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Packers fan and San Francisco resident Nate McKenna joins Railbird Central to give Packers fans a tourists' guide to the city.

With a good game or two, Jennings could set franchise records for the most catches and receiving yards in Packers postseason history.

Nathan Jahnke of joins Railbird Central to look back at a Wildcard win and to preview the divisional round matchup.

Seeing Joe Webb run the read-option has given the Packers a preview of what they'll see from Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers offense on Saturday.

Following a victory over the Vikings in the Wildcard round of the playoffs, the Packers now travel to San Francisco for a date with the 49ers.

The love affair between the Baltimore faithful and Ray Lewis was awe-inspiring today in his final game in front of his home fans. Donald Driver deserved a send-off far more befitting his accomplishments and bond with Packer Nation than what he got.

Seven players must be listed as inactive on Saturday. Cheesehead TV has the prediction on who those players will be.

Brian Carriveau joined K107 in Fond du Lac to preview Saturday's Wildcard playoff game between the Vikings and the Packres.

Cheesehead TV has searched the secondary ticket market to find the cheapest tickets for Saturday's game, a few of them for a little over $100.

Yahoo! Sports NFL writer and unabashed Twitter personality @MikeSilver sits down with the Cheesehead Radio gang and talks about everything in the NFL...including his famous quote following the Fail Mary debacle!

Clay Matthews also said he's looking forward to some redemption in the 2012 match-up between the Packers and the Giants.

Mike McCarthy said, following the loss to the Giants, that the Packers had not played to their identity. C.D. talks about what that identity really is.

Aaron looks at how things should play out when each team has the ball and gives his prediction for today's game against the Giants.

The New York Giants will visit Lambeau Field next Sunday for the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs.

The Packers receivers had a hard time keeping their eye on the ball against the Chiefs. A humbling loss may be just what the doctor ordered to get Mike McCarthy and the entire Packer team to refocus and keep their eye on the ball.

A look at the Falcons' running game, which had great success against the Packers in their matchup earlier this year.

Game starts at 3:40pm CDT. Join us in the Live Gameday Chat Pre-Game and Post-Game

...who didn't show everything last week.

I was going to link to Holly's amazing Wild Card write up over at The Other 31, but I thought it really deserevd to be here on the homepage. Just fantastic stuff: Welcome to the first playoff edition of Opposition Research, where I’ll be taking stock of the Packers instant-replay wild card opponent, the Arizona Cardinals.  Considering that the two teams just played, there isn’t much to add or change from last week’s more standard take on the Cardinals.  With the national media descending on the match, there’s no shortage of articles, angles, and predictions.  Let me walk you through just a few as we get set for the Packers return to the postseason. Ken Whisenhunt’s grand “plan” for the Packers… didn’t work out quite how he anticipated.  Yes, many of his starters will be fresher and more rested than their Green Bay counterparts.  Yes, a humiliating 33-7 loss could motivate the team to come out angry and eager to punish someone.  But with injuries to key players and a very lopsided score, there have been rumblings that the Packers won the week because they were able to get under Whisenhunt’s skin.  Whisenhunt has denied this, of course, but it makes for good pre-game hype.  I like what DJ Gallo said about the Cardinals’ level of effort (or lack thereof) last Sunday: It was a desperate attempt to recapture the late-season stink of 2008 that propelled them to the Super Bowl. Or something. Meanwhile, Kevin Hunt, the sports director of 12 News in Phoenix, is in the “Whisenhunt is a genius” camp: I think [Whisenhunt]’s helped build a false sense of confidence in the Packers locker room.  Listening to Aaron Rodgers after the game you sense that he feels invincible this week.  That he’ll be able to move up and down the field against the Cardinals in the playoffs with the same ease he did in the preseason and meaningless regular season finale. Other than that, the Cards think there’s little to be gleaned from the game.

ESPN is running a feature called 'Player X' where an anonymous NFL 'star' player talks about sports. This week the topic is, surprise, the NFL...

The Packers are most likely, baring the Cowboys pulling off the upset Saturday night, going to be playing this Sunday afternoon knowing that if...

Everywhere you turn in the Packer Blogosphere and even in the accredited media you find pieces about the Packers playoff chances, complete with examinations of the Packers schedule and how it compares with the Vikings and Bears, who they all play when, what might happen to the Williams brothers, etc, etc. Sorry, but I just don't see it. I understand newspapers have a vested interest in keeping hope alive, but my fellow bloggers really need to take off the Green and Gold glasses. This team is not going to the playoffs, and if, by some miracle, it happened to find it's way in, it would be embarrassed on a national stage once again. They have simply run out of competent players on the defensive line to mask Bob Sanders gross incompetence. It's that simple, really. Last year, the defensive line was stacked with quality players and hid the fact that Sanders had zero imagination or ability to adjust his scheme, at least not until the end of the season when injuries had taken their toll and you saw the cracks start to show.

Call me sentimental, I don't care. I didn't make this video but I like it. Enjoy it while you can. Video showcases favorite pass and run plays at Lambeau for the fans to vote on their favorite play. The run poll has ended and I think...

Should the Packers beat the Giants and earn the right to advance to the Super Bowl, the man who will hand the George S.

Aaron Kampman vs. Kareem McKenzie

This is both ridiculous and brilliant.

Throughout the month of December, we kept hearing and reading how Koren Robinson and Ruvell Martin were making their moves to take over the #3 WR...

The Packers offensive line had it's most complete game of the season against the Seahawks last Saturday, and people are noticing.

Now I know we're Packer fans and all, but you have to be impressed that Giant's rookie corner Aaron Ross will attempt to play against the Packers -...