams have publicly said as much. His slowness to adapt was also evident in personnel decisions, such as how long it took for him to realize Aaron Jones should be the Packers' primary running back.

More McCarthy: As much as I was sure it was way past time for a new voice in Green Bay, I did not advocate or expect it to be done during the season. But when your team is playing for its slim playoff life and you give a performance as flat and horrendous as what we saw on Sunday, there could be no doubt McCarthy's voice was no longer being heard. Keeping him on would have just made for a more negative experience and depressing season for the players than it already is. Murphy did what had to be done to try to rescue the morale of this team.

Aaron Rodgers: While early in the season his leg injury hampered Rodgers, he has been close to 100% the last few weeks. Leftover from his time with the injury is his new habit of throwing off his back foot, where he won't step into the ball with his left leg.

Offensive Line: The second reason Rodgers' isn't stepping into passes is he doesn't have Lang and Sitton in front of him. With them, he was confident he could step up and not get killed. With the current guards, just the opposite is true. If he sees a guard struggling with a pass pro block, he knows the DL will be on top of him in a split second.

Receivers: Watching Rodgers throw, it seems like the Packers' young receivers would be smart to work on catching balls at their feet this offseason.

Safeties: Packers had two safeties in for workouts yesterday and both were signed to the Practice Squad. I'm surprised they haven't reached out to Marwin Evans as a stopgap that wouldn't need to learn the defense from scratch.

If I was Gute: If I'm Gutey, my main targets in free agency for the #Packers are offensive linemen. You'll get the most value for your money there, especially interior linemen.  I also say goodbye to Jimmy Graham - just a shell of his former self. Hate to say this, but he's looking more like Richard Rogers every game. And Jason Spriggs - any journeyman offensive tackle would be a better backup. 

Pleasant Valley Sunday: I have to admit, I had no idea Eddie Pleasant was on the active roster until I heard his name called for dropping that sure interception in the 4th quarter.

Sorry Lambeau: Alas, this will be the second straight year I don't visit Lambeau Field for a playoff game. Having been to several playoff games in Green Bay, I admittedly have gotten spoiled. There is no comparison versus regular season games - the atmosphere in Green Bay on a playoff weekend is electric. There's a non-stop buzz around town where the only thing on anyone's mind is Packers football. Yes, I am a spoiled fan. 

Polluted Mindset: With McCarthy gone, do I need to change the name of this column or do I keep it as an homage to our last Super Bowl-winning coach (like the street in his name). 

Winston Moss: After taking a veiled shot at both McCarthy and Rodgers on twitter, Moss is let go and then blames twitter. You can't make this stuff up. 

{addendum} Winston Moss: After thinking about it some more and listening to other opinions, I feel that in reality, Moss' tweet was a shot at both Rodgers and McCarthy, but mostly MM and the Packers organization for bypassing him. He surely feels if given the chance, he would have provided the #LombardiStandard leadership needed.

Best tweet response came from @maydayusay:


"Jersey Al" Bracco is the Editor-In-Chief, part owner and wearer of many hats for and He is also a recovering Mason Crosby truther.  

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Lare's picture

Yes Al, it's been an interesting and surprising week for all of us Packers fans. As others have mentioned, I'll be very interested to see how the team performs this week. If nothing else, this is a wakeup call to everybody in the organization that there is accountability in Green Bay.

I'm kind of torn on Philbin. On the one hand I'd like to see the team play well the rest of the season, on the other I think we need more of a coaching overhaul (assistants & coordinators) and I'm not sure Philbin would do that if given the HC position.

At any rate, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

GBPDAN1's picture

This is a masterpiece, Al. Spot on

Rak47's picture

I'm torn on Philbin too but the more I contemplate I would have to say if I was a betting man my money would be on John DeFillipo. DeFillipo is currently always mentioned among the most innovative coordinators in the league and is a former college QB with a young fresh perspective. DeFillipo is an experienced offensive coordinator who also ran the Eagles offense during last years SB run, and has ties to Pettine as he was Pettine's offensive coordinator in Cleveland until 4 days after the Browns fired Pettine. So he should already have a strong working relationship with Pettine. If Pettine hired him to run his offense why wouldn't he? He gives the Packers everything they want in an offensive guru who is also former QB [like Van Pelt ] who can most likely relate to Rodgers and also probably command his respect. And if the team wants to keep Pettine he is sure to be Defillipo's first choice for defensive coordinator. On top of that we would get to steal one of the Bi-Queens best coaches and top offensive minds, setting them back and giving the Packers valuable insight to the Queens defense. DeFillipo is going to be the Packers next coach, BOOK IT!!!!!!! Ya heard it here first!!!!!! :-} That is if they don't hire Philbin, lol.

HankScorpio's picture

"And Jason Spriggs - any journeyman offensive tackle would be a better backup. "

---Byron Bell not included

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Hi Hank. I answered your question on Graham and carrying the cap hit until June 2, but that article has disappeared. Did you see it?

HankScorpio's picture

I did and thank you for the response. Based on my read of what you wrote, I agreed with your assessment that the RB would be carried through to June 2.

Jersey Al's picture

article disappeared? Nothing was removed. You can go to your profile page and click on "posts" and it will list all of your posts.

A Pickled Packer's picture

Al, I tried looking up my posts without having to go back to the article and can't find 'posts" when i click on my log in name it doesn't show only tally of up down votes is shown. Is the profile page somewhere else?. Thanks

Jersey Al's picture

no, posts would just be for authors on the site. posts are articles.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I wasn't clear. I wrote a comment in reply to Hank's comment on an article but didn't remember which article it was associated with. The name of the article is no longer visible on the left and I wasn't sure which thread it was in anyway, so I couldn't go back to copy and paste it if Hank had missed it.

It took me probably almost an hour to write that comment because it was on a cap question, so I am glad Hank read it.

The TKstinator's picture

Would it be possible to add that function at some point?

Jersey Al's picture

I've already put it on our "wishlist"

A Pickled Packer's picture

oh , I see, thought the posts refer to commentary. What is the jargon for that...never mind I can think of many now. Than yous for the clarification.

Kb999's picture

It sounds like we're talking about Cleveland not GB. Shameful.

Razer's picture

This is too true. The Packer organization looks bad through all of this. While TT held on too long, at least the deed was done post season and with some respect. Firing and cutting a bunch of people now simply makes us look desperate and reactionary.

Christopher Gennaro's picture

You have watched the last 5 games, MM was a dead man walking, if anything the packers did him a favor.

Stic's picture

Ah we are desperate. Lol

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I thought AR's habit of throwing off his back foot was more pronounced this season, but was in evidence in prior years, particularly 2016 and 2017. How new is this habit? [Now I am going to have to go back and watch a game from 2015/2016 or so.]

flackcatcher's picture

2012 when the Packers went to a new offensive variation, mostly using 1 back. Shows when Rodgers rolls to his right on the slant or skinny post. 2013, the offense went all vertical muddle huddle. that is when Rodgers started to really throw off his back foot to gain the extra second. After Rodgers first collarbone injury, the offense reverted back to their 'classic west coast' offense because of the mid season Matt Flynn signing. Stayed in the west coast 2014, went back to the one back 2015, went back to more classic west coast in 2016 in second half. (Watch way too much all 22.....:)

Razer's picture

Instead of stabbing McCarthy, Winston Moss should have been mourning the loudest. If it wasn't for McCarthy's loyalty and lack of attention to coaching the coaches, Winston Moss would have been gone long ago. I can't believe that he was assistant HC for all these years. Hopefully he ends up in Cleveland.

mcduff67's picture

It's Philbin's job to lose, his relationship to A-rod could be his saving grace. I look forward to these two football minds creating a dynamite offense. Go Pack salvage the season!!

Jersey Al's picture

this is either super-optimism or satire. I can't tell which.

Skip greenBayless's picture

He's already lost the job with the bungling of Winston Moss. If he felt that way from the get go, he fired him a day late and only did so because of the tweet. He reacted vs showing bold leadership on day one. Philbin's not a strong leader. We need tough leadership just as Winston Moss said. We can do a hell of a lot better than Joe Philbin. Give me a break. He can ass kiss Rodgers for the next 4 weeks that's fine then get him the hell out of here.

nostradanus's picture

We all have known for years that eventually Big Mike was going to stubborn himself right out of a job.

*Held onto bad coaches too long, Capers, Slocum, Moss
*Failed to establish the run, even though he seemed to talk about it every week for years
*Failed to adapt to the relaxed offensive rules that allow for more passing yards and more scoring (with Aaron Rodgers at QB! Really?!)
*Pad level-Pad level-Pad level, whatever
*When McCarthy had the chance to turn things around this year with a new GM instead of finding a young hot
shot OC, he went with Joe Philbin (nice guy-same old)
*He fired Rodgers buddy the QB coach and hired his old buddy as QB coach (who can't seem to stick with a team more than two years) therefore pissing off his best player, that is called Coaching suicide.
*McCarthy's biggest failure however was failure to take the players on offense and put them into position to succeed (as Belicheck does) its a young mans league and young players have to play right now, coaches do not have the luxury of waiting 5 years for them to develop.

In the end, McCarthy's own failure to adapt on the fly wrote his own demise.
The NFL truly does stand for "Not For Long" if you are too stubborn or set in your ways.

LambeauPlain's picture

One of MMs greatest character flaws was his hard headed stubbornness.

Another was indeed his inability to identify player strengths and design an offense to maximize them.

The O blocking is much better at run vs pass...AJ is a stud RB and the current NFL leader in yards per carry. So MM called pass plays over 70% of the time.

BG gets him one of the best run blocking TEs in the NFL and MM rarely uses him.

Over half of his receivers are new, two are rookies getting many he calls deep developing perimeter routes and demands they are on the same page as #12, sans experience.

Teams like the Pats, Rams, and Chiefs run quick, sharp pass routes designed to get receivers separation, get the RBs into the pass game, and get the ball out quick with 5-10 yard shots. So MM passes 40% of the time to the perimeter to try to get his "chunk" plays.

MM declares at the start of the season "we have 3 starting RBs. We will run by committee". So he does all season...even after AJ returned in game 3 and was CLEARLY the best RB on the team.

Stubborn. Stubborn. Stubborn.

Tundraboy's picture

"OC, he went with Joe Philbin (nice guy-same old)"

Other than begrudgingly playing Jones more, and some of the other young guys, this frustrated me more than anything else.

I thought for sure that McCarthy would encourage and leave Philbin and Rogers to pretty much run the offense. Towards the end with all the sideline relay talk between the various assistant coaches, Rodgers and I presume,ultimately MM as well before the inevitable time out, makes me wonder what was Philbin's role? Switchboard, head communicator? What an overly complicated mess.

Oppy's picture

Im a firm believer MM was calling more runs w Jones and Rodgers was checking out of them.

Also, you coulnd't be more wrong about Alex Van Pelt, who was not fired by MM, he left of his own accord when he didn't get the OC position. By the way, a few years ago MM hired another one of his "old buddies" to be a QB coach. That guys name was Alex Van Pelt.

Razer's picture

As much as I don't like how things went down, I agree with Al with the eventual release of McCarthy. It is too bad because with a little more talent and depth, MM would have navigated to competitiveness and the playoffs. Now that the deed is done I do have some lingering worries about this team and organization.

Aaron Rodgers is not the QB of old in too many important ways. We are use to putting the load on his shoulders and cheering the results. I don't know if this guy exists anymore.

Mark Murphy and the structure of this organization. Watching the presser, I got a bad feeling with the Mutt and Jeff routine of Murphy and Gutekunst. Our GM was nodding his head and singing backup to the boss like a comedy routine. I would prefer our GM steering this ship with backup from the president not the other way around.

Mark Murphy is a populace kind of guy. His background in football is important but not current to picking the new coach. I hate to see a GM cuckolded like this. The way the organization is handling itself these days is more like the Vikings, Browns or Raiders.

Mojo's picture

I don't understand the presumption of Gutey being the choice to select the new HC over Murphy just because he's the GM. To this end Peter Bukowski writes an excellent article over at ACME:

I don't know how much more "football knowledge" a person needs over what Murphy already has:

Gutey's job is to pick good players. Not sure how that necessarily gives him an advantage at picking a good administrator such as a coach. He may have insights from contacts around the league which he can easily, and presumably will, pass on to Murphy.

Is it that people have an ingrained bias against those high up in an organizations chain of command? The evil business man. Is it because of the "that's the way it used to be done" rhetoric from Dougherty and Silverstein is influencing Packer devotees?

I don't mind an intelligent person football person (which Murphy is, read his bio) having the final say on the HC hire instead of the instinctive "just because" partiality that many fans spew. This is not to pick on you Razer, it's just that I've already read so many fans say the same thing that I felt compelled to respond. I actually gave you a thumbs up for the rest of your comments.

flackcatcher's picture

Razer is right about Murphy Mojo. The executive committee publicly rebuked Murphy thru Bob Harlan over how he screwed up the GM search and hiring process. For now the committee is quiet, neither supporting nor punishing Murphy over his actions in the way McCarthy was fired. To be fair, any action the committee took would put the organization in a bad light. But don't kid yourself, Murphy crapped all over the Packers in the way this was handled, and the executive committee will not overlook that.

Mojo's picture

You mean the same Bob Harlan who hired Mike Sherman as his GM? Don't get me wrong, I like Harlan but he made mistakes. And as for the Ron Wolf can do no wrong crowd, they seem to gloss over his hiring and subsequent firing of Rhodes. Sherman was OK as a coach, but certainly not inspiring.

As far as the executive committee, I thought that most of the anti-Murphy crowd wants as few bureaucrat types out of decision making because they lack the acumen in football matters. So what then makes their rebuke of Murphy valid? And didn't he end up hiring Gutey, whom many insist should be the one hiring the HC? If Gutey's so great doesn't that reflect positively on Murphy's ability to hire?

Fans shouldn't get riled-up over this whole thing anyway. I feel in the end both Murphy AND Gutey will have a legitimate say in who gets hired and both will be satisfied with the pick. I'm OK with the current set-up.

flackcatcher's picture

Oh please. Harlan never interfered with Sherman as GM. When it became clear Sherman was ineffective he moved quickly to replace him with Ted Thompson. In contrast Murphy was making speeches over the Packer radio network that he would have control of all personal decisions. Bob Harlan shows up on the same network two days later saying no Murphy won't. Think Harlan was speaking for himself. Day later Murphy says he misspoke and that Gute would be in charge of all personal matters. That was the state of play until Sunday night. Look, I am very uneasy over this for two reasons. One: Murphy's contract ends in early to mid 2019. Having a term limited front office guy making a decision that he will not be responsible for is bad in so many ways, I'm not going to list them here. Two: It undermines the entire structure of a major American company by leaving someone who is unaccountable to his board of directors making decisions that will effect the bottom line of said company for years on end. If the executive committee believes in Murphy, then openly say so and extend his contract and be done with it. Otherwise the committee should tell Murphy thank you, here is your gold watch and good bye. Murphy's action were a direct challenge to the executive committee. This goes well beyond just choosing the next coach of the Green Bay Packers. So yes, if the committee does not act, this could 'go south' in a really big way.

Oppy's picture

** "It undermines the entire structure of a major American c̶o̶m̶p̶a̶n̶y̶ not-for-profit"

flackcatcher's picture

Yes, your quite right. I should made clear that aspect. It is the single reason why the team is still in Green Bay, and why Jerry Jones hates the Packers so much. (Cue the 'I hate Jerry Jones ' jokes...)

Coldworld's picture

Really? I’d like to believe that this happened and that the Committee is watching but i must have missed it. Hoping because, while I accept Murphy’s provenance, he is not and was not appointed as a GM. If he wants the job, say so. Alternatively, if his hire is competent, let Gute make the choice and be a GM. Most of all, stand up and tell us who is making the final call.

Guam's picture

I am one of the folks who doesn't like the current organizational structure. I am okay with Murphy and Gute jointly selecting the new coach, but at some point soon Murphy needs relieve himself of some of his responsibilities in order to do his job well. He already has a lot on his plate with Titletown and the Packer business operations and to also become heavily involved in the football operations means he could easily become overloaded and do neither job well.

Most teams separate President, GM and Coach for precisely that reason. The GM/Coach combo is rarely seen in the NFL now except for the hoodie. There is a reason for that as it generally has worked poorly and one part of the job or another gets too little attention and fails. Same is true for the President/GM combo which is what Murphy effectively is now. You can't have the coach, the draft guy and the contract negotiator all report to you without effectively being the GM despite Gute's current title. That plus Titletown and the Packer finances are too much work for most people to do well.

I like and respect Murphy for the job he has done with Titletown and for the Packer's business operations in general. He is a bright and talented guy and has done well for the Packers. I just hope he hasn't bitten off more than he can chew with his current duel role.

Mojo's picture

Don't forget, his dual role will only last for at most a month and a half until the next coach is hired. After that, it's back to business and the occasional silo demolition.

Guam's picture

Not when he has the coach, draft guy (Gute) and contract negotiator reporting to him. He will be dragged into every dispute between the three over who to draft, what free agent to sign or not resign, what to pay free agents, etc. etc. That is not a small job which is why I think Murphy is the de facto true GM at this point.

Lare's picture

No, Murphy is acting like the owners of many other NFL franchises do. And if that isn't what the Packers Board of Directors wanted him to do, he wouldn't be doing it.

Guam's picture

I agree he is acting in accord with the Board's wishes, but that doesn't mean he can handle all of the work well. Time will tell if this is a workable organizational structure, but I have my doubts.

HankScorpio's picture

One of the draws of working for the Packers is that football people don't have to deal with a meddlesome owner. Murphy is assuming the role of meddlesome owner.

Oh, and year 1 of the Murphy plan has been a disaster. 4-7-1 and soap opera storylines abounding.

croatpackfan's picture

Mojo, lot of people here talks about structure of "business" organization with no clue what is the real substance of that, nor they understand concept of responsibility...

It is how it is. But if is so easy to organize and run any organization, I do not understand why so many people pay huge money to learn about different structures and advantages / disadvantages of each form. Students study that issue for at least 4 years to get basic (BASIC) knowledge about it.

"But, but, football is simple!" No matter what your product is, nothing in business is simple. Especially when your product depends directly on so many variables as football product does. I do not believe there is franchise in NFL that share same organizational structure. Every franchise is different. It is because, while we call those products with same name, their products are truly very different., Patriots football, Packers football and Seahawks football is not the same, I believe we can agree on that.

So, it is vainly to explain things to anybody who do not have enough knowledge to understand how little of that knowledge they have.

stockholder's picture

McCarthy Fired- Failing to Evolve was never going to happen, when you never got the players. And time has shown, this team was a patch as you go since 2010. It took Adams 3 years. A lot of coaching. I think MM did realize he had Talent in Jones.( Don’t get suspended and then show the light went on. ) I didn’t want McCarthy fired. Last year we saw the talent was never stocked behind Rodgers. That Nelson had lost it ,and the offense still needed help. This year we had Rodgers back. But the club did nothing to help the offense. The packers never learned to stock pile talent behind the starters. Instead; looking to Graham and thinking that would change it all. Crosby was NO HELP either! Murphy did McCarthy and his family a favor. It was going to get ugly because GreenBay got spoiled. Morale: The team lost Nelson, and has not signed Cobb,Cm3, They traded Randall, Dix and Monty. Thats not on the coach. Thats change eating up hope. Let’s just stop making excuses for Arron Rodgers. He’s holding onto the ball to long, and has stated , Nothing has changed with him. Yet, lets look at what has changed around Arron Rodgers instead. The new Wrs are doing what Adams did in his rookie years. Run the Route and Stop,and Turning the wrong way, The safeties must change.= Tackling, coverage, and bad angles. Ol= Guards that can’t pull. Spriggs? Bulaga? ( And we have the best Ol coach in the NFL?) With McCarthy gone this team won’t compete for 2 years maybe more. Rodgers window will shut. The new coach will be granted a learning curve. And the mind will still be polluted.

Jersey Al's picture

You are the last man standing on the "Mike McCarthy is faultless" hill.

packergal's picture

Maybe is the "bad angels" fault!
(sorry, couldn't resist)

stockholder's picture

If you misspell angle. You can go back and edit it. It then reappears on the posted list as new.

Demon's picture

Theres still a few of them on here. MM needed to go the sooner the better. All the people whining that they disrespected MM by firing him during the season need to go away.

MM shit the bed so now he has to lay in it! His faults have been well documented here therefore i dont need to go over them again.

Im guessing Gute had seen enough and implored Murphy to drop the axe on big Mike. It was way over due!

TheBigCheeze's picture

stock.....what I surmised out of all of that blather didn't want McCarthy're one of about 1%......and please....learn the difference between...."to, too and two"......

stockholder's picture

To Be or not To Be. ( MVP) Two plus Two is on my mind. (A-Rod) Too much! ($$$$) Enjoy the wait. (Who's Looking, I'm the Same). How long has it been? (2010 and counting)

Since '61's picture

Al - keep the name of the column.

As for Gute he needs to focus on the OL, OLB and Safety first. Next TE and game break WR. Build depth everywhere. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

Packer Fan's picture

You are dead on. OL, OLB, safety are priorities. Especially depth on the OL. And get a new strength and conditioning coach so that WR, CB & S players don't pull their hamstrings and groins, The issues that we are experiencing have bee piling up over the years and have come to a head. And when they do, everything falls apart. Just symptomatic of the angst that was happening.

Razer's picture

Add RB to this list. We have a light Aaron Jones and one blocking back. This won't stand up to an NFL season.

Add DLine to this list as well. Wilkerson is a FA so that leaves us with 2 good DLinemen in Clark and Daniels and one average guy in Lowry. The rest are all projects.

Guam's picture

Agreed - keep the name! You've established great name recognition with it Al, don't undo all that hard work.

I agree with Since '61 that you need to add OLB to your list of top needs (OL and Safety). I doubt Gute will get an OLB through free agency since the good ones rarely are allowed to get to free agency, but this draft is supposedly heavy with D-linemen including edge rushers. Your point that Gute can get good value in free agency with OL and Safety is spot on. With our cap space and draft choices, Gute has a chance to fill many of our needs, but he will have to perform at an extremely high level to do it all in one offseason.

Go Pack Go!

PeteK's picture

Absolutely, two first round picks and free agency can take care of that. Usually, good safeties an guards can be found in later rounds. The strength of this year's draft is supposed to be D line.

LambeauPlain's picture

The draft is also loaded with EDGE and OLBs.

Tundraboy's picture

Good we need a few.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Can’t believe you think we need safety help, Since. When we don’t even know who the safeties are, how do we know they aren’t any good. Speaking of which, if I bring a guy off the street to play for my football club he would not be named Pleasant. He would be named Hellweazle, Murderspree, or Joe Killtooth.

Mojo's picture

Or a real live example from Houston: Mercilus

RCPackerFan's picture

"McCarthy Fired: Mike McCarthy had a good seven-eight years with the Packers, but after not getting back to the Super Bowl for a few years after the 2010 season, he failed to evolve and come up with a different plan for success. Instead, he held on tight to what had once worked, but the NFL is a league where everything goes in cycles. "

The problem with this is what worked to get him to the Super Bowl was having a dynamic passing game. They built the offense around it. In their prime they had Jennings, Jones, Nelson, Finley. Also they had Driver and Cobb. The problem was after Finley and Jennings left they never added more talent.
Should McCarthy have adjusted his offense? Probably. But the biggest issue was they never replaced the talent they lost.

"Aaron Rodgers" - I wonder how much of his injury has created bad habits/overcompensation. Hopefully an offseason will correct that.

"Offensive Line:" - The OG play has been subpar. The need to upgrade the position this offseason. The question is Taylor. He has been good the last 3, but this year he has struggled.

"If I was Gute:" - If I was Gutekunst I would resign Breeland, bring Mathews and Wilkerson back. Go after OL in FA. I would also look to add veteran Safety, and maybe DL help. Possibly another Veteran TE depending on who is available and depending on what they do with Kendricks, Lewis and Graham.
For the draft I look at add top talent available. They need pass rush, and Safety help. I'd also look to add more OL/DL, add a TE, another RB and WR. Just add talent!

Sidenote - Its going to be interesting to see what the team looks like on Sunday with a new play caller and head coach.

Razer's picture

Totally agree with the positional needs of this team. Aside from a stud OLB and Dlineman it would be nice to snag another stud RB.

...Its going to be interesting to see what the team looks like on Sunday with a new play caller and head coach...

Million dollar question. If I am betting, I wouldn't be picking the Packers. After the blood-letting and distractions of this week, I wouldn't expect an unfocused, undisciplined team to jell. Philbin has his work cut out. Hope they play better for him than McCarthy. Dark days.

RCPackerFan's picture

While I love Jones and Williams is a good rotational RB they still need more depth. Draft a RB and bring in an UDFA and see who can stick.

They need a stud pass rushing OLB. They really need an OLB with a burst around the corner.

Yeah, i'd bet against them to. I just am curious how Rodgers looks. My guess is it will all look the same, but IF it looks a lot better then McCarthy was a dark cloud for sure.
Its just going to be interesting.

Guam's picture

TE is an interesting dilemma. Graham has not lived up to his contract, but his cap hit if we cut him would be problematic ( I believe TGR opined on that, but I could not find his comment for exact numbers). Lewis has been invisible and likely will not be retained. I think Kendricks has quietly had a productive year and has produced in line with his contract. We need a fast young TE, but with all of our other needs and Graham likely still in the picture next year, do we draft one this year or wait till next year?

PeteK's picture

Great point , TE is an important position . Hopefully, Graham and Tonyan progress. Cook is a free agent.

RCPackerFan's picture

I go after Cook if he is a FA. I wish the never would have let him go.

Hematite's picture

I think Tonyan has a load of potential.
His body control and his ability to protect the ball from the defender is a thing of beauty.
He can only get better if given the opportunity.
Not sure about his speed.

Razer's picture

Aside from another project at this position, I don't see why we would invest anything big from the draft or FA at tight end. We don't use the middle of the field and running TEs as wideouts is a waste. Until Rodgers accepts the TE as a way to move the chains and open up the middle, we are wasting a body.

LambeauPlain's picture

How many targets/ catches did Graham have Sunday?

PeteK's picture

Many, thats why it was such a strange game. Pack finally started to go to the short game when line was being man handled, but mistakes took care of that plan. Graham stays because of cap, but would like a TE with a good blend of blocking and receiving.

Jersey Al's picture

11 targets, 8 receptions, 50yds.

RCPackerFan's picture

A new coach/offensive scheme/game plan might force him to look at the TE more.

Coldworld's picture

Perhaps if we did Graham and Tonyan might prove themselves. Let’s see under the new regime.

RCPackerFan's picture

I am curious to see what they do at TE.

I think Graham will be back. I don't expect Lewis to come back and I don't Kendricks will be back.

I think Tonyan will be back but like you said they need a fast young TE. I would draft one this year.

Honestly I would keep Graham to help mentor a young TE. Also allows the new TE time to develop.

Guam's picture

I think the new HC and OC will have a lot to say about the TE position. McDaniels from NE obviously is well versed in using TE's (Gronk, et al), but some of the other more spread oriented candidates might not be that interested in adding to the TE arsenal. I think the new scheme is going to dictate what happens to the TE's this offseason.

dobber's picture

Well said.

stockholder's picture

Dynamic passing Game. Yes; But not one was #1 Pick. TT had enough of Wrs. Javon Walker caused problems. He should of went right back and stock piled this position. And TE. James Jones should have been resigned. Jones opened a wound in TT. TT was never the same again. OL: This position should be given High Priority. First bring in a new OL coach. Dump the Zone blocking. If I was Gute: Resign Breeland, Dump Wilkerson, Kendricks, Lewis. Cobb, Draft: NT, Move Clark over. It's hard to select anything more until they see who the next DC will be. Free Agency FS and SS.

PeteK's picture

Let's blame the bad weather on him too. I agree , we need a new voice, losing does that, even though last year was not his fault. Maybe he wasn't the most innovative ,but there was change; Fullback oriented to double TE and new wrinkles every week. I watch other winning teams and don't see major changes from one season or game , new players yes. Great offenses have QBs and coaches that work together, that was missing here. It seems to me the O was working fine in the early part of the season ,but than tough close loses and many injuries just took the heart out of this team.

flackcatcher's picture

Yes in retrospect McCarthy was changing and rebuilding the coaching staff. But it was a year too late, that and the curse of packer injuries doomed him. Four plays, four lousy plays and this team could would be 8-4, and we be talking about McCarthy's contract extension. Game of inches. Games of inches......

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Bye bye Winston Moss

Attitude like you show on twitter will not be missed.

LeotisHarris's picture

Six thumbs up for the nod to the Monkees, Al. Poor Eddie. Taking that pass to the chest startled the living snot out of him. I thought he'd been killed.

Keep the name. You know, tradition and all. Besides, I have trouble finding stuff when it's rearranged, and I don't want to have to hunt for you.

PeteK's picture

I love it ,but I believe title was a dig on MM. May need something more positive.

Mojo's picture

You mean "pawsitive"

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Lots of talk about the decline of AR12. I think he is actually at the top of his game. Perhaps he wanted MM gone, but didn’t want to be accused of throwing the games necessary to accomplish this. And he didn’t want his completion stats to suffer. He unleashes a diabolical plan that only he could execute. Using pinpoint accuracy, he throws short balls that can be caught, but will force the receiver to fall down immediately, limiting YAC. This, along with ignoring the check downs that would get first downs, leads to just enough decreased scoring to come up short in every game that mattered this year. We think he’s “off” but he is placing the ball exactly where he wants it. #tinfoilhatsforall

Mojo's picture

LOL - love the X-files vibe

However, it will be interesting to see in the next four games whether ARods mechanics improve.

PeteK's picture

I hope that doesn't happen because it would scare some potential coaches. There already is some negative speculation . However, our O line will make sure that doesn't happen.

A Pickled Packer's picture

You pick fruit from a tree. Belicik, Reid, Payton and Tomlin are NFL trees, whoever gets to the Super Bowl will have a coach plucked, that leaves Lombardi in the mix. He's hanging from 2 coaching trees and this year as QB coach is coaching Brees to one of his greatest seasons and has been his coach for years. The experts say the reason he can't be considered is because of the pressure being Vince Lombardi's grandson and the only reason I heard so far.
Joe Lombardi has shown success coaching Drew Brees. Should the Saints make the SB or get to the Championship Game like last year he should be called in for an interview about what's his secret to success with Brees is and can he sprinkle some of that on our guy.
Whoever is chosen must command Rodgers' respect a college coach his age won't cut it but a fella who's older, coached at the NFL level and has been successful, graduated from a military academy, played the game as a TE, has raised seven kids, and his last name is Lombardi should command the respect of anybody.
I know I'm dreamin' don't call myself Fordham Ram for nothing, but that's the pitch. Start a Lombardi Tree.

Tundraboy's picture

Based on his accomplishments, I do not disagree at all. I'm fairly certain he can handle the pressure, but I'm not sure the organization would be able to . I mean how could they criticize him or one day fire him?

Community Guy's picture

Al: i have enjoyed this column and i am aware of your commitment to this site. the title of the column sticks out, and, IMHO, not in a bad way. i had thought that the title of the column referred to the Packer fanbase, myself included, being impure and sometimes off. apparently, i am the one off in my interpretation :( so, if the title refers to Mike McCarthy's polluted mindset, i guess your regular column will need a new title.

Jersey Al's picture

The title of the column is actually some self-deprecating humor. As in, what would MM say if he heard some of my commentaries? He'd likely say, that's a polluted mindset and you should keep those thoughts to yourself. Not doing so brings in the "confessions" part.

4thand1's picture

What a season, it definetly was polluted. We will all be sitting home watching the playoffs again, which really sucks. Should have seen the writing on the wall when AR gets clobber right away. It went downhill from there. I thought this offense would score 30+ points a game, now they can't score 20. I for one am going to curb my expectations for next season.

flackcatcher's picture

Regardless of how you name it Al, this is a great column that you put out that I think is far better with what is out there in both the new and legacy media. My only complaint, is you never manage to slide 'pad level to high' until today. Oh well, can't have everything.

Jersey Al's picture

thanks, I think...

Gort's picture

I like the name of the column.
It works. Keep it!

Stic's picture

I say: fresh start, with Bart. Lol

Yooper_Belle's picture

Pro tip: "If I WERE Gute."


Jersey Al's picture

ha! You are correct. Missed that one.

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