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From Larry Garot of PackerChatters, in response to my post:

The Blog Battle between Cheesehead TV and PackerGeeks may have come down to a simmer (mostly due to my inability to carve out a couple hours to...

Steve over at PackerGeeks has taken umbrage with my post on Ryan Grant and my leering look his way in said post.

Speaking of "huh?", it's no secret that Corey and I are insanely jealous somewhat incredulous when it comes to the incredibly popular...

So I'm posting a 53 man roster prediction comparison at our Packer Fan Forum, when I decide to use Packergeeks and

Sometimes, it's hard not to get despondent.

Steve over at PackerGeeks has taken umbrage with

At 12:37, I posted:

Less than 24 hours after it began, the great Blog Battle of 2007 between Packer Geeks and CheeseheadTv has come to an end. And lo, the Pabst did...