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Fans of the Green Bay Packers are spoiled by the play from their quarterback position.  Who would have guessed after a nasty Favre-Packers divorce in 2008 that Packers fans might be treated to perhaps an even greater performance out of the quarterback position?

Tomorrow at 11 o’clock AM the Green Bay Packers will convene their “Annual Meeting of the Shareholders of Green Bay Packers, Inc.” at Lambeau Field with approximately 20,000 exuberant owners and guests in attendance.

It has finally happened. I’ve been wondering when pro sports would take a page from boxing and MMA and offer a pay-per-view model.

It’s pretty obvious what the answer is, but Saturday night merely proved it.

Frankie Winters and Brett Favre spoke at a press conference this afternoon, in advance of Favre's induction into the Packers Hall of Fame. 

Football-starved fans, and reporters, can fall into the trap of making mountains out of OTA molehills. 

The legendary Packers quarterback will have his number retired in prime time. 

Green Bay announced that their annual Packers Coats for Kids collection is set for Sunday.

The fourth annual "5K Run at Lambeau Field" will take place on Saturday, Junly 27 at 6:30 p.m.

Back in April, the Green Bay Packers and, the official fan home of the Green Bay Packers, announced a unique fan contest in...

TBS announced it fall line up on Wednesday and the show "Cheeseheads" made the final cut.

The love affair between the Baltimore faithful and Ray Lewis was awe-inspiring today in his final game in front of his home fans. Donald Driver deserved a send-off far more befitting his accomplishments and bond with Packer Nation than what he got.

Carolyn Nagler guest-posts about her experience at MetLife Stadium this past Sunday as she and Aaron took in the Packers loss to the Giants.

Mark Murphy announced the return of Family Night, scheduled for August 6th.

Corey Behnke shares some of his photos from the launch of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in New York and Las Vegas. Take your time NFL...

From renowned photographer Greg Vore... Our new Die-Hard Fan Poster

Photos from Soldier Field and Fan Festivities during NFC Championship game weekend.

Aaron tends to think that fans have blown Brett Favre's conversation with Julius Peppers all out of proportion.

A gallery of various signs by Packer fans during last week's game against the Vikings.

Food Network is looking for Hardcore Packer Tailgaters.

No, this isn't a post about the Packers running game, and no, it's not a post on one of the greatest coin-ops ever. No, the title refers to

Steeler fans? The best?

Packer fans are having a great time interacting with Nick Barnett, Jermichael Finley and Ryan Grant via Twitter

...but I can't stop watching this. Thanks IronMan. :)

We all know I'm no draftnik. Goodness knows, I have trouble enough trying to keep track of the talent on the 32 teams in the NFL. I would simply be...

There are tons of real fans here, obviously. But what I don't get are the automaton sheeple who see a coach/player/front office executive and...

On a hot July in Inwood, Manhattan in 2007 the Packer Fan Forum at Cheesehead TV was born.

NFL News and opinion through a lens of vintage 9 yr cheddar processed in a 12 World Championship Stew of History & Greatness. Follow our new...

17 NFL Team's Websites & 3 Team Newspaper Sports sections have more web traffic than, which is the highest trafficked "Green Bay...