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"Chips Report" for Packers Wildcard Loss vs. 49ers

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"Chips Report" for Packers Wildcard Loss vs. 49ers

Our weekly "Chips Report" always includes two blue chippers (outstanding, exceptional play), two red chippers (good, though maybe not great) and two cow chips (dud performances). From the 23-20 wildcard loss to the San Franciso 49ers...

Blue Chips

  • Cornerback Tramon Williams––Not much was going right for the Packers in the first quarter on Sunday's wildcard game against the 49ers. Their first three drives on offense totaled nine yards, negative-six yards and three yards. On defense, they Packers allowed two sustained drives and two field goals. Finally at the outset of the second quarter, Williams gave the Packers life, picking off a Colin Kaepernick pass intended for Vernon Davis. It set up a Packers touchdown and gave the Packers the lead. Williams was on top of his game all game long, coming up with three broken up passes and barley allowing a pass to be completed in his direction.
  • Wide receiver Jordy Nelson––It was Williams' interception that set up Nelson's touchdown and gave the Packers the lead, if only temporarily. His five-yard touchdown grab put the Packers up 7-6 and the momentum of the game changed. Nelson's touchdown was one of a team-leading seven grabs he would make on the afternoon for 62 yards. Nelson once again was Rodgers' security blanket, targeted several times for first times throughout the contest.

Red Chips

  • Running back Eddie Lacy––The statistics weren't eye-popping, but on a day when sub-zero temperatures were a constant factor, Lacy ground out the tough yards for the Packers. He was the team's workhorse back, toting the football 21 times for 81 yards, an average of 3.9 yards per carry. He also grabbed two passes, and generally helped keep the chains moving for most of the game.
  • Quarterback Aaron Rodgers––Had he been given more protection, Rodgers might have had a better game. He was sacked four times, but as it was, Rodgers was able to keep the Packers in the game anyway. The way he was able to escape a fourth-quarter pass rush and hit Randall Cobb for 25 yards was a magic act. And his touchdown pass to Nelson put the Packers up early. Rodgers' game-end stat line read: 17 of 26 for 177 yards, one touchdown and no interceptions for a passer rating of 97.8.

Cow Chips

  • Safety Morgan Burnett––Burnett had the opportunity of a lifetime ahead of him. With the 49ers down by four points and driving in the fourth quarter, Kaepernick heaved a pass to Davis down the seam. Burnett was in position to make the play and came up a step short of breaking it up if not picking off the pass. Instead, the play went for a touchdown and the 49ers took the lead. On the first drive of the game, Burnett also missed an open-field tackle on Niners wide receiver Michael Crabtree, a play that would require Sam Shields to make the tackle and injure his knee in the process. Had Burnett made the tackle, the Packers wouldn't have lost their best cover cornerback.
  • Left tackle David Bakhtiari––Bakhtiari wasn't the first tackle to struggle across from 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith, but Smith just made Bakhtiari just look silly. Smith made four tackles, one for a loss, 1.5 sacks and two quarterback hits and generally harassed Rodgers all game long. Bakhtiari also got called for an illegal hands to the face penalty, in the second quarter that turned a second-and-4 into second-and-14 on a drive the Packers eventually had to settle for a field goal. Bakhtiari eventually ended up leaving the game being examined for a concussion.

Brian Carriveau is the author of the book "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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fish and crane's picture

yup ..old Morgan needs to show up next year...give a shout out to House...who did all he could..and the D-line...the suddenly young and promising D-line

Point Packer's picture

Boyd, Daniels and Picket played their ass off today. Datone Jones was his usual invisible. BJ Raji is a fat, lazy Free Agent who hopefully signs with the Vikings. Turning down the 8 million TT promised was the biggest mistake of his over-rated career.

Stroh's picture

Hyde blew the game FAR more than Burnett! He blew several coverages and DROPPED the game winning INT that hit him in the hands! Hyde was much worse than Burnett.

Point Packer's picture

Maybe today. But I'll take Hyde's season performance more than ol' number over-paid 42's. And despite the bomb to Crabtree and the missed INT on the last drive, Hyde's performance was not much worse than Burnett's, which was its usual unremarkable. And speaking of INT's, any other starting strong-side safety in the NFL, with that exception of that idiot on the Bears, would have picked off that TD pass to Davis. Burnett and his long-term contract are one of TT's greatest mistakes. We need two new safeties.

Lou's picture

Agreed, Burnett is PAID to make game changing plays and a high percentage of basic tackles (leads the team in missed tackles and has 0 interceptions), Hyde is not the natural that Hayward was last year but will become a long time contributor in the nickel/dime and special teams. He admirably said he should have had the pick but jumping back and up it was a tough pick to make - and unlike Burnett he GOT HIS HANDS ON IT.

Jameson's picture

Hyde is a rookie. I expect him to make mistakes. We gave 26 million dollars to Burnett. I expect him to play like he earns that money.

Williams for all his problems seems to show up in games that matter. At least the last couple weeks he has really stepped up his game. What has Burnett done other than play out of position, miss tackles, look confused, and not make plays?

Hank Scorpio's picture

I don't disagree with the 2 choices for cow chip but James Jones was in contention. He had opportunities to make big plays and didn't.

4thand1's picture

Yes, he didn't help his FA cause

jack in jersey city's picture

i can't see them bringing jones back next season. with the emergence of boykin i think JJ has played his last game as a packer

Stroh's picture

Been saying that since last offseason. Jones won't be back... Boykin makes him expendable and the Packers should use a 2nd or 3rd rd draft pick to develop.

jeremy's picture

I could think of some other things to do with a second rounder. I'll take Jones back at 3 mil per and a second round Safety or Linebacker with that pick so our defense has a chance to stop a game winning drive.

Phatgzus's picture

Other than the first quarter, our O-Line wasn't the problem, Bak-T played pretty decently in the pass game in all reality; not so much in the ground game. Sorry but Rodgers, missed a number of open recovers, underthrew the pass to Jones (who still should've caught it), and held onto the ball when he could have thrown it away. He made some good plays, but this was not one of his better games, and we needed it to be.

Stroh's picture

Please... Bahktiari got Schooled a couple times by Aldon Smith. Including once when he got thrown away like a rag doll! He played Poorly to say the least. Hell I was about to start calling for Newhouse when Bahktiari got hurt. That's BAD!

Barutan Seijin's picture

I thought Newhouse was better than Bakhtiari tonight.

Newhouse is miscast as an RT.

Phatgzus's picture

Newhouse played in all of 2 series, and not vs. A healthy Aldon Smith-ridiculous statement.

Barutan Seijin's picture

Why? Because Newhouse and Capers are athe hate-objects du jour in Packerland? Rodgers had an MVP season with Newhouse at LT. Newhouse has been OK at pass protection at LT. He was OK while he was in there last night. As Stroh pointed out, Bakhtiari was getting thrown around.

Phatgzus's picture

Yeah a couple times, out of 50-60 plays, he also shut him down a number of times. The majority of Rodgers' pressures/sacks were a result of good coverage or missed reads.

Barutan Seijin's picture

Often Rodgers couldn't escape the pocket and had to take the sack because the Bakhtiari and Barclay were getting pushed back. The pocket was very small. Tackle play was poor.

drealyn williams's picture

I don't know if 1-play calls for a cow chip,but that play where Bush allowed Kap to scramble out on the edge for the 1st down was huge.

kyrjesdon's picture

totally agree. Bush needs to go and has for awhile. Too streaky, mostly out of position and slow.

Derek in CO's picture

James Jones = cow chip. Eddie lacy looked slow, James Starks looked faster.

Point Packer's picture

That's because James Starks is faster. Lacy got most of his yards after contact and played a great game.

Jones should have caught that deep ball. Not easy, but one NFL receivers make.

Stroh's picture

Jones missed a couple chances to make plays. He didn't show up today at all. Say goodbye James!

Point Packer's picture

Not necessarily. A-Rodge trusts Jones. That's worth a lot on this roster.

ArodMoney's picture

Did the Packers have one successful pass that was the called route and not a 'broken' play? If the line didn't give Arod tons of time they may not have scored. Idk if it was ARod or McCarthy but man the game plan was awful.

D B H's picture

We've had the same issues in the last 3 playoff losses - weird play calling against teams only rushing four and a defense that is hot and cold, but always seems to fold in the final minutes. It's tough to watch when you know it's coming, but this was still a fun season. Go Pack!

redlights's picture

A couple roll-outs could have been beneficial.

jeremy's picture

They had at least two. One was right in front of me in the west end zone.

cheesy4's picture

How about BJ Raji getting a cowchip once in a while he does absolutely nothing out there.

Derek in CO's picture

He's just a fat slob in my book.

Point Packer's picture

Fat slob who someone will pay top dollar for this offseason. Hopefully not GB. I am sick of watching that lazy bastard get pushed around. Bye!

Stroh's picture

He is being forced to play DE in 34 base D and a DT in 2 man DL! That's when he gets most of his playing time. He is being asked to play out of position and situations where he can't succeed. He needs to play NT like he did (and hasn't) since the SB year!

Point Packer's picture

Great excuse. Then blame Dom for playing him out of position. Or TT for not giving Dom any other option. Or how about you keeping making excuses for our defenses shit play. You are real good at that. Great, in fact.

Ironically, our D was not the reason we lost today.

Brian Carriveau's picture

You must not read much if you think he never gets one.

Point Packer's picture

Raji gets a Cow Chip for the 2013-2014 season. Lazy, fat overpaid piece of Free Agent garbage. Bye bye fat boy, look forward to working for the FA minimum you clueless piece of shit. And hopefully not for GB. The foolish team that signs your fat cheeseburger ass is going to be really pissed after they watch your fat ass get pushed around for 16 games.

Bye bye Blow Job Raji.

4thand1's picture

Raji will be sorry he turned down the contract offer. He just lost millions. He may end up playing for the league minimum.

Point Packer's picture

We really need to change things up at safety. At best, Burnett was a liability today. MD Jennings was his usual invisible - he could have actually made a play (yes, a play) had he simply held onto that fumble on the sidelines in the 1st quarter. Guy can't even do that. Amazing. If we go one more off-season without addressing the safety position I am going to blow a gasket. I never want to see MD Jennings in a Packers jersey again. Never. Ever. And I want Burnett fighting for his job next off-season. How that idiot didn't even get a hand on the TD pass to Davis is beyond me. How our safety grouping didn't get one INT this entire season is pathetic. Just pathetic.

Our offense lost this game. But our safeties, in their usual manner, did absolutely nothing to help us win.

Stroh's picture

Dude Hyde was far worse than Burnett! He blew about 3 or 4 coverages that went for 1st downs AND dropped the game winning INT!

jeremy's picture

I think one of his blowups went for a touchdown. Dom Capers blows my mind. Game after game there are up to 10 blown coverages and it never improves. Sooner or later when the students keep failing you look at the teacher.

Phatgzus's picture

In this case that would be Perry not Capers; for fuck's sake Capers calls the plays and creates the schemes, he does NOT coach the players.

Point Packer's picture

Hyde played poorly today. Burnett and (insert opposing safety here) have played like shit all year. No other strong-side safety in the NFL (minus that ass-turd on Chicago) lets that pass get to Davis for the TD. Not one.

Yes, Hyde played poorly. He is a ROOKIE.

Burnett is one of the top paid safeties in the league and he underperforms day after day. Say what you want Stroh, but TT screwed up giving that guy the cash he did. #42 is a long-term liability at that position.

To say nothing of #43. Who couldn't even start on the Badgers, let alone another NFL team.

fish and crane's picture

his reaction to the forced fumble by Hyde was classic... spazz

Point Packer's picture

It was classic MD. Take an opportunity and totally screw it up. Not the first time that guy has burnt us, lord help us it will be the last.

I am blown away that guy was on our roster, let alone was a starting safety.

Barutan Seijin's picture

I don't get the Hyde love. He looked pretty slow out there.

Sam's picture

I didn't have a huge problem with bahk, a lot of Rodgers sacks were coverage sacks or a result of Aaron holding on to it too long. Although I much perfer a sack to the the old school Favre trying to rocket ball it into coverage. Packers should have won this one but I didnt see us hobbling past seattle with all these injuries. Here's to us getting a competent safety this April.

jeremy's picture

Except for the first two drives there were guys open on most of those plays. Missing that time really hurt his feel for the game.

4thand1's picture

I have to laugh. What did a lot of you do before there were blogs to vent on? Most know football and there are some very knowledgeable ones in here. Some fans are just off the wall nuts. The writers are great and offer entertainment and relay information that a lot of us already know, giving an opinion. Then there are the trolls that invade every blog just to stir the pot, we all know who they are. To the real fans some advice, try to stay positive and except things as they are. This team is in good hands, playoffs 5 years running with a title. They have a good chance of winning another real soon.

Derek's picture

I'm gonna hold you to that, 4th and 1. Playoffs are good, sure. With this defense, they aren't winning jack shit. I just PRAY they can get another one before ARod turns 35. I love my Packers, but I'm realistic when I see what I see.

cLowNEY42's picture

"They have a good chance of winning another real soon."

Because they won one 4 yeas ago?

The talent is regressing.

IF they ever get back to contender-status... it's going to tae a number of years.

Bert's picture

This team is very reminiscent of the post SB Favre years. An elite QB, a few good players and too many very average to below average players. Not a good mix.

4thand1's picture

You mean like Finley, CMIII, Hayward, Cobb(half a season), Rodgers same as Cobb, Bulaga. With these guys healthy its a dam good team. Way above average.

Bert's picture

Well we can't count on going through the year with no injuries. Won't happen. Finley (if he plays), CMIII and Bulaga have been injured before and will probably be injured again. The roster needs to be upgraded. PERIOD!

Edward's picture

I would give MM a cow chip for the way he had the offense start the game and second half. He and Rodgers both sacrifice field position and possessions looking for deep strike instead of building a drive with short-medium stuff.

Also, I had Jones as a cow hip for his 2 huge drops. Though Bhaktiari and Morgan are deserving, too.

Xuyee's picture

Watching Donte Whitner get trucked repeatedly by Lacy was awesome.

Edward's picture

Yeah it was! Lacy brings an attitude to the offense that Jolly brings to the D. Gotta love the way he plays!

Phatgzus's picture

Other than Rodgers, Houdini impersonation and Tramon's pick and truck of Kaepernick, those were my two favorite plays. Buck and Aikman said they were having a battle, that was no battle, it was a taming-Eddie Lacy, not the San Fancisco 49ers, is now Donte Whitner's rightful owner.

WKUPackFan's picture

MM is a successful coach and I'm glad we have him. His record speaks for itself and he hasn't lost the team after being there many years. But, man, does he make some weird strategy decisions.

How could you not call timeout with 19 seconds left in the 1st half? There was no need to run the clock down further and no way to hope for a TD chance without using the TO. Clock management has been an issue in several games this year.

4thand1's picture

Watched his press con. He put the blame on himself and said he has to do better. We've heard this before though. Time to act is now and quit making the same mistakes. This team has made changes and will make more. You have to keep evolving to keep up with today's game.

Stroh's picture

Like any good coach should and would do. He put the blame on himself and relieved the players of it. That's what a good HC is supposed to do!

WKUPackFan's picture

No blame to be placed on the players for that decision. That's a pure coaching call. Still believe MM needs the equivalent of a bench coach in baseball, someone well-respected who can say "do you really want to do that?". Too small of a margin for error in these games to give away scoring chances on what should be elementary decisions.

Phatgzus's picture

Cow Chip: James Jones, Andy Mulumba, B.J. Raji-pick one.

4thand1's picture

Mulumba was hurt the whole game. Started with a bad knee. We had no one left.

Phatgzus's picture

True, Datone was playing OLB at one point. That said Mulumba is responsible for the 42-yard scramble (don't think he was hurt at that point) and the 3rd-down run. It's a testament to the D's play today that he is a potential cow-chipper, IMHO.

MarkinMadison's picture

First of all, the game was much, much closer than some were predicting. At no time was the game out of reach. So you have to give a tip of the hat to the Packers.

I strongly suspect that if we dig out the stats that this offense has played poorly in the first quarter for quite a while. I think this team needs Joe Philbin. It needs to find someone like him - someone who makes MM better.

I've been wishing it for a few weeks, but TT needs to make it happen. Safety. Free agency. This year. And don't give me the, "that's not how TT does it stuff." He will if he has to, and he has to. You draft a safety and it takes three years to develop them. They need a fix at the position now.

WKUPackFan's picture

I agree Mark. This is the year that TT makes a move for a high mid-level FA at safety (unless Hyde makes the transition). There some good ones that will be available. In my opinion it was reasonable to think that McMillian would improve, for some reason he just couldn't. Now there's no time to wait.

Barutan Seijin's picture

The line was SF by 3 & SF won by 3. I'd say it turned out pretty much as expected.

It was closer than Cow said it would be, true, but Cow is a tad hyperbolic.

4thand1's picture

Well I'm glad to see everyone has it all figured out. Send TT and MM an e-mail, I'm sure they'll get back to you asap and thank you all for your great insight and football knowledge. Maybe you can diagram some real plays that are guaranteed to work against any defense no matter how good. Or apply as a scout and have him draft some real talent that you seem to be able to evaluate. Also, if you're wealthy you can purchase some high priced free agents and pay them out of your own pocket so it won't count against the cap. CAN'T WAIT! I know you won't let us down. Now get fuckin busy.

MarkinMadison's picture

If you don't want to read what other people are thinking, don't go to a fan web site. If you don't want to hear what other people are saying, shut off your radio; don't listen to the post-game shows.

PackRat's picture

I am also super proud of this 8-7-1 group not just for today but for the past 3-4 weeks. SF has an excelllent defence. Minus Finley and the original plan for the OL (Bulaga, Sherrod, Tretter) the patchwork did very well and downright great as it became an OL that could support an excellent running game. I personally will hate to see Starks (who finally really gets it and would be an excellent long-term Packer) go in favor of Jonathan Franklin and probably Harris next year.

Today, many are killing players who played overall very good games but had individual bad plays. It's the players who didn't show up (nearly all year) who deserve our wrath-- and need to be replaced by impact players.

BJ RAJI, #1 pick Datone Jones and Worthy were non-existent. Daniels, Pickett and Josh Boyd kept the Dline in the game.

(As much as I hate to admit it b/c his defense is stale) Capers LB scheme kept us in it. Our best LB today was feast of famine Malumba. #1 pick Nick Perry, Brad $$ Jones and Neal b4 he was injured all had minimal impact. Hawk was adequate but not anywhere near a force--which is a rave for him. Clay's 11 mill (not to mention the prime weapon to stop Kapernick) was on the sideline.

The secondary was so fortunate so many times due to poorly thrown passes, Davis not coming back on the ball and the inexplicable desire to not get Boldin the ball like in the first matchup. The secondary needs THREE players. You figure out who stays. If we think Hayward is a messiah at CB of Tramon is at all consistent or a ballhawk we are vastly overrating their value. Hyde is a very, very good at what he does--blitz, tackle and take the punting load off-- but not very good in coverage due to lack of speed.

Look at the salaries for 2014 and see who you want to keep.

Phatgzus's picture

Worthy missed a season's worth of games and an offseason because of an ACL injury, so yeah, let's not be too hard on him.

Players not plays, a scheme ain't stale (broke) if it works.

Bert's picture

Good points. I say let Raji walk for sure. Thank God he didn't sign that $8MM offer. Then we'd have who knows how much cap $$$ tied up in Raji, Burnett, Jones and the oft injured CM3. Our safeties are so bad it doesn't matter who goes. I haven't seen anything out of Worthy and Perry looks kinda OK but probably won't stay on the field much anyway. Ouside of CM3 (injured) all of the LBs are pretty pedestrian. Bottom line is the defense is a mess with too many holes to fill in one year. I would like to see a veteran FA at safety as we just don't time to draft and develop at so many positions. Arod is 30 yo and we better get off the dime and get some players or many of his peak years will be wasted just like Favre's were wasted.

Morgan Mundane's picture

Seasonal Cow chips:
Devon House. Kaepernick actually looked at who he was covering and quickly threw the ball to that person, mostly sucessfully all day. This hasn't changed all season or all of last season. Zero development for this guy Teddy!

James Jones: I love this guy but wow, talk about losing a couple of steps, this guy has someone on his back all the time now. He can no longer run the breakout route and get separation. Time to go. Time for youth and speed.

Burnett: He couldn't tackle and 80 year old woman in a grocery isle. Get rid of this guy, he is NOT going to develop. No speed, size or skills.

Worthy: Analyst all but called him 'worthless' prior to the draft. His problem 'took a lot of plays off they said'. Now he takes games off. Cut your loses and dump him, he brings nothing to the table. Just a body.

Newhouse: Really? Raji: Really? Pickett: Really?
IF you got rid of the three of these guys and replaced them with about anyone, you would improve the team.

Congrats to Crosby, Hawk. Both had solid years. Lacy ran with a lot of heart. Starks looked good and should get more ops next year. Gordy, Cobb and Boykin make a solid pass combo and hopefully we get a new tight end if Findley can't come back?

Ted needs to consider an O coach. MM is making too many mental errors game after game. The superbowl is past history. MM has regressed a lot as has Dumb Capers.

Point Packer's picture

"Burnett: He couldn’t tackle and 80 year old woman in a grocery isle. Get rid of this guy, he is NOT going to develop. No speed, size or skills."


Point Packer's picture

"Ted needs to consider an O coach. MM is making too many mental errors game after game. The superbowl is past history. MM has regressed a lot as has Dumb Capers."

+1 here too. MM's play calling was a liability this year. Big time.

murphy's picture

"Pickett: Really?"


Point Packer's picture

I never want to see MD Jennings play another snap for the Packers ever again, period. Never. Ever. Please. I am amazed at how incredibly awful that guy is and how he has a starting job in the NFL. It is simply astonishing. And unfortunately, a black-eye on TT's draft and develop mantra.

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