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CheeseheadTV Staff Predictions: With the First Pick, the Packers Select...

CheeseheadTV Staff Predictions: With the First Pick, the Packers Select...

It. Is. Time. Time for the writers here to document their predictions for who the Packers will take with their first draft pick.


Jersey Al Bracco

Harold Landry - For several years I've been yearning for a pass rusher that can win the edge and basically do what Clay Mathews used to do. I shifted gears to cornerback when the Packers traded Damarious Randall, but now that Tramon Williams and Davon House have returned to Green Bay, I'm comfortable making pass rush priority #1 again. Landry is capable of coming in and having the same impact a young Matthews once had for the Packers. 

Tim Backes

Marcus Davenport - I haven't decided yet how I personally feel about Davenport. He's definitely got some risk attached to him, but he's also got a tremendous amount of natural talent. Lots of expert analysts seem to believe he'll be available at 14, which would certainly make him a tempting selection. I believe that unless there's a major rush earlier in the draft, the Packers are going to go with an edge rusher to try to inject some life into their pass rush, but a guy like Josh Jackson or Denzel Ward could also make sense, depending on who's available.

Ryan Brunner

Harold Landry - While still needing some honing of his craft as a pass rusher at the NFL level, I believe that Landry can make the 2018 Packers defense better the day he joins the team.  Mike Pettine has the ability to scheme to his strengths as a pass rusher right away while giving him time to learn from the likes of Clay Matthews and Nick Perry.  I think other coveted defenders like Tremaine Edmunds, Roquan Smith, Denzel Ward and Derwin James will be off the board prior to the 14th pick and I can't envision a move up in the first round to grab one of them.

Dan Dahlke

Leighton Vander Esch -- It's no secret the Packers love the athletic linebacker from Boise State, and there's a really good chance he'll still be on the board when the Packers are on the clock with the 14th overall pick. He would give them a versatile defender who could play inside or outside linebacker. He's a rangy middle linebacker who can hold up in coverage, but he also has the physical tools to develop into a pass rusher. However, if Minkah Fitzpatrick or Derwin James happen to fall in the draft then they could go with one of the defensive backs. I'm just very skeptical Fitzpatrick or James will still be on the board by pick 14.

Andrew Garda

Josh Jackson — So Jackson was my pick in the mock I did, and he remains so now. The Packers will absolutely go after a defensive player as they need an impact player and the secondary needs some help. Jackson is a ball-hawk and while he has some rough edges, I believe he can bait NFC North quarterbacks into throwing at them and making them pay.

Andy Herman

Marcus Davenport - Like many in the group; I've personally been all-in on Harold Landry for a while. I've also said for a while that even if Landry and Davenport are both there I'd expect Green Bay to select Davenport. Call it a hunch. Assuming the top 12 goes as expected and Green Bay doesn't trade up or back, I'd be fairly surprised if the pick wasn't either Davenport or Leighton Vander Esch. Ultimately I think Green Bay will realize the value of pass rusher and go with an edge who would fit in perfectly with Nick Perry and Clay Matthews on the outside. I know many would be disappointed by either LVE or Davenport but both have tremendous upside and could come in and have an impact from day one.

Zachary Jacobson

Josh Jackson — Listen, I've screamed Harold Landry's name from the rooftops for two months now. As much as I want to see him in Green Bay, there's a high chance that the Packers are taking a defensive back, whether it's someone like Iowa's Josh Jackson or Alabama's Minkah Fitzpatrick; both of which the Packers are reportedly very interested in selecting. I've slowly but surely come to terms with the fact that Derwin James won't be available by the time the Packers are on the clock. The beauty of where the Packers are in terms of draft position and number of picks they have in their pocket (12), is the possibility of trading up, down, sideways, is certainly very realistic. That, and it'd be impossible for them not to come away with an impact defensive player in the first round.

Cory Jennerjohn

Tremaine Edmunds — The thing that stands out to me about Edmunds is character. He only turns 20 in May, but he is also versatile enough to attack the quarterback or destroy the running game. This move would also add versatility to defensive coordinator Mike Pettine's palette. It would give Pettine more room to put Clay Matthews inside and it instantly adds depth to a position that's the most important in a 3-4 defense. 

Matt Kelley

Derwin James - Maybe he falls to 14; maybe the Packers need to trade up for him. The Packers have done better when they have a Swiss Army Knife defensive back to work with, i.e. Charles Woodson and, to a lesser extent, Micah Hyde. James can play safety, nickel or even some in the box. That kind of versatility could give Mike Pettine's defensive remodel a jump start. I just hope I'm not being a bit too optimistic. 

Timmy Noonan

EDGE Harold Landry -- Landry would be a pleasant addition to a pass rush in desperate need of youth, speed, and power. He needs to clean up his hands and keep his pads low, but his potential is exciting to think about. Though he is undersized for a typical edge defender, his speed and burst compensate for those deficiencies.

Chris Peterson

Derwin James - The Packers need to find a way to get an impact player tonight and I think they will in Florida State safety Derwin James. Green Bay will need to surrender a second or third round pick to move up and make it happen, but James is worth it and he can help fix an ailing secondary immediately. 

Jason Perone

Josh Jackson - For the record, I like Minkah Fitzpatrick more but cornerback is such a major need for the Packers right now.  For once and for all, the Packers need to get it right at corner.  Kevin King may already be that, but we won't know until this season unfolds.  Jackson is a high-impact player, meaning he can come in and play a lot of meaningful snaps right away.  He doesn't have blazing speed but he's a pure corner, not a convert or a project.  An instant upgrade for the Packers' corner room.

Elisha Twerski

Harold Landry - Landry to the Packers is a perfect marriage of fit meets need, and there's a good chance that he will be available at 14. He can make an instant impact for Mike Pettine's defense and won't be limited to a third-down role due to his versatility. Roquan Smith and Derwin James might be the only players I'd want the Packers to take ahead of Landry.

Ross Uglem

Harold Landry - I had an excellent conversation with Justis Mosqueda on the Warm Room Podcast and ultimately in locked me into the following theory: take Landry or take a DB. That's it. The difference between Landry as a true pass rusher and the second best rusher in this class is wide. Especially since Chubb won't be available. I think he'll be there, and I think they should take him and grab a Jaire Alexander / Isaiah Oliver / MJ Stewart / Quenton Meeks type in round two or three.

Chris Wanless

Derwin James - I actually think there's a possibility the Packers try to trade up on draft day, and they will probably have to if they want to snag the uber-talented Florida State safety. James' ability to rush and cover is rare, giving him the ability to play a multitude of positions and making him an immediate cornerstone in Mike Pettine's defense should he end up in Green Bay.


"Jersey Al" Bracco is the Editor-In-Chief, part owner and wearer of many hats for and He is also a recovering Mason Crosby truther.  

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Ryan Graham's picture

I'm surprised no one thought Minkah Fitz or Denzel Ward...

Tundraboy's picture


zerotolerance's picture

Ward will be the pick.

gr7070's picture

Ditto. It'll be a CB unless they trade up for James, (or he falls or a QB falls). I hope they don't trade up.

If the big 4 DBs are all gone they'll trade back. I don't see them picking Landry at 14, and really doubt Davenport goes that high to anyone.

cpitt's picture

We would be extremely lucky if Landry fell to us. If he hadn't gotten injured last season he'd be going #1 overall.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

It won't be Josh Jackson though. He's a zone only guy who stuggled in man and struggled in press coverage. Really, really suprised Packers writers keep mentioning him. Pettine always runs press-man and I would be shocked if he switched to zone now.

Tundraboy's picture

I'm dreaming of Edmunds.

dobber's picture

Would love to have him.

Not on the LVE bandwagon in the top half of round 1...

Lare's picture

He's my prediction. They go get Clay's replacement.

The TKstinator's picture

If he is an impact player I don’t care where he lines up.

PackEyedOptimist's picture

Predicting this year is an impossible task. Nonetheless, I'll go with predicting a trade down, followed by a pick of a WR like Sutton or Moore or maybe Gesicki as a TE-who-functions-like-a-WR. I guess I'll go with Gesicki. I do think an OT would be wiser though...

John Kirk's picture

I like it, PEO. Sutton in a trade down.

stockholder's picture

The packers should trade out of 14, and not take a CB rd. 2! You just stated why. Offense! Offense! Offense. People think Landry is going to fix the defense. Thats just so wrong. It then forces a CB into the second round. Take any CB they want. It won't pertect A-Rod. And they'll keep picking Defense next year and Next! A TE can pertect A-rod. A RG better. A WR to take the place of Nelson; is a better solution in the 2nd, or 3rd, and positively the 4th. The Team can only rebound with another PACK ATTACK!!! THEY don't have that attack!

Mojo's picture

I'm predicting they pick a sturdy lad with a spring in his step and a song in his heart.

The TKstinator's picture

I’d likewise have no qualms with thrifty, clean, brave, and reverent.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I would have thought you'd have no trouble with our pick being irreverent.

EdsLaces's picture

Pass rusher and CB with first 2 picks ...i dont care what order..

gr7070's picture

I'd be perfectly fine with CB-CB in first two rounds ala 2015. Shoot, I'd be ok with 1999 and CB-CB-CB.

Though I hope for hitting better than all 5 of those picks except that 3rd round pick.

Finwiz's picture

Oh for gawds sake, this is the in-depth analysis we get here?

"I shifted gears to cornerback when the Packers traded Damarious Randall, but now that Tramon Williams and Davon House have returned to Green Bay,"

So all our CB problems are now solved because we have two former Packers, one OLD at 35, and one ineffective, as seen last year. Got it.

I should have just done what I usually do - read the comments, and by-pass the articles.

marpag1's picture

OK, so how 'bout you make your own prediction instead of just being a dick?

Finwiz's picture

I can pick from a list of 4-5 can't miss candidates, but have to move up to get them. No guarantee the Packers will/could move, so what's the point of predicting.

Landry reminds me of Jayrone Elliot and Jamaal Reynolds rolled into one.
This is a project, with huge bust potential. Exactly what they don't need.

Not being a dick, just laughing at the twisted logic. Don't shoot the messenger.

marpag1's picture

I don't really like Landry at this spot either, and Davenport is a project IMO. I actually think that the Packers are a little bit in no man's land at 14... there might not be very good mid-first round value for the positions that the Packers need most. That might be why people are now suggesting that the Packers might try to move up for Ward or some other guy. And if the Packers can't pull off a trade up or down, it wouldn't surprise me to see a lesser know guy like Alexander or even Hughes at CB, or even McGlinchey or Hernandez for O line. That's not great value either, but I'm not as sure that the draft is shaping up as well for GB as some other people think.

Finwiz's picture

I just heard Alexander too, and also rumors of moving for Ward.
I doubt the Ward story because he wasn't in for a visit, and you have to get into the top 6-7 to have a chance. I don't think they do that.
Ward didn't come in for a visit either, so would they draft a guy that didn't visit? Not sure, but suspect not.
Some guys are saying Fitzpatrick will be the pick too.
I've heard 4 guys rumored, James, Ward, Fitz and Alexander.
Where there's smoke, there's fire. Sounds to me like they think the DB talent depth at the top of the draft is greater than DL-Edge.
I think they saw enough of our secondary play last year that leads them to believe they need a serious upgrade.
Hopefully I'm home in time to see the pick, I'm flying for the 1st time tonight.

Jersey Al's picture

nope. You are a dick. confirmed...

Finwiz's picture

Awh....poor baby, did I hurt your feelings for criticizing your RIDICULOUS Landry pick at 14? Rather be a dick than a twit.

Suck it up, buttercup!

Jersey Al's picture

Has nothing to do with me. But guess what - if you come here, "to ignore the articles' then you will be denied the privilege to come here.. You can go be a dick elsewhere.

stockholder's picture

Landry is a Kiss -up move. Nothing More. I'm surprised in you guys. If he's your pick. Then it is. But this team won't improve! 1. Mathews will leave as soon as you draft him. His mind will be made up. 2. Landry won't get you to the super-bowl. He'll just get pushed in the pile. Of course you stacked the deck now. Good luck with your pick.

dobber's picture

Who are they kissing up to? I fully expect that the Packers have social media personnel who regularly prowl these sites (my sister-in-law has a similar job at Harley-Davidson), but have no expectation that personnel management ever hears about it or would give it a second thought.

The TKstinator's picture

Why all urine in the corn flakes??

stockholder's picture

Landry lacks premium size, but his burst, stride length and ability to dip and rip around the edge give him special potential as an edge rusher. Landry "lacks strength at the point of attack" and may be a designated pass rusher early in his career. While he can play standing for 3-4 teams, he's at his best with his hand in the "dirt" as a rusher. Landry can get by as an NFL rusher with just speed and athleticism, but he has an opportunity to become a Pro Bowler "If" he can improve his hand usage and develop an inside counter.

Finwiz's picture

Landry is Jamaal Reynolds.
Never did a thing in the pro's, but everybody thought he could on draft day.

The TKstinator's picture

Very divergent thoughts on Landry.

Finwiz's picture

Throw this in with the rest of your scouting report:

Burst-oriented rusher in need of a more diverse rush approach
Still learning to string moves together
Primary rush counter is a basic, inside move
Hasn't learned to tie edge burst with hand work to help soften the edge
Long tackles can be a deterrent
Upper body strength is below average
Hasn't shown consistent ability to convert his edge speed into power
Rides on blocks for too long
Lacking consistent grit at point of attack
Would rather chase and tackle than have running play come downhill at him
Can get to tackles but needs to do a better job of wrapping and finishing
Landry's effort level this year didn't seem to match his 2016 tape even before he suffered an ankle injury

This guy will get swallowed up and pushed to the outside by Pro left-tackles.

Tundraboy's picture

All I know, is that I'm thrilled to have a pick this high up and that we can discuss many of these players mentioned with a straight face on. Just hoping we can find one or two players that will have an immediate impact and that will be able to also play a full season. Please!

Since '61's picture

It sounds like we’re coming away with a solid pick regardless of what we do which is fine with me. In Jersey Al we trust, so I’m going with Landry as well. Thanks, Since ‘61

stockholder's picture

Jersey Al went from Davenport to Jackson to Davenport to Now Landry. Sorry Al, But your first impressions were more to my liking.

dobber's picture

If the draft follows chalk, Vita Vea will likely be the last of the high end prospects and will go just ahead of the Packers at #13. At that stage, the talent pool flattens dramatically and there are, at least in my mind, 8-10 players on that next tier who draft more by need or opinion than being a markedly better talent than those around them (not one of them is LVE).

To play devil's advocate, at what draft position does Landry become a GOOD pick? An answer of "never" is just being petulant. Anything under about 22 says he's still likely to be a good pick at 14. If it's me, though, and I've got the first pick of that next group at 14--first off, I'm looking to trade down--I'm taking the highest ceiling player who has some reasonable chance of not being a total flop. Absent any meaningful word on the plan they have for the defense, I think Landry IS a decent pick at 14, and I'm good with that. But I probably go Davenport instead, too.

stockholder's picture

Vea will be the last pick. I think thats true. (Which is why the rumors of the packers trading up.) I'm sure they hope like myself someone falls. Trading down is the right thing to do! Not taking Landry is the right thing to do. By picking Landry we Help everyone! Landry, I picked to go to the Lions. They need more than Ziggy. They also need a DT. The head coach is his past coach. Regardless Carter will be the All-pro first! Take Landry and you'll pick Defense Next year and the next year.

PatrickGB's picture

Alexander, has been mocked everywhere between the mid first to early second but his stock is rising. I think we pick a player whose stock is rising. Both Landry and Davenport's stock are falling. So unless someone in the top 10 category (not a QB) falls then I believe we pick Alexander.

Mojo's picture

Ok, 4thand1, how much time left?

Cubbygold's picture

stop it

4thand1's picture


Mojo's picture

From twitter:

Elisha Twerskis' Packers round 1 big board:

"Woo Hoo!":
R. Smith
D. James

"I'll take it":

M. Davenport
J. Jackson

"Is Ted still GM?":

J. Alexander
V. Vea
M. Hughes

In the "Woo Hoo" vs "I'll Take It" categories I'd switch out Landry and RSmith with Edmunds and Fitzpatrick.
Else, I totally agree. I might come around to Vea but it would take some convincing based on need alone.

sonomaca's picture

People trying to push Allen down with racial tweet story. What to do if he gets to #14? Trade down?

zeke's picture

Sounds like he's handled it correctly, so my guess is that it won't change much. He still seems like the QB most likely to bust, though.

The TKstinator's picture

Or was he smoking the ganja in a gas mask??

4thand1's picture

Slide down more for testing positive for THC.

Cubbygold's picture

Trade Down - CLE #33 & #35

blue eyes's picture

At pick 14 we better at least know his name. That's all i care about lol

Royalty Free GM's picture

Al can you remind us again how you don’t have defensive agenda here LOL. The Packers are not going to win any Superbowls with your lame D picks.

Well, not a single one of you got it right ;)

Oppy's picture

I'm as big of a Pack fan as any of us, but one thing I take evil joy in, is watching Packers fans melt down during the draft.

I hope the Pack sets the draft on fire, but I also love to watch fans jump out of windows in rage, grief, and disbelief at the same time.

Go Pack

Samson's picture

I've been all in on Landry or Davenport at #14 for the Pack for months. --- I still think either can play in year one and have a major impact on turning the Pack's "D" into something better than the last several years.

However, I'm also convinced that Gute will make a wise choice even if it's not Landry or Davenport. (I'd love a WR at #14 also)

Regardless, this is the POST-TT era on draft day. ---It's already better.

4thand1's picture

Trade for Cleveland's #4. Unless Chubb is gone.

I bleed green more's picture

Fun trade down this getter pay off.

I bleed green more's picture

Fun trade down this getter pay off.

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