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Charles Woodson For MVP

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Charles Woodson For MVP

Of the Packers, it's a forgone conclusion. Of the league? He should be in the conversation.

Yes, I'm serious.

No, he doesn't have a chance in hell. But I hate how the MVP race is always about which quarterback plays the best over the course of the final two months of the season. Yes, it's the most important position. Yes, everyone from Manning to Brees to, yes, Favre has a legit claim to the award.

But Charles Woodson is as valuable to his team right now as any of those QBs are to theirs. Yes, a lot could happen over the course of the next month - but if Woodson keeps having games like he did against Dallas and Detroit he deserves to have his name in the mix, especially if the defense keeps producing after suffering the losses of Harris and Kampman. Imagine what Favre would look like without Peterson or Rice or how Manning would look like without...well, actually he probably wouldn't skip a beat.

But that's kind of the point. All week leading up to the Thanksgiving game all you heard was how the Packers would have to adjust to losing Harris and Kampman. Woodson pretty much made all such talk obsolete. Yes, it was against the Lions. So? Does Brees get points deducted from his candidacy because he was playing the Bucs? Or Favre for facing a pretty bad Bears team? No.

I'm sure I'm all alone on 'Desperate Homerism Island' on this one, but if you can read things like this from Peter King at the start of December...:

Through 12 weeks, Charles Woodson has officially played his way past Nnamdi Asomugha as the corner opposite Darrelle Revis on my All-Pro team.'ve got to think another month of dominating football will at least open up selectors eyes to how valuable Woodson has become.

UPDATE: I honestly just saw this, but it would seem I'm late to the party. Kudos to Andy on what is no doubt the start of a grass roots movement. (Um....ok I made that up)

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scrumptrulesent's picture

He took the Heisman from Peyton in college, why not take the MVP from him in the pros?

Jim in DC's picture

I agree...Woodson is easily the league MVP.

PackerMax's picture

I agree that if you look at who is the most valuable to their team, Woodson has to be in that conversation.

Who knows maybe those quarterbacks will falter down the stretch. Isn't one of them getting pretty old? Maybe his arm will fall off...

PackersRS's picture

Woodson is:
#2 in ints with 7.
#2 in D TDs with 2.
#3 in FF with 4.
#6 in Pass Deflections with 18
Between DBs, #1 in sacks with 2
Between DBs, #36 in tackles with 54.
Between CBs, #6 in tackles with 54.
Also, he's by far the leader in forced turnovers (Ints + FF) with 11... The next one is Charles Tillman with 8.

He's got to be the front runner for DPoY... If anyone sees it another way, they should be relieved of their duties as voters...
MVP is another talk... It'll require at least a couple more performances like he had against Dallas and Detroit, AND for the Packers to go 12-4, as well as him being directly responsable for at least one of those wins. Which is unlikely (the record, that is). Want prove that the record is as meaningful than the performance? Drew Brees last year...

IronMan's picture

A big game on Monday Night with everyone watching sure would help his case. How about a pick 6 in overtime to beat the Ravens? :)

packeraaron's picture go along with his earlier sack/strip/fumble recovery, of course. ;)

Jim_in_DC's picture

...of course, Aaron!

RockinRodgers's picture

Woodson and Rodgers should both be talked about as MVP. The problem is that either are getting much talk. They talk more about Vince Young, than about Rodgers. Rodgers numbers are right there with Favres and he is playing behind an awful O-line.

ctSharpeCheddar's picture

The football world is kissing too much purple booty

Just Pete's picture

Rodgers is outplaying Favre in all categories except interceptions. If he had an O-line like the Vikes do, he'd have no interceptions. He's first on all pro for NFC quarterbacks, Woodson is first for NFC cornerbacks, but Favre or Manning will win MVP because it's a popularity contest.

IronMan's picture

"The football world is kissing too much purple booty"

If we were 10-1 they would be kissing our ass too.

alfredomartinez's picture

so i went to mexico, which believe it or not is a big cheesehead nation as well (i guess we cant deny mexicans like cheese too!) and i bought a shirt that has charles woodson in the shape of the virgin mary, with the holy glow and all!! thought it was the greatest shit ever....god bless the PACK!

greenbaypackerbob's picture

Well said Ironman! "Get the wins and they will come!". I have a hard time faulting the commentators for not recognizing the Pack (3 weeks ago we were 4-4 after losing to Tampa!)
I like Woodson as much as anyone else (and he has saved key games), but if you think he has a chance at MVP you are not living on "Desperate Homerism Island", you are living on "Gilligan's Island"...

jbeebe1571's picture

Why not Woodson? As previously stated, he won the Heisman, an honor not typically bestowed upon defensive players. As for Rodgers/Favre wouldn't it be entertaining to see Favre as #2 to Rodgers in the Pro Bowl?

greenbaypackerbob's picture

ok, if we are on "Fantasy Island" - I will play along... why not dream Woodson MVP while playing in the Superbowl ! Dream big if we are going to dream! We can do better than Probowl... anything is possible! ... probable?? who knows.

Jim_in_DC's picture

I know it's a fantasy, Bob, but,'s my fantasy! :)

Jim_in_DC's picture

Woodson's performance will cause the NFL Hall of Fame to change their rules and induct him with immediate effect. ;)

greenbaypackerbob's picture

Jim - if it were based on your passion, I would have to say - it IS possible!

JerseyPackFan's picture

To think I used to despise Charles Woodson while he played for Michigan.

I`m sorry.

WoodyG's picture

Maybe P. Manning, Brees & BF will knock each other out of the running & Woody will squeak out the MVP ......... As long as BF doesn't receive it ....... For God's sake..... He's a Viking.

Holly's picture

"For God’s sake….. He’s a Viking."
This alone is grounds for disqualification.

PackersRS's picture

Like Bob said, I'd much rather have Rodgers or Woodson earning the SB MVP than the league MVP... All that matters is when it's all said and done who can say: "Kiss the ring beatch!"

PACKERS's picture

PackersRS: Those were some pretty nice looking numbers. How many other corners are leading in that many stats. Anyway, it shouldn't be about stats, it should be about who made the best contribution to his team, and that's definitely Charles. How many big plays has he stopped from happening this year, and how many plays has he turned into big plays for the Pack. He intercepts, he covers, he blocks, heck, he even blitzes and puts the QB on his back everytime. He should be a serious consideration for MVP.

BuckslayerNYC's picture

Giants Vikes play last game of the year....


The packers need the vikes to beat the Giants and the Vikes purposefully or not, rest all their starters to throw the game to screw the Pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You would have Wisconsinites loading up the 12 gauges and heading to the twin cities....

THink About that scenario, BUCKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JerseyPackFan's picture

I was thinking the same thing Buckslayer. This Packer team will have to go better then 3-2 the rest of the way in order for that scenario not to happen.

PACKERS's picture

By the way, it's good to see you up and posting again. Packer nation missed you.

Dilligaff's picture

The season is not over. This kind of talk is just foolishness at this time. I don't care if we send 10 players to probowl and win all the awards if we don't make the playoffs or go one and done. This kind of debate at this time only distracts the team and serves no usefully purpose. THERE IS A LOT OF FOOTBALL TO BE PLAYED, this is the time of the season where MVPs are made. Save this discussion till the fat lady sings!!!!

Jayme's picture

Buckslayer - With any luck the Vikes will have to keep playing in the last game of the season to try to earn home field advantage.

PackerBacker's picture

Ease up Dilligaff. This sight isn't about the players. It's about the fans having a place to BS about the team and their hopes/fears/expectations. It causes no distractions whatsoever to the team if I say that I think we should just send our whole defense to the Pro-bowl (an exaggeration).
I do however partially agree with you that it means nothing to send 10 or 12 people to the Pro-Bowl and then not get anywhere in the playoffs (Ex. Cowboys). My only caveat to that is that the players selected get a huge confidence boost from the selection. And since all NFL players are ego-driven, this is important.

Robert Greenfield's picture

The Ranter actually proposed this November 16th. Cheers.

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