Carry The G In MKE: Gotta get competitive

After having a weekend to calm down (or stew on it) Aaron and Camille lament another slow start on offense and try to get past the embarrassing loss to the Lions by looking ahead to a Raiders team that Green Bay needs to be competitive against. Camille also sticks up for the Gold Package!

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October 03, 2023 at 02:04 am

This Green Bay Packers 2023 edition won't see the post season, simply because I feel the Green Bay Packers are I believe the youngest Team in the NFL and in rebuilding back up to being an elite team like we had in Favre and Rodgers. One retired in Favre and Rodgers in New York even though he's out for the season for the Jets with an Achilles injury. They maybe an outside chance
that (Rodgers may play for the Jets in 2023) that remains to be seen Back to the Green Bay Packers not to sound like a downer, I don't foresee a winning season in 2023. Let's face it Packer fans to return to winning 10,11,12 game plus won't be until 2025 or so. Jordan Love has a lot of learning to become an elite quarter. Look for it to happen with Jordan Love in 2025 to which he will be right up there as bringing the Green Bay Packers to be considered an elite NFL like the San Francisco 49ERS, Dallas Cowboys, the Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles. Feel free to comment on my post. I'm open to criticism and being overly critical. I've watched the Packers since 1967 at the tender age of eight and believe you me I've seen it all up to the present (2023) at 64 years of age. Weather the Packers win lose or draw (tie) I will always love the Green Bay Packers. Love you Packers fans in Wisconsin being formally from Wisconsin now residing in Albuquerque, New Mexico. You take care you Packer fans in Wisconsin.
Kevin Lee Broehm

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