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The team announced the move along with two other previously reported transactions. 

With the new CBA in place, Russ Ball's job with rookie contracts got a lot easier. All eight 2012 picks are expected to be signed before mini camp Friday.

Defensive end Mike Neal and rookie wide receiver Randall Cobb returned to practice today after extended time away due to injury.

In his new column, Andrew Garda asks Sam Farmer, NFL reporter for the Los Angeles Times about everything from LA Stadiums to Labor peace to repeating Championships and Rex Ryan being Rex Ryan.

The league and the former players union agreed to a new Collective Bargaining Agreement that will ensure labor peace for the next decade.

A look at how the week will play out from a free agency and the signing of draft picks.

The league and its players have agreed to terms on a new 10 year collective bargaining agreement.

ESPN reports a breakthrough in talks Saturday afternoon that supposedly lays the groundwork for the league to lift its four month lockout later this week.

A look at what the league is proposing in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement

A tense and confusing day on the labor front set up a huge day on Thursday for the completion of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement and an end to the NFL's lockout.

Both the Niners and the Cowboys are making preparations for the lockout to end in the next few days.

The league and the former players union are close to a deal. All that's left is for both sides not to screw it up - which is always harder than it looks with this bunch.

Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy was instrumental in helping the two sides break through on the issue of rookie pay.

The players have reportedly made concession after concession in the ongoing labor talks. Time for the owners to stop trying to squeeze and start trying to close.

Despite all the stupidity this off-season, Andrew Garda sees some proof that maybe someone involved in the Labor Strife of 2011 is thinking ahead.

The league and the former players union are stuck on something that was supposedly agreed upon back in March.

The NFL and the former players union have even more incentive to get a deal done after the courts ruling this morning.

The current ESPN analyst and former NFL coach and player gave a stirring speech to the incoming rookie class this morning.

The head of the former players union asked the NFL commissioner to speak at the NFLPA rookie symposium tomorrow in Florida.

The league and the former players union continue to meet, this time for four straight days, to try and get a deal done in time for training camp.

NFL ownership meets in Chicago today to go over the latest proposal that could be sent to the former players union as soon as this week.

A small group of owners doesn't like what it hears coming from the talks between the NFL and the former players union.

The league and its former players union met again today with signs that the ongoing talks could be close to yielding a deal between the two sides.

Here's part 2 of Andrew Garda's look behind the scenes at an aspect of the CBA battle we're not talking about: Big Market Owners vs Small Market Owners.

Andrew Garda takes a look behind the scenes at an aspect of the CBA battle we're not talking about: Big Market Owners vs Small Market Owners. (part 1)

The league and the players met in New York City today to continue the talks that started last week in Chicago.

As the NFL files it's motion to dismiss the Brady case and people talk of a September hearing, Andrew Garda cautions you to not read too much into it.

While the NFL prepares for all sorts of scenarios, both sides in the ongoing labor dispute could be meeting this week to talk about finding some common ground.

The Minnesota federal court cancels next week's scheduled mediation as the two sides continue to talk - sans lawyers.

The NFL's Commissioner and the head of the former NFLPA met with what looks like the NFL’s Management Council Executive Committee last night.