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Establishing New Culture is LaFleur's Top Priority

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Establishing New Culture is LaFleur's Top Priority

Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur will open the team's offseason workout program on Monday, April 8th with voluntary mini camps to follow later in the month.

Finally, the man charged with taking over for Mike McCarthy after 13 years will meet his players and begin installing his culture.

By now, most of you have read Tyler Dunne's Bleacher Report piece about the issues between McCarthy and quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  Whether you agree with it or not, it painted a picture of a team that is in the wake of waters that aren't often charted in Green Bay.

It's easy to say the past is the past and assume that LaFleur will immediately make the team his own.  That the players are all excited to start anew and will fall right into line and with it, their winning ways again.

It's not impossible that it goes down that way.  But how likely is it?

LaFleur hopefully has a plan to make those odds favorable.  We don't know how he'll be or act as head coach.  Will he use any of the lessons from the past two seasons (and beyond) as guides for what to do and what not to do?

Or will he run things his own way and with no regard to what happened before?  How well will LaFleur and his team tune out the outside noise?

The answer will probably be "all of the above".  Things can't get any messier than they were when the 2018 season mercifully ended at Lambeau Field with the Packers getting run by the Detroit Lions of all teams.  LaFleur isn't inheriting the well-oiled machine from three seasons ago that reached the NFC championship game.  And maybe that suits him just fine, even better.

A new leader coming into a tough situation has more of one way to go than the other, which is up.  That path needs to start on day one.

Regardless of which side of the Aaron Rodgers fence you're on, he is and will be the quarterback in Green Bay for the foreseeable future.  And while there are 90 other guys who will ultimately report to camp soon, the reality is that LaFleur's relationship with Rodgers needs to start off well.

That's not to put it all on the head coach.  According to Dunne's piece, Rodgers was silent for a few seconds after being told who the team was hiring.  That could mean absolutely nothing. Or it could mean that he, once again, wasn't thrilled that he wasn't more of a part of the conversation.

Both men have to come in committed to working together and winning.  Sounds obvious and easy, but it's hard to know what kind of an effect these last two years have had on Rodgers.  He continues to approach the end of his career and, much like his predecessor, is growing impatient to be a part of a playoff team again.

For starters, LaFleur should and will address the team first.  Last year to kick off training camp, defensive coordinator Mike Pettine spoke to the team instead of McCarthy.  McCarthy loved to get too cute at times.  LaFleur should avoid that mistake.

It's not the words that LaFleur uses that will really matter.  It's now through the end of August that he has to crush as a new head coach.  Key word: crush.

Some of us remember the days before Brett Favre when every season was a mystery.  Nearly 30 years later, we've become entitled and the standard much, much higher.  To hear that these past two seasons were the first back-to-back losing seasons since the early 90's was a gut punch.

An element of patience is needed, however.  New coach, first time head coach and a potentially volatile situation with the quarterback could all present challenges that may keep the team from that pinnacle that we crave.

If that sounds harsh or presumptuous, it is.  It could be totally off base.  Or it may not be.

No one can begin to try and say what the best approach should be for LaFleur when he's finally face to face with Rodgers.  They may have already spoken again in some way (legally, of course).  One thing has been said often and remains true: LaFleur needs to let Rodgers know what his plan is.  How he'll involve Rodgers in that plan.  But make no mistake as to who's calling the shots.

Coaches often lose the battle between themselves and the star quarterback when things go south.  For LaFleur, he needs a positive start and, even more importantly, positive results.  Despite any bumps and growing pains that take place, winning keeps many of those from getting out of control.

Say what you will about Rodgers but the man wants to win football games.  If only for himself and his own legacy, he wants to be atop of the hill and on the Mount Rushmore of Packers quarterbacks.  LaFlaur's job depends on winning games.  So, at the very least, that desire in both of these guys is a guarantee.

In the defensive room, Pettine reigns but it's still LaFleur's building.  Can he resonate with guys like Mike Daniels, Kenny Clark and Blake Martinez?  Buy in is all-encompassing and coaches who unify both sides of the ball depspite being expert in only one are the most successful.

LaFleur begin installing their culture in a few short days and all eyes will be on the new dynamics at 1265 Lombardi Avenue.

Will team president Mark Murphy allow LaFleur to do his thing or will he try to stay at arm's length until he feels comfortable that the new head man has it under control? 

Murphy has been labeled a business man who prefers to stay away from the football side of things but felt the need to step in after the 2017 season.  He implemented a structure that had both his general manager, Brian Gutekunst and McCarthy reporting directly to him.  That is still in place, by all accounts.

It was very difficult to watch last season unfold and all of the fallout that a once-proud organization went through.  All eyes are now on the future and the new culture of the Green Bay Packers.



Jason is a freelance writer on staff since 2012 and also co-hosts Cheesehead TV Live, Pulse of the Pack and Pack A Day podcasts.  You can follow him on Twitter here

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Archie's picture

Things in GB were rotten to the core, how could they not get better? Gone is a GM who couldn't communicate and couldn't pin teh tail on the donkey when it came to the draft in his last several years (CTE victim?). And perhaps worst of all, he refused to use free agency to strengthen his roster, even as he lost excellent players to FA and proved incapable on draft day of finding quality replacements. Gutey, a much younger guy, if nonetheless seasoned and this draft will tell us whether he's the real deal. My gut says he is.

Then there is the dumb football coach who may have chosen massages over team meetings. Can we do any worse? While NFL offenses evolved our guy snored away. Any wonder our WRs were never open?

MLF is an offshoot of the evolution if NFL offense and will fit right in in GB. If MLF is the real deal, Rodgers will recognize it and buy in. If not, it won't much matter.

The other MM (Murph) presided over all this dysfunction. That he escaped aqccountability is surprising to me. Yet I like both his choices. So he gets a 2nd chance.

Biggest surprise in Packers draft? Could be MLF picks a RB much higher than most think, possibly 30 or 44 or 75.

dobber's picture

Let's not fool ourselves: there's a lot of up, but there's still a lot of down that this could go. It could still get much worse.

I think the best thing that MLF can do is put the past in the past and be forward-looking. He needs to instill a sense that everyone has a job to earn and he needs to be genuine. You don't need a fire-breather to earn the respect of players, but they have to believe in you. MLF has to establish a culture of accountability and of players looking out for each other.

I think he needs to sit down with #12 and be that kindred spirit. I've always said that I don't think ARod should have complete autonomy on the field, but I think that if LaF and Hackett use QB1 and they design large pieces of the playbook together, that might go a long way toward putting people on the same page and building some trust.

"Biggest surprise in Packers draft? Could be MLF picks a RB much higher than most think, possibly 30 or 44 or 75."

I wouldn't be completely surprised, but I think it more likely if they deal down at some point and garner some extra early picks.

GB Jacker's picture

A lot of sense spoken here. Future is always unknown but definitely hopeful MLF, NH and AR12 find a good balance in that room. Rodgers needs to be given the respect he's earned from man years in the league but also to understand HC and OC often have a better/broader perspective than he does.

Also agree with you about RB - I'm high on the two guys we have but think MLF will be asking the FO to find another guy.

dobber's picture

I agree in that I think they've got to find another zone RB who is fast to the edge (if they're serious about making that a focal point of the run game) because Jones, while explosive, can't stay on the field. Williams isn't that kind of back, and the offense would need to change if he becomes the lead guy. The only guy in FA who fit that bill was Tevin Coleman, but they weren't in a position to pay for him. This offense has needed that speed element out of the backfield for a long time. I like Darrell Henderson and Ryquell Armstead as guys they could get later on day 2 or into the early parts of day 3.

PeteK's picture

We need to draft a lineman because without blocking this offense will not go far.

fthisJack's picture

Justis Hill...Ok. ST. 5'10" 200#, 4.4 forty, 40 " vert, 10 10 broad. 990 yds in 10 games. check!!!!

TheBigCheeze's picture

.....MLF doesn't do the picking.....BG does.....

Nick Perry's picture

FINALLY.... The start of the 2019 season. Time to move FORWARD and stop with the drama. Good Luck MLF. I have no doubt this will be a successful time in Packers history.


Will team president Mark Murphy allow LaFleur to do his thing or will he try to stay at arm's length until he feels comfortable that the new head man has it under control?

Hopefully he's further than an arms length and just lets Gute handle the FOOTBALL side of things. You know, what he was hired to do!

GB Jacker's picture

I share your confidence NP. Too much made of past failings, but if it is to be believed then how could Gutey & MLF possibly do any worse?

Any position or players you'd like them to target in the draft?

Nick Perry's picture

I'm still hoping for one of the Iowa TE's but I have warmed up to the idea of say Oliver, Burns, or Sweat at #12.
I'm just of the opinion the Packers need to pay some attention to the offense and do that before say the 4th round.

GB Jacker's picture

Will be fun to see how it plays out. Always more fun with two firsts. Would love one of the TEs to slip to 30.

Wouldn't mind another trade down, to trade up scenario like last year either, so long as we get 2019 picks instead of 2020.

dobber's picture

I actually think the TE field is deep enough that they can pick up a player later that has a chance to be as good as some of the early TE prospects. My expectation is that they'll look for a dual-purpose guy on day 2. I'll put a $20 on the table right now that says the Packers will trade down in round 1 and their first pick will be an OT.

Handsback's picture

Which pick?

dobber's picture

I think they could trade down from either 12 or 30 depending on how the draft falls. If there's a player another team really covets at 30, the possibility of that fifth year option might induce a team to pay well for that pick....and I always say that if you're picking at a spot and there's group players of players on the board that you think are golden--and someone comes calling with a trade-down scenario that keeps you in that tier of players--then make the trade, get the pick, and still get a player you like...AND another one later on. I think there's a good chance they deal down from 12.

fthisJack's picture

i like the idea of trading down and getting another 3rd. there are so many good players in rounds 2 and 3 to plug holes and add depth.

Hawg Hanner's picture

Amazing how one guy is surprised Murphy wasn't held "accountable" and then another guy hopes Murphy stays away. I believe the Packers are incredibly fortunate to have Murphy around but there are some real haters out there.

dblbogey's picture

I agree. Murphy is apparently the new bad guy, since they can't kick TT or MM around anymore.

GB Jacker's picture

Think will be huge for 12 and the rest of the team to have a new voice and a new style of coaching. It seems Matt is a quiet guy, thoughtful and softly spoken - think he'll try to focus on creating a really close knit family culture in the locker room. Coaching style seems to be very detail orientated. Even if what has been said about 12 is true, one would imagine he'll not want to waste another season, he's got his wish that MM is gone and MLF seems like he'll be closer to his wavelength.

Some seem to think we're miles away from Chicago, let alone the real top tier sides. If 12 buys in fully and a few of the FA's and rookies perform I see no reason we can't reclaim the North this season. I still don't think they're a mile away from a SB even.

Things move fast in the NFL. Bring on the draft, bring on the new season. Can't wait.

Nick Perry's picture

You and I seem to look at this the same way. I don't think were miles away from Chicago, matter of fact I think we've caught them and possibly passed them in one offseason.

I LIKE Gutekunst a lot and believe he'll have the Packers right where they belong after this draft...On Top...Hopefully those doubters keep doubting Rodgers AND the morons who believe Boyle is a better option are eating their words once again!

dobber's picture

"I don't think were miles away from Chicago, matter of fact I think we've caught them and possibly passed them in one offseason."

You're more optimistic than I am, NP. I don't believe they've lost ground on Chicago just in the fact that the defensive personnel have improved meaningfully even before the draft, and the Bears have sacrificed some bodies to create a little cap space. Until they actually strap it on and play a couple games, the Bears are the team to beat.

Nick Perry's picture

I think I SHOULD have said we've caught and possible passed them in one offseason AFTER the draft is completed.

The Bears don't have a 1st and 2nd round pick this year or a 1st and 3rd next year through they do have an extra 2nd rounder in 2020 from the Raiders. My point is that's A LOT of young talent the Bears won't have which will catch up with this team. I think it starts to show this season. Mack is already 28 years old. More times than not the bottom falls out on these guys in a hurry...Even the really great ones.

GB Jacker's picture

I'm delighted I've not been plugged in enough to know there are people calling for Boyle to start! What's that about!? Kinda sums the extraordinary negativity a portion of GB fans seem to have though.

I'm with you. The differences between teams in the NFL are often marginal anyway, even as bad as we were last year we had chances against the elite teams. Really think we'll be around 10 wins this year if injuries are manageable.

Demon's picture

You must not know about the gift. Theres a poster here who besides being smarter than all of us, has a gift. He is able to identify franchise QB's and HOF QB"s instantly. According to him Boyle is the next Great Packers QB.

I know Im not elite. I guess ill just be a bottom feeder with my beliefs that AR being a former MVP, all pro and future HOF'er is the better option than a UDFA from the U of Podunk.

dblbogey's picture

According to Dash, we will use our #12 pick on a quarterback.

Demon's picture

I would prefer they didnt take a qb at 12. I dont care what position as long as he is a quality starter from day 1 No more uncle Teddy 3 to 4 year development specials. A player picked at 12 should be an immediate starter with hopes of being an impact player.

If Gute does not have 2 first year starters out of this draft, this draft will also be a failure.

dobber's picture

If that's the case, he's not nearly the believer in Boyle that he says he is.

Cheezdik's picture

No way passed Chicago on defense. Three free agents are a good start but GB needs to draft a linebacker first round. They've avoided it for too long and made a huge mistake not drafting Watt and drafting King. King won't ever stay healthy and GB kept their lousy training staff, even after all the injuries hear after year. I wasnt surprised. GB needs to keep drafting defense and in the later rounds pick up a couple O-Lineman. Mahbe a receiver o

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I think LaFleur has one big thing going for him with Rodgers that McCarthy never had. MLF is fluid in his thinking and articulate in his speach. I think Rodgers is going relate to that much better than the ridgid bluster of McCarthy.

GB Jacker's picture

He's definitely from a different era in terms of communication style. I think it will serve his relationship with 12 and the younger players very well. The age of bluster and aggressive coaching is over. You gotta be on the players level these days. Think MM lost that ability greatly after a while.

dobber's picture

I think this is the trend in general when it comes to management. LaF isn't going to bully players, and he can't "passive-aggressive" his way into the team respecting him. He's going to have to be open and direct, and he's going to have to work every player to build connections. The key to his succeeding is going to be getting players to want HIM and every other player to succeed every bit as much as they want themselves to succeed.

GB Jacker's picture

I'm English and follow ''soccer'' in the UK. It's been a massive trend in the past 5 years towards this kind of coaching. All the best coaches now are more like respected big brothers - they don't put themselves too far above everybody else. Being likeable is huge. I think MLF has that in spades, just so long as the team buys in on his quiet confidence.

PatrickGB's picture

GB Jacker. I know t must be hard to say “soccer” when you are used to call it football. Welcome to American Football and I am glad you prefer the Packers. On the leadership/coaching I agree. I am retired military and that style has even been creeping into that institution. I don’t think that coach “ Flower” will have any problems.

PatrickGB's picture

GB Jacker. I know t must be hard to say “soccer” when you are used to call it football. Welcome to American Football and I am glad you prefer the Packers. On the leadership/coaching I agree. I am retired military and that style has even been creeping into that institution. I don’t think that coach “ Flower” will have any problems.

packergal's picture

"The age of bluster and aggressive coaching are over"...

Everything I have read about MM runs counter to that.

First on bluster--Chris Carter (honest and ethical) mentioned recently that his GB sources confirmed that MM ran a very loose ship--MM did not believe in calling out players individually-- for performance or behavior.

In fact, Carter claimed that among the reasons Kitchens got the Cleveland job over MM--Cleveland management thought Kitchens demonstrated that he will hold players accountable and MM never demonstrated that. (Elliott Wolff observation?)

Finally, regarding "aggressive coaching" ... Seattle game anyone??

Also, back to Carter and the nugget that MM refused to even "tweak the offense" with "stack formations" because AROD did not approve since he preferred formations that allowed him to " read the defense instantly".

Whether you believe Carter's sources or not...hopefully MLF establishes a culture of accountability and innovation in GB.

Finally TARYN, where are you?

fthisJack's picture

i agree and i think MM was a straight shooter that treated the players fairly and was respected in the locker room. the fall out with Rodgers and his blind loyalty to his crappy coaching staff and his unwillingness to adapt with new offensive schemes are what sunk him . i would have fired him after that Seattle meltdown but they didn't ask my opinion.

GB Jacker's picture

Sorry - I wasn't calling MM an aggressive shouty coach at all. MM seemed pretty mellow - except when dealing with officials. I just mean that MLFs style is much more in line with modern coaching.

4thand1's picture

The day MM was canned started a new culture. Now other teams won't know what the play is before the ball is snapped. The insanity has stopped, bring in the new culture.

RCPackerFan's picture

I do feel that bringing in creative offensive minds will really help this offense. Having a new scheme where its basically not lining up the WR's the same way every play and expect them to get open down in and down out will be a huge change. They will now be doing things schematically to get guys open. There will be more motion and formations won't be the same every down. There will be more of an emphasis on the run game which means the play action passes should work a lot more.

I do believe the new look offense will inspire some of the current players.

jannes bjornson's picture

These are young coaches that want to make their mark. They are hungry and will bring energy. Innovation is breaking the habits of perception.

sam1's picture

To me the Packers are closer to being a lot better team now than they were at the end of the last season, not so much only the coaching aspect but also in player personnel. I have a feeling many people will be surprised and a quarterback drafted will be a relatively high pick along with TE, DB and OT! I don't think qb of the future for the Pack is now on the roster, time will tell!

fthisJack's picture

no QB early in this draft please.

Packer Fan's picture

In terms of setting a new culture, yes. The Packers have to be reset. It started with dumping Thompson. Next remove Montgomery and Clinton-Dix. Finally McCarthy. Gute has changed how the team approaches free agency. Next LaFluer will need to finalize that culture. The players, including Rodgers, will come around when they see the new culture, attitude and creativity from the coaches. Long way to go yet.

jannes bjornson's picture

Prior to the 2018 season we compiled a whack list for Gutekunst and a free agency agenda. He hit on almost 90% of the wish list and that included moving Jordy Nelson. Cobb's dead money kept him on the roster. Five new CBs were brought on board, House included. By the trade deadline, shock waves hit the Pacemakers as Dix was tossed and Montgomery displaced for actual value in return. As we come closer to draft day, I have a good feeling Gutekunst will pull the trigger on some real playmakers. I don't believe LeFleur's the type of guy to throw deep on 3rd and short.

PeteK's picture

It worked well for Lombardi. When the running game is working and used sparingly with play action it equates to TDs.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

I am with the posters above. Out with the old and in with the new. LF is going to be a players coach. Hackett and Pettine can play the heavies. Personally, I believe Rodgers and LF are going to get along great and we are going to have a lot of success. Without having met LF you can tell he is a great guy. Someone who could relate to everyone. If someone doesnt get along with LF obviously they are the problem. Huge difference from MM and his style.

All this past drama sets LF and Gute up perfectly. Everything they do will be emphasized as positive creating nothing but opportunities. Rodgers if he needed it has to obey and follow instructions and be a team player, plus he will be out to show the world MM hindered his performance. That he still has it!

Let's draft BPA for first 3 or 4 rounds and then for need. Going to be a very fun upcoming year and already has been.

Trapped in MN BUT GB fan's picture

Most of these positive posts have 1 dislike which would seem to point to some discontented viking or bear fan. No surprise here as in Minnesota there is tremendous concern and doubt about their team.
On the other hand, I'm looking forward to the future of our team. Positive changes all the way around. And I wish MM would just shut the f up.

Since '61's picture

I’m looking forward to the start of the MLF era. There are pros and cons with any era of change.

Most importantly is that the new coaches including Pettine present a united message to the team. MLF needs to realize that he does not need to do everything himself. He has capable people around him including Pettine, Hackett and Getsey not to mention the other coaches.

As for Rodgers, he has stated that he wants to be coached. My approach would be to meet with Rodgers and set expectations for both sides. After that everyone goes to work moving forward towards winning games. Make a clean and complete break with the past and move forward. Gute has made a good start in that direction. Now it is up to MLF, his staff and ultimately the players to do the same.

Communication is the key. The more the better. If you don’t provide the story the players will create their own. If they don’t the media certainly will as we have seen. Best of luck to MLF. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ‘61

PeteK's picture

Pats used an old school offense with solid blocking and sent the new evolution packing. I like Lafleur because he has experience and success in both styles. He is innovative ,but last year when that didn't work he ran the ball very successfully. Rogers with a running game could make us forget the last two yrs. I agree a running back will be drafted somewhat high in the mold of Henry , who I'm sure Lafleur still dreams about. However, O line comes first.

Lare's picture

With a solid offensive line and a productive running game Rodgers could play into his mid-forties. You can bet that he, Gutekunst and the Packers coaching staff all know that.

RCPackerFan's picture

There has been so much talk since the Ty Dunne article. A lot of it has been centered on Rodgers and how all of a sudden he is a toxic person. I do find it funny about how players are coming out that have played with him that said that's not the guy they know.
I saw Casey Hayward standing up for him against Marcus Spears on twitter this weekend.
It was great seeing Hayward calling out Spears.
The funny part is we have all these people that weren't/aren't in the locker room talking about stuff that happened in the locker room from disgruntled people.

Moving forward this is a whole new era!
We have new voices, new players and a new direction.

While McCarthy has been a good head coach, his scheme had gone stale, especially without the talent and experience to run it.

LaFleur will bring a new scheme that will be more modern. It will be one that creates different looks and formations. He will use motion more as well. He has mentioned it is going to be more based on the run. So more runs, and stretch runs to set up play action.

To get a feel for what LaFleur's offense will look like check out the Titans last year. While they didn't have a great record or put up huge offensive numbers, you can't look at the production of their offense to see what more. You have to look at what they did schematically. They had lost one of their top offensive playmakers and their QB got hurt and couldn't throw a ball for part of the year.

I do believe Rodgers is ready to embrace a new scheme, a new offense.
Hopefully, the newer scheme will allow the younger players to get in sync with Rodgers faster.

The Bears offense improved last year with a new offensive mind, mostly due to scheme because of a limited QB. Imagine what a Packers offense could look like with one of the best in the league at QB, WR, LT & Centers. Also other skilled players that have talent. Jones, MVS, EQ all have serious talent.

A scheme that isn't predictable will go a long ways to fixing the offense.

This is a new Era. I can't wait for it!

Samson's picture

The roster already has more talent than at this time last year. -- And we still have a draft coming up that's wide open and full of potential rookie talent. -- Most of all, the stale & mundane approaches by both TT & MM are in the rear view mirror -- gone, gone, gone.

This is a new year with a new regime. -- Get ready. Packer fans are going to love the results.

IceBowl's picture


Yes, MLF has to deal with all you say. But I would like to add one more thing, possibly the first thing, MLF has to address. That is the media onslaught that is about to begin. Now that the media has access to the players/coaches, they will be asking questions that involve words like "disrespect, dumb, cancer, insubordination, football IQ, derail, quitter or quit, favorite/black balled, undermine, etc, etc. This will affect all at 1265. . The media will dig and dig from all sources in hopes of getting their headline (new/more details). If this is just the tip of the iceberg, we are in for a lot of uglyness that could eat at all the players and coaches.

If MLF gets through this "punch in the gut" (which he doesn't deserve) to start off his tenure, I think his culture at 1265 will be just fine.

jannes bjornson's picture

Well, he should give a straight forward "Bill" message--zero response.

Lare's picture

The easiest way to deal with sports writers who are concentrated on the past is to say “No comment”. Once the see the organization is concentrating on the future they’ll get the hint.

PeteK's picture

They'll be thrown into the fire immediately versus Bears. A win and everything turns positive . Very tough start for a rookie coach, but we beat them last year with an inferior and no Dooby Jones.

jannes bjornson's picture

Should have beat them both games.

IceBowl's picture

I'm very glad AR addressed this right away. Now the reporters will have other topics to pursue. And already are.

But I still have to think MLF will have to hold the team together till this story gets too old for the reportrs to waste their time on.

porupack's picture

<<<<Rodgers was silent for a few seconds after being told who the team was hiring. That could mean absolutely nothing. Or it could mean that he, once again, wasn't thrilled that he wasn't more of a part of the conversation.>>>>>

Is it provable? No. Does it matter? no. Then you surmise that Rodgers wanted to be part of his coach;s hire.

Mr. Perone, you, turned Jr. High gossiper, disappoint me. I usually enjoy your work, and compliment you. So, understand you get deserved disgust for sensational speculation.

jasonperone's picture

Not totally unfair but it's not as "out of left field" as it sounds when you consider that Rodgers DID say, just a year ago, that he wasn't thrilled he wasn't more part of the conversation about the departure of his former QB coach Alex Van Pelt. The head coach? You better believe it's conceivable. And that we know, by now, that Rodgers carries his dislikes and grudges with him? It **could** matter.

Ironically your use of sensational, in this instance, is just that.

Lastly, thank you for reading. I don't expect you all to like or agree with everything I write.

fthisJack's picture

if Rodgers isn't buying into the changes this year, you can either trade him or hire MM to be his QB coach!

porupack's picture

Thanks for responding, and like I said, I usually respect your work.

Swisch's picture

When in doubt, be yourself.
Coach LaFleur may as well rise or fall doing things as he sees fit, and not be overly concerned about the reactions of others.
That way, no regrets.
It is indeed a challenge to know when to stand firm, and when to be flexible. I wish LaFleur well in leading the Packers.
Be yourself, but your best self.

TheBigCheeze's picture

Ed Oliver at @12......dude's crazy disruptive, and will replace Daniels next year....this saves cap space, and pack would get a comp pick to boot.....

JimR_in_SoCal's picture

Any of you guys/gals have news from day 1 of the off-season program? Thanks!

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