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Collins Has Earned A New Contract

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Collins Has Earned A New Contract

Longtime readers of this site know I am no Nick Collins fan. So it might surprise them to know that I think Collins deserves the new contract he's been so desperate for. All reports have indicated that working out an extension for Ryan Pickett before free agency begins in two weeks is the teams top priority. And I realize that there are many other contract situations that need to be tended to before the team can turn its attention to Collins. But the Packers would do well to get something done with Collins sooner rather than later, preferably before training camp, if not before offseason workouts begin.

The little I've seen written about it, it seems the sides are pretty far apart (shocking, I know) and that there is no real urgency from the team due to the fact that Collins is caught in the wash of the CBA and the changing rules of free agency. But Thompson and company would do well to reward Collins for his play over the last two years. While perhaps not the elite player he sees himself as, Collins was very good last year, turning in a much more consistent effort than 2008 where he started out on fire and then seemed to run out of gas as the year went on.

By no means is Collins at the level of a Ed Reed or a Troy Polamalu. Not yet. But he has proven to be a consistent playmaker and better in run support every year. (Though not always the greatest tackler. Check the 1:07 mark for the play Thompson and Russ Ball will have playing on repeat as he and Collins' team negotiate.) He's one of the better safeties in the league and he needs to be given a chance to grow in Capers' scheme, not to mention a modicum of competence across the way from him.

Yes, get Pickett done. Re-sign Clifton.

And then pay Nick.

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Graffin's picture

I think he deserves it as well. Really what is the alternative anyway? I Like how in a post that is complimenting him you still work in film of Collins failing, funny

packeraaron's picture

Well, it just illustrates how he's not quite the elite player he thinks he is. I mean, Reed and Polumalu miss their share of tackles, but usually by going full speed and overshooting the target, not like the pathetic attempt on that play...

Nypacker's picture

Tom pelissero writes that if he were collins chances are he won't show up for training camp until he gets his new contract. However i doubt this could happen but who knows? The reason why collins doesn't make a fuss about his contracts is because he KNOWS that if he's not paid by green bay, other teams will throw tons of money at him regardless. Remember how we let Sharper go after his contract debacle? He managed to find another team to pay up didn't he?

Dilligaff's picture

How high are you willing to pay Clifton, he made 8 million last year? IMO I think Tauscher would be higher on my priority, Lang/Rookie/free agent trade fills in at left tackle next year. Clifton at best will play in 75% (more like 50%)of the games next year and probably unavailable for a playoff run.

PackersRS's picture

Name five S better than Collins. There's Reed, Polamalu, maybe Bob Sanders, when he's healthy, and... and...


PackersRS's picture

I agree with Dilligaff, not only Clifton is injury prone, but he has allowed 10 sacks the last 2 seasons, as opposed to 4 of Tauscher. I know, LT and RT, but still...

packeraaron's picture

For everyone that doesn't want to pay Clifton - while I agree you can't count on him for a full season, you can't seriously tell me you want to go into 2010 with a draft pick and TJ Lang as your choices at LT. Seriously. Because that's the other choice. There is NOTHING on the free agent market. I'd much rather have Clifton back and have Lang and a draft pick as options for if/when Clifton goes down. Has Clifton given up more sacks the last few years? Sure. He's still a better pass blocker than most left tackles in the NFL.

PackersRS's picture

Aaron, you yourself were advocating for Lang to take the LT spot!!!

packeraaron's picture

PackerRS - "you yourself were advocating for Lang to take the LT spot!!!" - that was before I saw him play LT. For a left tackle, he's a great right tackle..

nypacker's picture

Aaron is there any way that another team could overpay for Clifton? I don't believe that Clifton is worth the $8 million nor does any of the other 31 teams in the league. Rather I hope that TT can find a way to bring him back for cheap. And yes I do feel that Lang should get a shot at LT against the starters come next preseason. Along with a 1st round draft pick from this April and Clifton coming back moreso as a backup I believe A-rod's blindside will be more than fine.

InFact's picture

Sure, he's earned a new contract, BUT with the CBA going bye-bye, he's lost his leverage for getting a new, huge pact.

TT, thus, has every pawn in his corner.

There's no hurry to sign Collins in TT's view and the GM is correct.

He should focus his attention and $$ on more likely suspects that he doesn't wish to lose.

Collins can wait until 2012 or, perhaps, sooner, if a new CBA is created.

Andrew In Atlanta's picture

Finally showing Nick Collins some love :)

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