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-- At long last, the preseason finale has concluded and the Green Bay Packers have emerged unscathed without any major injuries.

Aaron's gut reactions from the preseason finale. 

On today's show, Jenelle Mackie, Sarah Kelliher, and Maggie Loney sit down for Episode 400 of the Pack-A-Day Podcast.

Here are five things to watch for during tonight's preseasom finale:

Today, we look at some key battles that will determine the Packers fifty-three man roster heading into week 1 against Chicago.   

On today's show, Ross and Jake try and predict the Packers' 53 man roster by going back and forth and choosing their respective teams.

Tell us why we should pick you to play against us...

As the Packers prepare for their fourth and final preseason matchup, here are some practice squad-eligible candidates to keep an eye on. 

Andy Herman takes a look at eleven specific players on the Packers' roster that Mike Pettine could use to create the ultimate amoeba defense.

The Andrew Luck news shocked everyone. Nobody expects a former No. 1 overall pick to call it a career at age 29.

On today's show, Nick and Jacob discuss Josh Jones clearing waivers, Oren Burks' injury, and the running back depth chart.

Closed Practice Brief: August 26, 2019

Breaking down some passing plays from the Packers preaseason loss to the Raiders

On today's show, Andy Herman discusses Andrew Luck's retirement, Josh Jones' release, and the Packers' backup quarterback battle.

Closed Practice Brief: August 25, 2019

Here's a look around the NFC North heading into the final week of the preseason.

On today's show, Jason Perone and Paul Bretl discuss the Packers' biggest winners and losers from preseason week three.

The weekly Packers Brain Drain from Jersey Al.

That's What Cheese Said is out now for the Preseason Week 3 game against the Oakland Raiders. Find out what the team thought about the bizarre circumstances that impacted the game this past Thursday. 

Which players saw their stocks rise after the closing bell on Thursday Night? Your Packers Stock Report for Preseason Game Number 3 is right here. 

Jake Rongholt and Mark Eckel look into their crystal ball to see who will make the 53-man roster and why J'Mon Moore will be the odd man out. Plus, a rightful rant on the Packers' odd trip to Winnipeg. Don't miss another all new Pack-A-Day Podcast!

Jimmy Graham is a tough guy to guage as the sun begins to rise on his 10th NFL season.

Ross will provide a few observations every Monday afternoon following a Packers game based on a few viewings of the condensed version of the game...

After yet another debacle involving an unsafe playing surface, it's time for the NFL to show it actually cares about player safety.

Preseason Game Three Roundup: 2019

-- It was kind of a joke that a professional football game was played under the conditions that the field in Winnipeg presented Thursday night....

Today, Andrew Mertig and Kyle Fellows give you their thoughts and get you caught up on everything that happened in Thursday's game. Enjoy!