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Coaches In The Box Told McCarthy To Challenge

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Coaches In The Box Told McCarthy To Challenge


According to Mike Lombardi of and NFL Network:

Boomer Esiason, announcing the game nationally for the Westwood One radio network and seated in the booth next to the Green Bay coaches box, said later that the Packers coaches had advised McCarthy to challenge the call.

I'm sorry, but whoever looked at the video and STILL told McCarthy to challenge should be fired. Yesterday.

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toby's picture

Yes, who ever his replay offical should be canned.

This is not the first bad challenge of the year.

Its a reoccuring problem.

Maybe slocum could fit that role instead of the one he is currently in.


fish's picture

Everybody needs there vision checked on those fields. How many times do you see an official standing within 5 feet from the play, staring right at the incident and then make the wrong call to be later overturned? This play happened on the Packers sideline and McCarthy along with a few other coaches were standing right there within 2 to 10 feet of the play, and nobody could see what happened until they viewed the replay on TV.

bigfog's picture

I said it at that time, but that challenge reeked of desperation by McCarthy and Co. In their minds, it was worth the challenge. No one else agrees, but hey they feel alright about it apparently.

Cuphound's picture

I think that's the general problem with this particular coaching team. They don't think many of the same things we think are problems <I>actually are</I> problems. The team doesn't change much because they're <I>happy</I> with the way it looks and believe that the consistent sloppiness is something fluky that will work itself out.

GGGG Unit's picture

Not sure how heavily the coaching staff relies on viewing the jumbotron replay at the stadium, but in the coaches defense almost ZERO questionable plays were replayed on the big screen at Soldier field. Was at the game and it seemed like any play that was flagged or had a questionable call, the replay was not shown, perhaps in an attempt to prevent McCarthy from challenging? Regardless, our coaches in the booth need to get this right.

dgtalmn's picture

I could not believe he challenged that call, I thought that maybe he did it to stop the clock, but in the end they lost a timeout. Clock management seems to be an issue, but not only with the Packers, but other games I have seen. You'd think with all the folks on the sidelines someone would be thinking about clock management, but it seems in some case to be an after thought.

BearsStillSuck's picture

The clock stops on a change of possession. Who is this "challenge advisor guy?" Does anyone know his name?

lars's picture

Yea, right. McCarthy needs to man-up and take responsibility. That was HIS call. Very bad sign when your HC can't take responsibility, while he demands the players be accountable. He choked and wasted a TO.

CSS's picture

The quote above is from Boomer Esiason, not McCarthy. It's a 3rd party making this statement.

WoodyG's picture

" I'm sorry, but whoever looked at the video and STILL told McCarthy to challenge should be FIRED. Yesterday. "

Not an alarmist! ...... Like that challenge in and of itself decided the entire game ......... Come on, you're better than resorting to the dreaded "F-word" .......

Forget the Bears game ..... It's history ..... I'd like to see some analysis on how GB feels they can play the rest of the season with a defunct running game ..... I don't want to see AR sacrificing his health diving into the endzone because GB has no effective RB .... It'll only get worse as opponents focus strictly on stopping AR ...... BJ, Kuhn &amp; Nance as the RB trio is going to get AR killed .......

An alarming thought ......

packeraaron's picture

You're up in the booth. Your JOB is to watch the replay and recommend to challenge or not. You fail at your job, the ONE time you are called upon to perform it. Your employer is a multi-million dollar company. The financial fortunes of the club swing perceptibly, even week by week, with wins and loses. Your blunder, while not CAUSING it, certainly contributed a great deal to the loss, a loss on national television seen by the 5th largest cable television audience of all time.

Yes, you deserve to get fired.

WoodyG's picture

An unknown person swings the financial fortunes of an NFL franchise .....

Pure nonsense .......

packeraaron's picture

"Helps" swing. Wow, you do NOT like reading do you...

WoodyG's picture

OK .....

An unknown person in the replay booth 'helps' swing the financial fortunes of an NFL franchise.....

Still .... Pure nonsense.

It's called game, set, match ..... You are an alarmist.

CSS's picture

Packers supposedly net $5 million per home game, willing to bet it's closer to $7 million for a playoff game. The local/regional economic impact is typically $2-$3 million within a large market, let's just say it's $1.5 million in and around Green Bay, including Milwaukee hotels.

What if this game and that call possibly made the Packers a wild card, thus losing a home game? Yes, the future economic impact is startling if/when you give away games as a potential playoff team.

Am I saying Nagler is right, no. Do I dismiss it like you, absolutly not.

WoodyG's picture

You'll just pull a muscle with a stretch that far .....

CSS's picture

It's ..... a.... hypothetical.... that's .... not ..... a.... stretch.... it's .... real.... money....

P.S. ... ... ... your ..... button .... appears .... to ..... be .... stuck....

ZeroTolerance's picture

However, in the end, it was the Packers special teams and yellow flags (not a red one)that lost the game.

keeley2's picture

Yes, please fire whoever made the decision and hire me in their place. I've watched thousands of NFL games in my lifetime and can absolutely tell the correct call (as allowed within the rules). You don't have to pay me all that much, but you'll sleep better at night knowing that's one last thing to worry about.) Call me the Assistant Coach in charge of eliminating dumb ass decisions!

thepretzelhead's picture

Packers need to learn the "I'm hurt" move that Briggs used on all questionable plays to let the booth get a clear look. It's brilliant.

But that challenge...with Kuhn in anguish right on top of the odd one. But better now than in January.

Aaron Rogders's picture

What if that person was Capers? haha I guess we should fire him.

Andrew In Atlanta's picture

But the other view is you can't challenge inside of 2 minutes, right? We were seconds away from that timemark. You can't carry over available challenges so why not? Just sayin'

packeraaron's picture

Because you lose an insanely valuable time out if you're wrong, which he most assuredly was. That's "why not".

Jack's picture

Maybe McCarthy paid Esaison to say that to make him look smarter than he really is.

Andrew In Atlanta's picture

Yes, you're right. Good point. You had me at "insanely"

Asshalo's picture

Wow-- Are the packers taking applications for booth reviewers?

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