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Colledge Making Sense

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Colledge Making Sense

This is not what most Packer fans want to hear, but Daryn Colledge knows what he's doing.

Just a fantastic point from Colledge here:

Everyone says, Well, you’re in competition for your job and you’re not even there. I’m not the smartest man in the world, but there are a few things I know: I’ve started more games on that offensive line the last four years than anybody. And I’ve played four positions the last four years. So for some reason I keep finding my way on the field. I believe in my own ability and I look forward to the competition. There’s competition for your job every year – they’re not just going to give you your job.

You know what? That is the perfect attitude for Daryn to have. And he's absolutely right.

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Dilligaff's picture

I understand what Colledge or any other restricted free agent attempts to do by not signing the tender, allowing the market place an opportunity to set the value of his play.

I think by the fact other teams are not willing to give him a long term contract in his price rang has answered his optimism that he is worth far more than what the Packers are wiling to give him at this point.

At this point and time he has one more year to prove he is worth more, otherwise he will be searching for the league minimum next year for another team.

I have stated in other posts that I though Colledge was getting a lot of heat by fans and media and a player like Spitz that is dong the same thing was not getting the same criticism. Colledge to his detriment put into words exactly what the other restricted unsigned players were thinking.

PackersRS's picture

Spitz is in camp...

Dilligaff's picture

I am refering to the critism when both were unsigned, I do believe Spitz did miss some camp.

PackersThad's picture

So that email address actually works! I was afraid it didn't...

I like this story on Colledge. Before reading, I was one of the fans ready to tell Colledge to pack his bags for a new city if he felt that GB was disrespecting him, but after reading the article, I can definitely see his point. Still, he's got 3-4 days to fool around on the open market, but I feel that if he gets no offers at the April 15th date, he should sign his tender before the draft to show the Packers that he is committed to coming in and winning the position. I feel like a lot of Colledge's problems are mental, and not physical, and if he can put it all together, he'll definitely get his money...

BTW, what's the over/under on how long it will take Corey to drop a Corey rant after reading this article?

Lars's picture

Only one player gets his job handed to him without having to compete each year---AJ Hawk

packeraaron's picture


Dilligaff's picture

Must be in his contract to start, but does not mention how many reps he gets. (9 reps against the lions)

packeraaron's picture

3 reps against the Colts in 2008.

seekr's picture


PackersRS's picture

I'm rooting for you, Daryn! Arrange a trade that gives the Packers a 2nd rounder! I'd set for a 4th for you, though!

FITZCORE1252's picture


Hell, if Santonio was only worth a 5th, we 'MIGHT' be able to get an assorted deli meat tray for Darryn... Jump on that Ted.


CSS's picture

I read the caption and my imagination went straight to: 'College Makes Cents'. I immediately thought, 'Yes, he did earn that contract'


foundinidaho's picture

He's a nice guy, but just a big overconfident, methinks.

foundinidaho's picture

A bit, that is. Damn it, Corey, I really liked that edit button.

Ron LC's picture

38 of his 43 starts were at LG. The other p[ositions were temporary moves for injury reasons. In four years of play he is still below average at his position. Spitz is even loweer. Sitton in two years has already passed both of them. Given playing time this year Lang will pass both of them too.

PackersRS's picture

Exactly. "boohoo, I only stayed at one position 88% of the time! The coaches don't support me! I want more money!"

Oppy's picture

If Colledge welcomes the competition, he should compete. It's great that he's confident- you need to be in the NFL- but just because you're confident in your abilities doesn't mean you don't have to out-work the competition. Find a way to get into vol. Camps.

Ron LC, I've heard a few fans sputter on about Spitz. Spitz has been a good player who has a lot of potential. Is Lang perhaps a better player? Yeah, probably, but not by leaps and bounds. Spitz is sound.

Ron LC's picture

Gotta disagree on that Oppy. Spitz was part of the line that gave up 32 sacks in the first eight games. At center he was horrible. When he moved to guard we was little better then he was injured. After four years on the team, you need better performance. His upside has yet to be demonstrated and time should be running out.

Oppy's picture


Spitz wasn't horrible at C; he just wasn't as good as Wells, especially at declarations- not surprising since Wells spent 4 years at C and Spitz spent 3 years playing RG (Last year those few games were Spitz's first at C). Spitz's first few years at RG were not poor, he's been good enough to garner trade interest from other teams in fact. Lang IS more physical, and that's why they wanted to get him in there.

That said, Spitz' performance was good enough that they still wanted him on the line, and that's why they tried to bump Wells in favor of SPitz in the first place. Well, Scott Wells responded so well to that adversity that he's sealed up his C job indefinitely at this point, so they are putting Spitz up against his buddy Daryn Colledge for LG this year.

What does all this mean? The Packers want Spitz on that line, and he's deserving.

packeraaron's picture

Some truth to that first point, but remember - all the guys at guard are tasked with knowing and calling the protections at various points in the game in McCarthy's offense. That's one of the biggest reasons Barber failed at guard...he just isn't quick enough upstairs.

Oppy's picture

Aaron, do you happen to know if the LG make calls for the right side of the line and vice-versa? Or do the G's just make calls for their respective flanks?

packeraaron's picture

Not sure what the mechanics are, but McCarthy has said there are times when the guards actually call out the protections for the whole line.

retiredgrampa's picture

RonLC; Spitz' time will begin running out very soon if Lang is given a shot there or if, for some reason TT picks an interior lineman. Stranger things have happened.

Ron LC's picture

My only response to the arguments for Spitz being a reliable alternative in the Oline is:

1. Four years and still a backup on the depth chart.
2. The first Bear Game in 2009
3. LG play when Colledge went to Tackle
4. How bad was the back injury?

Oppy's picture

Four years and still a back up on the depth chart?

Ron, I don't think we're talking about the same guy. Spitz has been starting for some time now.

Jason Spitz has 45 starts out of 49 games he's played in. He was the starting RG his first two seasons. True, in '08 Josh Sitton was given the nod at RG, but was injured just before the start of the season. However, Spitz won the starting job at C in '09.

So, Spitz was a back up on the depth chart one year out of four- and being displaced by Josh Sitton isn't necessarily something to be ashamed of- the kid looked great last year.

Irish Cheesehead's picture

If Santonio was only worth a 5th, we MIGHT be able to trade Darryn for that girl that works in the McDonalds drive-through. Maybe.

Bye, bye Darryn. Been nice knowin' ya!

dgtalmn's picture

Always remember when reviewing players "you" consider being unacceptable/bad. One man's trash is another's treasure. Funny on how some players just do better (or worst) when they leave a particular team.

Rick's picture


Last year Collins a 4 year starter and a pro bowler gets blasted for missing time.

But now Colledge(who IMHO is a loser) gets
unequivical support for doing the same thing.

Whats up with that????????????


packeraaron's picture

Colledge is a man and goes on the record and talks about it. Collins hides behind his agent and, quite possibly, his fathers passing. LOL (rollseyes)

rick's picture

Cmon.... now Collins isnt a "man" but Colledge is????


You can do beter than that cant you?

packeraaron's picture

Not even close to what I said.

IPBprez's picture

Without even reading anyone else's comments - If Daryn "understands" there will be competition (trials) for him to re-earn his Job back. Why is it, he forgets the TRIAL doesn't end once he's facing real opponents?

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