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\"Committed To Becoming A 3-4 Defense\"

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\"Committed To Becoming A 3-4 Defense\"

That's what Mike Lombardi "hears" this week, which (conveniently) leads him to surmise that Mike Nolan is on his way to Green Bay. Of course, just a few days ago he was "hearing" that Winston Moss was a sure thing, so who knows.

Lombardi also notes the following:

I know that Bill Johnson, the Broncos’ defensive line coach, is scheduled to meet with the Saints, Seahawks and Packers this week. And his meeting with the Packers will center on the 3-4. Going back and forth between the 3-4 and the 4-3 is not hard to do if you have someone who can play over center, and the Packers do in Ryan Pickett.

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PRC's picture

I was just writing almost the same thing over on the blog I write for sometimes.

Personally I don't think its "easy" to switch from 4/3 to 3/4 and I question if Pickett is really the answer for a 3/4 NT.

MM is putting his rearend (and Thompson's) on the line with this move so one would assume they must be on the same page.

I hope this turns out well but I am less than optomistic about its near term success.

dustybricks6's picture

I can't help but feeling we're kind of tossing the baby out with the bath water here. Our defense WAS good enough to keep us in seven close games -- just couldn't finish. Does that mean we have to overhaul the whole system?

packeraaron's picture

dusty - the argument could be made that the defense kept those games close due to their individual talents and in spite of their coordinator. Think of all the great individual plays by Woodson or Collins that singlehandedly kept them in games (at MIN comes to mind) Woodson especially made more plays just on pure instinct/ability than anything having to do with scheme (think of that sick INT he had at Seattle where he came off his man to pick off Frye) Those talents won't be disappearing no matter what scheme is being run.

DaveK's picture

Bring in a smart D.C. and he will make it work if he has talented players regardless of scheme. I think we are getting too caught up in this 4-3 v. 3-4 thing and you might see a tweaked version of a 4-3 or 3-4 until the players fit a true 3-4. The cupboard isn't bare. They have a real good secondary, Kampman, Pickett, Jenkins, Barnett, and Hawk. Fill in some holes in FA and the draft and I think a really smart D.C. can make it work in a short amount of time.

L.A.'s picture

Just so you know, Aaron, I'm "hearing" Tim Lewis is going to be our DC next year. I know there's as much chance as that happening as Jarrett Bush returning to the team next year...but, WOW...if I'm right, I'm a freakin' genius, and you HEARD IT HERE FIRST.

Ron La Canne's picture

The defense ranked 31st in 4th quarter points allowed. When did GB lose most of the 7 games lost by 4 points or less? The defense gave up 90 more points in 2008 than they did in 2007. The defense was not good this year. They have some good players, but they also have some gapping holes. Just as important as the new coordinator is getting into the FA market and using the top picks this year for defense.

Who ever the coordinator will be will needs to convince MM that he will get the point total down to the 280 range and play all four quarters of a game. Let's face it the defense quit after 3 quarters in most games this year.

Stanislaw's picture

I love that the FA is being bandied about as a panacea to the whole mess. Has anyone done any research as to who will be out there (and I mean not franchised by their original team) and will not A) kill our cap B) still play as hard as if he were a free agent to make the team? (Yes, I'm talking about you Albert)

Seriously if you put up the FA card, you better put up a name.

packeraaron's picture

Stan - agreed, as I've written several times. Thompson won't be doing much more than possibly the year he signed Pickett and Woodson, and people need to remember those were both quite late in the FA period.

As for your cap concerns, one thing Thompson has done masterfully, at the behest of McCarthy according to Andrew Brandt, is to make sure contracts are signing-bonus free, which for the most part they have been. Those are the things that kill a cap. The Packers cap is in great shape and the least of their worries.

Ron La Canne's picture

I think there is one thing about the discussion of the FA market that misses something very important. I think we can all admitt that the FA aquisitions TT has made have turned out pretty well for the Packers. Woodson and Pickett outstanding and Chillar could be a good performer in the future.

Remember the Packers are the youngest team in the NFL. That means if you don't try to get some established talent in your deficient positions, you'd be replacing young, inexperienced players with even younger, more inexperienced players. It was painfully obvious this year that the young D-Line players and the LB's to a lesser extent failed. To turn the defense around now you need to supplement youth with proven talent.

If TT and MM rely solely on the draft to make the changes, you are rebuilding inexperience with even more inexperience. Not a good plan!

PRC's picture

I don't know of anyone that would not be very excited if TT was as active in FA as he was the year he got Woodson and Pickett. Both were very good aquisitions...of course we also signed Manuel that year and cut him the next. Overall I think TT has been very careful in FA and has been very successful when he ventures there.

FA is certainly no panacea but I think this team is in need of some on the field vocal/inspirational leadership and if you want that now I think you have to try to find it in FA.

I don't think Haynesworth will be even looked at if we are going 3/4 but I would think that we will be looking for some prototypical 3/4 outside LBs that can play with a hand in the dirt or upright both in FA and in the Draft.

packeraaron's picture

PRC - spot on about the outside backers. I don't see anyone on the Packers roster now who would fit there. Hawk Barnett and Chillar would all play inside. Poppinga is useless as anything other than a gap-blitzer. Bishop can't cover anyone and would get blown off the line if he played down... you get my point. I think, if the 3-4 or some version of it ends up in Green Bay, you'll see Thompson aggressively adding LBs from every avenue available (FA, draft, trade)

IPBprez's picture

I'd like to see LA post a link to his "hearing" of TIM LEWIS. I've reviewed just about every weblink I can find, and it's nowhere. I WOULD AGREE that Tim Lewis is NOT a bad choice. I wanted him over Bob Sanders. TIM LEWIS and his two SB winning teams, he's been a part of, isn't a sham.

On the same note: SEAN McDERMOTT seems to be as much a LB guru as Holmgren was a QB guru. His stats on "Linebackers & Safeties" successes speaks for itself and he's definitely being looked at highly across the League. If he were to come to GBP, then it would be because of the Players we already have and a "promise" from TT on who the Pack would sign in the Draft.

Would/Could such a conversation be occurring? Sure! Why not? I don't think any of the Press Corps has a total inside ear for this process - the last thing GBP wants is for the news to be out-ed too soon. It's unfair to all parties involved.

I would prefer we stick with the 4-3...

packeraaron's picture

IPB - it was a joke.

IPBprez's picture

Okay - we're laughing over here...

SIDE NOTE: Packer Report just posted that Ty Knott was just fired from the Offensive Staff. He was an original MAC hire, 3yrs ago. Knott handled quality control - not sure how this helps us get better on the O-Line.

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