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"Chips Report" From Packers Loss Vs. Dolphins

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"Chips Report" From Packers Loss Vs. Dolphins

Our weekly designations from the Green Bay Packers' 23-20 loss to the Miami Dolphins...

Blue Chips

  • B.J. Raji–Raji has been solid pretty much all season for the Packers. If you consider the loss of Johnny Jolly before the season even began to the losses of Ryan Pickett and Mike Neal on Sunday, his performance is even all the more important. And he plays at a pretty high level despite not getting much of a breather. Raji plays a large majority of all the snaps along the defensive line. He didn't have a sack on Sunday, but he did have 7 tackles, 1 going for a loss. His biggest play of the day was a batted fourth quarter Chad Henne pass on third down that forced a punt.
  • Greg Jennings–It sure didn't hurt that Jennings expressed his frustration about the team's offensive troubles. Although maybe not a direct result, Jennings led the team in receptions with 6 for 133 yards including an electrifying catch for 86 yards and a touchdown. The team's number one wide receiver looked like it for perhaps the first time this season.

Red Chips

  • Tramon Williams–Yes, Jennings gave up some receptions to Brandon Marshall. It's bound to happen. But he also had a key interception that led to a Packers touchdown on the very next offensive play. Williams tacked on 7 tackles and a pass defended as he continues to put together a very good season.
  • Desmond Bishop–Through two games, Bishop has looked no worse than the man he's replacing. On Sunday he was one of the few players to put any pressure on Henne with a quarterback hit. He also had a fourth quarter pass deflection that led to a Miami punt (later dismissed by penalty). Other candidates for red chips included Brad Jones and Mason Crosby.

Cow Chips

  • Jordy Nelson–Nelson was more involved in the offense than ever before (in part making up for the loss of Jermichael Finley), but his multiple drops hurt the Packers for the second consecutive week. And ever since his two-fumble game, he hasn't done anything to help the return game. He had 1 unspectacular return for 18 yards against the Dolphins.
  • Korey Hall–I've made this a space for player performance, and it's tough to entirely place blame on Hall. Mike McCarthy and Dom Capers are other worthy candidates for this space as well. But Hall didn't help the team's cause giving up a sack in pass protection and a costly penalty on special teams. Although he made some nice blocks and tackles as well. Other candidates for cow chips include John Kuhn, Bryan Bulaga and Aaron Rodgers.
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abiderman's picture

I dont see how Capers could be a Cow chip. The D has so many injuries that the fact they only gave up 20 regular time pts is pretty nice. Otherwise I agree thoguh

zub_a_dub's picture

Defense is doing enough to win given the injuries, Capers should be given credit with what he has to work with. For pete sakes he is using offensive lineman to fill holes.

MM and the offense is losing the games.

jack in jersey city's picture

exactly. we all knew going into this season that our defense was going to be a "bend-don't-break" defense and the offense was going to have to generate a lot of points in order to win games. our banged up D is holding up their end of the bargain. if you look at our offense we are only missing 2 key players (finley and tauscher) so wtf is up?

dennis eckersley's picture


jack in jersey city's picture

yeah i forgot to mention grant in that group but b jax is running well when given the opportunity. he's averaging 4.6 yards per carry this year. mccarthy is really looking for someone to give you 75-80 yards on the ground each game and jackson can give you that. jackson can also catch the ball out of the backfield and can run screens so again wtf? i'm guessing it has to do with the shitty play of the O-line. bulaga is a rookie and is playing out of position and clifton is DONE.

jack in jersey city's picture

i actually thought capers called a pretty good game considering that he only had 2 healthy d lineman (one of whom is playing with a club) and NOBODY to rush the passer. this defense is doomed if we don't get matthews back soon.

Jack's picture

I just want to thank you for not substituting a self-penned musical composition for actual writing.

packeraaron's picture

Its a blog - not a term paper. I'll do whatever the hell I want. Thanks.

bogmon's picture

that commment is officially 'chippy'

Things have gotten bad in Titletown and Aaron is feelin' it big time...

Don't take it too to play another week.

Keep in mind 2000 and 9!

FITZCORE1252's picture

I dug it. But you're right, it's messed up for him to put stuff he wants to on his site. He should create a place to put what he wants on it, this definitely isn't that place.

Jack's picture

Yes, I agree. He has the perfect right to be as self-indulgent as he wants to on his own blog. That doesn't mean I can't comment on it.

zub_a_dub's picture

Maybe TT will make a trade to get Brohm back, that will help with depth at the position and solve the Packers problems.

As much sense as trading his beloved picks for a safety we already cut with the needs we already have.

Someone needs to tell TT that we have a full back playing half back and an offensive lineman playing on the defensive line. We have other needs that come before secondary help on this team.

jack in jersey city's picture

"Maybe TT will make a trade to get Brohm back, that will help with depth at the position and solve the Packers problems".

haha- god help us all!

briank029's picture

haha. maybe he'll hire ron turner to take over the offensive playcalling too

Dan Haddinger's picture

If we're going to be trading for people we already had, how about Tyrell Sutton? I hear DeShaun Wynn is available again.

nerdmann's picture

James Jones gets a cow chip from me. If he makes a play on the ball, it's not INTERCEPTED. Why does he refuse to position his body between the defender and the ball? Also, why is he always catching the ball along the sidelines? He's the most muscular WR on our roster, yet it's always DD going over the middle. Very rarely do I see JJ going over the middle. What's up with that?
Won't go over the middle. Won't make a play on the ball when it's in the air. Occasionally gets his feet in bounds on the sideline. It's like the second coming of Bill Schroeder.

MLecl0001's picture

JJ is soft. Plain and simple, I have seen so many plays this year where if he were just a bit more aggressive he would have made a play, or at least had a shot at a play. The same can be said of a few of our players though, lots of talent but they seem to lack the aggressiveness of a Clay Mathews. Some one like Hawk who let himself get pushed back and run over by a guy almost 60 lbs lighter than him.

Man its just frustrating. I had been one to support MM, but seriously I think no matter what happens this year get Cowher next year.

Tarynfor 12's picture

I asked a question about J.Jones in pre-season which was,"Why does it appear JJ plays not to get hit'.

jeremy's picture

Your kidding right?

That ball never should have been thrown. That is on Arodg 100%. If he wants to be considered the MVP QB that many people were babbling about this preseason, he's going to have to work on his game. His record in close games is dismal, he has run into or held the ball to long on innumerus sacks, and at other times fails to stand strong in the pocket to make the right read and hit wide open receivers. Manning and Brady don't make those mistakes, and Arodg needs to learn from his.

packeraaron's picture

"Manning and Brady don’t make those mistakes" - you mean like throwing an interception that loses the Super Bowl? That kind of mistake?

hoogus's picture

Well, they won a few tough ones to get to that point. Rodgers' choke point is earlier.

NoWayJose's picture

Crosby gets a red chip? For making a short and a medium field goal? That is sad.

jack in jersey city's picture

no. he gets a red chip for not missing them

Badknees's picture

The best team in the division may be the lions this year. They have the most fight and will eventually start winning on a regular basis. The Packers were playing like they don't want to play for this coaching staff...everyone is holding back doing "their job" but nothing more.

lebowski's picture

good post. couldn't agree more.

davyjones's picture

Did anyone hear CJ Wilson's name mentioned once in this game?? Guy had a chance to make an impact and didn't seem to at all.

lebowski's picture

Because without 2 injuries, he would have been inactive again, for a reason. he's not that good yet.

davyjones's picture

That is very clear. I saw in in the Buffalo in week 2 and it looked like there might be something there, but not yet I guess.

lebowski's picture

hopefully he'll get there after an offseason with the team and in the weight room.

DAWG's picture

Heard Favre wants to play a couple defensive downs, so he can get a couple of sacks on Arod., recorded on his resume.

WoodyG's picture

2008 ---- 5-5 turned into 6-10 ....
2009 ---- 4-4 turned into 11-5 ....
2010 ---- 3-3 turns into ???? ....

It could go either way at this point ..... Don't care what the yards per carry is, minimal 'threat' running the ball allows opposing defenses to key on everything else ..... The 3 games before the bye (Vikes, Jets, Cowboys) could be the season.

davyjones's picture

Woody--I agree completely, but the minimal threat is not from being incapable but more from being unwilling. Through 6 weeks, GB ranks 7th in NFL in ave YPC and 29th in ave attempts per game. the lack of threat falls squarely on the playcalling, IMO.

WoodyG's picture

I can't really disagree with you because the number of rushing opportunities are obviously being limited by the play-calling ..... BJ actually looks pretty good when he has at least a little wiggle-room to run ....

You can't change history but if you remove the 71-yard by BJ, GB drops to 4.0 per carry or from 7th to 18th in YPC .... However, 4.0 isn't all that bad either, IMO.

Brandon's picture

I dont think its fair to just ignore a 71 yarder without doing the same to every back in the league. Adrian Peterson's 80 yarder, Tim Hightower's 80 yarder, Chris Johnson's 76 yarder, Arian Foster's 74 yarder, or Matt Forte's 68 yarder.

Without his 80 yarder Peterson's average goes from 4.9 to 4.2.

Morli's picture

The sack Hall gave up, he was one-on-one with Wake, which leads me to believe (you can't be sure considering MMs playcalling) it was a designed 3-step-drop and ARodg didn't get rid of the ball.
I, once again, do not get why Rodgers is in the cow section, as long as this marks a really bad performance.
Generelly the problem is, the players do not make that many mistakes to legitimize all those loses.

foundinidaho's picture

Nagler noted it on Twitter - Hall held his defender for the time it SHOULD have took AR to make the pass. Then AR had the nerve to give Hall a dirty look when he got sacked. Everyone knows I have a soft spot for Korey, but I have legitimate reason to think he should not be on this list.

fish's picture

Anyone think we'll see Nance play sometime in this century, or are the Packers in the business of training players so they can trade them to other teams?

lebowski's picture

That was one hell of a bold pickup by Thompson, wasn't it?

Oppy's picture

Yeah, like Ryan Grant. But he turned out alright. Nance should be judged after he's given the opportunity to perform.

Oppy's picture

The offensive system the Falcons employ is supposed to be apples and oranges compared to the Packers' system, both in terminology and concept.

Imagine if it wasn't just a case of "X Dog Trey Flat Buzz yellow 2" being the same formation and general play as what you're used to calling "219 X-Ray Thunder Left Tight Y", but now, all the little details, like protection shifts etc, etc are completely different as well... And now imagine that you have to learn an entire playbook's worth of new language and different concepts.. Oh, and you're a rookie.

Long story short, MM isn't going to put Nance back there until he knows what the heck is up. Should Rodgers audible or change protections, if Nance doesn't know what's going on or who to key his reads off of in protection, he could make a mistake and let a defender go unchecked to the QB.. And MM is *NOT* going to allow Rodgers get hauled off on a stretcher because a player on the field didn't know what the play was.

lebowski's picture

You just reinforced my point. Untested rookie from a completely different system who is struggling to pick things up judging by coaches' comments ... sound the cavalry horn. And by the way, Grant is an average starting running back, very average. "OH, he got back to back 1200 yard seasons!" That is 75 yards a game. Wow. The guy runs into his blockers consistently and hasn't shown burst in two years.

hoogus's picture

He'll get released then TT will trade for him. Then he'll play.

Honest John's picture

There were (and are) problems on both sides of the ball. Rogers needs to get rid of the ball instead of taking sacks. He's not getting the protection he needs. Receivers aren't getting open. Most of the time he's got to thread a needle.

The last drive, Miami just pushed the Packer D all the way down the field. The D didn't match Miami's intensity.

Then there's special teams.

The problems seem systemic - not terrible - but not very good, either. The chemistry seems a little stale. Too many guys aren't that hungry any more. True or not, that's how it looked from here.

packerwest's picture

Cowchip to the punter as usual! 35 yd line drive in ot to give Dolphins great field position to win game.How many games must the Packers lose due to poor punting and loss of field position before Thompson finds a decent punter? Why didn't he try to get Lechler when he was a free agent last year??

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