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Both Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers noted the improvement Coleman has made during the offseason program in Green Bay.

Packers back up quarterback, BJ Coleman sat down with 620WTMJ in Milwaukee and discussed his role on the Packers.  

Peyton Manning will likely pass Marino today, giving him a clear shot to Favre's career touchdown record. Certainly, it is the first step towards a potentially perfect storm for Packer fans in a few years.

The sack might be the most overrated statistic in football, but the rate at which the Packers are taking them not only affects the Packers chances to win game, but Rodgers' chances for a long and healthy career.

Listen to the latest from the Cheesehead Radio gang as Rob Demovsky talks about everything from Aaron Rodgers to Dom Capers to...Brett Conway??

CD Angeli looks at QB1's play in Indianapolis and doesn't like what he sees.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers accurately recalled his miss to Jordy Nelson vs. the Browns during this preseason with Jason Wilde today. We break it down with film to help visualize how the play worked step-by-step.

Quarterback Graham Harrell may not get a long look Thursday night against the Bengals, but the snaps he does get will be very important for the Packers moving forward.

In a perfect world, Aaron Rodgers is the regular season and Super Bowl MVP in the same year. But in a worst-case scenario, Graham Harrell's poor play has the Packers looking for another backup.

After a discussion of the annual financial report, we preview the quarterback position pre-training camp.

The Packers running back is focused on protecting Aaron Rodgers this season, and staying healthy so he can be on the field to protect him.

The Green Bay Packers have released quarterback Nick Hill, according to a source familiar with the situation.

Matt Flynn is gone, Graham Harrell remains, and Nick Hill and B.J. Coleman are in. Does that equation equal anything but question marks for the Packers' backup QB situation in 2012?

New Packers quarterback B.J. Coleman talked to Cheesehead TV about becoming a "student of the game."

Cheesehead TV brings you a question and answer session with the quarterback from Tennesee-Chattanooga.

The Packers are reportedly considering a draft-day deal for Browns QB Colt McCoy.

Following the trade of Tim Tebow to the New York Jets, an interesting scenario may be in the cards for a potential backup quarterback in Green Bay.

The New York Jets traded for quarterback Tim Tebow Wednesday, ending any speculation of the polarizing player ending up in Green Bay.

Do you know who Brett Favre beat out for the MVP in 1995? Neither did I, but you can bet that we'll remember the titans that Aaron Rodgers had to battle to win the MVP award in 2011.

Aaron Rodgers was interviewed about playing the quarterback position for ESPN The Magazine. It is an absolute must-read.

Aaron Rodgers' definition of a Bad Day probably isn't the same as what we'd consider a bad day. But it is that high level of expectation that fuels a team to a win, even when it isn't hitting on all cylinders.

While Monday night's game was exciting for Packer fans, there were some serious breakdowns in pass protection.

"Paul Ott Carruth", a former player and coach who wishes to remain anonymous, breaks down the Packers' play-action game.

The Packers are 7-0, and on a 13-0 run since the end of last season. Surely, we can't find anything negative to write about. Can we?

Aaron Rodgers, maybe more than anyone, will determine how much the Packers run the ball in 2011. Not that it will matter.

Fans may have been spoiled by the last two preseasons where the Packers offense could seemingly do no wrong.

Look for the expansion of the tight end/H-Back personnel group to give Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers even more options when attacking defenses.

An extensive look at the many different aspects of pass protection from long-time contributor "Paul Ott Carruth".

Ted Thompson would be wise to resist the urge to move his teams backup quarterback for draft pick compensation.

It's time fans and the media paid attention to how tough Aaron Rodgers is.