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"Chips Report" From Packers Wild Card Win Vs. Eagles

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"Chips Report" From Packers Wild Card Win Vs. Eagles

Our weekly designations from the Green Bay Packers' 21-16 Wild Card win over the Philadelphia Eagles...

Blue Chips

  • James Starks–The Packers showed utmost confidence in the rookie by riding him to the tune of 123 rushing yards in a victory over the Eagles. It was a franchise record for rushing yards by a rookie in the playoffs. His 23 carries were 20 more than Brandon Jackson, a surprising development considering the Packers used Starks sparingly over the last several games of the season. Even better, the Packers had a running game to complement their passing game and arguably even out-performed it on Sunday.
  • Tramon Williams–He was beat once on a crossing pattern by Jeremy Maclin that netted 44 yards, but his interception in the endzone on the Eagles' final possession of the game to preserve the victory overcame any shortcomings. He was part of Dom Capers' gameplan to play the entire game on the right-hand side of the field to limit Michael Vick's scrambling tendency to scramble to his left. And for the most part he shut down opposing Eagles receivers.

Red Chips

  • Charles Woodson–He didn't have any impact plays like sacks or interceptions, but it was an all-around solid game by Woodson vs. both the run and the pass. He led the team with six tackles, occasionally spied Vick and helped limit the Eagles to only 16 points. As usual, he was effective from the slot.
  • Tom Crabtree–His first career touchdown couldn't come at a better time by putting the Packers on the scoreboard first. His reception helped the Packers take a 7-0 lead in the first quarter of the ballgame. His blocking also helped the Packers run for 138 yards on the ground for a 4.3 yard per carry average. Effective from both the traditional tight end position and as a fullback lined up in the backfield. Nearly every player on the offensive line could arguably have earned a red chip as well.

Cow Chips

  • James Jones–Thankfully he also scored a touchdown, which helped minimize his snafu. But it's hard to overlook the pass that James Jones dropped that could have broke the game wide open. The pass from Aaron Rodgers couldn't have been better, right in Jones' breadbasket. It's been the same old story for Jones this season, unable to put together a consistent performance due to drops and fumbles.
  • Brandon Underwood–Yes, he was pushed into the ball, but there's no reason Underwood should have been anywhere near the football to begin with when he stepped on it, accounting for a muffed punt and giving the Eagles possession of the ball in their own territory in the early stages of the game. Only a David Akers' missed field goal made it not costly to the Packers. There was no chance a Packer was going to pick that ball up, making it unnecessary for Underwood to continue blocking.
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Brett Cristino's picture

I'm now convinced the #89 is now just bad luck for us, 1st Robert Ferguson, now Jones.

Nononsense's picture

Sure Maclin was Tramon's man on the 44 yrd catch but it was Niok Collins who blew that coverage if you ask me.

Tramon had outside leverage and Collins was supposed to take away anything that broke inside but his eyes were in the backfield and he hesitated then stumbled allowing Maclin to catch the ball clean and coninue to run.

The guy has played great the whole season and today was no different, he deserves a Gold chip for this game if you ask me.

djbonney138's picture

Gold Chip +1. I like it.

lars's picture

And, Vick had all day on that play. That was a protection completion.

djbonney138's picture

Sorry Brian all I read was Blue Chips blah blah blah WE WON! WE WON! WE WON! now what were you saying? WE WON! WE WON! WE WON!

Cuphound's picture

LOL! Ditto! I mean, I read and agreed with the whole thing, but it's amazing how little analysis means, even quality analysis like Brian's, in the face of joy! What an awesome game.


Aaron Biderman's picture

Someone needs to slap James Jones in the face. I'll volunteer to do it.

PackRat's picture

1. Great job of "hiding the secret weapon" for most of the season. No game film on the next Gayle Sayers. He just makes you miss or spins off for four more. What a great pick.

2. AR really managed the game and burned the clock. Imagine the self-discipline NOT to check out of all of those runs. AR, you have officially arrived.

3. Greg, love you. Show up next time. You're a pro-bowler. Make that first tough catch. Kuhn had more catches/yards than you did.

4. Great job early of convincing the Eagles they had to cover Quarless.

5. JJ. You should've seen this beautiful, game defining pass AR threw to a wide open receiver. Buy a ticket next time so you won't miss a great game.

6. Great disciple all game long in the pass rush lanes and NOBODY leaving their feet while zeroing in on PuppyLove. He didn't want to run after awhile.

7. Matthews gets a game ball every game. The other team has three guys on him and he still wreaks havoc, freeing up two more of our defenders to make the play. He's amazing. Did you catch the "keep talking" hand wave he gave the trashiest talking fans in the NFL?

8. LBs were solid but Andy Reid showed the weak underbelly that the next three offensive coordinators will attack.


Ruppert's picture

Love the Chips. But the fact that we won is paramount here.
It's not just for Aaron Rodgers. This was a huge win for the Packers franchise. I mean, I hate to mention the SOB, but it's just a bitch to move on from an era where a team had a great QB like Brett Favre. It can sometimes take teams decades to move on and function properly with a new QB.

Winning a playoff game, especially a road game, and frankly especially because it was Philly...these are all huge things. Think of it...the Pack hadn't won in Philly in almost 50 years...and we do it TWICE in one year. That's fantastic. And that ol' perverted gunslinger didn't pull off a road playoff win in his last THIRTEEN years in the league.

We need to build on this. Definitely. But this win is monstrous for a lot of people, including our GM, our HC, and our QB. I'm lovin it a lot.

lars's picture

Cow Chip for AJ Hawk. He was beaten like an old mule all day.

CM3 gets a Red Chip, too.

Beep's picture

CM3 looked horrible in pass coverage when we didn't rush with him, even against their slower receivers.

MarkinMadison's picture

Looked to me like the guy on Underwood was throwing him around like a rag-doll, more so than Underwood still blocking. I guess he got into a dog fight and forgot he was supposed to be playing football.

Biderman can slap JJ in the face. Dude will probably be doing MMA events next year. I'm not even going to joke about slapping him.

asshalo's picture

Jones will definitely get an irrational bunch of criticism this week, but in the context of the drop and his play this season, it's meritted for the most part.

Underwood's mistake could have been crippling, so it's definitely merited.

Josh's picture

I think he gets a rational level of criticism. His mistakes can easily cost GB games. I don't think I've seen one person here say to cut him, so being upset with the drops or fumbles is a rational concern.

hyperRevue's picture

I've always been a supporter. While people want JJ gone after this season, I've always said that regardless of his inconsistency he's too talented and young to just let go.

Last night's drop make me reconsider all of that though.

cpheph1's picture

"Jones will definitely get an irrational bunch of criticism this week, but in the context of the drop and his play this season, it’s meritted for the most part."

Irrational criticism?! J.Jones SUCKS and the proof is on DVR/DVD.

davyjones's picture

While he seemed to play less snaps today, I loved Raji's play in the middle. He got good push when he needed to, but mostly prevented Vick from escaping up the middle when there was outside pressure. For sure a force in keeping Vick in check for the most part.

davyjones's picture

...AND he seemed to be held on every play. There were a couple of times they just had a hand full of his jersey!!

lebowski's picture

which ain't easy on that skin-tight thing.

tyler21's picture

Like I said this morning....F MARSHAWN..We got to introduce the world to James Starks aka the Buffalo Bruiser today! But seriously great game I love u Tramon! Loved the beginning of the game and the end. Desmond started it and Tramon finished it up!

WoodyG's picture

Most of you will be eating 'James Jones' crow eventually .......

With DD easing toward 'old age', if you think Jordy or Swain will step up & fill the void, then you are crazier than Jack in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" .....

Same group that wanted to run Nick Collins out of town about two years ago ...... Think about it.

lebowski's picture

If our choices to replace Driver are Jordy, Swain, or Jones, I choose.... a draft pick.

cpheph1's picture

Call me Jack then...

PackRat's picture

Just a couple more:

DD80, who I've killed this year, made three crucial catches and played a great game.

Rewatched the game and BJ and Ryan really held the point of attack to not allow seams to form for Vick to move through.

Eric Walden played another great game but without Woodson and Bishop to grab him is an inopportunely time unsportsmalike penalty waiting to happen. He has to get the retaliatory blow in.

Kuhn fumble and Quinn Johnson induced fumbles could have been game changers.

While Jordy and Swain offer hands on the kickoff return they offer no blocking help to Shields or Sayers, er Starks.

Did we really punt the ball to DeShaun Jackson when he could hurt us?

dgtalmn's picture

Great game and I thought that Arod had a chance with the last series to complete the game. But again it was up to the defense to win it. I believe the media can start to crown Arod once he wins one with a great drive at the end.

If I were Atlanta I'd be worry that the Pack IS going to end their season.

cpheph1's picture

"But again it was up to the defense to win it." I understand they're your words & I'm not tryin' to change your opinion...however, IMNSHO, the defense did not win the game by themselves. I also hate the cliche' "defenses win championships" (probably hate that one the most).

jeremy's picture

That was a great game, but the Packers are very lucky David Akers missed two filed goals he should have made.

Matt Bryant won't make those mistakes.

Billy D's picture

...and the Iggles weren't lucky that James Jones dropped a touchdown pass?

PackersRS's picture

Oh yeah. Clifton deserves a blue or red chip.
Trent Cole, one of the best 4-3 DEs, was INVISIBLE. Plus, the majority of yards we got from the running game were surprisingly from the left side. It doesn't tell the whole story as how Clifton played, but it tells a lot.

Nick's picture

Both teams made a bunch of big mistakes. I don't think either team played particularly well. In the end the Eagles didn't capitalize on the breaks they got. Go Pack Go

KurtMc's picture

Old moldy Cow Chip to the NFL for scheduling us on 6 days rest & not running off 10 seconds for the illegal touch on the 2 point try.

Finally (choke) McCarthy (choke) has nearly a complete game called. (choke).

hyperRevue's picture

I couldn't tell if they ran off 10 seconds or not. The commentators were not clear on it at all. Some people I watching it with said that they did run it down to 1:06 (from 1:16).

Norman's picture

The clock never runs on an extra point (kick or two point attempt), whether there is a penalty or not.

Beep's picture

McGruber...err McCarthy did botch the time management going into the end of the 1st half after JJ dropped the pass. If we're just going to run off the field with timeouts left, kneel 3 times, don't give a half hearted attempt to go hurry up just to let the clock run out.

Lots to build on from this game though. Looking forward to beating up ATL next week!

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