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Charles Woodson Says He Won't Retire as a Green Bay Packer

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Charles Woodson Says He Won't Retire as a Green Bay Packer

You know those ceremonial one-day contracts retired players sign primarily for publicity purposes?

It doesn't appear as if Charles Woodson is keen on the idea of retiring as a member of the Green Bay Packers.

While attending his annual namesake golf outing in Oneida on Friday, Woodson told Green Bay's CBS affiliate WFRV:

"It's not going to be tough.  My last team will most likely be the Oakland Raiders and so that's who I will retire with.  That won't be a tough decision at all.  A couple of years ago I signed an extension here in Green Bay.  I figured that this will be the last team that I played for and I looked forward to that, but it didn't happen.  So now I'm in Oakland and that's where I'll retire."


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Jamie's picture

Your loss

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Whatevs, haters gun hate.

GrnMachineCrushsQueens's picture

I REEEAAALLYYY hope WoodChuck doesn't f#ck up his Packer legacy because of a business decision...

james's picture

He is mad, and he should be, but we will see how he feels next year when he is actually forced to retire. He was a great player in Oakland, but his legacy was created in Green Bay.

Chris's picture

Who cares? He's still going to be one of the greatest Packers ever. I totally understand where he's coming from on this one. Wanted to retire as a Packer. They didn't want him. Raiders, his first team, made him feel wanted. Who can blame him?

Jamie's picture

He could have retired as a Packer...if his pride would let him see what everyone else sees. He's done.

Martin's picture

Just let the man play some football as long as he can and someone wants him.

PackerBacker's picture


4EVERGB's picture

Once again...Just like Jennings. Woodson was a football player. He was not a Packer. Packers are a breed all thier own. In 2010, he cried during halftime because he wanted a check. Nothing more. Why? Because he's not a Packer.He's gone now and from what I'm hearing, he stated he will retire from a nothing team. Why? Because it's the last team he was on? How pitiful.

TPacker's picture

Like all families, members may sometimes fight. Wood is still in the Packers family and I wouldn't throw that connection so easily. Although him and the organization are in a rough patch (which isn't half as bad as Brett Favre's), he'll eventually come back into the fold. Nothing is forever.

Stroh's picture

Agree, I don't make much of Woods comments. Who really cares if he signs a one day contract to retire as a Packer? It doesn't change the impact Wood had on the Packers, nor the impact the Packers had on Wood! Remember, Woodson became a HOF player from his playing days in GB, not in Oakland. And by the time he goes into the Packer HOF, much less Canton, he'll have a firm understanding of that, and appreciate the Packers for what they meant in his career. Its pretty obvious he turned his career around in GB and probably wouldn't be headed to the Pro Football HOF w/o having played in GB.

Kylepackerfan's picture

Not a big deal, he gave greenbay the best of what he had. Whatever he wants to do with Oakland is his biz. Thanks Woodson. Now disappear into the black hole of which you came.

zeke's picture

I'm not sure what it is he was supposed to say given that he just signed with Oakland. The Raiders might be a bit put off if the guy they just signed to a contract said something along the lines of "thanks, but FYI I'll always be a Packer." And as for business decisions, my understanding is that he didn't have the option of coming back to GB at any salary, so it was the Packers' business decision, not his. I think his legacy is safe for now.

Of course I could be wrong about that, as I haven't checked any forums.

TPacker's picture

Thank you for your voice of reason.

Fish . Crane's picture

.....Packer fans may be getting a bit too holy about ourselves

Bearmeat's picture


kathy's picture

Oakland was his first team, and it looks like it's also going to be the last. I don't blame Charles at all. MAIN thing is he played for us, he won a Super Bowl with us, and his legacy in the Football HOF will be as both a Raider and a Packer. He will also be a member of the Packer HOF one day. This is why players go into the Football HOF as players and not as a member of a particular team.

Charlie's picture

His choice. However he wants to play it. He'll be a Packers Hall of Famer, and he'll be an NFL Hall of Famer because of his play in Green Bay.

I bleed Green More's picture

Hey its their life does it really matter at this point. Thanks for your service you did very well, enjoyed watching your play.

nick perry's picture


nick perry's picture

Wow, there seems to be a very common theme with Packer players that were huge in helping the team win, then disrespecting or showing what seems obvious animosity for the team after they leave. Farve, Jennings, and now Woodson. While each circumstance is different, one thing seems to ring true through it all, they want nothing to do with the Packers . Thompson never tried to renegotiate with Woodson and I think that would have gone a long ways with Wood. It was a smart move by Ted salary cap wise, the Packers needed that 11 million in cap space. But if T.T. would have tried to bring him back for a lessor amount, perhaps Charles wouldn't be as butt hurt as he is .

MarkinMadison's picture

The 49ers were a powerhouse in the 80s and 90s because they always knew when to part ways with players. Part of what is going on here is that TT follows that philosophy.* The other part is that he appears to be about as warm and fuzzy as an ice cube. Put those two together, and you are going to have some players who are grumpy when the door hits them in the ass.

And FWIW, I would not put Jennings in the same category as Woodson. Other than the Jennings-Rodgers running joke/battle of non-recognition, there has really been nothing negative there. Go back to that video with that dufus Skip Bayless. Reading between the lines a little, he has a really good grasp of why he left (fewer weapons and lesser quarterback = a chance to prove himself, and, oh yeah, money).

And NO ONE will EVER be like Farve. Not in how he played (because no one will ever put up with those kind of interceptions again), and not in how he broke up with the Packers. Anyone who ever compares a player departure to Farve just has no freaking perspective on how bizarre that 3+ year odyssey was.

*DD was the rare exception for TT. No one else has been allowed to hang out for the sake of sentimentality. Woodson maybe could have been that guy, but DD beat him to it. TT woke up to that one the way we all woke up to that one-night stand in college with that lunatic. It won't happen again.

Stroh's picture

In the 80's and 90's the salary cap didn't exist, so you could keep players as long as they were useful, even if they were being paid very well. Without the salary cap teams generally kept a lot of higher priced vets around.

Your right Driver was around a year too long. IMO his winning DWTS had a lot to do w/ his getting another year. Driver became another National Celebrity once everyone knew him from Dancing. It would have been another bad publicity situation similar to Favre, had the Packers released Driver right after winning Dancing.

Fish . Crane's picture

lol a couple of times...nice writing

Jake's picture

Ted didn't want him back, so why make him an offer that he might accept?

Nick Perry's picture

Jake and Mark, I see your points, especially about Teds warm and fuzzy side. It looked like a challenge to smile when accepting the Lombardi trophy on the podium. The lack of interest in Wood was kinda a bummer but told me Ted made right move. I'd say to bring him back for leadership and certain packages. He could still play the run and wasn't afraid EVER to stick his nose in any situation. I guess we'll see but this is the second time I've read where Wood was retiring a Raider. Sucks he's so bitter, that's the business side of this. Like I heard recently, when a player plays as long as Wood, very Sheldon does it end on the players terms. D.D. Was definitely the exception.

wiazcat's picture

Come on people he is currently a Raider and as a Raider he is saying what the Raider fans want to hear. To me this is a none story until he actually retires.

Point Packer's picture

THe Oakland Raiders are a shit show.

Stroh's picture

They were under Davis. With McKenzie in charge I expect they'll start to climb back to respectability. They have a long ways to go tho.

ma linger's picture

Doesn't matter considering he played for both teams.

alfredomartinez's picture

you guys are all bozos, he aint mad...he aint dissing no one...he came from the raiders and his heart belongs a fan im grateful he brought a great deal of skill and experience with him, and wish him nothing but the best, he may not retire as a packer, but that doesnt mean he didnt give it his best while in green it with like grown ass men...

Allen's picture

I have to wonder if he'll feel differently if he's cut by the Raiders prior to the season. A man of great pride, a warrior, who like so many has a hard time admitting his career is over.

Thanks for all the great years, Charles!

Steve's picture

Its his loss.

Dewey Cooke's picture

You know FA's have a long history with successful teams and even going back to my child hood, Emlen Tunnel one of the all time greats finished up in GB on the 61 and I think 62 teams but is still thought of as NY Giant. I wish Woodson well and when he is eligible for HOF consideration I suspect most people will think of him as a GB Packer!

Lou's picture

Either way he was a thrill to watch, I never thought I would see a CB better than Herb Adderly but Woodson was, his anticipation and athletic ability were off the charts and he sold out on running plays like an undrafted free agent. His take on this may change if he is cut before a large portion of his salary is guaranteed - it still is a business. It was classy that they brought him in and thanked him before releasing him.

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