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"Chips Report" From Win Vs. Lions

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"Chips Report" From Win Vs. Lions

Our weekly designations from the Green Bay Packers' 28-26 win vs. the Detroit Lions...

Blue Chips

  • Josh Sitton & Scott Wells–It seemed like you could find fault with every single player on the Packers roster on Sunday, at least for a play or two. While no one had a flawless performance, Josh Sitton and Scott Wells seemed to win far more battles than they lost. They kept a stout Lions defensive line with Ndamukong Suh and Corey Williams in check. They kept Aaron Rodgers' off his backside for the most part. And they helped grind out needed yards on the ground, especially when it mattered at the end of the game. They're been the two most valuable players along the offensive line all season long.
  • Charles Woodson–Forget the touchdown when he was in coverage vs. Calvin Johnson. Forget the pass interference penalty. Charles Woodson plays his best when it matters in crunch time. And he seems to make two good plays for every bad one. Standing out the most is his interception return for a touchdown, but not to be overlooked are his three passes defensed and his support in the run game, especially in a late fourth quarter drive while holding the Lions to only a field goal. Led the team in tackles with 13.

Red Chips

  • John Kuhn–Churned out valuable yards when they were most needed, on the game clinching final drive when the Packers needed to run out the clock. Kuhn converted three first downs on the final drive of the game while rushing for 39 yards total on 9 carries, good for a 4.3-yard average. While the Packers would benefit from a better complement to Kuhn, he definitely has a role on the team.
  • Tramon Williams–What can you say about Tramon Williams? He just continues to lock down his man man in coverage. He had two passes defensed, one that prevented a touchdown and another that prevented a first down. He only made two tackles, but he did exactly what was asked of him. Other candidates for red chips include Donald Driver, Clay Matthews, Cullen Jenkins, B.J. Raji and Mike Neal.

Cow Chips

  • Jordy Nelson–Nelson lost two fumbles, both on kick return to set up one Detroit field goal in the second half of Sunday's game and a miss of another field goal immediately before halftime. To think that if Hanson made the field goal right before halftime, the Packers could have lost. Including playoffs, Nelson has five fumbles on special teams alone the past two seasons. I'm not sure how much longer the Packers can continue that experiment.
  • Tim Masthay–I can't put my finger on why Masthay is struggling so much. He didn't show these deficiencies during either training camp or the preseason. He just seems to be wilting under the pressure. While he had a 52-yard punt and placed one inside the 20, it was his 21-yard punt in the first quarter that really had people scratching their heads. Other candidates for cow chips include Jarrett Bush, Derrick Martin, Nick Collins and Aaron Rodgers.
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fish's picture

McCarthy has this bus floored, Unfortunately it's in reverse.

PistolPete's picture

Seriously, man? The Pack is 3-1. It hasn't been pretty in any game, but fortunately, style points count for nothing. W's are all that count.

fish's picture

Compared to the direction they were heading the last 8 games Last season, Yes, they are heading backwards this season. And next up, Washington, Miami, Vikings, Jets, Dallas, Falcons, 49rs, Patriots, Giants, Colts, KC. It's not getting any easier.

Bogmon's picture

Everyone bought into the "SuperBowl" hype way too early.

This is a solid team that is slowly building towards a goal that is about 17 weeks away.
The complexion of the league is changing and morphing with every single game. Let's not jump to judgment about anything in week 4;
it's irrational.

fish's picture

I Know, I'd just hate to see a car wreck before they get a chance to leave the driveway. Especially since they've come so far recently. I'm a perfectionist, and like Lombardi said, "No one can acheive perfection, but if you chase perfection you can acheive excellence". The Packers have been playing everything but perfect football lately.

nerdmann's picture

I thought Bush was actually solid.

PackersRS's picture

Pains to say, me too.

Though, have a couple more games like this, and it will not pain me to compliment Bush. Looking forward to that day.

Not here, though. Bush playing well, right now, means he'll play again. And with more playing time, more opportunities for Bush to screw up.

ZeroTolerance's picture

He goes back to dime when Shields returns. Here's to hoping Harris will return in a few weeks. Anyone, any idea how he and Bigby are doing?

davyjones's picture

Agreed Nerdmann. I thought several times throughout the game, "pretty nice job, bush".
Coupla nice tackles and seemed ok in coverage.

Erdie's picture

Forgot about Mark Tauscher. If he struggles against Avril how do you think he will do against better DE's? He seems to be wearing out more each game, the sooner they get Lang/Bulaga in there the better.

TPacker's picture
Chad's picture

I wonder if Masthay will get over the game-day mental errors he seems to be making.

If he gets over that hurdle this season, would the decision to go with him be worth it?

If he doesn't, does he get the opportunity to vie for the spot next season?

ZeroTolerance's picture

We're stuck with him, however, for the remainder of this year.

tony's picture

Figures, the two cow chips were special teamers. Jordy has to feel like shit right now, and he should. He's shown a tendency to fumble on kick returns after stuttering around until he gets hit. He's an awful returner.

SpiderPack's picture

And that's too bad, cause he's an excellent and very intelligent receiver. Give him a start or some time on the field and Jordy's a solid #2 receiver. But please somebody tell me, who else can return other than Jordy, besides our only marginal RB? God forbid them from putting Tramon back there!

PackersRS's picture

Here's the criticism:

Sitton and Wells - offensive line.
Woodson on blue chip - Will not forget about the TDs and penalties. Put him on red. What about Williams negating everything that was thrown his way, INCLUDING at 3rd down in goal line?

Kuhn - meh.

About Masthay - I think Jersey Al nailed it. It's not about the leg. It's about the head.

Wiscokid's picture

No way is this a Super Bowl contender. They may still have an OK season, maybe even make the playoffs but they are not going to the big dance.

packsmack25's picture

Please tell me what NFC team is currently better, both in record and in the way they have looked?

PackerAaron's picture

There are none. That's why they have as a good a chance as anyone this year. LOT of mediocre football being played...

packsmack25's picture

And you could say that every year at this juncture. Just like people get too high in the preseason, they get too extreme about shortcomings in the early regular season.

Wiscokid's picture

Really I think that's it. The build-up was just too high. There was no way they were going to meet expectations. Too many mistakes for them to go very far. Turn overs, penalties will kill you. Obviously they didn't fix special teams. Unless they pull it together, no way do they go to the Super Bowl.

You just look at who we beat and didn't beat. The Bills are pathetic, the Eagles didn't get their act together until late in the game and the Lions, at home, without their starting QB. Then you have the Bears that were man handled by the Giants. Not much there to brag about.

The schedule is going to get a lot tougher, that's when you will know what you've got.

ColoradoPackerBacker's picture

Hawk deserves a red chip. Good game by A.J.

zub_a_dub's picture

another stat sheet reader, you watched the game and are happy with Hawk's performance???

Tommyboy's picture, I agree with most of this report, but Rodgers as a candidate for a cow chip is a reach. He obviously didn't light it up, but a cow chip candidate?...yeesh.

PkrNboro's picture

Blue Chips
* Josh Sitton & Scott Wells...They're been the two most valuable players along the defensive line all season long.

Brian Carriveau:

Please change to "They'Ve been the two most valuable players along the OFFENSIVE line all season long."

sunflower100's picture

Not excusing the Packers play today. Are people watching the current Giants-Bears game right now? The Bears are losing to the Giants 3-0 at the half. At least the Packers can still score when they suck.

Herb Kohl's picture

I would award a blue chip to the pretty pink bow the Oneida dancers unfurled on the field at halftime. Pink is my favorite color.

nerdmann's picture

Dude don't be anti gay man. It's gouche.

sammer's picture

Enough already. No one finds you witty. Let's talk Packers.

Morli's picture

Why exactly is Aaron Rodgers a candidate for a cow chip?

jaydubya's picture

A cow chip seems bit harsh, but Rodgers wasn't exactly on fire either. I'll give him an ice chip.

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