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I've been reading Packer blog comments and forums and have been muttering the same two words at my screen over and over. It's January.

At the end of a pretty pedestrian opinion piece, Michael Hunt actually makes an excellent point:

Good stuff here from Mike Lombardi regarding McCarthy's defensive coordinator search:

A lot of pixels were spilled the past few weeks regarding Mike McCarthy and the supposed change in perception of his tenure as coach of the Green...

"Multiple Scheme". I can't tell you how happy that makes me.

(Hattip Packershow) according to the Green Bay Press-Gazette:

Obviously, McCarthy is an avid Cheesehead TV reader. ;)

When reports surfaced earlier this week that McCarthy had interviewed Jim Haslett for the vacant defensive coordinator position, my reaction was ...

Tom Silverstein reports that Gregg Williams is heading to New Orleans. Here's hoping Philly loses this weekend...

Word tonight that Jim Haslett is now a leading candidate for the Defensive Coordinator job is ill met by moonlight here at Cheesehead TV.

Mike Nolan will be the defensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos according to several different reports.

This is excellent news.

This sensational post from Greg Bedard over at the JSOnline Packer Blog regarding Ted Thompson's role in the defensive coordinator searc

According to Tom Silverstein, writting in the Journal Sentinel this morning, everyone needs to chill out on the "Nolan Is A Done Deal - All Hail...

That's what Mike Lombardi "hears" this week, which (conveniently) leads him to surmise that Mike Nolan is on his way to Green Bay.

Why else would Joe Whitt Jr. have been promoted to Secondary Coach (Hat-Tip Packers Lounge) before a new coordinator was hired?

Mike Nolan is currently putting together a defensive staff and preparing to join the Packers as their Defensive Coordinator, according to Mike...

That's what it says here. Wow. When McCarthy starts over, he starts OVER.

Bob Slowik is available! (Somewhere, Corey's head just exploded...)

Michael Lombardi, who actually knows people in the NFL and with the Packers, had a very interesting quote in his morning "Diner News" column today:

Greg Bedard starts the drumbeat for the Packers and Ted Thompson to persue Jason Taylor this offseason.

Pete Dougherty puts it in historical perspective:

...according to Jay Glazer.

After spending most of this season calling for Desmond Bishop to take over the middle linebacker spot, I'll admit I think McCarthy and his...

Looking at the game again last night, I confirmed something (in my mind, at least) that I had suspected after the Atlanta game.

The Colts, in a losing effort, did provide one excellent wrinkle that Bob Sanders should try exploiting, especially as he has the personnel to pull...

Watching the Titans-Colts game last night, three things become readily apparent:

The Tennessee Titans are mad, bad and dangerous to know and present the exact opposite challenge to the Packers that the Colts did. Looking back at...

From Eric Goska (one of my favorites) of the Press Gazette: