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Chargers: 21 Packers: 13

By Category

Chargers: 21 Packers: 13

Davon House, Nick Perry, D.J. Smith

The Bad

The Bad

James Starks, Graham Harrell, M.D. Jennings

The Bad

The Bad

Tackling. Fumbles. Injuries. Take your pick.



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Charlie M's picture

Ugly: Me, for having a Benjamin Braddock moment. "Oh Jesus, God, no. DESMOND! DESMOND!DESMOND!

MarkinMadison's picture

How about ugly to the refs for throwing the flag on Perry?

Tommyboy's picture


murphy's picture

We'll get that cleaned up.

Chris's picture

Doing my best McCarthy voice: "Fundementals!"

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Last night wasn't pawsative.

Mojo's picture

Under "Good" for SD would be Ricky Elmore - he's making a comeback. Wait, I guess you have to have been somewhere to make a comeback.

Anthony's picture

Ugly: Herb Taylor.

Lucky953's picture

Ugly - more dropped passes, Starks, Jones, Gillyen (could Boyken have gotten to that seam pass for a certain 6 points? Great play fake by Harrell BTW)
Good (sort of) Dale Moss might be able to play someday; Dezman Moses didn't hurt his chances of making the roster. Donald Driver, and he didn't play a snap.
Bad - Was Graham Harrell nervous or can he really not throw a ball into a two foot window?

Tommyboy's picture

Good - Bush's solo tackle on 3rd and 4 after a 2 -yard out pattern. He brought that guy down SOLID. Then, Davon House showing he can tackle like Wood. Corners tackling. I dig it.

Tommyboy's picture

Okay, after looking around the internet, I have to give an UGLY to Packer fans overgeneralizing about Bush's poor coverage on one play, the offense, and that we will be lucky to be a .500 team. My favorite quote from a Pack fan: "The beginning of the end." Wow. Was that you cow42? (I kid because I love).

CSS's picture

I was pleasantly surprised/impressed with Genus at Guard and Center. He did better in the run game than I would have anticipated. Anybody get to re-watch? I have it on DVR, but didn't get the chance to take a look yet.

Really want an extensive look at both Genus and Dominguez the next two weeks.

Chazman's picture

I had it on DVR until I heard Gruden's voice once . . . too . . . often . . . I deleted it in a fit of pique.

I have regret now = mute.

Tundrabum's picture

Good: The sea of Packer fans at Qualcomm Stadium. :)

wgbeethree's picture

I swear to God I watch a completely different game than everybody else when it comes to DJ Smith. He didn't look good at all last night. His coverage, if you want to call it that, was terrible on the Gates TD. He had a couple missed tackles. Constantly taking missteps (I truly think this is why so many people think he's playing well. He's always flying into his tackles but it's because he frequently misreads the play initially so he has to. Those first steps are the difference between flying in there and being squared up in the hole). I could be completely wrong but I really don't see it at all with this guy. Definitely not seeing what everybody else seems to.

CSS's picture

Smith was in trail position underneath against gates, right where he was supposed to be. Jennings was the one turned around.

Smith really flows to the ball, I don't see the false steps you do. Actually, I'm shocked how well he slips blocks for linebacker of his stature.

packeraaron's picture

Actually, wgb, he had perfect coverage on Gates - if he gets the safety help it looks like he's expecting. Safety got turned around.

wgbeethree's picture

Jennings definitely should have had help over top but to say Smith had "perfect coverage" is laughable. I can't even fathom how you saw that and came to that conclusion.

Watch it again. Gates runs by him untouched and has him stumbling and beat two steps into his pattern. Smith does nothing but awkwardly run five yards behind him not even making it in the screen when the ball is caught. That coverage was just flat out BAD. Jennings getting turned around is the main reason that play worked for SD but Smith's coverage was terrible at best and if it was anyone else it would be getting lambasted.

CSS's picture

I just watched the same thing you did, and that was trail position you teach your ILB in coverage. If Jennings gives him inside help the only place for a QB to put the ball is above the ILB's head, on a rope, otherwise the safety has a pick.

Imagine you're the QB, all you can see from his view and on coaches film is Smith running in front of your TE. You can't lob it, it's picked by the safety. Only a handful of QB's would attempt it.

Jennings didn't leverage inside coverage and Gates broke over the middle.

I couldn't disagree with you more on this one.

Fish/Crane's picture

football in early August : Bad

Wagszilla's picture

McCarthy deserves the ugly for putting your starting CB on special teams in the 3rd quarter of a pre-season game.

To his credit, he was only a gunner, but still. Not the wisest of moves.

coloradopackerfan's picture

Harrell is catching way to much shi* for the first game. Flynn looked way worse in pretty much every preseason game.(wait - everybody dogged him as well, at least until he had a chance to play in a real game with the 1st team). While there were a few bad passes, there were equally as many dropped passes, not to mention a porous line. I am way more worried about the performance of the first team than Harrell - wont matter how good or bad Harrell is if the starters dont really shape up quickly.

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