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"Chips Report" from Week 6 Packers Win at Ravens

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"Chips Report" from Week 6 Packers Win at Ravens

Our weekly "Chips Report" will always include two blue chippers (outstanding, exceptional play), two red chippers (good, though maybe not great) and two cow chips (dud performances). From the Week 6 win against the Baltimore Ravens...

Blue Chips

  • Linebacker A.J. Hawk––You have to wonder how much of Hawk's stellar play this season is due to a change in his training regimen that has seen him cutback on time in the weight room and more massages and acupuncture. Always a smart and savvy player, he appears to have added a burst and closing speed not seen in previous seasons, particularly evident on the blitz Sunday afternoon. Not only did he finish with three sacks but half of his team-leading 10 tackles went for a loss.
  • Running back Eddie Lacy––For the second week in a row, Lacy had at least 99 yards rushing, finishing with 120 at Baltimore. The rookie running back was about the only thing the Packers had going for them on offense in the first half, gaining 65 yards on just eight carries, an average of 8.1 ypc. With wide receivers James Jones and Randall Cobb in the second half, Lacy helped wear down the clock and the Ravens defense in the second half, gaining a hard-fought 55 yards. He alertly made a quarterback-like slide on the Packers' final possession after getting past the first-down marker, not taking any chances going out of bounds or fumbling the football.

Red Chips

  • Cornerback and punt returner Micah Hyde––The rookie cornerback made his mark on both defense and special teams on Sunday, seeing an increase in playing time after Davon House was relegated to the sidelines in the first half. Hyde did fine in coverage, but looked his best around the line of scrimmage, notching six tackles, forcing a loss of 10 yards on sack coming on a blitz and forced a fumble, even though it was recovered by the Ravens. On special teams, Hyde had five punt returns, including a long of 23 that helped set up a Packers field goal.
  • Linebacker Jamari Lattimore––You wouldn't have guessed Lattimore was making his first career NFL start, filling in for an injured Brad Jones and Rob Francois. He deftly teamed up with Hawk to limit the Ravens to hold the Ravens to only 47 rushing yards. Two of his three tackles went for a loss, and he may have displayed the best range of any inside linebacker on the roster in his pass coverage.

Cow Chips

  • Fullback John Kuhn––The biggest mistake by the Packers running back came on special teams when following a second-quarter blocked punt, Kuhn muffed a return after a half-hearted attempt to pick the ball up and Baltimore gained possession. Had Kuhn just left the football alone, the Packers would have started a drive in Ravens territory. Then after a fourth-quarter dumpoff pass from Aaron Rodgers, Kuhn tried to hurdle a Ravens defender instead of just putting his shoulder down and gaining a first down. As it was, Kuhn came up one yard short, forcing a third-and-1 situation.
  • Safety Jerron McMillian––McMillian had been largely invisible until the last three minutes of the game, which was a good thing. Then on back-to-back plays, he nearly let the Ravens get back into the game. First he allowed Tandon Doss to get behind him for a 63-yard reception, which set up a 18-yard touchdown strike from Joe Flacco to Dallas Clark, for whom McMillian was responsible. The Ravens pulled within two points of the Packers, 19-17.

Brian Carriveau is the author of the book "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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WisconsinRob's picture

Brian, can't believe you didn't mention the great game that Sam Shields had (especially ahead of Hyde) holding Torrey Smith to 1 catch for 12 yards.

Also, MAD props to Morgan Burnett. What a difference having him in the back line makes. Much better reactions to plays than either 22 or 43. If there were actual tape sent to consider Pro Bowl/All Pro nods, this game tape would go for both Burnett & Shields.

Brian Carriveau's picture

Shields had a good day, but giving up a touchdown combined with his holding penalty, he didn't deserve it ahead of Hyde, who also had a full load on special teams coverage units too.

Mike's picture

Agree - Shields was solid for the most part but looked dreadful on the TD to Doss

themasterfake's picture

Gee, Burnett is back and he does make a difference, ZK.

Kg's picture

Hawk looked like a different player today. I mean wow. I was blown away

jh9's picture

The best game I've seen Hawk play! If he can play that way for the rest of the season and we get back a healthy Hayward, this defense would be poised to take us deep into the playoffs.

D B H's picture

I absolutely agree! I've been a critic in past years, but he looks trimmer, quicker, and is attacking plays instead of waiting for them to come to him. He looked like a top 5 pick today.

KennyPayne's picture

Nobody has been more down on Hawk than me, but man he was unbelievable today. Where has this AJ been all these years?

Nerd's picture

Let's see him perform this way consistently. Then I'll be the first to anoint him.

jay's picture

The linebackers play has been excellent, but certainly a factor in their performance is how well the Dline is gumming up the blockers and allowing Lattimore, Hawk et al, to flow to the ball.

Also: Desmond Bishop's stats for the YEAR: 4 tackles. I think it's safe to say we're not missing much.

Hank Scorpio's picture

I think you'll be too late to be the first to anoint Hawk if you put it off too much longer. Especially if he keeps playing like he has this year.

ZeroTolerance's picture

Why was House pulled? I thought he had 2-3 nice breakups early.

Mike's picture

That's what I thought too. Did he get injured? Because I don't really remember seeing him on punt coverage later on either...

Nerd's picture

Ravens were definitely testing House. They obviously liked the matchup, but I thought he held up well.

Kevin's picture

McMillian is probably the player I'm most disappointed with this year. It's not just that he's invisible, you can't give him any extended playing time without him being exposed in pass coverage. I don't see Kuhn making the team net year. On the bright side, Lattimore and Hawk's play were both a very pleasant surprise to me. Did anybody else think Andy Mulumba played very well when he was on the field?

Mike's picture

Agree on all points. McMillian hasn't taken the step forward I thought he would.

Kuhn's two bad plays could have both been extremely costly for the team - he's very lucky the defense bailed him out after his punt snafu and that the offense was able to pick up the first down late in the game after he stupidly went for the hurdle.

Lattimore may not have had a great game by the stats, but he flew around the field and was great in plugging holes against the run and in coverage - he saved a TD on one 3rd & Goal.

Mulumba flashed and was definitely effective in run defense - he was very key in the 3rd Down stop that preceded the 4th & Goal stop. His pass rush looked pretty good as well.

Nerd's picture

Bulk McMillian up and move him to OLB.

Dennis eckersley's picture

John Kuhn......unforgivable. I'll always love you, but you deserve to be cut just for the sake of accountability.

Nerd's picture


Jamie's picture

At this point I'm OK cutting him solely to keep MM from doing that stoopid ass FB dive.

I'm never one to question play calling, because there is so much more to it than we see, but I see no redeemable purpose for what amounts to a give up play.

themasterfake's picture

Or using him in the two minute drill. Number 27 Forever I actually had flash backs to third and long Paul Ott Carruth

Lou's picture

He also made the mistake of calling a timeout when you're backed up at your own one-yard-line. Blow a TO to save 18 inches of penalty yards?

jack in jersey city's picture

agree about kuhn. that was one of the most boneheaded plays i've ever seen on special teams. there's no reason at all for him to be on this team anymore.

Norman's picture

You mean "without" wide receivers James Jones and Randall Cobb (typo, I know) and I'm glad you pointed out the smart play Lacy made staying in bounds after the final first down. I was screaming at Finley to do the same once he made his nice catch and run a couple of plays before, but of course he was more interested in getting his yards (IMHO) than sealing the victory. Which one is the rookie, and which one is the veteran?

D B H's picture

Nick Perry and Mike Neal also showed good stuff today. Hopefully this will translate to better performances from the other side of CMIII when he returns.

Jolly has quietly become a force on the D line...I hope we can keep him around after the year is over.

Datone Jones had a couple flashy moments, but do the coaches really know what they want from him? Is he a OLB/DE like Neal? Maybe he's an underweight DE that we hope will fill out as he develops? I would like to see him establish a role on D.

Brian Carriveau's picture

More than anything, they want Jones to be an interior pass rusher. He needs to start showing more in that department. Eventually they'd like to see him become a base 3-4 end, but they're in no hurry with Jolly and plenty of depth. They'd be more than happy if he plays the role of an interior pass rusher and nothing else this year.

PackersRS's picture

Brian, I believe it's very rare for an interior rusher to make much of an impact, sacks-wise, his first season...

Nerd's picture

Especially one who weighs 285.

Stroh's picture

Make no mistake, that's Jone's role. He's a good pass rusher inside, and that has a lot to do w/ why he, along w/ Worthy were drafted. Remember they passed on Devon Still for WOrthy simply due to pass rush. And lets be honest. The NFL is a passing league, so having pass rushers is more important than run stuffers.

PackersRS's picture

Not saying it's not his role. Just pointing out that, for some reason, interior rushers tend to struggle early on.

Stroh's picture

Your right about that. Pass rushers usually struggle a little at first. Seems especially true for interior pass rushers.

hayward4president's picture

For the second Week in a row I'm throwing out the same name with the same expletive used as his middle name. Nick Fn Perry! Sack followed by a sack! Not sure how bad the injury was I know I saw him back in there at least once but he has shown nothing but freaking POWER coming off that edge for two weeks in a row. Time for us to finally throw that "bust" word out the window!

Nononsense's picture

Perry is just a different guy coming from the ROLB position. Hope hes alright and hope they continue to line him up on that side from now on.

If im the Packers im preparing Matthews in his time off to play on the left side for the balance of the season.

Hank Scorpio's picture

I agree with flipping Matthews to the left side to keep Perry on the right. I don't think it matters to Matthews. Perry looks like a different story.

Maybe it is just a matter of Perry getting more comfortable standing up. But the defensive coaches need to at least consider left-right alignment with the OLBs, IMO.

PackersRS's picture

Matthews is also a far better player playing from the right.

Perry needs to learn to play on the left as well. He's built to play strong side. Moreso than Matthews.

Stroh's picture

Matthews didn't suffer playing the strong side in the SB season of '10. He played LOLB that whole year and still excelled. He will excel wherever he plays.

I was the 1st person to say they should consider switching Matthews and Perry permanently. At least the rest of this year, since Matthews will be limited due to having a club on his hand most of this year when he does return.

Its obvious from watching Perry, even his college play, that he is a much different player on the weak side. Almost all his sacks came rushing from RDE, not LDE in college too. Perry is just more comfortable on that side. Matthews is Matthews no matter which side he plays.

PackersRS's picture

I think he played strong on 11, but could be mistaken.

RC Packer Fan's picture

With Mathews wearing a club on his right hand for a while, I think he might be more effective coming off the left side. He might be able to use the club more for leverage.
Nothing else, I would move them around. Just so offenses can't key on one area.

Evan's picture

Time for "us" to throw that bust word out the window?

Don't rope the rest of us into your knee-jerk proclamations.

themasterfake's picture

Let's just get rid of the left all together. ......ah hemm

Derek in CO's picture

Kuhns mistake was about as bad a play I've ever seen. The defense looks and plays so much better with Morgan Burnett. Masthay and Crosby both good games again. Lattimore filled in fantastically for brad jones.

Brian Carriveau's picture

I thought Masthay had a poor game with two touchbacks and allowing a 38-yard punt return.

Barutan Seijin's picture

His kickoffs were short, too.

Nerd's picture

Was it raining? It didn't look like there was rain on my feed, but I heard there was some weather, which might have been a factor.

june's picture

I was at the game and it was misting rain all morning and for part of the 1st half.

Stroh's picture

I would say much better w/ Jolly than without. Haven't you noticed the Packers run D is again among the league leaders w/ Jolly in uniform? Losing him was a major blow to the run D. Burnett to a lesser degree in the passing game.

With Jolly in '09 the Packers were #1 in run D, the next few years they were mostly poor run D's. Now w/ Jolly back in the lineup regularly the run D is among the best again. That's NOT coindidence...

D B H's picture

I don't know what it is, but Jolly makes the whole line better. It doesn't appear that he does anything super-special on the field, but you cannot argue with the results. When he is in the lineup, the rest of the D-line gets more penetration against the run.

Gary's picture

Why was House relegated to the bench? I was only able to listen the Wayne & Larry intermittently, but I heard House's name called two or three times for good plays. What did he do that was so bad?

Chugwater's picture

Loved the goal line stand in the first half. This D has a little bit of an edge and it starts with the big men up front.

Stroh's picture

Thanks to Johnny Jolly! He was the driving force of the #1 run D in '09. Its not coincidence that they are again one of the best since his return!

Pack 88's picture

Great game I think a signature win I just hope not too many casulties! On the long throw to Nelson I knew that wrap around draw to Lacey would set that play up as half of the defenseive line stopped when Rodgers went by 27 the first time. Next time I told my wife, this is the kill shot or Rodgers will run for 1st down and ther he went! I also agree whoever was masquerading as AJ Hawk they better sign him for real. Although the Raven line has struggled this year Perry kicker Oher's ass today! Hope we see more of this

Stroh's picture

Perry kicked Eugene Monroe's ass? That was the LT they just traded for.

Mark in Montana's picture

Can we give a cow chip to the Fox Sports producer who's made us listen to the moose and goose show two weeks in a row?

PackersRS's picture


But. It could've been Aikman...

Rather give a cow chip to however assigned our games to Fox.

Big Moe's picture

Agreed I just can't stand Aikman's commentary.

4thand1's picture

AJ Hawk has been a good solid player for years.He looks quicker. Has he ever missed a game? I would take that with any draft pick.

I bleed Green More's picture

What all you said, agree with about everything even the Aikman thing I thought that after I heard him on another game.

Lars's picture

I get you guys are bound by contract to honor and hype Hawk (and he played well for a change against a very weak center, but where's Jordy Nelson in your blue or even red chips?

McMillan's awful, no doubt, but you missed a cow chip for Dom Capers, who, on 4th and 21, predictably went into his prevent and rushed only three. Note that Mccarthy didn't chance having the defense blow another two score lead by passing on the final drive.

Jamie's picture

You just went ofer two on that post. Congrats

Phatgzus's picture

You really want to blitz on 4th-and-21, Lars? It's not Capers' fault McMillan couldn't cover anyone even if he was Velcroed to them.

Stroh's picture

Apparenlty you missed the Safety, Burnett, I think that slipped and fell on the 4th and long. Don't let that stop you tho.

Tibbits's picture

I absolutely loved Lacy's clinching run. It showed a lot of awareness, drive, and the brains to guarantee the win. He was a stud all game, but that play in particular was just wonderful.

hayward4president's picture

I liked the first run of the game.....ten yarder w a spin move....just like @ Bama.

VApackerfan's picture

yeah Lacy's first two attempts for 47 yards....annnnddd then we abandon the run for a little bit. McCarthy's play calling was suspect in this game. We were the better team, but thank god we didn't blow this game. Our defense saved us this game.

Stroh's picture

Nevermind that his play calling was severly limited by losing 2 of his top 3 WR. But I guess you didn't notice how that would affect playcalling did you?

4thand1's picture

What about the drop by Jordy on the first drive? 2nd and 3, right in his hands. Not bad play calling,bad execution.

VApackerfan's picture

The forced throws to Boykin, 4th and 1 in shotgun formation tossing to Franklin five yards behind the line....just horrible. You have a guy who is on fire in Eddie Lacy and we completely abandoned it later in the first half. Two star receivers go down and we continue to force our passing game against Baltimore. Not to mention the FB dive call. Yes there were drops by Boykin, Finley, and Nelson, but it was also McCarthy forcing his original game plan at a time when we should be running at them. It would have greatly improved our chances on passing downs later in the game.

Stroh's picture

Some plays are called to set up different play calls later in the game. Its not always about what works best right now, but what helps most in the entirety of the game. I guess your too short-sighted to understand something like that tho.

Norman's picture

Why do you always have to go with the personal attacks Stroh? You do occasionally have an interesting point of view to add here, but like Cow42 (he seems to have dropped off around the same time you started posting 50 times a day, are you really him now taking on a new persona?), you do it in such a grating manner that it's really hard to read and you've quickly become a caricature of yourself. Had you left off that last sentence this would have actually been a good post.

Just trying to be helpful.

Miss Manners

VApackerfan's picture

Seriously stroh, is life that frustrating for you that u have to make personal jabs to feel like a man behind a computer screen?

Geo's picture

That's Stroh always a snide comment about someones opinion if its not the way he sees it in his own conceited mind.

themasterfake's picture

Could MM please give the rock to the twisting slippery rock on third and short. I mean wth? Franklin? Cobb, last week? I mean wth?

VApackerfan's picture

Assuming you mean Lacy, then i would agree. Just don't get it. We are still running FB dives. The third and 1 shotgun formation toss five yards behind the line of scrimmage to Franklin was just horrible. Keep the ball in Lacy's hands considering he falls forward. McCarthy can be so stubborn with his play calling.

Bibbon Hazel's picture

Plenty of positive to go around on defense! Stifling! BUT how bad is Jeron McMillan!?! No reason he should get.any snaps in front of Banjo for the rest of the season! Just terrible all day! If there is one positive after the injuries besides the win is at least Mashed Potato Mike is forced to run Lacy more! Especially in short yardage! Over thinking short yardage is the "offensive genious' " strength!

RC Packer Fan's picture

For me Cow Chips I would like to throw in the injury's to Packers WR's. And when you throw in that Charles Johnson signed with the Browns. Not a good day for the Packers WR's.

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

Next week Charles Johnson is going to wake up and realize that perhaps he could have been playing for the team across the field. Yhe bummer is even bigger for him.

Lou's picture

I don't know if a single play warrants a cow chip, but Finley going out of bounds after his long catch late in the 4th was the dumbest thing I've ever seen. If he stays in bounds, we don't have to sweat out that next series...

Mojo's picture

Exactly. He needs to be more game aware. Everyone I was watching with was excited, and so was I, but I mentioned to them that he made a big mistake not getting down. Nice run after the catch, but that play was 90% ARod putting a perfect ball into his chest.

RC Packer Fan's picture

And when you look at Finley's play, it looks even worse when Lacy gets the first down and slides.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

It's gonna be tough telling Perry to get back to the left side when Clay returns. #53 is clearly more comfortable/effective on the right.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I thought Rodgers telegraphed at least two of the pitches to the RB today. Did anyone else think so?

BubbaOne's picture

After Crosby's performance last year, I feel a need to give him kudos any time he warrants it. In a tight defensive battle he was clutch going 4 for 5, so I give him a Red Chip.

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