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Jordy Nelson has been talked about ad nauseam since the Packers said thanks but no thanks.

I expected general manager Brian Gutekunst to be more aggressive in free agency than Ted Thompson, but there is something else at stake here: Aaron Rodgers.  

But while gobs of money is floating around, the Packers are without a veteran corner and in the process, may also lose veteran safety Morgan Burnett.  

The Packers have 10 free agents, but who are three Green Bay should try to keep? 

This may be Brian Gutekunst’s first term as the Packers general manager, but it is oh so important.

The Eagles' success in the 2017 season demonstrates the importance of free agency as a tool to fill out a roster.

Brett Hundley gives the Packers a quality backup quarterback and that's something that's worth more than a mid-round draft pick. 

Can we please stop talking about Adrian Peterson? Can we please stop with the incessant teasing of what if Peterson was in this backfield or that ...

If the season started today, how confident would you be in the Packers defense?

Mitch Nelles of The Big 920 breaks down the moves made by the Packers in the second wave of free agency.

None of us should be surprised at what didn’t happen when free agency kicked off on Thursday afternoon.

Scott McKenna of the Talkin' S-Mac blog discuss the early impact of free agency on the Green Bay Packers.

Owen Riese of Acme Packing Company joins the show to make predictions on the Packers' pending free agents.

Ross Uglem of discusses all nine of the Packers' controlled free agents and whether they might be re-signed.

Which Packers should stay and which should go in 2017?

It’s time for Ted Thompson to be courageous.

You cannot go very far these days and miss the NBA free agency chatter. And no, I’m not talking about the obvious in Kevin Durant.

Ted Thompson shocked the world on Monday. After signing Julius Peppers in 2014, Thompson opted to swallow hard and sign Jared Cook.

Let’s be honest. The weakest position on the Packers is at tight end.

The beginning of free agency has come and gone.  Free agency itself is certainly not over, but there are a lot of dream targets for Packers fans...

We recap the first week of free agency, including the defections of cornerback Casey Hayward and quarterback Scott Tolzien.

Who says the Green Bay Packers don't sign free agents?

Ted Thompson has a fork in the road this offseason. With the available $19.63 million the Packers have under the cap, Thompson must make a decision.

Will they stay or will they go? The future of all 12 Packers free agents is predicted.

Head coach Mike McCarthy made a surprising comment that seemed to indicate Kuhn might have yet another one-year contract on the horizon...

You always hear how the clock is ticking on the Packers.

Joe Goodberry of gives listeners the lowdown on the free agent paying a visit to the Packers.

The smart money is on the Packers extending offers to their most coveted free agents prior to the end of the upcoming season. But who has earned an early extension?

The Packers can match the offer but recieve no compensation if he leaves. 

Lattimore joins A.J. Hawk and Brad Jones as linebackers that have departed from Green Bay this offseason.