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"Chips Report" from Week 13 Packers Loss at Lions

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"Chips Report" from Week 13 Packers Loss at Lions

Our weekly "Chips Report" always includes two blue chippers (outstanding, exceptional play), two red chippers (good, though maybe not great) and two cow chips (dud performances). From the Week 13 40-1o loss at the Detroit Lions ...

Blue Chips

  • Linebacker Clay Matthews––Matthews' signature moment came on the Lions' first possession of the game. After a long Detroit drive into the red zone, Matthews was able to help the Packers defense get a red zone stop, forcing a fumble of running back Reggie Bush, which was recovered by safety Morgan Burnett. There wasn't much success on the defensive side of the football otherwise, but Matthews deserves credit for playing with tenacity from start to finish, racking up four tackles in the process.
  • Kicker Mason Crosby––The highlight of Crosby's day was his long distance bomb from 54 yards that tied the game at 3-3 in the first quarter, but his performance looked even better in comparison to Lions kickoff specialist Sam Martin, who was twice flagged for kicking the football out of bounds. Add in his extra point, that that was about as good a performance as the Packers had on an otherwise forgettable day.

Red Chips

  • Cornerback Sam Shields––Shields was hopeless against the slants to Calvin Johnson, but he sure did a good job against the deep routes. On two separate occasions, Shields was in position to prevent Johnson from coming down with the football in the end zone. He broke up the pass on one route and came up with an interception on the other, one of four turnovers forced by the Packers defense on the afternoon.
  • Wide receiver James Jones––Jones came down with an impressive reception early in the game over the middle with a defender getting his arm between the football and Jones' chest. And even though the game was out of reach, he also had a nice haul on a 56-yard reception in the fourth quarter down the right sideline. On the day, Jones finished with three catches for 76 yards.

Cow Chips

  • Cornerback Davon House––House was the victim in coverage on two touchdown passes, one against former Packers Jeremy Ross in the second quarter and another in the fourth quarterback lining up across from Kevin Ogletree. But House's struggles didn't stop on defense. He was also at fault for a missed tackle on a punt return by Ross that led to Detroit starting a drive deep in Packers territory.
  • Linebacker A.J. Hawk––Not that there weren't plenty of other candidates for cow chips on Thursday, but Hawk was a big reason the Lions were able to rack up 561 yards of total offense. There were several missed tackles that led to Reggie Bush and Joique Bell each having big days on the ground. And then the Lions took advantage of Hawk lining up across from Bush on the perimeter of the field, connecting on a 32-yard reception.

Brian Carriveau is the author of the book "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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lebowski's picture

Not giving McCarthy a Ford Field-sized cow chip was awfully gracious of you

Mel's picture

2013 Packers = Cow Shit

JJB's picture

The entire organization is a cow chip.

Derek in CO's picture

Davon House was just awful today. Missed tackles all day. MM needs a Cow chip shoved up his ass. I'm embarassed. Even my 3rd grade son couldn't watch anymore. Absolutely worst game I've ever had to stomach, but I'm glad MM got humiliated on national TV. Time to get hammered.

pooch's picture

Digusting this is worse than Forrest Gregg era.When your expected to contend for superbowl and your defense is a complete flop,offensive line horrible,special teams playing at grade school level and the best we come up with is our qb is hurt???? I believe coaches have lost control.No way was this team motivated to play much less win even when the Lions gave McCarthy the game on a silver platter and we thru it back at them.

4thand1's picture

Everyone said the same thing about Schiano in Tampa. They beat the Lions,WTF

cheesewhizzer's picture

I'd give Josh Sitton a cow chip for giving the lions even more incentive than they already had going into this game.

jack in jersey city's picture

ridiculous. we were gonna get an asswhipping regardless of his comments

KennyPayne's picture

AJ Hawk has never been any good but year after year he collects his huge contract and the press continues to sing his praises?

Wonder why?

4thand1's picture

Take a pill. They just got handed their lunch by one of the best offenses in football. Biggest cowchip is the inability to get up for a game. Teams get whipped from time to time. Most people who post are pessimists and thrive on doom and gloom. This room proves it. If they lose to Atlanta, then jump ship. Rodgers will be back(hopefully) and all will be well in Packerland.

UP-Packer's picture

Hilarious --- good to see that some are treating this with some humor. Right?


"all will be well in Packerland" --- Hmmm --- I doubt it.

Mark in the montain's picture

One word. "Lindy Infanty"

Coach looked good out of the box then totally lost it, but stayed too long.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

That's two words.

4thand1's picture

Guess you'll have to look up pessimist in the dictionary.

jack in jersey city's picture

i seriously don't want to see rodgers back out there playing if the offensive line is the same line we saw today! brutal!

Morgan Mundane's picture

Neither does he.

4thand1's picture

Could be worse, you all could be Cow

Cow42's picture

What's wrong with being right?

4thand1's picture

C'mon cow, its not about being right. I was hoping for them to eek out a win, but didn't think Flynn could play as bad as he did. This team isn't that bad, they just quit, plain and simple. He was incapable of running the offense like Rodgers and MM game planned like he could.

Nick Perry's picture

Sorry 4thand1 but this falls on TT and his horrible drafts plain and simple. His 2010 draft..1)Bulaga 2)Neal 3)Burnett 4)Traded his 4th Rd to move up to get Burnett 5)Quarless 5)Newhouse 6)Starks 7)C.J. Wilson. Now, other than Bulaga who's even average? Bulaga is ok but he's no All Pro. Everybody else is below average and Newhouse shouldn't even be on a NFL roster. TT 2011 draft, this is where it gets downright pathetic. 1)Sherrod 2)Cobb 3)Alex Green 4)House 5)D.J. Williams 6)Caleb Schlauderaff 6)D.J. Smith 6)Ricky Elmore 7) Ryan Taylor 7)Lawrence Guy...Again, only one pick works out out of 10. Cobb is getting better every year BUT out of 10 draft picks only 4 remain. Sherrod, Cobb, House, and Taylor. It should also be mentioned that we could have had Marshawn Lynch for our 3rd Rd pick who was Alex Green! Ted T 2012 draft had 1)Perry 2)Worthy 2)Hayward 4)Daniels 4) McMillan 5)Terrell Manning 7) Datko 7) Coleman... Perry, Worthy, and Daniels are all best suited for a 4-3 defense. Perry is a DE plain and simple. It may work out but I think he would have excelled in a 4-3 defense. Worthy is a shade under 6'2" and Daniels is 6' if that, both small for a 3-4 defense. My point is this. For a team that refuses to use FA and builds only through the draft you cant miss on 90% of a draft like you did in 2011. If this team had a owner TT would have been fired after 2012 or this year for sure. He had Rodgers fall in his lap and has been riding his jock strap the entire time. If you don't believe that look at the last 5 games!!! The Packers are 0-4-1 and were lucky to even get the tie! They haven't REALLY been in one of the games except the Chicago Game and the Queens game. But of coarse Chicago, with a backup QB drove down, took 9 minutes off the clock and won the game. This starts and stops and should end with Ted Thompson. To bad it didn't happen a year earlier. We'd have Dorsey and maybe Andy Reid. Instead we have M.M. and a GM that thinks a UDFA fixes everything.

A Dude's picture

Hey Cow, what do you think needs to be done this offseason? Who do you fire, who do you draft? I'd like your opinion

VApackerfan's picture

Dude, who cares?

Point Packer's picture

Dude - way to provide a platform.

Cow42's picture

I'd have to look at who our free agents are and who's available in the draft.
Now that this season is over I'll have time to start doing just that.

I've always felt that a good defense needs to be solid up the middle. If an opponent can move the ball through the middle of the field the end result will be them being able to use the entire field while you try to compensate.

The middle of the Packers' defense scares no one.

B. Jones
MD Jennings

That's about as average as you can get.

They need one ILB that can actually knock a ball carrier backwards (when was the last time you saw a Hawk tackle do that), a safety that can cover sideline to sideline and a DL who can be in on both run and pass downs.

While the Packers have a bunch of DL players, none of them are the "total package". When Raji, Jolly, Pickett, Wilson are on the field teams can pass at will because none of them can rush the passer. When Daniels, Jones, Neal are on the field teams are going to run because those guys are light in the shorts.

Finding a DLman that can do both is very difficult (one reason why I'm not a huge 3-4 guy).

In the end this is all simply about getting better players.
Scheme and coaching only go so far. I saw guys in positions to make tackles today... they just didn't. They weren't athletic enough to break down, square up, and attack the ball.

They need a difference making ILB, DL, or S.

I think the O will be ok when everyone is healthy. Yeah - the Lions blew through our OL at will today - but do you think they would have blitzed #12 like that? Rodgers shreds blitzes. Also - they need Cobb BAD. I love Nelson and Jones but both of them need to be "schemed" open. Neither of them are going to "break anyone's ankles". Cobb can create separation on his own. If he's in a 1 on 1 situation he's as good as open. Finley also provided that type of mismatch advantage (only he did it with size rather than quickness). Right now there is not a single Packer offensive player that defensive coordinators have to send multiple people at to stop (in the passing game). When defenses can play every pass catcher straight up... they can send the house at the QB.

To summarize...

Packers need a stud DL, ILB or S.
Packers need Rodgers and Cobb back.

T Pain's picture

Cow. I agree with all of your points. Although sometimes you come across negative, I can see the wheels turning. From the looks of it, there is some talent in the draft we can look forward to. Lots of TE depth, not much safety help. I would contend that another "break your ankles" player at WR is needed, so if we run into this again we are not f'ed. Brandin Cooks is a guy ala Tavon Austin who help our pathetic return game and spread us out even further. Quick screens, you bet. Slants, you bet. Good luck trying to guard the likes of Nelson, Jones, Cobb, and Cooks. Anyway, gonna watch man of steel and try to break down his gametape while operating in a phonebooth. Late.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Cow, I agree with you for the most part in your evaluation of our needs.

Except for a few things. We have an ILB that can knock a RB backwards but they don't play him. Lattimore is that guy.

They to me right now have to upgrade the DL, ILB, S. Right up the middle.

Offensively they need a TE and probably a WR. Pending on the injury to Franklin maybe a speed RB. Although they will have Harris back.

They have to find a return specialist so probably a WR that can be a returner. Hate to say it but Ross looked good for the Lions. Apart of me wishes that they would have kept him, but I think he needed a change of scenery to do what he did.

In summary. Packers need DL, LB, S, TE, KR/PR.

Some early players i like in the first round are TE- Ebrom from NC, and the TE from Washington. 2nd round maybe a ILB like Chris Borland. He is the physical LB we could use.
But we need to get a S early in the draft as well...

Calabasa's picture

I walked into a restaurant during the 3rd quarter and asked them to turn it off because I was recording the game and didn't want to know the score.

Then I watched 2 min and wanted them to just turn it off.

jack in jersey city's picture

haha!!! thanks for making me laugh after witnessing that depressing shitfest earlier

pooch's picture

Yup couldnt get up for Giant game all though the kicked our ass 3 years in a row,couldnt get up for Viking game never mind it was a home game and a must win at the time.Cant get up for Lion game,never mind this game was for probable division crown just gave there worst effort to a National audience.Not like Lions were looking past Tampa Bay to this game

VApackerfan's picture

Wrong, we beat the Giants 2010, 2011. They beat us last year and this year.

jack in jersey city's picture

VA- you forgot, we got them in the regular season in 2011 but they kicked our ass in the playoffs that same year

VApackerfan's picture

Yeah true, wasn't including the playoffs. I think I have subconsciously wiped that horrible game from my memory.

jack in jersey city's picture

yessir. as have i!

4thand1's picture

When you have arguably the best player in football sitting on the sidelines, one who can make any throw, throw on the run better than anyone ever, can read defenses like a cheap novel, your not going to win much. This team knows it has total shit at QB without Rodgers and plays like it doesn't care. That latter falls on coaching. These guys need a good ass kicking like today. we'll see if they're mice or men.

Barutan Seijin's picture

I think the main problem today was that the DL & OL were blown out of the water. You can call the best plays, but if the players can't beat their men, it ain't happening.

PackRat's picture

Blue chips- Crosby

Cow chips- Raji, Datone Jones, AJ Hawk, Brad Jones, both safetimes, the OL and TT for continuing to trot Caper's defense out there.

You would think TT is pissed too, feeling that he has provided Capers with enough quality palyers to at least be respectable. Instead, all QBs look like all Pros. The only time we look good if teams just stick to the run.

Matthews cannot play defense with just Sam Shields. Noone else out there you would keep if you had your choice of the average NFL defensive player at that position. Could we really have signed Beeson for next to nothing?

Barutan Seijin's picture

If TT feels like he has given Capers enough quality players, TT is the problem.

Mike LeMay's picture

The Pack and it's coaching staff have been exposed. We are a mediocre at best team that happens to have an elite QB. We have several defensive starters that would not even be quality back ups on good teams including Hawk, Jones, Pickett and Jennings. BJ Raji is overrated.

The OL is mediocre at best. Rogers makes them look better than they are.

We have been exposed and are in deep trouble.

mike's picture

one big pile if cow poop

Ruppert's picture

I'm 43 and I'm having trouble remembering a worse overall performance against an average team. 61-7 Bears is as close as I can get. And I was 10 years old then.

4thand1's picture

Watch the MM PC and he knows the elephant in the room. He openly talked about how bad the D has been the last month or so. Do we see any changes? The o-line was over matched and had to reshuffle with EDS loss. For all who thought Flynnsanity was the answer, think again. There's a reason he couldn't beat out 3 rookie QB's. Watched him stare wide eyed like a raw rookie out there. He looked clueless. This team is built around Rodgers. They have the look of a team that gave up when he went down.

Morgan Mundane's picture

I expected this all week. Not shocked at all. I expected a lot of passing yardage and running yardage racked up and I was not surprised.
To quote Jo Buck "no one gives up this kind of yardage in the first half these days, no one" " Its unheard of".

I have to say to the packer fans I saw this happen for 30 years. Total ineptitude by a team: The Detroit Lions. Like the Packers, the old Lions always had a team of nobody's from schools you never heard of.
They couldn't tackle, cover, often penalized, always out played and out matched.
The owner was the biggest tight ass in football. He played cheap ball for 30 plus years and had nothing to show for it. Not one playoff win.

Get ready Packer fans, under Ted Thompson, you haven't begun to see how bad it can get. Cheap ball will bite you in the ass for a long time. Ain't like you can fix this team in one draft.

A Dude's picture

Salary cap. Have you heard about it?

Geo's picture

Well TT better stop his overpaying below average players like B Jones,Burnett,Hawk,and offering Raji 8 mil a year.

4thand1's picture

Man what a difference a month makes. The Pack was coming off of a 4 game winning streak and everything was coming up roses. Now they're a below average team playing with a mash unit pushing up daisies.

TommyG's picture

That's not completely true. There were a small number of regular contributors that new our secondary sucked out loud, and that without the ability to sustain drives our team would get dismantled. This is what happens when a team loses a star QB; the same thing happened to the Colts when Manning went down. They were exposed as a team that needed a start QB to win. We are that same type of team.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

You do realize that we've been in the dance the last 4 seasons -I'm pretty sure we're the only team that can say that - with a trophy to boot. It would have easily been 5 consecutive seasons had we not been decimated by injuries. But yeah... We're the inept lions.

Longshanks's picture

Get ready Packer fans, under Ted Thompson, you haven’t begun to see how bad it can get"

Really? Ted Thompson has been here since 2005 and it's been great every damn year except this one when he unfortunately lost his starting qb. Remmeber the Colts when they lost Manning? They didn't win a fucking game. Thank your lucky stars you have a great GM like Teddy Tee instead of Tommy Braatz. Injuries happen and sometimes they happen to elite quarterbacks and your season gets shit down the drain. No need to bust Ted's balls for that.


Barutan Seijin's picture

In 2005 the Packers went 4-12. They were 8-8 in 2006, and 6-10 in 2008.

I don't remember those years as particularly wonderful.

Bad knees's picture

It's not the players, coaches, TT or MM. It's the medical and conditioning staff. Until that area is upgraded losses will continue.

4thand1's picture

Its not the medical staff. Every team seems to have hamstring injuries. Nothing can be done about Cobb's injury, Finley's, CM's thumb, Perry's foot, Rodger's collar bone, EDS's knee. A wise coach once said, the knee was not made to play football.

Big Moe's picture

Biggest freaking disgrace I may ever see, that team quit just flat out quit no pride no heart I need a drink.

4thand1's picture

Look at teams that are struggling. The Falcons, wow, Steelers, Giants, Ravens (kinda), Colts, Bears, Vikings haha, Houston. All playoff teams (except Bears) from last year. Main reason, key injuries. And of course the Packers. According to most of you bloggers and if you had a say, there'll a hell of a lot of GM, coaching jobs available next year.

pooch's picture

Who is hurt on D ,Hayward who else????

The TKstinator's picture

I don't know. I think they'll get things cleaned up and be just fine.

kurtMc's picture

better only when they fire capers. A teach these ' professionals' how to tackle. Too much tackle the ball & not the man.

The ONLY one that can fix this team is Mark Murphy.

BAMABADGER's picture

We need John Schneider to return to GB and fast to clean up this mess.

TommyG's picture

Packers fans, we are experiencing the pain that comes from being successful for so long. Our players' paychecks are artificially inflated and our draft picks have been low. This happens under a cap system. This year we will not make the playoffs, we may not make them next year. A couple of key pick-ups in the interim will give us a better team on the other end. Enjoy the success we have had and look forward to the future. We will build a better team. Our hope is that we still have a QB when that time comes.

cheesewhizzer's picture


"We need to get better blah...blah....blah"

Until we walk the walk his words will ring empty. Packer players need to actually show us on the field that they can block, tackle and make plays. Talk is cheap! I'd use the word disgraceful to describe Thursday's debacle!!

Joe's picture

Water under the bridge... Saw Derek Sherrod played .... So my interest is how he did

Albert Lingerfeld's picture

You should have a black and blue chip and give it to the entire defense. I'd like to say anytime a defense gives up 523 yards they deserve the black and blue chip but do defense other than the pack ever gave up that much.

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