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If the Packers are going to make their ninth straight playoff berth, they need to be true to who they are. 

The Packers have reached the halfway point of the season. And after eight games, I still have no idea what identity this offense is.  

Packers fans flocked to Lambeau Field last Sunday to watch the heavily favored home team dismantle the Indianapolis Colts with their newly acquired...

In news that had Packer Nation saying, "Finally!" on Tuesday, the Packers traded the Chiefs a conditional draft pick in exchange for running back...

It's no secret that the Green Bay Packers offense has looked like a shell of what we know it's capable of being since Week 8 of the 2015 season. 

When you only play 16 regular season games, every win is important. But just how much of a priority is Week 1 when the team is making preseason mi...

    Thirty years old is considered the Line of Demarcation for NFL running backs.

If the Green Bay Packers want to point to a measure of their game that heavily contributed to their six losses, they need only look to the puzzling ineptitude of their second quarter performances.  

Video games have been around for awhile. I can remember playing Super Tecmo Bowl into the wee hours of the night after Christmas 1991.

You can understand losing at Denver and at Carolina.

There’s no argument that Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the game. His throwing, running and perceptive qualities are off the cha...

We’re at the quarter pole of the season already and the Packers are right where they want to be.

Later today or tomorrow ( by 3 P.M. Central) we will learn the final makeup of 53-man roster which will open the season for the Green Bay Packers at Chicago on Sunday, September 13.  Today, with a full body of work now in the books, we roll out our final Version 3.0.

The Green Bay Packers have grown considerably on offense since Week 1. 

In a best-case scenario, Finley finally joins the elite tight ends in the NFL, but in the worst-case scenario, Andrew Quarless fails to come back until 2013.

In the best-case scenario, Greg Jennings has a career year in a contract season, but on the flip side of the coin, Donald Driver does little other than have a farewell tour around the NFL.

The seventh-round draft choice from Florida State got the opportunity to practice with the first-string offense this week.

The 2010 first-round draft choice isn't fretting over the fact that he hasn't been moved to left tackle. The right side suits him just fine.

Packers running back Alex Green is still rehabbing an ACL injury he suffered last season, but he appears on track for a training camp return.

The Packers reportedly have an interest in free-agent center Jason Brown, who was released by the St. Louis Rams after the 2011 season.

The late round center prospect is reportedly scheduled to meet with the Packers before the 2012 NFL draft.

The Sporting News draft analyst expects Green Bay to look at the Boise State running back.

Free-agent offensive tackle Demetrius Bell will reportedly make an official visit to Green Bay this week.

Speaking from the NFL owners meetings earlier this week, McCarthy gave quick updates on the rehab progress of three injured Packers.

Following the trade of Tim Tebow to the New York Jets, an interesting scenario may be in the cards for a potential backup quarterback in Green Bay.

Now that we know the Packers will be beginning a new phase at center next season, here's a rundown on who Ted Thompson may call on to replace the man who made 100 career starts in Green Bay.