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Sometimes I wonder if the NFL could make even more money.

We’re finally ready to start another NFL season. Let’s be honest — the preseason is long enough.

After a 30-2 vote in favor of the proposal in question, the NFL has adopted new rules for points after touchdowns. 

Aaron spoke with the SiriusXM NFL Radio host and former NFL quarterback about DeflateGate. 

The only question now is what kind of punishment the NFL hands down, if any. 

The Vikings running back can appeal the ruling handed down on Tuesday.

Novelist and friend of CHTV Patrick Somerville offers Packers fans a unique five-step process for getting over Monday night's debacle in time for Sunday

The NFL commissioner made a comment that didn't sit well with Packers fans on Thursday. That and more in today's Daily Links...

An open letter to the NFL commissioner from a Green Bay Packers fan wavering on his allegiance to the game that he loves.

Roger Goodell will be in attendance at Packers practice on Wednesday that begins at 8:15 a.m.

An arbitrator will hear the grievance the players' union filed against the NFL regarding the Saints bounty program on Wednesday. That and more in today's Daily Links...

Mike McCarthy, Ted Thompson and Mark Murphy are in attendance at the NFL owners meeting beginning today in Palm Beach, Fla.

Roger Goodell announced this afternoon that Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy has been added to the NFL's Competition Committee

FOX Sports' Jay Glazer reports that the Lions have been informed that their star defensive tackle will be suspended.

With four Packers wide receivers sustaining knee contusions during the past couple weeks, should they be wearing knee pads?

The league and the former players union agreed to a new Collective Bargaining Agreement that will ensure labor peace for the next decade.

A tense and confusing day on the labor front set up a huge day on Thursday for the completion of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement and an end to the NFL's lockout.

The players have reportedly made concession after concession in the ongoing labor talks. Time for the owners to stop trying to squeeze and start trying to close.

NFL ownership meets in Chicago today to go over the latest proposal that could be sent to the former players union as soon as this week.

Here's part 2 of Andrew Garda's look behind the scenes at an aspect of the CBA battle we're not talking about: Big Market Owners vs Small Market Owners.

As the NFL files it's motion to dismiss the Brady case and people talk of a September hearing, Andrew Garda cautions you to not read too much into it.

While the NFL prepares for all sorts of scenarios, both sides in the ongoing labor dispute could be meeting this week to talk about finding some common ground.

The Commissioner of the NFL and the head of the former players union need to start to find some common ground before those that have nothing to do with the lockout start getting hurt - badly.

The NFL insists they want to talk through mediation instead of litigation. Unfortunately,their underhanded tactics make this less and less feasible.

Some players are set to report to work, where their coaches have been told not to speak to them. Welcome to the NFL.

Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports reports that the NFL and the NFLPA are seemingly close to agreeing on going to an eventual 18 game regular season.

The issue of the use of lower body pads, being considered as mandatory by the NFL, was broached by Roger Goodell for perhaps the first time in public.

Roger Goodell and the NFL had a golden opportunity to make their real case in the CBA battle with the Players Union today at Lambeau. Unfortunately for football fans everywhere, what we got was more of the same.

The NFL was in the house for the Packers' annual shareholders meeting,

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's decision to hold an open forum Q&A session next Thursday at Lambeau Field highlights today's look at the world of Packers football ...