Cheesehead TV Matchup: Week 8 Offense

Two keys for the offense heading into Sunday's matchup with the Jets.

Be ready for Cover Zero looks

One of the few things the Buffalo Bills did well against the Packers back in Week Two was present a variety of pre-snap heavy pressure looks, usually on third down, to try and confuse quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the offense. More often than not, and especially early, it really seemed to work. Rodgers kept trying to adjust the calls at the line and kept misfiring or misreading the coverages the Bills ended up employing. At one point, a visibly frustrated Rodgers had to call a time out to avoid a delay of game penalty after he was unable to make the adjustment he wanted.

Well, as if it needed to be pointed out, the Jets defense is a little better than the Bills defense.

Rex Ryan's squad is entirely predicated on confusing and getting pressure on the quarterback. Ryan loves Cover Zero. And unlike his NFL brethren, he doesn't show it just to show it - he brings the house more often than not. The presence of Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie on the outside allows Ryan to get after quarterbacks without deep safety help. The Broncos hit a couple passes up the sideline against this look two weeks ago. (They even completed a "Go" against Revis against this look)

The Packers have the talent outside to hit some big plays, either up the field or on short crossing routes and slants. They will just have to be sure to...

  • Fix the pre-snap reads

Coming off a game where there was so much miscommunication between Rodgers and his receivers, the Packers need to be sure they are all on the same page in regards to what certain looks from the defense will mean for their route trees.

The problem that the Packers were having last Sunday night was in having both Aaron Rodgers and his receivers reading the pre-snap look from the corners (press, off, inside/outside, etc) and then adjusting to one of the routes seen above. On more than one occasion you saw a receiver running what is termed a "chair" route above, only to have Rodgers throw an expected curl or hitch.

Rodgers admitted that he and the guys may have tried to get too cute on the sideline during the game.

We got on the sideline, we looked at the pictures, we maybe over-analyzed it. And that’s when the inconsistencies with not being on the same page kind of showed up.

Heading into the New Meadlowlands stadium on Sunday, expect them to have their reads set in stone from this weeks practice.My hunch is we'll see very little on-the-fly sideline adjustments this week.

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PackersRS's picture

October 29, 2010 at 01:43 pm

This week it'll be imperative that, like last week, MM uses the screens.

It can go a long way in beating the Jets.

Some slants wouldn't be such bad idea either. I know they're Rodgers' weakness, but the guy has to be able to throw some slants...

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