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Great point by commenter 'DanTX' in the last post.

At his press conference Sunday, Mike McCarthy had the following to say about the defensive line:

Of course, by the time you read this he could be signed with the Giants or the Seahawks, but if not...

Great post from Andy over at PackerGeeks.

Very interesting feeling looking at the following text on my phone today: Packers activate DT Harrell, Release DE Gbaja-Biamila. from

One thing I wanted to note after going back and watching most of Colin Cole's snaps this season - Cole has really taken his game to the next level.

The hits just keep on coming.

I have liked Cullen Jenkins ever since he came in off the bench for an injured Grady Jackson during a season opening Monday Night game against the...

I am trying desperately to write a positive article about the Packers defense.

Gilbert Brown. Grady Jackson. Ryan Pickett.

Fear not, Packer fans, the organization has left no stone unturned in its quest for defensive line help.

The latest from Bob McGinn about Michael Montgomery is extremely encouraging on many levels.

Believe it or not, the Packers have bigger problems than Brett Favre heading into 2008.

So the Jason Taylor rumors are back in full force this evening.

...but is it not a bit disconcerting that Johnny Jolly and Justin Harrell will not only be out until training camp, but now McCarthy is saying:

Buried over at Pro Football Weekly's latest 'The Way We Hear It', is the contention from one Dolphin 'team insider' that Bill Parcell's

What a joke.

With the Packers placing the franchise tag on Corey Williams, the watch is on until draft weekend to see if Thompson tries to get something for...

Tom Silverstein of the Journal Sentinel, writing for Sporting News, brings up something I've been worried about, and in the process, doesn't...

This should please all the Corey Williams fans out there.

The Packers have done just what Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy said they would do this year - win.

With Colin Cole and now Johnny Jolly sent to I.R., many Packer fans were clamoring for the team to sign recently released NT Sam Adams. Which is...

I've liked Jenkins since the Packers took a chance on him after his stint in NFL Europe. I remember being excited to see him when Grady Jackson was...

Mike Montgomery will see extended time at defensive end this Sunday. Remember him? He's the guy who looked halfway decent last season, came into...

Lost amongst the angst and gnashing of teeth in the wake of the Cowboys loss is the fact that Justin Harrell actually played pretty well. Neither...

With the injury to Johnny Jolly,

So much for Justin Harrell making a push for playing time.