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CHTV at the Senior Bowl: Day Two Notes

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CHTV at the Senior Bowl: Day Two Notes

Things were back to "normal" for the second day of Senior Bowl practices, which means I got to watch the entirety of both North and South practices.


North Practice

It was a windy day (and not just because of all the media there!), with steady gusts of between 10-15 miles per hour according to one fellow media member.

So going into the day, I knew it would be a tough practice for the quarterbacks.

All of them struggled a bit with accuracy Tuesday, and once again there was no 'stand-out' North quarterback. If there is one guy who intrigues me the most, it's Logan Thomas from Virginia Tech. As with Monday, he continues to be 'consistently inconsistent,' showing good accuracy one minute and a lack of it the next.

We keep hearing about how good Thomas is doing, but nobody I am around is seeing it. He shows flashes of accuracy and his mechanics look pretty sound, but he can also look really rough. The current theory is that people are not seeing more than a few throws of his and are basing it off that or the bar is set so low coming in (and by the other quarterbacks) that he looks good compared to what you expect.

Thomas has a big arm, has the prototypical measurables coaches love in a quarterback but he strikes me as very raw. His upside, because of the arm, will attract some team to him, potentially too early. I don't dislike what I see, but I'm not as big a fan as some here seem to be.

Again though, he intrigues me because you can see the potential there and he has a heck of an arm.

Miami's Stephen Morris loves to pat the ball (or in Draft parlance, burp the baby) before he throws. It's the sort of thing you'd prefer he stop doing because the last thing you need is the cornerback getting tipped off that the ball is coming. Morris had several balls sail on him and had the overall worst day of this group.

Clemson's Tajh Boyd aka "the undraftable quarterback" also struggled in the wind, as he had multiple throws wobble and at one point threw the ball directly into a defensive lineman. He also bobbled a snap, though it was delivered a little bit high. Boyd continues to be a project quarterback, as is nearly every quarterback in Mobile this week.

I watched a lot of one-on-one battles between the defensive and offensive line and came away impressed, though an awful lot of both would jump before the simulated snap. Chalk it up to excitement, I suppose.

I thought Virginia Tech's James Gayle (defensive end) did well in drills, showing good drive, power and aggression on his rushes, pancaking a few offensive linemen as he rushed the passer. Trent Murphy from Stanford did a good job as well, coming hard off the edge and making the opposition miserable.

The standout for the morning was defensive tackle Ra'Shede Hageman from Minnesota, who was an absolute beast in drills. He's pretty much a one trick pony, or at least was in drills yesterday, but that one move (his bull rush) annihilated  guys. I ran into Ty Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and told him to take note because Hageman could be a great interior fit for a Green Bay line which is desperate for a big monster in the middle to stop the run.

For the running backs, West Virginia's Charles Sims continued to impress when running the ball, but was not as good in the backs-on-backers blocking drill, being overpowered too often. Meanwhile, Wisconsin's James White was incredibly nasty in the same drill, showing great aggression up to, and sometimes beyond, the whistle.

ESPN Denver's Cecil Lammey called him "feisty" and it was a good description. I got some good quotes from him after practice which I'll try to compile tonight or tomorrow along with the others I got.

Overall, the Atlanta Falcons continue to run a practice with a very casual feel to it. The pace is laid back and it felt a bit disjointed to me, though we got some good looks at the prospects. I still liked the tempo from the Jacksonville Jaguars led practice on Monday, but as you'll see, that didn't hole up either.


South Practice

Unlike Monday, the Jaguars-led South practice lacked the quick pace and high energy of Monday's. Maybe they took their foot off the gas a bit to keep from burning the kids out or maybe Gus Bradley blew out his voice. Either way, I missed the pace of Monday's drills, though we saw a lot of good stuff Tuesday.

As with the morning group, the wind was a factor, and nobody suffered from it like San Jose State's David Fales. Fales was having the ball float on him Monday without the high wind so you can imagine it was ugly at times during a much windier practice.

I really don't like his release point and follow through (or lack thereof) and even throws which he seemed to drive the ball more effectively sailed on him. His ball also wobbled quite a bit on shorter passes, making it hard for his target to catch it cleanly. Suffice to say, it hasn't been a good week for Fales.

Derek Carr of Fresno State did better, though he too had some wobbles on his passes, and had one or two sail high. Overall though, he showed a nice drop back and delivery and threw a few dimes to his receivers in drills. He continues to be the "safest" of the quarterbacks here. I'd say "best" but in this group it's such a relative term it kind of loses meaning.

The guy with the most upside on the South team continues to be Jimmy Garoppolo from Eastern Illinois. He was throwing too hard on Monday, but that worked to his advantage as his throws were generally more accurate - even when he threw sidearm, which I have to admit made me cringe but was impressive.

There was a drill where the coaches had the quarterbacks throw across their body - a tough thing for any quarterback - but Garoppolo probably made the nicest throws in the drill. Overall I've liked the way he throws the ball, feel like he steps up in the pocket well and has a quick release.

He's not a finished product but there is a lot to like. Like Logan Thomas on the North side, he's an interesting project quarterback.

Interestingly, Garoppolo told reporters after the game that the wind wasn't a factor for him as he "plays football in the Middle of Nowhere, Illinois." It's often very windy he said, so he felt very comfortable in the conditions Tuesday. It showed.

As with the morning group, I saw a lot of defensive line drills.

Will Sutton, the defensive tackle from Arizona State, continues to have a pretty strong week and got some good penetration during his drills against the offensive line and I saw outside linebacker Jordan Tripp get some good rushes off the edge as well.

Princeton's Caraun Reid also continues to play well, and had a nice couple of moves on 9-on-9 drills. He consistently drove offensive linemen backwards on rushes and overall looks very strong.

Virginia's Brent Urban had a tougher day, getting completely fooled on a play-fake, though he got good penetration overall.

I'm off to Wednesday's practices, so I'll be back tonight with some more Senior Bowl notes. I have a lot of good pictures too, so I will try to get some of those up somewhere as well.



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MarkinMadison's picture

I'm interested in Hageman. I watched part of Minnesota's bowl game though, and he never jumped out of the screen at me. So I'm not sure what to think. He certainly has the size, and he will likely be available for the Packers.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I think Hageman might be a rising prospect. If he continues to have a good week here and has a good combine, I think he will go in the top 15.
He just seems like one of those guys that teams will fall in love with his size and will 'overdraft'.

cLowNEY42's picture

I don't think he would be all that thrilled with "2-gapping". Seems like a penetration type guy.
(Yet another reason why I dislike the 3-4. A 6'6" 300+ lb guy who can consistently penetrate doesn't have an every down role in this defense... stupid).

His measurables are ridiculous, though.
He is what a 3-4 DE should look like.

RC Packer Fan's picture

His measurables are tailor made for a 3-4 DE.
There aren't many 6'6 300+ guys that can play well. That's why I think he will move up in the draft.

Honestly he is a guy the Packers need to play DE. They don't have anyone like him.

Phatgzus's picture

Uh-huh, and those giant penetrate-and-disrupt players are so very commonplace and undervalued whereas the gap-filling tanks are rare gems. Oh, and he can have an every down role if he's able to manage gap control. Lay off the Madden.

Timmy G's picture

I've seen every Gopher game w/ Hageman. Absolute beast, but terribly inconsistent. Will have a few key plays a game (usually TFL or key tipped passes), but will disappear for long stretches. Major boom/bust potential IMO

4thand1's picture

That was the knock on Worthy.

Phatgzus's picture

That and being undersized.

Timmy G's picture

he's definitely a leg up on worthy. he will wow people at the combine, quite possibly one of the strongest men in the draft and very fast for someone that large. he was originally recruited as a TE

RC Packer Fan's picture

A few notes from what I have been hearing.

Chris Borland is making some money. A lot of people are really liking him and what he is doing. Mike Mayock said if he was 2-3" taller he would be a top 10 pick.
If the Packers could get him in the 2nd round, I would really consider it. He kind of reminds me of Desmond Bishop. My only concern with Borland is his coverage skills. I want to see how he does covering, but from what I heard he has been pretty solid in that area in practices this week.

James White has been looking good as well. He shined in the pass blocking drills, which is going to be huge for him, considering he will likely be a 3rd down RB on the next level.

Jared Abbrederis has been very consistent and very good. He looks to be more of a slot type of WR with his size, but he can play inside or out. He is being talked about as one of the best route runners at Mobile.

Denver's picture

I think Borland is a good enough athlete that coverage won't be much of a problem for him, RC. Seemed to do fine as a Badger.
I'm admittedly biased on UW players, but I would be very happy if the Pack drafted Abby. I think he would be excellent in their Offense.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Yeah, I have heard that he has been pretty good in coverage this week so far.

That was my biggest concern for him because he didn't do a lot of it for the Badgers.

Honestly. I would be happy if they drafted Abbrederis as well. The guy who he kind of reminds me of is Donald Driver. Can play anywhere, has good to great hands, precise route runner and seems to always find a way to get open.
I also like that he can return kicks and punts.

With all the Juniors that have entered the draft, I think Abbrederis will go in the late 2nd - 4th round area.

Stroh's picture

I don't think Aberdaris goes till 4th. Decent WR but not a big fan. Have you watched him on returns? Reliable but not gonna break any. I like the Miss or Miss St kid. 6'2 225 and better speed than Aberderris.

Denver's picture

You're correct about his return ability, but reliable isn't so bad, is it?
Anyway, I'd take him in the 4th in a heartbeat.

RC Packer Fan's picture

His ceiling IMO is late 2nd round.
I think teams are getting enamored with him this week. From reports I have been seeing they have been impressed with him. I think his stock will rise after this week. I could see him going in the 4th, but ultimately I think he will go in the 3rd. Potentially in the late 2nd. But the rest of this week and combine will help determine that.

Also when you put the tape on him and you see him absolutely dominate Bradley Roby, who is considered a 1st-2nd round pick, it shows a lot.

This is a great WR class. There area number of 6'4+ guys and there are a quite a few slot type of WR's. That could push him down the boards as well though.
He isn't a great returner but he can do it.

Honestly I would love to see the Packers draft 1-2 WR's (pending on what happens with Jones). I would love to see them get a bigger WR 6'3+ and a smaller speedier type that can return punts/kicks later in the draft.
A couple of small guys to keep an eye on at the Senior Bowl is Jalen Saunders, and Robert Herron.

Phatgzus's picture

He's not going to be drafted in the hopes he becomes an elite return man; Boykin and Jones don't have fantastic speed and they're pretty good.

Stroh's picture

Remember they have Dorsey from last yr draft. He's 6'2 210.

Stroh's picture

Let other teams get enamored. In the 4th I might take him depending who else is avail.WoWouldn't take hime b4 that tho. Just my opinion.

RC Packer Fan's picture


I have been hearing that Will Sutton hasn't been looking good. I have been hearing he has looked sluggish and really doesn't look good with the weight he gained this past year.

In your article you said that he is looking good. I was just curious what you have been hearing from other people regarding Sutton?

cheap authentic louis vuitton's picture

He took the Giants towards the Tremendous Bowl in the program from the 2007 period. They beat the then-undefeated New England Patriots in certainly one of the largest upsets in NFL background. The stress is on to execute now that he is among the best paid coaches in the NFL..

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