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Clay Matthews Undergoes Surgery on His Thumb

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Clay Matthews Undergoes Surgery on His Thumb

Citing Mike McCarthy from his Friday press conference, our Zach Kruse posted the following:

Matthews broke his thumb this past Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers for the second time this season. He has yet to be placed on injured reserve, and it's unclear if and when he will.


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I bleed Green More's picture

Well to me that means he will not be playing, unless they can do some wonders that is it for him this year.

Tarynfor12's picture

The loss of Matthews is nothing as he isn't the caliber player to carry the team as proven by his constant missed games and very inconsistent play when he is on the field.

Like the loss of Finley(the freak) in 2010,it didn't stop us from winning and neither has nor will the Matthews factor..whatever that really is since ts been invisible when compared to what he is paid and expected to dispense.

The only person on this team that earns the money he gets has just returned and that is a problem from any standpoint for the rest.

Brian Carriveau's picture

I don't think I'd classify the loss of Matthews as "nothing" and to take it a step further, I'd only classify his play as "inconsistent" when he was wearing a cast or club. No doubt, he's missed more games than I'd like, but when he's been healthy, he's been good, which he has for more than 60 games in his career.

Tarynfor12's picture

"but when he’s been healthy, he’s been good"....

He suppose to be much higher than good when healthy and he hasn't been close to what he's suppose to be and getting paid to fact,he has struggled to reach the level of 'good'.

Brian Carriveau's picture

By all means, Taryn, feel free to define "good" and "much higher than good."

Tarynfor12's picture

What is good and higher than good will never see an agreement as every ones' definition will find a way to be different.But I'll attempt a sample.

Matthews being 'good' would be to win the majority of one on ones even if a hampered thumb.

Matthews being higher than good is still incurring a double team more often than not even with a hampered thumb.

He has for the most done neither,sure,he has had his plays as has Perry and even Neal but most expect at least that from one of those two,but to get only that from Matthews with or without a thumb issue is not acceptable.

His attributes lie not solely in his thumb as Samson with his hair yet it seems to be the easy reply for the invisible man act he seems to be mastering.

Agree or not to what is good or higher than good.Matthews is not what he should be to the team..thumb or no thumb.

Arlo's picture

You're both probably right to a certain degree. Unfortunately, the media has made CM3 a little more than what he really has obtained in his career.

The truth is that CM3 hasn't recovered a fumble since his rookie year (2009) & hasn't picked off a pass since 2011. He only has 4 INTs in his career (5 years) & he's only played a complete season once (again, his rookie year).

I have no idea if he's worth the $$$$.

Tarynfor12's picture

"I have no idea if he’s worth the $$$$."

I'm on the record before he got his new contract as being against the money he received that made him the highest paid OLB and remain steadfast in this belief,the team couldn't afford or even consider not doing a new deal,hands were tied but it shouldn't be used to crown him as great as some will do regardless.

Arlo's picture

Same here. CM3 plays in bunches. Gets most of his sacks in bunches. He was a good player with Collins & Woodson. All by himself, he's just abit above average. TT paid too much. Should have let him play the FA market. Would have saved many bucks.

Tarynfor12's picture
4thand1's picture

HMM, He was in on a big sack against the Falcons, He blew up the play that caused an int against Dallas, he had the only sack against big Ben, and seen lots of double coverage. I'd say he's a factor when playing.

Tarynfor12's picture

"and seen lots of double coverage"

he is now and has been before the re-injury to the thumb be getting one on ones and losing.I know ,I know the thumb has 'hampered him' but the drop in the level of play cannot be blamed solely on the thumb...

jeremy's picture

Yes it can. Matthews relies heavily on hand work to release from blocks. He gives up over 50 pounds to some tackles. He uses technique and speed to beat them. Furthermore, he has broken his right thumb, making it hard to get around the outside, rush and seal the edge the way he normally does.

Tarynfor12's picture

So you do agree that Matthews total strength lies within the thumb like Samson and his hair?

That's like saying the pen will defeat the sword in a physical duel.

jeremy's picture

That is just nonsense.

bdhustle's picture

No reason to place Matthews on IR at this time. Super Bowl is in 6 weeks. Make it there and he could play with the CLUB!

Jameson's picture

Is it me or is this guy always hurt?

It's not his fault per say but we gave him a ton of money and I feel as if he plays like 50% of the time because of some injury or another.

Either way, hopefully 2014 is a better year for him.

WKUPackFan's picture

It's so clear that Clay is an impact player that the subject is not really worth debating. He consistently pressures the QB, finishes well, plays outstanding backside run support, plays great against the run overall, and can cover if necessary. One injury plagued season shouldn't cloud his overall value. Several teams don't have one impact D player.

People get hung up on mega contract players earning their money or playing up to the contract. It's really more about the players worth to the team in the context of the multi-year cap structure. GB's cap structure is still sound with AR's and Clay's contracts.

CM3 will be every bit the player he's always been next season, barring injury. He may have a career year with a new DC. Might have an even bigger year if Kevin Greene is promoted to DC.

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