Cheesehead TV Matchup: Week 13 Offense

  • Short Passes Are As Good As Running

I don't expect the Packers to have much success against Nagata, Gregg, Pryce and Edwards when it comes to the running game. Oh they may hit an off-tackle stretch play here and there and the counter-pitch could produce some yards. But overall I don't see Wells, Collegde and Sitton working the same magic they did against the 49ers front.

But what I do see is an overly aggressive linebacking corps that can be taken advantage of with quick screens to the slot. We saw this a bunch against Dallas, as evidenced below:

Now I know that doesn't look like much - but that's a five yard gain. That's a huge play on first down if only for the flexibility it gives McCarthy calling plays on 2nd and 3rd. Not only that, it serves as a replacement for the running game and can serve to keep the Ravens guessing when to send their backers, thereby opening up outside lanes for the actual running game.

Now, I know a lot of people automatically assume that because of the forecast, McCarthy will be forced to use the ground game. Not a chance. Jason Wilde pointed this out as well, but all one needs to do is go back to the Seattle playoff game or the game at Chicago last season to see that McCarthy won't change his pass-first philosophy for no stinkin' weather. Yes,the NFC Championship game might give one pause, but Rodgers looked a thousand times more comfortable in the cold last December than Favre did back in '07. McCarthy will have no hesitation using any and all pass plays in his playbook on Monday night.

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