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Carimi: Packers Would Have To Trade Up To Get Me

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Carimi: Packers Would Have To Trade Up To Get Me

MADISON––Wisconsin offensive lineman Gabe Carimi sure isn't lacking in confidence.

Asked about the possibility of being selected by the Green Bay Packers with head coach Mike McCarthy and general manager Ted Thompson in attendance at Wisconsin's pro day workout on Wednesday, Carimi said, "I think they'd have to probably trade up."

That wasn't the first bold proclamation by Carimi.

At the NFL Combine two weeks ago, Carimi said he was the no. 1 tackle in this year's draft class.

"Because of the players I've gone against, four potential first-round players (Adrian Clayborn, Ryan Kerrigan, Cameron Heyward and J.J. Watt)  I've gone against this year," said Carimi in Indianapolis. "I have a better resume of going against better talent than anyone else, so that makes me more (pro) ready.

"I'm physically stronger and have more career starts and better knowledge of the game than any other tackle out there. That's why I'm the No. 1 tackle out there.''

According to Carimi, NFL teams have asked for clarification.

"They asked me why I thought that," said Carimi. "They asked me why and I repeated myself, and most of them said they agree."

Carimi has started all 49 games he's played in at Wisconsin while missing only a three-game stretch his sophomore year with a knee injury.

He, along with the rest of Wisconsin's draft-eligible players, were able to attract a large crowd of NFL scouts, head coaches and front office personnel at yesterday's pro day.

In addition to McCarthy and Thompson, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin and Bears coordinators Mike Martz and Mike Tice were also on hand to watch Carimi and company.

According to his coach at Wisconsin, Carimi will make a pretty good professional football player.

"Gabe, athletically, is very, very talented," said Badgers head coach Bret Bielema. "Obviously very strong. The thing about Gabe, you know, he replaced a guy that has been a three-year All-Pro player. Joe Thomas has got three under his belt. And no one missed a beat."

Over the course of the pre-draft process that includes interviews with NFL decision makers, one topic of discussion that comes up with Carimi is his Jewish faith and how it might affect his playing career.

He observes the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, including fasting, which brought about a change in his routine when Wisconsin played Arizona State on that particular date this past season.

"Basically what I did was go off Israeli time," said Carimi. "Vast at 12 o’clock and then had like three hours to IV up and eat. I didn’t feel any different."

The Wisconsin tackle has gone so far as to look at the calendar years in advance to confirm that the holiday doesn't fall on a Sunday for the next 15 years, which he says quells the concerns of any NFL types.

Carimi stood on his results on a majority of Combine drills, although he re-aggravated the ankle he sprained at the Senior Bowl on Wednesday's 20-yard shuttle, one of the few drills in which he actually took part.

"My ankle's still a little iffy since the Senior Bowl," said Carimi. "But I came out here, ran a pretty good time, tweaked it while I did it, though, so I didn't run any more after that. Then I kind of taped it up and went through position drills with it hurting a little bit."

Carimi said it wasn't as bad as the Senior Bowl.

Questions still linger whether the Wisconsin offensive lineman is better suited for right or left tackle in the NFL, although the uncertainty doesn't bother him. Carimi insists he can play both and will play wherever asked by his future employer.

Who exactly his future employer will be is still up for debate. He grew up a Packers fan but may not be for much longer.

"It kind of doesn't really matter any more," said Carimi. "I'm going to be the fan of the team who's going to draft me. There's a lot of good looking teams out there."

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Doug's picture

While it is good to have confidence, not sure I think I want him in Packer's uni anymore. With that attitude, what happens if he has to stay on the bench for a year should Clifton and Bulaga stay healthy? Will his ego handle it?

PackersRS's picture

I agree.

It's one thing to be confident.
It's another to be arrogant.

This kid seems arrogant. Though that's not as bad a trait in an OL as it is on most positions, it's still a concern.

Dumb kid should keep his mouth shut.

andrew's picture

i wouldnt be suprised if he slipped in to the 2nd honestly.. and i dont really want him as a packer

mel's picture

Really you think hes arrogant?? He was the outland trophy winner, best on a great OL you think hes arrogant?? Come on... He is the best OL in the draft period. I would love to have him in green and gold!!!!

PackersRS's picture

When he says he's the best tackle in the draft, he's not being arrogant.

But when he says that the Packers will have to move up to get him, stating that he's all but sure to be a high pick, that's arrogance.

It sounds like he's entitled to a high draft pick, and that teams that pass on him are fools. You thinkg GMs will see that positively?

bryce's picture

Yep, arrogant. I don't want him anymore. He'll be poison in a locker room.

Jack's picture

He doesn't sound like "packer people" to me, either. Just hope he doesn't end up being a star with one of the Pack's rivals.

RockinRodgers's picture

A little attitude, but nothing crazy. I think he has a chance to be pretty good. The Packers will have to trade up to get him. I don't see him making it past the Bears.

Rich Beckman's picture

I thought it odd that Yom Kippur would not be on a Sunday for the next fifteen years, so I googled it. Apparently, they have fixed their calender so that Yom Kippur will NEVER be on a Sunday.

He can safely have a very long career.

Chazman's picture

Did anyone check to see whether Yom Kippur happens to fall on a Monday (MNF) or a Thursday?

WoodyG's picture

Carimi reminds me alot of Robert Gallery (drafted 2nd in 2004) ..... Both 6'7" & around 320# ..... Both won the 'Outland Trophy' .... Gallery was a bust at RT & LT (couldn't pass protect) & finally had to settle at guard ...... Oakland recently released him.

Someone needs to tell Carimi that he'll be facing 'high draft picks' for pretty much all 16 games in the NFL ..... We'll see after a year or two in the NFL how much Gabe is touting himself ......

packersurle's picture

What he said is true. The Packers would need to trade up a lot to get him. I remember a lot of people put off my Joe Thomas also. Joe went fishing with his Dad on draft day and didn't even care about the process.

WoodyG's picture

Joe Thomas knew he was the best in the 2007 draft (so did everyone else) ..... He didn't need to convince everyone everytime a mike was placed in front of him ...... Some teams will now pass on Carimi because he's been talking about himself too much ..... It's that dreaded 'me syndrome' again .....

dgtalmn's picture

Though not Jewish I admire his conviction. Not sure if I would have said some of the stuff he did. As you can see teams did question him about that. I guess making sure they do not end up with a prima dona.

andrew's picture

he doesnt seem like someone i want to have as a packer.. lineman are not supposed to run off at the mouth.. i feel like he is the kind of guy that would blame the QB whenever he let up a sack saying that the QB obviously didnt do his job and other things like that.. thats not how lineman are supposed to be or any player really.. modesty is a trait i would want from all my players

PackersRS's picture

It's not that linemen aren't supposed to, but that I've never seen one do it before.

One would think that the battle in the trenches would mold their character accordingly.

trendkiller's picture

He was the number one prospect going into the year. All anointed number one prospects get pigeon holed throughout the year. He had a great year.

Does his game film match the comments? Yes.

Should he be allowed to feel the way he does? Yes.

Put him in green and gold.

mel's picture

So saying that your the best OL in the draft isn't arrogant. But saying the team with the last pick in the first round would need to trade up to get him is arrogant?? Uhmm did I missing something?? Its not like hes a punter or something... the best of each position is usually gone in the top 20... I see nothing wrong with what he said!!!

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