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"Chips Report" From Packers Preseason Win vs. Colts

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"Chips Report" From Packers Preseason Win vs. Colts

Our weekly "Chips Report" will always include two blue chippers (outstanding, exceptional play), two red chippers (good, though maybe not great) and two cow chips (dud performances). From the preseason Week 3 win against the Indianapolis Colts...

Blue Chips

  • Jermichael Finley––After a good showing in the second preseason game against the Cardinals, Finley followed it up with another solid showing against the Colts. More than anything, he showed he was over last season's knee injury. Unfortunately he sprained an ankle, pretty much guaranteeing he won't play next week. He had four catches for 41 total yards including the touchdown in which he took advantage of a match up against linebacker in coverage. Perfect play call, perfect pass, perfect catch.
  • Vic So'oto––So'oto is making it really tough on the coaching staff to cut him. He had four tackles on the night, but the most memorable was a sack in which he also forced a fumble recovered by Jarius Wynn deep in Colts territory that led to a Packers field goal. He made another impressive tackle for a loss later in the game on a running play.

Red Chips

  • Ryan Taylor––It's early and this is no indictment of D.J. Williams, but Ryan Taylor is looking like the better of the two rookie tight ends through one month of play. He hauled in an 11-yard touchdown pass from Graham Harrell in the fourth quarter to pull within two points, and then caught the ensuing two-point conversion to tie the game. He continues to run with a couple first-team special teams units as well.
  • Mason Crosby––If he didn't miss the field goal earlier in the game, he may have received a blue chip. But a 50-yard field goal as time expires to win the game and avoid preseason overtime more than makes up for the miss. A perfectly executed onside kick, two more field goals and four extra points only add to his night. Those rooting for the Packers are hoping for a performance like this in the regular season from Crosby, who hasn't had a game-winning field goal since the first game of his rookie year.

Cow Chips

  • Chad Clifton––The veteran left tackle really struggled with interior pass rush moves to give up two sacks. Considering the high number of sacks the Packers have given up the entire preseason, it's concerning. Combine that with the slow start Clifton had last year, you have to wonder if he's on his last legs. He'll need to turn things around in the regular season like he did last year.
  • Morgan Burnett––On the 57-yard touchdown pass to Reggie Wayne, Burnett was responsible for the deep half of the field, not Sam Shields. Shields could afford to make a break on the ball underneath, Burnett could not. He was also very lucky he didn't get flagged for pass interference on a first quarter pass by Curtis Painter.
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FITZCORE1252's picture

Chastin West is gonna find a spot on this roster. He's solid on ST'S, looks good as a WR in this offense... gonna be surprised if they don't make room for him.

Pat Lee will not. Dude pretty much sucks. On that run that Indy fumbled, challenged, and subsequently got the ball back Lee was blitzing off the edge. Had an untouched look at the ball carrier in the backfield and whiffed. That should have been a loss of 2 or 3 not a 15 yard gain or whatever it was... and then there's him in coverage, but we don't even need to go there.

I, personally feel good about this team as it sits (our run D will be better, mark my words). Preseason is a different animal and we will be more than fine when the bullets are live. BUT, I know some of you are only happy when obsessing about what could go wrong with this team, here's something for you to gnash your teeth about... Chad Clifton and Josh Sitton in pass-pro. Sitton (our best lineman) has got beat more than once 2 weeks in a row, and Clifton just looked downright bad tonight. As I said, I'm not worried one iota, but nonetheless their struggles were evident at times.

BTW, Lang looked rock-solid... just like I knew he would.

9/8 can't get here fast enough.


Chris K's picture

TJ looked great!

Chris K's picture

A couple thoughts I had from game:

Chad Clfton - Looked horrible but was playing top 5 DE in game in Freeney.
Maybe lack of playing time in training camp helped contributed.

Jordy Nelson - He's going to continue to rack up alotta catches!

DJ Williams - His calling is definetely not Special Teams..

Alex Green - Needs to relax and let blocks develop alittle bit...

Davon House - Didn't look very physical on several tackle ATTEMPTS.

Charles Woodson - Same old Def. MVP for Pack.

Vic So'oto & Jamari Lattimore - Both looked good, although So'oto stood out.

DJ Smith - One of my favorite players from this game... He was EVERYWHERE! Packers got a player right here. Very instinctive

Desmond Bishop - Is a tackling machine!!

Pat Lee has definetely been surpassed & is gone.

Interesting to see Packers trying to fit Chastin West in somewhere trying him on several ST's units.

Tommyboy's picture

First of all, can broadcasters stop moaning about calling these games? It's a little played out, no? I'm tired of hearing every booth guy plead that the game doesn't go into overtime because they wanna get out of there. Ya know what? Then don't call games. Just stop it if a possible 20-minute extension of your overpaid job causes you this much grief. You're so f'in picked on.


I thought Masthay had a pretty good night. He ended up getting more work than I would have liked, though.

Nelson sustained a block very well on an Alex Green screen pass. Nelson is just solid all the way around.

The offensive line has looked porous for three games now. It doesn't seem to matter which unit is in there, it's sloppy. I hope it can get turned around (I suspect it will, at least to some extent).

Finally, there were LOTS of positives for the Packers to take out of this game. I see them tightening things up before the regular season and I'm hopeful they can return an insanely deep team.

Jay's picture

As I recall, in 2009 the Oline--along with the rest of the squad--looked pretty good. I'll reserve any judgment for the OL until a real game happens.

Nerdmann's picture

I'm not the least bit worried about Morgan Burnett. Cliffy, yes.
I though So'oto and Lattimore both looked good. And these WRs. LOL. The Vikings are gonna be all over these guys come cutdown day.
PREDICTION: The Oline will pull it together for the first 2-3 games, then look horrible until week 10, when we're on the verge of elimination from playoff contention. Same thing that happens every year. Kind of makes me want to puke, actually.

Glorious80's's picture

If the OL is going to remain a problem for a while, the QBs are going to have to go into quick strike mode.
First quarter first team looked like hunters.
Second quarter, the O looked like the hunted. Superior effort by the Colts D in a simplified scheme.
Packers run and pass D inconsistant.
Not a good sign for the more significant 3rd pre-season game. They will be facing a lot of constant, stiff challenges as the SB Champs.
Great ending to the game. Redemption for Crosby and Harrell. Great teamwork by Harrell and Taylor. A little 4-like magic?

CaLIPACKFAN's picture

Freaking funny when Rodgers pinched Mathews ass LOL!!!

Spiderpack's picture

Missed that, at what point in the game did that happen?

PackerBacker's picture

That wasn't a pinch. That was a mammoth slap on the ass.

Tarynfor 12's picture

Sorry but,no way is Finley getting a blue chip for 4 catches.That got erased some by looking out of breath and already getting an injury,ankle sprain,does not enhance my belief in his "YOTTO" proclaimation yet again this season.Surely,Nelsons'5 catches and a bruised knee rates a blue chip over 4 and an ankle.C'mon.

I think Clifton needs a rest,since the oxidation process of him this camp isn't complete.

I see no mention of Grant here or in the game.MM said he wanted to get him going and the way it looked,it's either toward the bench or a bus.If Grant was to prove himself he failed and has secured the RB2 role with a chance of even less next week.

Edward's picture

Can Finley play a single game without getting hurt? So much talent, so frustrating that he's always hurt!

chazman's picture

I thought that a couple of years ago the Packers experimented with Clifton, giving him practices off to rest him and he . . . sucked. Then last year McC started making him practice to sharpen up his skills and viola' Clifton is a pro bowl LT. With only 14 padded practices once the season starts when will Clifton get the work he needs?

Nerdmann's picture

Yeah, Cliffy usually owns Jared Allen, but in that game he was blowing around Cliffy like he was getting a head start. Kind of pissed me off too. Remember that safety they called against Arodge that was total BS?

PackersRS's picture

The OL problem is because of conditioning, specially with the no-huddle. That's what happens with a lockout and fat guys. They get fatter. It won't be a big problem in the regular season. Sure, they might not be 100% in the first 2 or 3 games, but later on, when it really matters, this OL will be dominating. There, I said it.

fishandcrane's picture

DJ Smith is a ball carrier seeking missile- if there is that "it" for ILB's DJ is carrying it. His exudes energy that he is expecting, and demanding of himself, to make the tackle on every play. Every play.

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