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Clay Matthews Checks in at No. 77 on NFL Network Top 100 List

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Clay Matthews Checks in at No. 77 on NFL Network Top 100 List

Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews checked in at No. 77 on the NFL Network's 2014 Top 100 List of the league's best players, revealed in a broadcast Wednesday evening.

The Top 100 list is an annual exercise, voted upon by the players themselves. Players ranked 71 through 80 were unveiled Wednesday.

As the top-paid linebacker in the NFL, one could make the argument that Matthews should be ranked higher than 77.

Likely factoring into Matthews' ranking, however, is a second straight injury-plagued season that forced him to miss six full games, including the playoffs, and parts of three others with a broken thumb and bum hamstring. In 2012, Matthews also missed four games.

Whether Matthews is able to make a climb on the list in 2015 will be heavily dependent upon his health. As long as he's suiting up on Sundays, Matthews is always a force to be reckoned with.

Matthews joins teammates Eddie Lacy (90) and Jordy Nelson (83) on the Top 100 list with quarterback Aaron Rodgers yet to be unveiled.

A rundown of The 100 players with a personalized video for each can be found at

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real some guy's picture

ridiculous. there's no way Matthews is anything less than #30

Tarynfor12's picture

If regarding his age ..yes, in regarding his impact of

Oppy's picture

There's a lot more that goes into being an impact player than just splash plays on the QB, Taryn.

CMIII's level of play as a run defender is similar to the impact of a shut down cornerback- teams can not run at Clay Matthews, his presence alone turns all runs inside and away from his edge. His pass coverage is also stellar.

The only thing that limited his impact was availability. I will admit his impact was lessened somewhat due to his thumb fracture, but that is only in comparison with his own standard. Compared to the league average performer, he still played at a high level.

Good to hear from you, Taryn. Let's hope Nick Perry stays HEALTHY this year! ;)

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I agree with Oppy. I think CMIII is very good in all facets of the game and can play all of the LB positions well. BTW, I read recently that in college CMIII broke his thumb and a metacarpal. I either did not remember that or never knew it. The article I read did not state how these fractures occurred, though. I hope Perry, Neal and CM (and all of the other players, of course) stay healthy all year too!

J0hn Denver's Gavel's picture

Hopefully he can relearn how to tackle quarterbacks without injuring himself. He injured himself on 27% of his sacks last year! How is that even possible?

TommyG's picture

I think the description of being one dimensional is inaccurate. He is an excellent pass rusher, and covers well for a LB. Part-time... that is something to talk about.

4thand1's picture

Cow, you still suck

TommyG's picture

It's in the article: if he could stay healthy he would be top 25 at worst.

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

If you want to be an effective troll, you can't go so negative on every post. You're too transparent.

Clay Zombo's picture

Is the "juice" you think he's on Steroids or HGH?

Usually I just ignore your dumb ass because its just not worth arguing with you but man you say some stupid shit.

4thand1's picture

Kinda looks like a cow's forehead, you still suck.

Evan's picture

Who the hell knows. That whole family has neanderthal head.

Evan's picture

Perhaps. That family's NFL lineage is nuts.

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

He gets off riling things up. It's just an online act.

Roger Over's picture

His injury situation has hurt. Its not that he misses a game or so, he misses five or six each season.
If he crashes this year like the previous ones we will all be downgrading him.

Oppy's picture

He not may completely sit out games, but he has missed significant pt in a number of games each season due to injury.

It is a legitimate concern with CMIII.. Particularly his hamstrings. He really is always nicked up and it really does have a dramatic effect on his availability.

Brutus10's picture

"Dude he missed 3 game last year and ONE each of the previous 2 seasons. That's 5 total in 3 years! Try again w/ some facts..."

2013 - Missed 5 regular season games & the one playoff game --- Total of SIX games.
2012 - Missed 4 regular season games.
That's ten missed games in the last two seasons.

Those long afternoon naps must really confuse your reality.

Oppy's picture

The real question is,

if CMIII chimes in at this point in the list, is there any other Packers player besides Aaron Rodgers that is left on this list?

The guys who one might expect have a shot are Randall Cobb and Josh Sitton. But I don't think Cobb sees a spot because of availability and Sitton probably won't see recognition because he's an interior lineman.

I think this is it for the Packers in the top 100 list this season... With exception to Rodgers, who will make the list at a high spot and spark some debate because of how little he played, but garner the nod anyways because he's just that good.

Brutus10's picture

AR is all thats left. He may even fall out of the top ten.
Blame TT. He still hasn't replaced Collins & Woodson. All of our latest high draft picks are projects - Perry, Jones, Sherrod, Worthy, etc.

It certainly explains 8-8-1.

4thand1's picture

Every season pLays out differently. Each year there's a surprise team. Every year 5 new teams make the playoffs and 5 teams don't that made it the prior year. The Packers even with all the "key" injuries made it again, and they should be it again this year. This years big surprise will be Packer's top 10, maybe top 5 defense. The offense will be #1 this year. If it doesn't happen.....................Meh, life goes on.

4thand1's picture

AAAAAAAAAAAAAwwww, someone doesn't wike me. Man, I won't get a wink of sleep tonight. Troll on MFer.

Brutus10's picture

4thand1 (the resident troll) with another great football post.

4thand1's picture

We know who you really are. you suck. Super troll brutass

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